Write to esweetstation(at)gmail(dot)com to receive your free stickers. Take a photo of yourself displaying our sticker wherever in the world you are. Send it to us, and find your picture here, here and here.  photo IMG_2313_zps511b8128.jpg Hollywood .  photo unnamed-8_zps8iekhpjo.jpg Sto. Domingo, Dominican Republic .  photo photo_zps6769db58.jpg Las Vegas, Nevada .  photo photo3_zpsd7aea229.jpg Palm Springs, CA . Photobucket Atlantic City . Photobucket Coney Island, Brooklyn (photo sent by Eric Hason) . Photobucket Chicago . Photobucket Chicago (Photo sent by TooCooLDre) . Photobucket Artist Mikey Skulls . Photobucket Photo sent by Laurice Gonzales (Philippines) . Photobucket Found here . Photobucket Sent by Mufaddal IfuM Dewaswala (India) . Photobucket Photo sent by Daylan Walters (Greensboro, NC) . Photobucket Sent by Quaystock (Dorset, England) . Photobucket Photo sent by artist/illustrator Raymond Klecker (Orlando, Florida) . Photobucket Photo by Evans . Photobucket Halloween 2011 . Photobucket Cece - Photo by Evans . Photobucket Sent by Rodolfo Gutierrez (winner of our wallpaper contest) . Photobucket Photo sent by Desiree A. . Photobucket Majeed (left) Ricardo (Right) . Photobucket Berlin . Photobucket Jonathan LeVine (Jonathan LeVine Gallery, NYC) . Photobucket Yosemite Falls . p Sweet Station in Disneyland! . Photobucket Sent by Olesya (Moscow) . p Photo courtesy of CONE (Sao Paolo, Brazil) . p Times Square (New York) . p Sweet Station in San Francisco! . p Photo sent by Mr176 (Berlin) . p Lunar (graphic artist) and Hrvoje Appelt (journalist) - Croatia . p Photo sent by Andrea Rondina (Hollywood) . p Gary Baseman . Photobucket Philip Leonardo (Hackensack) . p Photo sent by artist R.Kioko (Brazil) . p Photo sent by Subtile Incoherence (Garges les Gonesse, France) . Photobucket Justyna (NJ) . Photobucket . p Sent by Heavy Heart (Prague, Czech Republic) . p Photo sent by photographer Fab5 (Amsterdam) . Photobucket Los Angeles . p Universal Studios, Hollywood, LA . p Sent by street artist Heavy Heart (Frankfurt Am Main, Germany) . p Magda Candea (Bran Castle - Transylvania) . p Sent by Lidia (the photo was taken in Vragender, the Netherlands) . p Constantin Nimigean (Bucharest, Romania) . p Misfitmagic (San Francisco, CA) . p Photo by Tábatah (Huelva, Spain) . p Levi S. (Nashville, Tennessee) . p Joshlyn (Belize) . Photobucket Russia . p Cristina and friends (Long Beach,LA) . Photobucket . Photobucket Sent by Mufaddal IfuM Dewaswala (India) . p Marcelo Gacitua - illustrator, designer, street artist based in Chile . p Yoda by Espeluzland (Buenos Aires, Argentina) . p MR176 - artist based from The Netherlands (Amsterdam) . p Lupamajor (Milan, Italy) . p Boys of Belize (Belize) . p Dallasisnotmyname (France) . Photobucket Sent by Artist Raymond Klecker (Florida) . Photobucket Fernando (Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa) . p Joshua Shapiro (Roswell, Georgia) . p yOuKfOu - street artist based in Belgium . p Times Square (New York) . p Jerrifel (Welshie) . p Shirley Panti (Belize) . p Free Stickers! . p Craig, Phil and Arleah . p Maja (student) and Saint (writer and YCP member), Thema (designer) - Croatia . p Kevin Russell - illustrator based in Sarasota, Florida . Photobucket . p Magda Candea (Bran Castle - Transylvania) . p Luke (by Mikaplexus from Charlottesville, VA) . p Dillon (left) Let's be Bad Bear (right) . p Honey . p Steve Rack (left) Majeed Karimi (right) . p Morris . p Sadie (by Mikaplexus from Charlottesville, VA) . p Tracy (left) Jessica (right) . p Sweet Station Stickers Blk Vinyl Edition . Nostonya (cat) . Photobucket Sent by Fab5 (Paris) . p Josh . p Butchoy (by Ryan Gonzales of 10cm) . . p Jed Empleo . p Sophia Sanzo (left) Joe S (right) . p Dan Barcan . p Jerrifel . p Hoda . p (Belize) . p Photo by Tábatah (Huelva, Spain) . p Bran Castle - Transylvania . p Dana (left) Cindy (right) . p Tiffany Bautista . p Gary Baseman . Photobucket Sweet Station in Chicago . p Chula (dog) . . Go to our Flickr stream for more. Click here.