Amazon Tree Houses

Amazon Tree Houses was formed in 2007 by Derek Saunderson, a Joiner and Treehouse builder with over twenty years experience. His aim was to bring the craft of treehouse building back from the accountants and sales-men, and put it firmly back in the hands of the crafts-men who’s passion for treehouse building shows in their skill and commitment for creating beautiful natural structures.


Victor Reyes works and lives in San Francisco. I am very impressed by this man.. and of course he is one of my favorite artist. Reyes, if you are reading this, much success to you!!!

Kurt Halsey

Kurt Halsey has some simple but cute illustrations on his portfolio site. I wish there were more samples.

Joe Ledbetter

' Influenced by classic animation, graphic design, and daily life, Joe Ledbetter's art is... well... a lot of things. Light-hearted in its approach, he often combines cute and cuddly creatures with unfortunate — albeit humorous — situations. With a lean on the subversive and absurd, these scenarios are all too familiar, questioning our tendency of taking life (and ourselves) too seriously. While working as a graphic apparel artist for three years, Ledbetter got involved in the LA underground art scene, beginning with group shows like Cannibal Flower. By the summer of 2004, he had honed his trademark visual style of emblematic line-work, vibrant colors, and endearing characters to the point of quitting his day job. His incredible cast of creatures have since been emblazoned on over 100 designer vinyl toys, as well as apparel and lifestyle brands, the world over. '


p Nerd alert: Palm-size Deletus eraser is shaped like the well-known key on a computer keyboard. The question ‘What to get a computer geek for a present?’ no longer needs to be on your list—Delete it with Deletus! Designers: Daniil Rassadin, Alexander Malinovsky.

Tulip Fields

Tulip fields in the Netherlands. Wow! Looks amazing! Click here for the link.

Log Pillow

Pillows are made of wool felt designed and screen printed and are hand sewn together by Erika Kern. Logs measures 12" long with a diameter of 5"and have a small stump that's 2 1/2" around and 4" long. Buy here.


Graffiti artist Muro from Spain is awesome - worth a look. Links: 1, 2, and 3. Yay! Enjoy!

Rory Kurtz

p Rory Kurtz has been illustrating since he was old enough to hold a crayon. Self-taught and focusing in pencil, ink, and digital paint, Rory has carved out his niche as a unique voice in the illustration community. Working with digital media allows his paintings a greater amount of versatility, and faster production time, which makes all the difference when meeting deadlines. His influences are spread out across the respective wolds of literature, fashion, art, film, & music. His work isn't necessarily easy to define, as he tends to shift from one style to the next and back again as fits the assignment, but the individual pieces seem unified by a shared sense of fantasy in a modern reality. Rory Kurtz is represented by Levy Creative Management New York, NY.


Brezo is a talented New York based artist/illustrator. I adore most of her paintings. You can view more of Brezo's work on her MySpace.