Andy Mangold

Andy Mangold: Insomia ” In order to show the ‘normal’ sleeping portion of the population what it is like having Insomnia, I screen printed this typographic treatment onto pillowcases with glow-in-the-dark ink. The luminescent letter forms keep even the deepest of sleepers awake.

Heidi Taillefer

Check out the work of Montreal-based artist Heidi Taillefer. Very nice yea? More…


Edith Lebeau

Taken from the site:

” The look is the most important thing in my work; it’s the way the character tells the story to the viewer…” Edith paints these women (superheroes, villains, goddesses, nymphs…) and makes them tell their own story through their expression and the emotion they exude. The story is often blurred to encourage the audience to make it their own. ” I like to look at my paintings and not get everything at once. I let the character question me… ” Edith’s works often refers to Greek, Roman and Celtic mythologies, movies and fairytales… Link here.


Cleaning out some bookmarks and came across a link for the tremendously talented Spanish artist San. Are you impressed? Have a good weekend. See you all back here on Monday!

Sharky Tea Infuser


Sharky tea infuser is designed by Pablo Matteoda from Argentina. He created this piece for Designboom’s Beyond Silver Contest. Neat!

Promatranje Ptica

Photos from Lunar’s show Promatranje Ptica/Bird Watching @ Galerija Vladimir Nazor in Croatia. Absolute freshness! Big ups Slaven!!


Joshua Hoffine

Just discovered the impressive horror photographic art of Joshua Hoffine from Kansas. Awesome!

Frederic Guarton


Works by Frederic Guarton from his Urbano Vegetal series. Sweet!

Charles Glaubitz

Click here for more wonderful paintings, drawings, and installations by artist Charles Glaubitz of Tijuana.

Sam 3



I’ve already covered Sam 3 several times here but he deserves another post. Haha. His work is so inspiring to me that you almost can’t take it all in. I can’t explain it but that’s how I feel about it. Yey!