Radu Belcin

 photo 2011FindmewhereImhiding170-50cm_zpse9eed27f.jpg  photo 2011FindmewhereImhiding270-50cm_zps0b88fb25.jpg Radu Belcin catches attention by new associations of characters, or objects, in a chiaroscuro-painted atmosphere. Starting the quest from the expression of reality study, Belcin explore the identities of the individual and of the present. The frame of such visual exploration is addressed in chiaroscuro. The delight of long shadows elongating in the background, the sparks of light, coming from the scenographically designed spot lights create the atmosphere that leads to a world of dreams or nightmares. (via Nasui Collection & Gallery)  photo 2011FindmewhereImhiding370-50cm_zps70793fbc.jpg

Zheng Chunhui

 photo tumblr_n58al5O9Hk1qj6juso1_1280_zps7f8208f2.jpg  photo tumblr_n58al5O9Hk1qj6juso3_1280_zps66b0ac94.jpg  photo tumblr_n58al5O9Hk1qj6juso4_1280_zpsdcf020c9.jpg 'This huge wooden sculpture is an impressive display of the famous Chinese wood carver Zheng Chunhui's incredible hand-carving skills. Standing more than 40 feet long, almost 8 feet wide, and, at one point, 10 feet tall, the massive work of art was formed out of just one single log and was recently declared the world's longest wood sculpture by the Guinness Book of World Records. (via My Modern Metropolis)'  photo tumblr_n58al5O9Hk1qj6juso2_1280_zpsc618a135.jpg  photo tumblr_n58al5O9Hk1qj6juso5_1280_zps1d2300a0.jpg

Ear Buddies Ear Buds

 photo Untitled-1_zps340d1424.jpg 'You might already have a pair of in-ear headphones, but do you have “ear-in-ear” headphones? We didn’t think so. Stay one step ahead of everyone else with our Ear Buddies Earbuds. Compatible with devices with a standard 3.5mm headphone socket, including iPhones. OFC wire used for low noise, high fidelity sound quality, special design for MP3 music.'  photo ear_buddies_ear_buds_1_1_zpsf624c5fb.jpg

A Thousand Souls by Maciek Jasik

 photo 13_zps49ed7efc.jpg  photo 31_zpsca8e6bfa.jpg  photo 20_zps0da02513.jpg  photo 21_zps49292597.jpg " The idea of the single soul is the basis of Western religion and society. It is the source of our individuality and our desire. And the portrait defines this self, by exposing the soul through a clarity of vision. We feel we can sense the texture of this soul through the details and subtleties of the subject’s expression and manner." - Maciek Jasik  photo 27_zps6b82ab0f.jpg  photo 11_zps8f8e6db1.jpg  photo 22_zps51223edf.jpg

Zlatan Vehabivic

 photo rockbottomriser_zps2ba14bdf.jpg  photo leviathan_zps50c7877a.jpg Zlatan Vehabovic, b. 1982 Banja Luka, lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia. Vehabović earned his Ph.D. in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Vehabović is among the most highly regarded young artist in Croatia having won First Prize for Zagreb Salon 2010, The International Association of Art Critics (AICA) Award 2010, as well as an Essl Award in 2007, (Emerging Artists in Southeast Europe) 2010, and with solo exhibits in 2011 and 2013 at Lauba Museum in Zagreb, Kranjcar Gallery, Zagreb (2011). (via Marc Straus)  photo 2_zps0e9a8771.jpg  photo 1834385413-Croatia3-Croatia-s-biggest-leap-since-independence-KyA_zps3af1eb1a.jpg

Leonardo Drew

 photo 4307_LD12420N_zpsc49ed7cd.jpg  photo 7078_LD12420K_zps1e08c7a1.jpg  photo 1819_LD12420P_zps1ab3bfe5.jpg Leonardo Drew <-- Born in Tallahassee, Florida, 1961; Lives in San Antonio, Texas & Brooklyn, New York; Education: The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, New York, NY; B.F.A.,1985 Parsons School of Design, New York, NY, 1981-1982 (Photos via Sikkema Jenkins and Co)  photo 8936_LD12420A_zps4b87b426.jpg  photo 791_LD12420L_zpse8d647cc.jpg

Tabby Hour Mug

 photo b16532f447ed50b62052127c109c5891_zpsd6d18a7c.jpg  photo 25ed47b71f649fb91ded09d461278fd8_zpsb9b2882b.jpg After a long day at work followed by birthday gift-shopping, youre ready to for a hot toddy served in your new tabby cat mug! Buy here.  photo Untitled-1_zps900ebdb7.jpg

Experimental Bookshelves

 photo 309a81816913e03cc587f3e61b693c1e_zpsd8553c54.jpg  photo a90f403a2b9f994cf472494caf0366e7_zps7a0c3fc6.jpg Experimental Bookshelves by Ulterior Projects (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) - Using code to generate furniture.  photo 7e79a0f2e344ed501832d537a8fbe8a1_zps628e6dd7.jpg

Lauren Fensterstock

 photo LFKohlerInstall_web_zps13488e55.jpg  photo instalacion1_zpsa2b6521f.png Lauren Fensterstock is an artist, writer, and curator based in Portland, Maine. Lauren’s work is held in private and public collections internationally. Her artwork has been featured in recent exhibitions at The John Michael Kohler Art Center (WI), The Austin Museum of Art (TX), The Bowdoin College Museum of Art (ME), the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design (CA), The Ogunquit Museum of American Art (ME), the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art (OR), the Portland Museum of Art (ME), The DUMBO Art Center (NY), and the Oliver Sears Gallery (Ireland).  photo Untitled-1_zps7c3aabc1.jpg  photo 5047d4b1769dfd28a44c4edc9199da66_zps090c0978.jpg

Meg Brown Payson

 photo 12_04-19_899_1000_zps0e6486af.jpg  photo 3_05-2_zpsc8d0d424.jpg " I am fascinated by the human need to construct meaningful order in a world filled with too much information. My work focuses attention on embodied perception and on that ordering intelligence which precedes and exceeds the limits of language. At the core of this interest is a love for one deeply familiar landscape, refreshed and illuminated by adventures in radically unfamiliar ones; and by a profound concern for the frequent dislocation of human culture from its place on a wild earth. My images are new worlds, unmoored in space and impossible to narrate. They are made of chance accumulations and abrasions of paint, each layer contributing new information and each layer leaving its trace. I seek to establish order in these new worlds by grouping and sorting all the bits; adding, intensifying or sublimating color and form until everything fits." - Meg Brown Payson  photo 12_04-17_848_1000_zps5768b669.jpg  photo 1_05-1_zpsb4c87c39.jpg