Alex Chinneck

 photo tumblr_mw3xetSVqB1qe31lco2_1280_zps87efce73.jpg  photo tumblr_mw3xetSVqB1qe31lco4_1280_zpse4619566.jpg  photo tumblr_mw3xetSVqB1qe31lco1_r1_1280_zpsb9b2090a.jpg From the Knees of My Nose to the Belly of My Toes by Alex Chinneck (b.1984), a London based artist and designer. Website here.  photo tumblr_mw3xetSVqB1qe31lco7_1280_zps29149f04.jpg  photo tumblr_mw3xetSVqB1qe31lco6_1280_zpsb3077a2c.jpg

Jacques Bodin

 photo FruitsXVIIIblurb_zps215f3426.jpg  photo FruitsXXIblurb_zps5cf59312.jpg Jacques Bodin (born 1949) is a French hyperrealist painter who has shown his hyperreal paintings in Paris and Milan. His work accentuates photographic deviations from reality (depth of field, wide angle, lighting, and focus anomalies) to create a hyperrealism reference. Subject matter includes extreme closeup views of exacting images cast in shadow through reflective lighting. His paintings, generally of extremely large dimensions, are executed from photos projected on the canvas from an episcope or videoprojector.  photo FruitsIXblurb_zps5c7f0ae2.jpg

Darius Hulea

 photo 78676c40ff63caa6ec6f165597da79ef_zpsf9492054.jpg  photo 11237093e79daa6021812d48ad341560_zps008c7957.jpg Sculpture created by Darius Hulea, artist from Cluj-Napoca, Romania.  photo b7e2c7a0e6a0de6c02751b88606dd1c3_zpsdb2cc93e.jpg

Valay Shende

 photo Untitled-6_zps7f8ca2d3.jpg  photo Untitled-3_zpscfdc3b4c.jpg  photo Untitled-4_zps5805c202.jpg Valay Shende <-- Born 1980 Nagpur, Maharashtra, India, currently lives and works in Mumbai. Valay completed his BFA in Sculpture from Sir J J School of Art in 2004 'and participated in an artist residency programme at Point Ephemere in Paris. Among others, he has exhibited in Havana Biennale,‘Bombay Maximum City’ at Lille 3000, and ‘Made by Indians’ at St Tropez Beach in France.  photo Untitled-5_zps2d90d2c9.jpg  photo Untitled-2_zps21291bc2.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zpsd60fc4b3.jpg

Lorenzo Durán

 photo image_zps12ab84f9.jpg  photo leona-23-cm-x-27-cm-species-platanus-x-hispanica_zps4aa0a932.jpg  photo fraacutegil-20-cm-x-25-cm-species-paulownia_zpsd4d8c86f.jpg " Inspired by a caterpillar I decided to cut plant leaves the same way as other artists do with paper, that idea captivated my whole mind because it looked like a great opportunity to combine two of my true passions: art and nature. Due to the lack of information about the "leaf cutting art" I have developed my own technique, going through a long trial-and-error process until I found a good way of cutting my designs without spoiling the leaf. I use a surgical scalpel to cut the figure, removing the plant tissue until the image, previously drawn on paper and fixed to the leaf, appears. My geometric or figurative designs mostly come from my innate observation of nature and the personal metamorphosis I have gone through in recent years." - Lorenzo Durán  photo madonna-30-cm-x-26-cm-species-paulownia_zps61f8f89b.jpg  photo stop-20-cm-x-20-cm-species-populus-alba_zps8c3f9138.jpg

Paola Pivi

 photo Untitled-1_zpsc63a2fbb.jpg  photo paola-pivi-feathered-bears-gessato-gblog-1_zps37d05cfc.jpg  photo Untitled-5_zpsad9dce54.jpg Check out Paola Pivi's (blogged) exhibition "Ok, you are better than me, so what?" at INAUGURATION Galerie Perrotin New York (U.S.A.) Click here for the link.  photo paolapivi03_zps5212e614.jpg  photo Untitled-4_zps20b5f949.jpg  photo Untitled-6_zpsb927b470.jpg


 photo muro30d-1024x683_zps38d001c1.jpg  photo muro1402-1024x697_zpsf2ad2810.jpg  photo m15-01-1024x685_zpsb9d19285.jpg When I see works like this I just get overwhelmed by my love for art. Thank you Hyuro! More to see on her website. Go!  photo muro31d-683x1024_zps20f16cfb.jpg  photo DSC_0030-1024x685_zpsed76d926.jpg  photo Hyuro2lores_zps7f6e03e8.jpg

Allan Innman

 photo 6337991489_82927f4264_b_zpsb9620125.jpg  photo 206637_860648092226_6503209_40264016_931960_n_zps02fda8ed.jpg  photo AllanInnman_zpscb090236.jpg Allan Innman is a painter from Oxford, MS. He graduated from the University of Mississippi in 2006 with a BFA degree in Studio Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design. From 2007-2012 he worked as Visual Resources Specialist in the Department of Art at the University of Mississippi. Currently, Allan attends the University of Georgia and is pursuing a Master of Fine Art degree in Drawing and Painting. His work is based around still-life and figurative work featuring elements of nostalgia and popular culture.  photo 73253_746969440156_6503209_39341712_8215977_n_zps7d5062f7.jpg  photo ywingpilot_zps97931f0c.jpg  photo taterheadweb_zps841ccde6.jpg

Food Zombies Party Picks

 photo food-zombie-party-picks-1_zps41e5cd6f.jpg Mommy always told you not to play with your food, but now that we 're grown up we're free to play with it! So take a look in these new party picks. Brain or mini cheeses, chips... Poke these zombies in your snacks and they will do a great job. Turn your table into a true zombie apocalypse! With 6 different poses they will appear to be rising from your snacks, but handle them with care cause after all they are zombies! Buy here.  photo food-zombie-party-picks-th_zpsf040fd42.jpg

Giuseppe Penone

 photo 292bb9f1cf77148d_penone2_zpsa098001b.jpg  photo Giuseppe-Penone-Spazio-di-Luce-designboom-01_zps36d94ed5.jpg 'At the heart of Giuseppe Penone’s (b. 1947) work is a recognition of our inseparable ties with nature. For this commission, Penone has drawn upon the ancient method of lost wax casting to create a twelve metre bronze tree with a radiant gold-leafed interior. Spazio di Luce (2012) could easily be mistaken for a life-size cast, however where there was once a tree now there is a void. The inside of the cast replicates the tree’s bark while the finger prints on the outside protect the memory of the many hands involved in the sculpture’s making. This fusion of bark and hand prints continues Penone’s career-long concern with setting the human body in dialogue with the organic world which it inhabits.' (via Whitechapel Gallery)  photo e8388e5ba24c9b62_penone_zps70af6935.jpg  photo 1543_zps55743b7f.jpg