Richard Roberts

p ' Richard Roberts is a freelance illustrator and artist, currently based in Milwaukee, USA. He has been designing for over five years and has been featured in numerous magazines and blogs through out the net. ' p

Brian Tong

tong1 Brian Tong's assignment for a final design project was to come up with a design for a functional or dysfunctional piece. He created this apparently usable but highly impractical and ridiculously heavy log lunch kit. A giant log cut in half, with the the compartments cut out in one side and the utensils carved in on the other. "The utensils sit perfectly inside and even include a pair of silver chopsticks. The insides are coated with a non-toxic walnut oil that is used for salad bowls, which means that this food could actually be eaten out of the log!" Neat! tong2 tong3 tong4 tong5

Kawakami Yoshitaka

p p p p Kawakami Yoshitaka is a Japanese 3DCG artist whose work reminds me of some old Japanese horror movies that make us scream like little school girls. Ichi the killer, Audition, Old man.. okay I'll stop now. p p

Ou Studio: Blueprint

Blueprint was an installation by Taiwanese Ou Studio as part of the allstar exhibition during DMY Berlin Design Festival 09. Based on 'blueprint' technical drawings the installation consisted of a painted blue wall with perspective elements of furniture from an old house, in Taiwan. Items including the 'one piece' bench were constructed using bamboo paper, strong enough for visitors to sit on. each item was measured and made to scale. (via Designboom)

Gene Guynn

p p Gene Guynn was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, and from a very young age was immersed in the world of art. With a painter for a mother and a musician for a father, his world was always one of creativity and expression. He began painting in college courses during high school, and in fall of 2004, began his BFA at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. Gene takes inspiration from the thriving urban, outsider, and lowbrow art culture of SF, LA, and NYC, and combines it with a fine art sophistication. (via Sketch Theatre) p

Ribbon Staircase

The concept of a delicate rippling ribbon was chosen in view of the exposed position of the staircase in the main living area of the house. The staircase is constructed from 10mm thick sheet metal. Pairs of adjoining steps connected with an oblique external side joist form a bracket anchored in the wall. Each of the brackets is constructed as a rigid frame. The higher steps bear mainly drawing forces, while pressure is transmitted through the lower steps. Link here.

Solve Sundsbo

p Solve Sundsbo is a Norwegian photographer who lives in London. So amazing. Links here, here and here. p

Aki Zum

p p p Artist Aki Zum writes to me letting me know about her online portfolio. Check it out peeps for it's some kind of a wonderful place. Yes Aki Zum, we like you too! Thank you for the email! Cheers! p


p p p Aaaaaaamazing work from the talented... Dechoise from the Netherlands. Found her on DevianArt last night. Great stuff! p p


Fernando Gutierrez, aka Huanchaco, develops the story of Superchaco, a decadent Peruvian superhero trying to get to grips with the Chaotic City, Lima. Influenced by comics and pop culture, Huanchaco embodies the worst aspects of the Chaotic City. Devoid of any qualm, he is lazy, obnoxious and vulgar. Superchaco doesn’t have any particular talent nor superpower. Yet, authorities call him, children look up to him and women fall for him. (via We Make Money Not Art)