Mario Mattei

I was just reading his PR’s email to us the other day.. anyway, check out more of Mario Mattei’s work here. Looks goodness.

Dominique Holmes


Digging the sketchy work of Dominique Holmes. Thank you Dennie Bright for the link! Kiss! Kiss!

Ted Noten

Amsterdam-based designer Ted Noten creates amazing conceptual pieces including a Prada bag with a goldplated gun and bullet inside (shown above), brooches made from a cut-up Mercedes-Benz, icepick bag and many more.

Guillermo Calderon

calderon 1

calderon 2

I have a soft spot for aspiring artists who, without the benefits of formal art training, pursue their chosen careers out of love. Much respect to Mexican-based photographer Guillermo Calderon for his project entitled “SOAKED”, about photographing professionally-dressed people in a bathtub. The word is out on a book being published in the near future about SOAKED, no less. The waiting is killing me. Guillermo’s flickr page has more wonderful photographs.

calderon 3

calderon 4

calderon 5

Christabel Sevilla

tabsie 1

Pilipinas(mabuhay!) has always been overflowing with artistic illustrators. Among them is this up-and-coming young artist I’ve been stalking on the look out for for quite some time now. Christabel Sevilla’s (aka Tabsie aka Ladyfish aka Karaiwashi) anime-inspired paintings have that special something that pulls you in and never let go – in my case anyways. Most of her paintings show nice, warm tones, excellent shading, and soft saturation using a cool palette. She’s for real, must be all that isaw she eats. Don’t forget to stop by her deviantart page after you’re done here.

tabsie 3

Kenichi Hoshine

hoshine 1

Before all the hoopla surrounding my favorite draftsperson James Jean, there was Kenichi Hoshine. His paintings possess that almost dream-like state as if the world around you is merely an illusion. Man-crush aside, I highly recommend you to check out Kenichi’s ballpen sketches and his project collaboration with James on PoliteWinter as well. Keep Kenichi’s work alive, buy a print or 2.

hoshine 2

hoshine 3

hoshine 4

Hajime Sorayama

sori 1

Japanese illustrator Hajime Sorayama has been perfecting his craft since the day he was born. Look closer and check out the meticulous details and you’ll know that Hajime is pretty serious about his work. This is erotic art at its finest.

sori 2

sori 3

Lokman Lam

loklam 2

Hah, if you haven’t noticed by now from my previous posts I like  my art featuring cool and sexy stylized femme fatales. I also grew up on a steady diet of anime-sushi. So it’s no surprise that one of my today’s pick belongs to freelance illustrator Lokman Lam from Hong Kong.

loklam 4

Skywire 2

skywire 1

Yay! Hooray for Nitrome, the creator of Skywire 2 and other soon-to-be-classic minigames. Your mission is to help transport your little friends safely via a virtual cable car – but alas watch out for pesky obstacles. It’s a polished sequel to Skywire with new adorable characters, catchy music, accessible controls, what more could you ask for. Go play now!!

skywire 2

Chiara “Milk” Bautista

Milk 1

I tell you, I’m not that easily impressed when it comes to art :). So something was definitely up when Chiara Bautista’s work literally made my jaw dropped to the floor. Wow. Truly a sight to behold such vivid and visually alarming images.  Chiara or Milk as she would like to be called is a graphic designer/illustrator based in Arizona. She doesn’t have an official website yet but you can view more of her portfolio on her myspace.

Milk 2

Milk 3