Davida DSC Brain Box

p p Brain Box helmet found over at Death Spray Custom. Check 'em out! Fun stuff. p

Ruth Ishbel Munro

p p p Ruth Ishbel Munro is a freelance illustrator who lives and works in Brighton, UK. She graduated from the University of Brighton in 2008 with a BA in Illustration. She describes her work as an emotive and often sinister amalgamation of the fantastical and the mundane. p p

Tom Jackson

p p p From now on, if there's anything remotely associated with Tom Jackson (previously mentioned here), I'll post about it. Yea-huh. I'm certainly looking forward to following Tom's career and seeing what he does next. Check out the shots he did for Tado and Pictoplasma's Private Panda Club here. p

Ashley Wood

Ashley Wood is an award-winning artist and illustrator who lives and works in Australia and The United States. He has been a professional illustrator for over ten years, and has worked for most major entertainment companies including Dreamworks SKG, Warner Bros., Random House, Marvel Comics, McFarlane Entertainment, IDW, and Konami. His illustration technique is a combination of traditional painting techniques, coupled with digital photography and graphic software. p

Shen Shaomin

p p p Shen Shaomin was born in Heilongjiang Province, China and currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia, and Beijing, China. p

Sofia Brita Arnold

p Fabulous patterns and prints by Sofia Brita Arnold - lives and works in Madison, Wisconsin. (Editor's note: Hi there Laura Dee! This post is for you. Thank you for the email! ) p

Defendius Door Chain

p Defendius door chain guard helps you to protect your home against unauthorized entry. Designed by Art Lebedev Studio and available at ThinkGeek for $49.99 Buy here. p

Matt Duffin

p p p Matt Duffin was born in 1968 and grew up in Houston, Texas. He studied architecture, but never practiced as an architect. Instead, he chose to explore the more human themes of solitude and irony through art. His medium has evolved from charcoal to encaustic wax, but he continues to dwell in the realm of dark recesses and stark contrasts. He has lived in Spain, Costa Rica, and Taos, New Mexico and currently resides in northern California with his wife and two small children. p p

Shinichi Maruyama

p p Japanese artist Shinichi Maruyama's Kusho series consists of 23 large scale color photographs in which he captures the engagement of black ink and water, both in midair, colliding the millisecond, before they merge into gray. Looks goodness. p

Dulce Pinzón

p p p Dulce Pinzón was born in Mexico City in 1974. She studied Mass Media Communications at the Universidad de Las Americas in Puebla Mexico and Photography at Indiana University in Pennsylvania. In 1995 she moved to New York where she studied at The International Center of Photography. p p