Rodrigo Ramos

Rodrigo Ramos is an illustrator based from Formosa, Argentina. There's not a lot of work on his blogsite, but what there is I like.


p p p The paintings are stunning but I know nothing about Iregret. Anyone have any information on this guy? p p

Cesc Grané

p p p Cesc Grané lives and works in Barcelona, where he studied industrial design and earned his Degree in design. After graduation, he worked as a graphic designer while developing his aesthetic style in his illustrations and own projects. Today, Cesc works as a freelance illustrator and designer offering print design, identity, web design, contemporary illustration and character design. In his illustrations -where usually combines 2D and 3D- the influence of art and Japanese culture is readily apparent. His characters come directly from his passion for toys and his fascination for Nippon aesthetic. p p

Christian Rex van Minnen

p " I was born in Providence, RI in 1980 and currently reside in Denver with my wife Ashley Muse. In my work, whether stone and oil, metal and wood, or cardboard and papier-mâché alchemy and automatism are linked together in the cognitive creative process. Intention becomes line, line becomes shape, shape becomes form, and form becomes content. In my work I find myself either suppressing or indulging of my own desire to associate personal narrative to the raw visual information inherent in the material and process. Construction, destruction and reconstruction are symbiotic elements in the creative process allowing the image to fluctuate between abstraction and representation, truth and illusion, personal and archetypal. " - Christian Rex van Minnen p

Nicoletta Ceccoli

Nicoletta Ceccoli has illustrated many books,mainly in Italy, in the USA and in the UK. Her work has been exhibited at the Bologna Children’s Book fair seven times.She has also shown her work among the others in ‘Roq la Rue’ (Seattle), ’Magic Pony’(Toronto), ’Dorothy Circus’(Rome), Richard Goodall Gallery(Manchester). p


p p Sweet stool is inspired on making ice cream, therefore we like to say Sweet is dipped in pleasure. This stool is available in a broad variety of tasty colours. p

Stella Im Hultberg

Stella Im Hultberg is a painter currently living and working in Brooklyn, NYC. Born in South Korea, raised in Seoul, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and later in California, she studied Industrial Design and worked as a product designer before so fortunately returning to art (and coming back to life).

Michael Mararian

p Michael Mararian possesses a poetic propensity for taking traditionally cheerful images and concepts and turning them into frightening, yet humorous, tableaus.  Focusing on children as the last bastion of innocence, Mararian draws on a diverse range of influences to deliver the peculiar ink work he aptly calls, M. Mararian's Inky Dreadfuls. In this world our fondest visions of childhood’s naiveté are darkly rearranged to uncover lost innocence and the fear of our modern times. Though often shroud in the macabre, Michaels' ink paintings are also suffused with a sense of mischievous, almost self-deprecating humor. What can on one level be construed as melancholy and cruel, can alternately be viewed as amusing, even charming.  He enjoys letting his viewers decide. p p

Alex McLeod

p p p Check out these cool 3D installations by artist Alex McLeod . Looks goodness! p

Meredith Andrews

p Found these pictures of individuals and couples who looks as though they have just woken up. Check out Meredith Andrews portfolio on Behance for more. p