Diogo Potes

Diogo Potes <-- lives and works in Lisabon, Portugal. He is an upcoming Portugese graphic designer whose works have been published in IdN Magazine, the Semipermanent Book of 2005 and also shown in the Design Collective Tour of MUSA 2006.

Jason Limon

p p p Jason Limon was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1973. He first showed his artistic expression at a fairly young age doodling characters and sceneries inspired by his bustling neighborhood and surroundings. He studied fine arts and graphic design at the Visual Arts & Technology Center at San Antonio College and entered the field of commercial graphic design in 1995 acquiring comprehensive knowledge of type, color and composition. Following twelve years of commitment to producing award winning logos and designs he then turned his focus and concentration to where his heart truly began: developing artwork by hand and brush, no longer by the clicks of a mouse. He is currently creating gallery work and commercial illustrations, some of which can be seen in Communication Arts, Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, American Illustration, Print Regional Design and Graphis. p

Meagan Cignoli

Meagan Cignoli is an up and coming photographer based in Manhattan. Her work is subtle and stunning. Be sure to check her full portfolio here.


p Seriously, how cool is this? Buenos Aires-based artist Axtor Majesto of Espeluzland sent me this photo of Yoda two days ago. If you haven’t been keeping up to date since I last featured him here, you all should definitely check out his newest work. Raw stuff! Links here and here. Thank you Espeluzland!!

Good Ideas Glow In The Dark

Check out Adris Group's glow in the dark annual report by Bruketa&Zinic OM. Despite the crisis, Adris Group has had a successful business year 2008, so they wanted to show it off with their annual report. Adris Group believes how good ideas glow, so their annual report glows in the dark because the successful business year is the result of all the glowing ideas of their 3000 employees. Fun stuff! More photos here.

Gottfried Helnwein

" In retrospect I would say from Donald Duck I have learned more about life than from all the schools I ever attended." - Gottfried Helnwein

Gabriel Mancera / AT103

Works: Gabriel Mancera Building / Architects: at103 - July Amezcua + Francisco Pardo / Location: Mexico -- Click here for more photos.

Mikhail Glukhov

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Russian illustrator Mikhail Glukhov. Check it out and enjoy! : )

Sagmeister Inc.

o In September 2008, Sagmeister Inc. participated in Droog Event 2: Urban Play. The public art installation consisted of 250.000 eurocents placed on the floor, covering more than 300sqm on a square in Amsterdam. The coins will spell out the sentence “ Obsessions make my life worse and my work better ”. The piece is part of the series “ Things I have learned in my life so far ” by Stefan Sagmeister. More photos here.

Are Mokkelbost

Are Mokkelbost: 'Images from life style magazines are cut out and organized by color and contrast, according to six categories or elements in the ION universe. The collages gradually build up and a specific lighting evolves for each collage, the available material deciding the approximate amount of each color and element.'