Lizzy Stewart

 photo boat-colourless_zps357ebd6b.jpg  photo mountain_zps4bbd2ae0.jpg Lizzy Stewart is an illustrator and artist currently based in London. Clients include: Faber & Faber, The List, The New York Times, Zizzis, The Scotsman, Aubin & Wills, Red Cap Cards, Little Otsu, Analogue Books, Random House, The Folio Society, Woodpigeon, End of the Road Records, The Guardian, Howies, Eagleowl and more.  photo iceland_zps4e5b7ea7.jpg

Cone of Shame LED Keychain

 photo GamagoConeshame_zpsd0245f5e.jpg  photo Cone-of-Shame-Key-Chain_51184-l_zpsb1d27d36.jpg "This little doggie won’t let his cone of shame bring him down. No way, no howl! Simply push in the puppy's tail on our Cone of Shame LED Keychain and his eyes illuminate. The term “pet lampshade” suddenly becomes quite appropriate. Let this fellow brighten your darkest moments and it’ll provide you with the unconditional illumination that only a key chain flashlight, shaped like a dog, wearing a cone of shame… can. Great for finding the house key late at night!"  photo KEYS-0205-2_zps676105fb.jpg

Akio Takamori

 photo Untitled-2_zps01dbf39f.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zps83c88392.jpg  photo Untitled-3_zpsebc0bb84.jpg  photo Untitled-4_zps6e9b7b5a.jpg Akio Takamori was born and raised in Japan. He has been exhibiting in the United States, Europe and Asia since the mid 1980s. Takamori received his BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1976 and his MFA from the New York State College of Ceramics, Alfred University in 1978. Takamori’s recent solo exhibitions include Ground (2013), at James Harris Gallery, Seattle, WA and Equivalent (2013), at Galerie Kunstforum Solothurn, Switzerland.  photo Akio_Takamori_Seated_Boy_in_White_T_shirt_2007_1850_119_zpsf9b9e068.jpg  photo Akio_Takamori_Group_View_Seated_Girl_in_Pink_Shoes_Seated_Boy_wi_1856_119_zps1d84f3f2.jpg

Koala Hug Cable Holders

 photo hugcable_eng_zpsa94c8aed.jpg  photo hugcable_eng2_zpsa2094db0.jpg " A self-adhesive Koala shaped cable holder hugs your cables to keep them in place. And while it’s mainly made for cables, it can hold many accessories like keys, glasses, pens and even toothbrushes." Link here.  photo hugcable_eng3_zps8f2b65b2.jpg  photo hugcable_eng1_zpsa84322bf.jpg

Arianna Vairo

 photo mw3_zpsc73a9a7c.jpg  photo mw9_zps4392f675.jpg  photo mw2_zpsfbc9a041.jpg Arianna Vairo is a talented illustrator and printmaker hailing from Milan, Italy. Check her out guys!  photo mw5_zps42b8a66f.jpg  photo mw1_zps4c699dee.jpg

Klaas Kloosterboer

 photo Ellen-de-Bruijne-Projects-Klaas-Kloosterboer_zpscdbd415d.jpg  photo 01_zps59b84739.jpg Klaas Kloosterboer <-- Born 1959 Noord/Zuid Schermer, Netherlands; Lives and works in Amsterdam; 1979-1983 Education: Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam, NL  photo 02_zpsbce139b6.jpg  photo 03_zps24d12efb.jpg

Penelope Gazin

 photo tumblr_n36mm756jq1qcy81to1_1280_zpsa0802044.jpg  photo tumblr_n7mjq7oZs51qcy81to1_1280_zpsa53fc51f.jpg  photo tumblr_mt3rq1Q9Sd1qcy81to1_1280_zps98196989.jpg Penelope Gazin is a freelance artist and an animator based in Echo Park, Califoria. Click here to go to her website.  photo tumblr_mt3re5zVSB1qcy81to1_1280_zps54450453.jpg  photo tumblr_mt3rklxqJL1qcy81to1_1280_zpsfecc4053.jpg  photo tumblr_n1668rLZR11qcy81to1_1280_zps17f0a04d.jpg

Maxwell Doig

 photo swim4_zps1ebacdca.jpg  photo swim2_zps8216ec2b.jpg Maxwell Doig was born in Huddersfield. He graduated from Manchester School of Art in 1988 with a BA in Fine Art and went on to pursue his postgraduate studies in Fine Art at the Slade School of Art, London, between 1988 and 1990. Doig is preoccupied with the human figure and its spatial relationship combined with the interplay of light and shade. His use of unconventional viewpoints depicting static solitary figures along with the application of subtle pigments and textural complexity results in contemplative ephemeral imagery. In 1997 he was awarded the Villiers David Prize. He lives and works in Manchester. (via Albemarle Gallery)  photo swim3_zps8f97605e.jpg


 photo 8017383b3ca27173fda7d2a0720ef869_zps184f2a76.jpg  photo d3b9a1a1b04bc95fb9179f80f85b1fad_zps28ccf550.jpg  photo 16a98a2c4c1acba7bc26486be7b60ca0_zpsff3c7104.jpg " Color and line are important elements in my work. They help to capture and communicate the most important aspect of my work, emotion. I am a sensitive person, and while I create whatever I feel somehow gets trapped inside the art. The viewers feel that same emotion. It has become the norm that whenever someone talks to me about my painting, they inevitably end up describing to me how they feel when they look at it, as opposed to what they see. It is a powerful connection that I am thankful to be a part of and the reason I keep painting." - Gosia  photo dbf041e6ea8725f16468c1891530fc37_zps0280b3e4.jpg  photo f584db2b2c8b9beac20be5f8e2567cda_zps428d4ba8.jpg

CJ Hendry

 photo cjhendry00_zps52609a7f.jpg  photo cjhendry01_zpsfea5a9b0.jpg  photo cjhendry09_zpsf9181556.jpg Wow. Please check out the work of the incredibly talented CJ Hendry.  photo cjhendry10_zpsa77bf9d3.jpg  photo screen-shot-2014-04-24-at-1-33-57-pm_zps75facda1.png