Aki Inomata

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” In this piece I gave hermit crabs shelters that I had made for them, and if they liked my shelters, they will take them as their shell. The very first idea of the work was conceived on the occasion of the participation in the “No Man’s land” exhibition that has been held in the French Embassy in Japan in 2009. This work is inspired by the fact that the land of the former French Embassy in Japan had been French until October 2009, and become Japanese for the following fifty years, and then be returned to France.The same piece of land is peacefully transferred from one country to the other. These kinds of things take place without our being aware of it. On the other hand, similar events are not unrelated to us as individuals. For example, acquiring nationality, moving, and migration. The hermit crabs wearing the shelters I built for them, which imitate the architecture of various countries, appeared to be crossing various national borders. Though the body of the hermit crab is the same, according to the shell it is wearing, its appearance changes completely. It’s as if they were asking, “Who are you?”” – Aki Inomata

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Through Hollow Lands

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Installation by Etta Lilienthal and Ben Zamora, Through Hollow Lands.

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David Michael Bowers

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Upon first glance Bowers work seems to take you back to periods of painting long gone. However, Bowers paintings incorporate modern themes and ideas. There is always a message in his work. For him the idea is the most challenging and rewarding part of the painting. Symbolism is a main ingredient in his work. Bower’s paintings are in many private collections throughout the United States and Europe as well as The Museum of American Illustration in New York and the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC. Bowers lives in the Pittsburgh area with his wife Kimberlie, where he paints very slowly and methodically day in and day out. Website here.

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Ruhe by Anouk Kruithof

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Anouk Kruithof was born in 1981 in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. She studied photography at st. Joost Academy Breda from 1999-2003. She lives mainly in Berlin since she attended the artist in residence program Künstlerhaus Bethanien in 2008/2009. She has had numerous solo exhibitions, including at museum Het Domein, Sittard and FOAM Amsterdam. Her work includes international groupshows at KIT (kunst im tunnel) Düsseldorf, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, ACP Sydney, DCC Shanghai, MAMAC, Liege, Temporäre Künsthalle Berlin, Künstraum Niederösterreich Vienna. Last February she won the ILLY public prize at ART Rotterdam and in May the Grand Prix Jury and the SVA photoglobal prize at Hyeres, festival international de mode et photographie. From September 2011 on she attends the artist in residency ‘photoglobal’ at the school of visual arts in New York.

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Christopher Stevens

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Stevens’s work has, for some years now, been concerned with the idea of ‘’everything’. This interest has its origin in the 19th Century plein-air tradition of artists drawing their subject matter from their local surroundings. But today this has become problematic. What now constitutes ‘’local’ includes images spanning horizons that stretch from our own interiors to the farthest regions of space. The appearance of reality itself has multiplied to include high-speed and time-lapse, x-ray and infrared, the cinematic, the virtual and the prosthetic. Stevens is haunted by the thought that there may now be more images in the world than there are things that they depict or represent. How can we find meaning in this plethora of visual material, a way through this forest of signs? Instead of offering specific answers to these questions, Stevens is more interested in looking at how we attempt to understand the totality of this landscape. He sees something definingly human in our need to order and make sense of that which is beyond our grasp. Link here.

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Andrew Bell

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Andrew Bell was born in England in 1978. His family moved several times until settling into the eastern US in the mid 1980′s. He has lived and worked in New York since 1996. Andrew’s work spans a wide spectrum of mediums from illustrations and paintings to toys and sculptures. Much of his work is brought together by a sense of humor that often belies a more serious and sombre message.

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Olivia Locher

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Very inspiring images coming from NY based photographer Olivia Locher.

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Peter D. Harris

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Peter D. Harris was born in London, Ontario in 1974, and currently lives and works in Toronto, Ontario. He completed a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Waterloo in 1997. In the last 10 years he has exhibited his oil paintings in group and solo exhibitions in Canada and the United States. He has won several awards for his continuing series of urban inspired landscape paintings, including an Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation grant and a Waterloo Region Arts Fund project grant. His work can be found in private collections in Canada, the United Stated and Europe. He is represented by the Mira Godard Gallery in Toronto.

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Jackpen is a miniature ballpoint pen designed to fit neatly inside the headphone socket of your mobile – the audio jack, hence the name Jackpen. This clever little instrument conveniently stores securely within the socket cavity, visible only by a modest finger grip. When needed it can be pulled out and reinserted the opposite way (non-writing end) into the socket, nib ready – instantly turning your mobile phone into a pen. Buy here.

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Christopher Derek Bruno

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Christopher Derek Bruno is a maker above all other things. After his education in industrial design, Derek moved about the United States cultivating his approach to the design/fabrication of furniture, and sculpture based imagery. Currently residing in his hometown of Atlanta, his recent work intends to explore the cognitive visual experience using (but not limited to) a set of 0-dimensional points bound by 1-dimensional lines, combined to make 2-d planes, organized into 3-d forms, applied to objects with the express purpose of creating a 4-dimensional relationship with someone else.

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