Mikko Lagerstedt

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” I’m a self-taught fine art photographer from Kerava, Finland. I was born in November 1982 in a small town in Finland. My photography journey started in December 2008 and I fell in love with it straight away. I have always been interested in drawings and paintings, finally when photography found me, I knew it was my vision. My goal is to capture the feeling I had when I took the photograph – it’s the most important thing in my photographs. I love to view the world from different perspectives. In our lives, things can go so fast that we forgot to enjoy these short moments – if I can make people stop and see the beauty of life and feelings, I have succeeded.” – Mikko Lagerstedt

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Rachel Maclean

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” My work slips inside and outside of history and into imagined futures, creating hyper-glowing, artificially saturated visions that are both nauseatingly positive and cheerfully grotesque. I am a Glasgow based artist working largely in green screen composite video and digital print, often exhibiting this alongside props, costumes and related sculpture and painting.” – Rachel Maclean

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Swans Upon a Time Tea Pot

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Grace the presence of your lovely kitchen with this elegant glass teapot. The polished neck of a strong and beautiful swan forms the handle of this piece, while two handsome wings carefully enfold its body. Place it on the garden patio with a plate of colorful macaroons and serve your dearest friends fresh jasmine green tea. Pour a cup of your own, and remember this ‘swan’ is for you! Buy here.

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Elizabeth Zvonar

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Vancouver-based artist Elizabeth Zvonar is a Vancouver based artist. Since graduating from Emily Carr Institute in 2001, her work has been shown in local, national and international exhibitions, including at the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver; Cohan and Leslie Gallery, New York; Western Front Gallery; Vancouver; Queensland University of Technology; Brisbane; Geisai, Tokyo; and Consolidated Works, Seattle, amongst others.

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Michael Leavitt

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” I’m on this planet to work with my hands. Too many ‘weekday warriors’ fight to align work with passion. Too many complacently disengaging from life if they fail. Life is too short without the best of our talents and passions at the plate. I don’t struggle to find my place. So I struggle with my work’s limited ability to aid the worldwide issues I can’t ignore. I always hope my art can help the world more than it ever will. The world is in constant peril. Visual art, the load-bearing cornerstone of a healthy culture, is dying. Too much of the art world is content with this status quo. Shedding the fear of politics can re-ignite art’s pilot flame at the core of culture. A humanity with no connection to the arts is composed of people with no connection to each other. If no one else is engaged with effectively changing these circumstances, I am.” – Michael Leavitt

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Alvin Epps

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Illustrator Alvin Epps share a portfolio online, and it’s chock-full o’ amazing work. Love finding people I didn’t know about who are totally awesome!

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Tartan Ribbon by Adam Ferriss

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Adam Ferriss was born in Richmond, VA in 1988. After receiving a BFA from The Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD he relocated to Los Angeles, CA where he currently resides. His recent work utilizes the RGB Tricolor separation process and pixel sorting algorithms as procedural mechanisms to initiate iterative changes in light and pixel structure.

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Frans Franciscus

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The works of F. Franciscus present an exhibition highlighting modern art mostly inspired by classic European paintings often with a biblical background. The artist’s sources of inspiration include pieces by painters like Hendrick ter Brugghen, Caravaggio and Bronzino. He combines or re-arranges compositions of old masters depicting biblical stories in an up-to-date and idiosyncratic fashion. His themes are put in a modern context in an intelligent way, resulting in humorous and appealing art that can sometimes shock the viewer as well. Franciscus´paintwork is in no case meant to insult but allways tries to create space for a broader view on human kind. F. Franciscus (27 April 1959, Utrecht) studied at the Utrecht School of Art. He lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In addition to paintings his work includes sculptures and films. Since 2012 Franciscus created under the name Franciscus & Franciscus together with spous Rienus Gündel Franciscus a growing series digital portraits named “Digital studies after Memling”. There have been exhibitions by Franciscus and by Franciscus & Franciscus in galleries, artfairs and museums in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Jordan, Spain, Swiss, South Africa, U. K. and U.S.A.

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Bill FitzGibbons

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Bill FitzGibbons received his BFA in Sculpture and Art History from the University of Tennessee, and his MFA in Sculpture and Multi-Media from Washington University in St. Louis. Bill has received over thirty public art commissions in five countries. In 1979 he became the first curator at Laumeier Sculpture Park in St. Louis, Missouri. From 1985 until 1988 he was appointed as the Director of Sculpture at the Visual Art Center in Anchorage, Alaska. In 1988 he became the Department Head of Sculpture at the San Antonio Art Institute. In 1991 he was selected as a Fulbright Scholar for the Hungarian Art Academy in Budapest, Hungary. Bill has served on the adjunct faculty at Trinity University in San Antonio and has been the Executive Director of the Blue Star Contemporary Art Center since the summer of 2002. Currently Bill serves on the board of directors of the International Sculpture Center.

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Nimbus Cloud Serving Board

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‘You’ll be walking on cloud nine with this new serving board in your home. Shaped like a fluffy nimbus cloud, this end grain solid maple board can’t help but add an element of fun to your cooking routine. Have some friends over and sample cheeses and your other favorite finger foods using the board as a center piece and its four raindrop shaped wooden coasters as hors d’oeuvres trays. While it might look like a cloud, its sturdy construction from locally sourced maple ensures that with a little love, you’ll be enjoying rainy days in your kitchen for a long time to come.’ Click here to buy.

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