3lhd1 I'm not too crazy about modern architecture, however, this house has a nice balance that's appealing to me. Called "House N", this home was created by 3LHD architects. The home, located in Croatia, sits on top of  the highest point to take advantage of its surrounding views. Photos by Damir Fabijanic 3lhd2 3lhd3 3lhd4

Winkler and Noah

p p I'm back. Winkler and Noah presents The Puppet Show, an artistic project by the photographers Romina Raffaelli and Stefano Marini: 30 portraits of children from two to eight years old were taken and transformed into dolls by subtle retouching. p p

Icon Watch

p With a nod to the era of 8-bit computer graphics, the face of this watch is shaped like a computer icon. Made of an ABS and stainless steel body with a polyurethane band. Buy here. p

Richard Mosse

p p p Trial photo series by Richard Mosse : Pashto tribesmen come to receive aid at earthquake relief centre, Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan, 2005. p

Terrorist Balloon

" The Terrorist Balloon is my answer the question of terrorism. It's something little that needs to be inflated and played with in order to have some fun. When inflated it needs to be treated carefully so it doesn't pop. " - Vlad Nanca

Mario Mattei

I was just reading his PR's email to us the other day.. anyway, check out more of Mario Mattei's work here. Looks goodness.

Dominique Holmes

p Digging the sketchy work of Dominique Holmes. Thank you Dennie Bright for the link! Kiss! Kiss!

Ted Noten

Amsterdam-based designer Ted Noten creates amazing conceptual pieces including a Prada bag with a goldplated gun and bullet inside (shown above), brooches made from a cut-up Mercedes-Benz, icepick bag and many more.

Guillermo Calderon

calderon 1 calderon 2 I have a soft spot for aspiring artists who, without the benefits of formal art training, pursue their chosen careers out of love. Much respect to Mexican-based photographer Guillermo Calderon for his project entitled "SOAKED", about photographing professionally-dressed people in a bathtub. The word is out on a book being published in the near future about SOAKED, no less. The waiting is killing me. Guillermo's flickr page has more wonderful photographs. calderon 3 calderon 4 calderon 5

Christabel Sevilla

tabsie 1 Pilipinas(mabuhay!) has always been overflowing with artistic illustrators. Among them is this up-and-coming young artist I've been stalking on the look out for for quite some time now. Christabel Sevilla's (aka Tabsie aka Ladyfish aka Karaiwashi) anime-inspired paintings have that special something that pulls you in and never let go - in my case anyways. Most of her paintings show nice, warm tones, excellent shading, and soft saturation using a cool palette. She's for real, must be all that isaw she eats. Don't forget to stop by her deviantart page after you're done here. tabsie 3