Venice Under Water

o o o i I know this was from last year but.... so what? Venice suffered the worst flooding it had seen for three decades. Be sure to make a visit before the city disappears. More photos here. o

Arielle Coupe

p p p Have a look at the work of Arielle Coupe. Definitely worth checking out. p

Build Your Myth

p p Is your demanding demigod lifestyle hard to cope with? Does everything feel like a Herculean task? It’s probably time to start pumping iron Ionian style! A set of dumbbells in solid brass, they come in weights of 1.5 and 3 kgr. Click here for the link. p

Brandon Jan Blommaert

Canadian artist Brandon Jan Blommaert created these sculptures out of junk. He placed the sculptures on fantasy backgrounds using Photoshop, creating a series of public artworks for a large recycling center in Edmonton, Alberta. (via Inhabitat)

Nimit Malavia

" I was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. I am a graduate of Sheridan ITAL's BAA- Illustration program and am now residing in Toronto, Ontario. With my work I am constantly trying to create images that appear honest and true to who I am. I hope that through my work I am able to grow and gain a better understanding of the world around me, one that I hope to share with others. " - Nimit Malavia

Daryl Banks

Daryl Banks is a Canadian photographer based in Toronto. His work has been published in Cheek, Domus, Elle Canada, Gloss, Intro, Palace, Photo Ed and many others.

Regino Gonzales

p p p Some wonderful stuff from New York artist Regino Gonzales. More at his website. Check it out. p

Kitty Egg Crayons

p p These little cuties have been individually custom-molded from nontoxic wax crayons. Their faces are then lovingly hand-carved into their egg shaped bodies, one egg at a time. They are ergonomically shaped for little hands, although they are great for all ages. They stand on their own and will bring smiles during your waking hours. Buy here. p

Darren Mahuron

I'm enjoying the Bonnie and Clyde series of Darren Mahuron, a talented digital photographer from Fort Collins, Colorado. Be sure to check out some of Darren’s other work at his site, Summit Style.

Sweet Station in Belgium!

p Belgium-based street artist yOuKfOu (previously-blogged) got to work a few days ago posting our stickers all over Baudour along with his beadwork pieces - part of the Too For Tree Project. It’s quite gorgeous. Check out the rest here.