Stacee Kalmanovsky

p p Stacee Kalmanovsky was born in Gomel, Belarus in 1981. She immigrated to the United States with her expansive family in 1989. She grew up in and around Chicago and attended the University of Illinios at Chicago. After her graduation with a Bachelors in Fine Art in 2004, she once again crossed the ocean to live with her partner in Florence, Italy. She is now living and working in Florence, Italy. p

Martin Klimas

p p I came across Martin Klimas photography and was immediately drawn to his series of shattering statues. Gorgeous destruction. p p


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Kike Besada

p ' Born in Vigo, Galicia in 1984 and now based in Madrid, Spain. With 6 years of experience working in the fields of interactive design & print areas. He is very passionate about the changing industry he's involved in and also about learning every day. He has enjoyed working for brands such as: Diesel, Absolut, Nokia, Vodafone, Mercedes, Pernod Ricard, Smirnoff, and Burger King. ' Link here. p

Lee Ford

p p " I have produced images for numerous editorial, publishing, and music industry clients throughout the UK and Europe. I have been involved with several shows, individually, and also with art and illustration collective Black Convoy, of which I am also an original member. My work has been shown in London, Europe, Singapore and New York. " - Lee Ford p

Marco Ricci

p p The previously-blogged Marco Ricci updated his site with plenty of new work since we last took a look at his website, and this time it's loaded with great black and white shots. Rock n' roll! Click here for the link. Thank you Marco for the email! p

Jonathan Borofsky

p p p Human Structures by American sculptor and installation artist Jonathan Borofsky. His art sought to interconnect minimalism and pop art. p

Alexia Sinclair

" Aussie photographer and digital artist Alexia Sinclair has some interesting work in her site but the cream of the crop is her Regal Twelve series with which she won 2007's Harper's BAZAAR & Canon Fashion Photography Awards. "

Emily Barletta

p Interesting felt sculptures by New York-based artist Emily Barletta.


p Enter the wonderful world of Fafi.