Christian Breitkreutz

p p p Checking out the latest in Sweet Station Flickr group recently I came across Pittsburgh-based artist Christian Breitkreutz whose work delights me to no end. More paintings from Christian here. p

Jason Peters

" My installations investigate the relationships of actual space, environment and materials with the viewer's inherent and often programmed opinions of them. My goal is to challenge intrinsic perceptions by suggesting that the objects of our reality are not always what they seem. I use found objects because they help redefine prescribed meanings and values, especially when assembled into entirely different structures. The question I want the viewer to ask is, "Are these familiar objects just as recognizable when serving an entirely different purpose? And just as important, does their transformation modify their value?" - Jason Peters

Scott G Brooks

oedipus1 sgb_06_16 painting8 p Scott G Brooks is originally from Flint, Michigan, and currently lives and works in Washington, DC. His subject matter ranges from simple portraiture to intricate narratives. In his paintings, he takes social, psychological, and political issues and injects them with a dark sense of humor. Anatomical distortions separate the figures from the photographic ideal, which gives him the freedom to create his own distorted reality. His work is described as twisted and offbeat, sentimental, and disturbing. In addition to exhibiting in galleries, he has also illustrated several children’s books. His influences include Mad Magazine, Disney, Saturday morning cartoons, and talking heads on cable news. sgb_06_11

Enno de Kroon

p p p ' Leading both recycling art and cubism into the 21st century Enno de Kroon from The Netherlands uses ordinary egg crates instead of canvas to make spectacular "two-and-a-half" dimensional paintings in a style he defines as Eggcubism. ' His eggtray artwork costs about 1000 euros so if you want to take home one of these, you will have to smash that piggy bank open : ) p

Capitalist Pig

Speaking of piggy banks... You can go a lot further than the market with this little piggy! The CapitaLIST Pig Blackboard Piggy Bank helps to keep you motivated while you're turning your pennies into pounds by letting you draw what you're saving for on his big round belly. Featuring a removable stopper that lets you release your cash without literally breaking the bank, this little oinker will ensure you have enough dosh for that Island Holiday in no time. Cute, funky, funny and functional, all in one swine shaped money box, The CapitaLIST Pig Blackboard Piggy Bank will encourage you to save again and again. Add to basket.

Justin Cooper

Shown here, are the illustrations of Justin Cooper from Sydney. I thought these are brilliant! You can see more of Justin's beautiful work on his website.

Linnea Strid

Check out these gorgeous hyperrealistic paintings by Swedish artist Linnea Strid. More work waiting for you on her Flickr.

Lucy McLauchlan

In an era when visual images are styled to perfection using technology, Lucy McLauchlan crafts using permanent materials like Indian ink and marker pen. “ If I make a mistake I can't remove it; often though, the accidental details become my favourite,” she says of this ambitious, but inevitably rewarding, process. Lucy combines art deco, psychedelic and childlike motifs to make pieces that are delicate and tender yet engaging and provocative. With Rain People, a hanging structure made from multiple painted wooden elements, she recently branched into sculpture, effortlessly occupying the topical territory between installation and interior design. (via LAZ.inc)

Love Letter

' Love Letter is a project by Stephen Powers with the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and is sponsored by the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage through the Philadelphia Exhibitions Initiative. '

Memo Block

The Memo Block by KAKUZAI is available only in Japan. Boooooo! I can't understand anything on the website so I could be booing for nothing. Haha.