Chiara “Milk” Bautista

Milk 1

I tell you, I’m not that easily impressed when it comes to art :). So something was definitely up when Chiara Bautista’s work literally made my jaw dropped to the floor. Wow. Truly a sight to behold such vivid and visually alarming images.  Chiara or Milk as she would like to be called is a graphic designer/illustrator based in Arizona. She doesn’t have an official website yet but you can view more of her portfolio on her myspace.

Milk 2

Milk 3

Kyle Bean

kyle 1

This is the evolution of the mobile phone by UK-based illustrator Kyle Bean. This pretty much answers how I’d be carrying all those swanky cellphones. My current cellphone is somewhere in the middle. I need an upgrade. Which one is yours?

kyle 2

kyle 3

kyle 4

Sessions Font Free

sessions 1

You like typography? You like free stuff? Then head over to FontStruct to download this now. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks to John Skelton, this is one beautifully crafted type. That’s a rarity in a sea of bad (although free) fonts. This is a good start. Hoping for more quality freebies from John.

sessions 2

sessions 3

Daniela Uhlig


As you all know, Honey, the heart and soul of Sweet Station/my sister, is still recovering from the terrible flu she contracted last week. With her permission, I am now obligated to take-over temporarily and continue her good work that is Sweet Station. Think of it like Conan O’Brien covering for Jay Leno for the Tonight Show (I refused to be Jimmy Fallon!).

And without further ado, please enjoy the first post..

Daniela Uhlig’s paintings do more than just tickle my fancy, they resonate with me. Her style is very similar to mine. She’s probably my other long lost artistic sister.

Obviously, if you head over to Daniela’s portfolio, you’ll see that her work is very diversified, ranging from the anime-inspired to the gothic-themed to the happy-tree-friends-esque paintings.  These 3 are just some of my favorites.




helen 1

When you combine talent and beauty, you’re just asking for trouble — that’s just not fair. In Helenbar’s case however, no cause for concern is necessary. This young lady from Brazil expertly blends self-portraits and surreality into an artform. And I’m loving it!

These are just some samples of her portfolio, which includes an homage to Ray Caesar, a twisted Alice in Wonderland series, b/w portraits (my favorite),  and a pin-up series.

helenbar 2

helenbar 2

Dan Hillier


Is that Octo-mom? Close enough. There must be something in the water across the pond. First, the Beatles. Then came Radiohead. And now, Susan Boyle Dan Hillier, a London-based artist responsible for bringing mad Victorian-inspired engravings and tentacles together. The images are just begging to be screen-printed and distributed to the masses.



Alexandre Duret-Lutz

gadl 1

Alexandre Duret-Lutz aka gadl created these cool panorama-stereographic pictures dubbed Wee Planets. The effect pretty much reminds me of peering into a fish-eye lens on steroids. Oh and gadl is kind enough to provide a detailed tutorial on his flickr page. So better check it out!

gadl 5

Joshua Hagler

” My process is something like a stage rehearsal, a performance that seeks to imitate the subject matter on which the work comments. Painting is a way to stay near my subject matter, to cast myself as part of the mythology, to remember that I’m not separate from it, since, in fact, my religion, even if I no longer have a sense of faith, is a part of who I am.” – Joshua Hagler

Veronica Hebard

Veronica Hebard works and lives in Massachusetts as a freelance illustrator and designer. Artist Andy Fish and Veronica will have their first 2-person show at the ATOMIC HEARTS this June 26th at Space 242 in Boston. Drop in if you’re in the area.

Anthony Pontius

Read Anthony Pontius interview here to get to know him a little bit. (via On The Cusp) Weeeeeeeeeee!