Micah Lidberg

p p p Artist Micah Lidberg works and lives in Kansas City, Missouri. Really nice! Also worth a click. p

Jennybird Alcantara

p p Taken from the artist site: My name is Jennybird Alcantara, I am a artist living in San Francisco CA. I received my BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute.. The majority of my work is oil paintings on wood but I also create art dolls inspired by my paintings. My work has at its core a narrative; I like to explore the complex interconnectedness of opposites as seen through the prism of myth, fable and fantasy. I use the symbolism of duality to explore the connection of life and death, as well as the relationship between the beauty and cruelness of nature, that of the natural world as well as human and animal nature. The anthropomorphic qualities in my characters show the relationship of the central figure to the world she inhabits. I have always been a daydreamer and get many of my ideas during that state of semi-consciousness. My inspirations come from a wide variety of sources including fairytales and fables, mythology, the flora and fauna of the natural world and freaks of nature, melancholy and classical music, Victorian customs, folk art, costuming, creepy religious statues and paintings, Symbolism, carnivals, trips down memory lane, broken dolls and objects out of place. As well as all the beautiful and sad things that could not exist one without the other, life and death and the veil in between. p

Barnaby Whitfield

p Barnaby Whitfield is a pastel artist in New York City. Amazing stuff! More images on his website. NSFW p

Kime Buzzelli

p p " I make paintings and drawings inspired by fashion, film, music and make believe . I like layering images on heavy papers using watered down paints and markers. I fancy the parts in stories where something unusual happens, or is about to happen. I like filling in the blanks in a scene or deciding what may occur next. I'm attracted to mistakes in text. I heart mysteries and voyeurism. My work space is currently in Echo Park, CA. I like to work at night, listening to records, while eating cold pizza. I studied fashion illustration at Parsons, graduated from O.S.U. with a BFA and BAE. I currently own art/fashion boutique SHOW PONY in L.A. " - Kime Buzzelli

Alexandros Vasmoulakis

p p Alexandros Vasmoulakis was born in Athens in 1980. He studied fine arts and works as a freelancer. I can’t wait to see more from this guy.


p TARU is a small Montreal workshop that designs, conceives and builds wooden art toys. Each toy is unique and hand-made from different wood essences. I am especially attentive to the materials and fabrication of my toys, in order to offer refined and quality objects. The sensual aspect of my figurines is evoked by rounded angles and silky texture. Their aesthetic simplicity and kind faces charm children and adults alike. p p

Francis Vallejo

p p p " I was born in 1985 in Farmington, NM. My family moved to Detroit, MI when I was three. Growing up on the infamous 8 mile road had a profound impact on my interests and outlook. In high school the only thing that excited me were my drawings so upon graduation I decided to enroll at Ringling College of Art + Design in Sarasota, Florida which is a far journey from Michigan. I originally enrolled as a computer animation major. That lasted 3 years. I switched to illustration and got back to my drawing. I'm trying to make a difference. " - Francis Vallejo p

Waitrose Herbs Packaging

p ' Waitrose Herbs have a lot to say for themselves. Each minimally packaged pot carries bold tabloid style text, telling you everything you may not already know about the contents. Guest herbs make an exclusive and seasonal appearance with a splash of red in the headline. Herbs are as rich in myth and magic as they are in flavour and nutrition. This was a great opportunity to spread the word and present some real shelf talkers.' Designed by Lewis Moberly. p

Ricky Allman

p p p The rest of Ricky Allman's work is wonderful as well but I think my favorite are the images I posted here. Have a look at his portfolio site when you get the chance. Truly great. p p


p p AIRchitecture - Delft's Flying Architecture Faculty Vision: A new concept for an architecture faculty; Dynamic learning from "hands-on" experience; Being there will enhance passion for architecture and responsibility to the people and the environment around the world; Flying workspace allowing future collaboration and student exchange; Energy efficient implementations as an integral part of the design; Minimal footprint; Visionary approach that can be merged within existing educational fabrics; Urban and global connections and awareness; Sustainable principles with economic and ecologic viabilities; Integration with the new green campus design by mecanoo. On-site building: The static place will serve as a social place; Library, offices, lecture halls, restaurant, storage place and auditorium are right on and below ground; Students, teachers and visitors will feel home and part of nature; Sharing spaces approach and using facilities on-campus and in other universities around the world and around the city; The low building silhouette will merge into the landscape and add more value to the entire campus. (Continue reading...) p