Dan Hillier


Is that Octo-mom? Close enough. There must be something in the water across the pond. First, the Beatles. Then came Radiohead. And now, Susan Boyle Dan Hillier, a London-based artist responsible for bringing mad Victorian-inspired engravings and tentacles together. The images are just begging to be screen-printed and distributed to the masses.



Alexandre Duret-Lutz

gadl 1

Alexandre Duret-Lutz aka gadl created these cool panorama-stereographic pictures dubbed Wee Planets. The effect pretty much reminds me of peering into a fish-eye lens on steroids. Oh and gadl is kind enough to provide a detailed tutorial on his flickr page. So better check it out!

gadl 5

Joshua Hagler

” My process is something like a stage rehearsal, a performance that seeks to imitate the subject matter on which the work comments. Painting is a way to stay near my subject matter, to cast myself as part of the mythology, to remember that I’m not separate from it, since, in fact, my religion, even if I no longer have a sense of faith, is a part of who I am.” – Joshua Hagler

Veronica Hebard

Veronica Hebard works and lives in Massachusetts as a freelance illustrator and designer. Artist Andy Fish and Veronica will have their first 2-person show at the ATOMIC HEARTS this June 26th at Space 242 in Boston. Drop in if you’re in the area.

Anthony Pontius

Read Anthony Pontius interview here to get to know him a little bit. (via On The Cusp) Weeeeeeeeeee!




JELLYFACE is a project between Joe, a graphic designer, and Fau, a creative dressmaker. The artistic duo based in Italy is making new characters and enjoying art-toys world since 2008. Their work is probably best described as a combination of surreal images, pop-culture and love for nature and disparate materials. Art-Toys are amazing and charming, they are what we are and, like a mirror, they reflect our society. Now Joe and Fau are working on the world of JELLYFACE creating and sewing a new plush family, 100% handcrafted. Pop in and be part of the family! ‘ Click here to download their paper toys for free.

Martin Brizuela

Argentina-based illustrator Martin Brizuela creates some delightful illustrations. You can also find him on Flickr. Click here for the link.

Ted Sabarese

Ted Sabarese is happy to be a photographer. Actually, he’s ecstatic and sometimes grins for no apparent reason. Before settling in to this career, he spent time as a college English teacher, graphic designer, fiction writer and advertising creative director. But always with a loaded camera around his shoulder. Seriously. Always. These diverse experiences—along with years of studying photography at the New School in New York City—helped to shape his visual style. Incorporating bits and pieces of learning from all of his previous “lives,” Ted’s work most often demonstrates a clean, graphic, character-driven narrative (Even if the character happens to be an inanimate object like a down-on-its-luck houseboat or a lonely set of microphones). His personal and fine art work have won wide, critical acclaim and have been exhibited in galleries in both the U.S. and abroad. This exposure compliments his many commercial advertising and editorial assignments and awards.

Amy Swartele

Amy Swartele is a Belgian and American painter who can touch deeply if one is open to test boundaries. Swartele’s paintings develop from traditions of surrealism and expressionism, using illusion and an evocative use of paint to speak to the nature of existence. Currently living in upstate New York, Swartele is strongly inspired by her upbringing in Belgium, Holland and England. Swartele received her BA with Honors from Wesleyan University, and her MFA from SUNY at Buffalo.


Robert Lawarre

Very interesting sculptures by ceramic artist Robert Lawarre. Have a look.