Sneaker Sculptures by Jason Ruff

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Oh these are awesome! Check out Jason Ruff‘s sneaker sculptures made mostly out of cigarette packaging, straws, and duct tape. Check out the rest over here.

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John Breed

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John Breed(1969) creates works of art for over twenty years now. After his adventurous travels, he comes back full of inspiration, craftsmanship, indigenous techniques and makes his own new artworks. He learned to draw calligraphy from a Japanese master in Kyoto, graffiti in New York, painted fresco’s in Rome, got in touch with icon painting in Russia and learned to paint traditional landscapes during his trip through China.

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Derrick Piens

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” My current studio practice considers the continuous process of transformation that materials and objects undergo throughout time. I create abstract, unidentifiable objects that evoke or depict a sense of the transient through the creative and constructive process and the overall sculptural form. I am interested in the evocative and emotive qualities of colour and its potential to direct and inform the viewer’s understanding of the work. I often consider the materiality of colour: the superficial qualities of applied surfaces verses colour that is intrinsic to the material itself and solid throughout. Sculpture defines a direct physical relationship between the viewer and the objects that they encounter and a conscious use of scale reaffirms that relationship. I make work that is relatable to the human body in scale to reinforce the physicality of material within my work.” – Derrick Piens

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Jen Mazza

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” In the process of selecting the subjects for my paintings, I find I have compiled a sort of “object biography” which reflects a great deal of my own personal history without limiting the possible readings and resonances. It was my particular experience of reading Proust, perhaps because of its sheer length – and indeed Proust said the same thing of his experience of reading – that life begins to overlap a text, and to a certain degree the moment a book is read becomes fused with the book itself. The book is a container for much more than the single story which peppers its pages.This is especially apparent with the passing of time, merely by seeing the cover of familiar book or reading a paragraph we are transported into our own past. The process of creating the paintings is also a dialogue with form and ideas. Though the finished images are representational, the paintings remain “open”, literally blank, through a great deal of the process. Each image begins as a near abstraction, the book is reduced to its rectangular form placed so as to be somewhat antagonistic to its support (not unlike Malevich’s White on White) with images and text only appearing later in the process. The supports themselves (the stretched canvases) are often subtly rough around the edges, or just slightly askew, allowing for the objectness of the canvas to both support and undermine the illusion of the objectness of the book.” – Jen Mazza

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Bacon Soap

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It looks like bacon and it smells like bacon, but it tastes nothing like bacon and is quite cleansing! Who doesn’t love BACON?!! Even your dogs will be delighted to get a bath in this realistic-smelling meaty slab o’ soap (the slice marks are just imprints… it’s one solid bar)! Buy here.

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Monty Guy

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Monty Guy is an artist living and working in San Francisco, California. Mediums include acrylic, spray paint, and wood stain.

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Bradley Platz

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” There is a stillness and a heaviness that I enjoy in classical works and it is with homage to this, and with respect, that I let the past inform the modern. My work is influenced by the progression of time and the intricate language of symbols both personal and universal. To me, paintings are reliquaries for ideas and history is always involved.” – Bradley Platz

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David Levinthal

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David Levinthal <-- Born in San Francisco, CA, 1949; Lives and works in New York, NY; Education: S.M. Management Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1981; M.F.A. Photography, Yale University, 1973; A.B. Studio Art, Stanford University, 1970

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Halloween Skull Pancake Molds

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Scare up a bewitching Halloween breakfast, starring spooky skull-shaped pancakes! Just place the nonstick molds with their handles up on a preheated griddle, then pour in your batter. After the first side of each pancake has cooked, remove the molds and flip the pancakes. Link here.

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Amanda Elizabeth Joseph

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Check out Amanda Elizabeth Joseph‘s site for a whole slew of mind-blowing updates. Worth a look.

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