Lori Hersberger

p p p Lori Hersberger was born in Geboren in Basel, Switzerland. Lives in Zurich and Berlin. She has some really nice work. o p

Tang Yau Hoong

p p Tang Yau Hoong is a freelance illustrator based of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He has designed several shirts for Threadless. Check out it out. p


p p p Supafly characters by graffiti artist Dep from London. Visit his Flickr stream for more. p p

Dan Colen

p p p Dan Colen <-- Born in New Jersey; Lives and works in New York. o

Joe Polifrone

p p p ' Joe Polifrone is a conceptual, portrait, editorial, and still life photographer located in New York City. Much of his work addresses the more humanistic themes of solitude, as well as the passing of time and how we relate to it. ' Visit his site or blog for more. Thank you Anthony Jones for the email! Cheers! p

Fantastic Norway

p p Fantastic Norway, designed this Norwegian cabin retreat in the Middle-North of the Scandinavian country. Looks great! p

Sancho Hemelsoen

p p Here are some designs that might tickle your fancy. Well, I do have strange readers on here some times. Personally I wouldn't wear these outfits if it was given to me for free. Ah the crazy fashion of Sancho Hemelsoen! Have a look. p

Deidre But-Husaim

p p Deidre But-Husaim is a visual artist and painter based in Adelaide, Australia. She's awesome, that's all. p

Fernando Romero

p p Bridge Tea House designed by Fernando Romero in Jinhua Architectural Park in China. Click here for the link. p

Arthur Steel

p p p p Ladies and gentlemen, photographer Arthur Steel. Holy wow. (via 2Photo.ru) p p