Stamp Yo Face

 photo KEVIN_zps010a6cdb.jpg  photo BACK_KEVIN_zps6eec600f.jpg Turn your face or a loved one's into a marvelous custom stamp creation. Link.  photo HANNAH_zps48ba964c.jpg  photo BACK_HANNAH_zps40966ada.jpg

Michael Taylor

 photo MichaelTaylor_art_painting_UK12_zps3fb354c6.jpg  photo 261_zps1b27a427.jpg  photo 26_zps8af3bf7a.jpg Michael works quietly and carefully on one painting at a time, spending about three months over each composition. On graduating from Goldsmiths School of Art in 1973, he determined to devote his time to working at a single canvas, while funding himself by working evenings at a pub in Greenwich. When the picture was completed, and after a period of reflection, he created another. These were subsequently exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Encouraged by the response, and selling both pictures, he decided to give up the pub job. He has continued to produce his extraordinary paintings, more or less without a break, until the present. With his wife Caroline, he moved in 1975 to a stone cottage on the edge of the Yorkshire moors, near Haworth. After the birth of their daughter, Ellen (1976), the family moved to a disused chapel in Dorset. In 1980, their son, Richard, was born. Caroline and Michael now live in an old pub in the Dorset village of Childe Okeford. Website here.  photo MichaelTaylor-ImpressioniArtistiche-6_zpse74301cc.jpg  photo tumblr_n3pkkzLZPL1qbmgeto5_500_zps6a927f8d.jpg

James Austin Murray

 photo 4everest_lrg_zpsd073f017.jpg  photo 1_zpsa36a1150.jpg  photo 1fornicating_lrg_zps12e50c18.jpg " For the past 20 years, James Austin Murray has worked through many different approaches in his art – from tightly rendered graphite cityscapes to pure white abstraction, works on paper, metal, canvas and board, flat and multi-dimensional. It is through these various incarnations that he has settled upon a pure black palette driven by an automatic and deftly intuitive hand. Murray’s commitment to his painting process, his adoration of pigment and its possibilities is extraordinary. I believe Murray is at the apex his formative, and dare I say narrative, synthesis." (via Lyons Weir Gallery)  photo 6invincible_lrg_zps791d1d95.jpg  photo 7empathic_lrg_zps101639aa.jpg

Marta Marzal

 photo 8678137601_20976fb1f6_b_zpsf135ce93.jpg  photo 8514054664_a9f25fd8b6_b_zpsa59e1d40.jpg I’m mysteriously drawn to these lovely paintings by Marta Marzal. More here.  photo 8428574738_4ac5598e10_b_zpsda8e1d7b.jpg

Shi Xinning

 photo dmg_after_shi_xinning_3_zps679d6210.jpg  photo shi_xinning_mccarthy_zps7c9950c9.jpg  photo dmg_after_shi_xinning_2_zpseae1d5c6.jpg Trained in China, Shi Xinning’s paintings are influenced by both social realism and European styles. Using the authoritative qualities of both, Shi embarks on history painting with a twist. Taking his imagery from iconic press photos, Shi’s canvases faithfully represent the world as we know it: the Yalta Conference in familiar 40s sepia tone, the Queen Mum in carriage emblazoned in newspaper black and white. It’s only on second glance that Shi’s alterations become evident. Nestled between Churchill and FDR and conversing happily with royalty, Mao takes his place amongst the great leaders of the 20th century. In China-fying history, Shi investigates dynamics of both the west’s Eurocentric, and China’s isolationist past world views. Humorously illustrating the Chairman’s import and omnipresence in 20th c Chinese society Shi’s insertion of Mao into the fabric of western collective conscience seems entirely plausible. Infusing the totems of propaganda currency with a sense of normality and humility, Shi re-authors the most cherished moments of collective memory with a ‘Forrest Gump’ effect, creating a specious mythology based in Hollywood schmaltz and unabashed optimism.  photo shi_xinning_royal_zps5f9b71e4.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zps6cbf44b1.jpg  photo 2953605775_6dd2f573b4_b_zps8e2213b4.jpg

Steam Ship Silicone Steamer Lid

 photo steam-ship-silicone-steamer-lid-2_zpsd9656b37.jpg  photo steam-ship-silicone-steamer-lid-3_zpsdfe28007.jpg It's an ideal microwave and stove top lid that seals in goodness as you cook, while letting out just enough steam to prevent boiling over. Your vegetables and rice will be ship-shape! Measures 10 inches in diameter. Made from 100% pure virgin silicone. Click here to buy.  photo steam-ship-silicone-steamer-lid-4_zps5400c845.jpg

Yung Wun Yoo

 photo 1292813711879_500_zps353db73b.jpg  photo 1292813623542_500_zps82a9da8a.jpg  photo 1292813793769_500_zps1cf8a722.jpg Yung Wun Yoo <-- Born in Seoul 1972; Lives and works in Seoul; Graduated from Hongik University of Graduate School with a Master's degree in Sculpture Art in Agust, Seoul, Korea.  photo 1292813538902_500_zpsc7360e20.jpg  photo 1292813890231_500_zpse6744253.jpg

Limbo by Dillon Marsh

 photo limbo08_zps99f21143.jpg  photo limbo05_zps88313710.jpg  photo limbo06_zpsd3d1fd55.jpg Limbo is a series of photographs showing trees that have died, but not yet fallen. All these trees were photographed in various suburbs of the Cape Flats area of Cape Town, including Bridgetown, Bonteheuwel, Ruyterwacht, Windermere, and The Hague.  photo limbo04_zps98161b3f.jpg  photo limbo02_zpsb5159b1e.jpg  photo limbo03_zps3c2b6192.jpg

Cheat Feet: Multiplication

 photo CF_UG_1_zps2d99e167.jpg  photo cheat-feet-socks-7746_zps7109cc1d.jpg " Look, we're not for cheating. We are, however, for the convenient disposal of information. Unfortunately, Convenient Disposal of Information Feet doesn't quite roll off the tongue. So, Cheat Feet™ it is. Because sometimes a reminder is best kept a secret." Buy here.  photo CF_UG2_zpsbae70c9a.jpg

Beat Zoderer

 photo Beat-Zoderer-at-CIA-by-Michelle-Aldredge2_zpsfbc5d377.jpg  photo Beat-Zoderer-at-CIA-by-Michelle-Aldredge1_zps13f78315.jpg Beat Zoderer(born 1955 in Zurich, Switzerland) is considered to be a representative of the geometric-constructive art. He sees himself as both, an advocate and a ‘Nestbeschmutzer’ (someone who bedraggles the own nest) of classical constructivism, develops his own virtuous variety by using fantasy, intelligence and esprit. As he uses vocabularies of historical constructivism, his works is reminiscent of the work of Mondrian, van Doesburg or Venet. Zoderer often uses office or household items (found in department stores) as raw material for his works to revive constructivism. He prefers items with no sentimental value but with a distinctive basic form. His target is a systematization and minimalization of design instruments, however the result is a luscious and rampantly ornament.  photo Beat-Zoderer-at-CIA-by-Michelle-Aldredge3-550x412_zpsda060306.jpg