Yan Wei

p p p Plenty of beautiful illustrations from Yan Wei. It's all sorts of wonderful so check it out when you get a chance. p o

Pixel Bowl

p This bowl is inspired on old-school computer games. The games have a very low resolution, just like this bowl, which is build from pixels. Designed by: Robin van Hontem (The Netherlands) p p

Leong Wan Kok

p p Leong Wan Kok <-- is an award-winning illustrator based in Malaysia. He is also one of the founders of 1000tentacles Studio. p

Dmitriy Sklyarenko

p p p Photographer Dmitriy Sklyarenko of Fafastudio shows us what happens when giant children rule the city. (via ReflectionOf.Me) p

John Isaacs

2002_bad_miracle_01 2002_bad_miracle_02 p p Randomly found some work from John Isaacs (previously-blogged) while cleaning up my hard drive. Please revisit his site, and check what hes been up to. p p


p p p p I'm going ga-ga over these marvelous pieces by Moki, an artist based in Hamburg, Germany. Be sure to visit her web site. That place is a goldmine of imagery! p p

Jeffrey Batchelor

p This painting is called "Hidden Agenda" by artist extraordinaire Jeffrey Batchelor (previously-featured). The man can paint like nobody’s business. Interview with Jeffrey about his work is in the works. Should be up in a few weeks so stay tuned. p p

Kamila Szejnoch

p p p " Swing ", installation by Kamila Szejnoch, Memorial to the Berling Army Soldiers, Okrzei Street, Warsaw, September 2008. The installation is a part of public space project Carousel Slide Swing, which was publicized by a large number of posters put up in the streets of Warsaw. p

MR 176

p p p I received a pack of stickers (pictured below) last week from MR 176, an artist based from The Netherlands. Hes awesome! A link he deserves, and a link he gets! Check it out. I also wanted to let you guys know that our stickers made it to Amsterdam. Woo-hoo! Big thanks to MR 176! Cheers!! p p

Patrick de Warren

p p ' Patrick de Warren was born in Avignon, France, raised in Paris, and currently lives between Paris and New York City. Since his early twenties he has been interested in photography and it's history. He was one of the few photographers selected by Giorgio Armani to photograph for the Armani Art Exchange project. Since beginning his shooting career Patrick has been featured in numerous publications and has exhibited internationally, notably at Japan’s Kintetsu Art Museum in Osaka and the Kobe Fashion Museum. He was awarded the Honorable mention for the Polaroid International Photography Award for North America and won the Camera Arts magazine Polaroid Award.' p p