Dale Dreiling

 photo dd-Beer-Ptgs-24-M_zps3f45b9c2.jpg  photo dd-Beer-Ptgs-19-M_zps85d141f1.jpg  photo dd-Beer-Ptgs-07-M_zps400d86ee.jpg  photo dd-Beer-Ptgs-32-M_zps7bc13a0f.jpg Dale Dreiling is a multi-media artist whose work rebukes the traditional concept of beauty by overlapping existing aesthetic ideals, incorporating both the expected and unexpected. His body of work demonstrates his capability for realistic technique as well as his sensibility for impressionistic representations of the everyday, strongly occupying the grey space of not-highbrow, nor-lowbrow. Playing in limbo presents a challenge unique to contemporary art: bringing new perspective to dancing down the middle of the road. Dreiling has an innate sense of when to veer one direction or the other, revealing a mastery of that ever elusive balance: the beauty in in-betweeenness. Dreiling is a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute. He is an Art Director for Studio Number One and currently lives in South Pasadena, CA.  photo dd-Beer-Ptgs-49-M_zpsd44166e7.jpg  photo dd-Beer-Ptgs-38-M_zps8462fef5.jpg  photo dd-Beer-Ptgs-41-M_zps388fc44f.jpg

Stefan Behlau

 photo 137_zpsd48ed7c5.jpg  photo 139_zps566fde48.jpg Stefan Behlau <-- Born 1979, Zurich, Switzerland; Education: B.F.A. 2006, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY  photo 133_zps9c5923e2.jpg  photo P1120555_b_web-600x382_zps5bc95b23.jpg

Chad Wys

 photo Pastoral2-c-print-2012-30x24-002_zps77ed85ca.jpg  photo Pastoral3-c-print-2012-24x30-002_zpsd90619b3.jpg  photo Pastoral8-c-print-2012-30x24-002_zpsca60a9c6.jpg " I was born in Illinois in 1983 and I continue to live there today. Despite always having had the urge to grab a crayon or a camera, I'm something of an apprehensive artist. It has taken time for me to grow comfortable with the notion of sharing my work with others. As my voice has grown stronger, with ideas and critiques, I have found the prospect of sharing experiences through art quite advantageous. Through the reflexive extension of my own personal exploration of the field, many of the conversations in my work are about art itself. What does art mean to me? What purpose does it serve in my life and in the lives of others? What are the "boundaries" of the art experience? Are there any?" - Chad Wys  photo Pastoral1-c-print-2012-24x30-002_zps8cfd1f58.jpg  photo Pastoral5-c-print-2012-30x24-002_zps90e59e55.jpg

Katharine Morling

 photo 12_zpsc16e03e6.jpg  photo 15_zpsbfaafa0a.jpg  photo 02_zps62183d85.jpg  photo 17_zps86524139.jpg Katharine Morling is an award-winning artist working in the medium of ceramics. She set up her studio in 2003 and has since gained international acclaim for her work.  photo TimeKATHARINEMORLING_withhooksmaller_zpsb49c38d0.png  photo 13_zps77b900ee.jpg  photo 01_zps0077ea58.jpg

Hub Creatic / Tetrarc Architects

 photo 53c8d672c07a805e0800021d_hub-creatic-tetrarc-architects_6-hub_creatic-s-chalmeau_zps029c6ef0.jpg  photo 53c8d669c07a80492d0001f4_hub-creatic-tetrarc-architects_5-hub_creatic-s-chalmeau_zps520002a5.jpg  photo 53c8d70bc07a80c64a000200_hub-creatic-tetrarc-architects_13-hub_creatic-s-chalmeau_zps9802ff5b.jpg 'The Tetrarc agency has put its name to the Hub Créatic in Nantes, a building dedicated to young companies developing new digital applications. Behind its lively yellow walls, the building assembles seventy of these start-ups businesses. It has affirmed their presence in the town and offers them a scalable work space at a reduced rent where they can finalise their creations, live out the first moments of their existence and recognise their early development. It gathers them around a vast swirling atrium, a spatial design favourable to communication and the synergy of projects. Here architecture and innovation work in harmony.' Link here.  photo 53c8d6e6c07a80492d0001f5_hub-creatic-tetrarc-architects_11-hub_creatic-s-chalmeau_zps2d626138.jpg  photo 53c8d725c07a80c64a000201_hub-creatic-tetrarc-architects_15-hub_creatic-s-chalmeau_zpsa5ee320a.jpg

Chris Slabber

 photo d970dcc0406537e0b91daf09e84e8eca_zpsda08ae01.jpg  photo af4b511592c438113e1b14180f9d4821_zps0d9d257e.jpg " Inspired by the works of Alberto Seveso, I created my own series of paint in water sculptures. The idea behind this series was to show that from Destruction comes Creation. As the paint falls there is a constant point of creation, but at the same time it destroys itself. " - Chris Slabber  photo b9728770097938d7d1dacb93f0464400_zpsc0c33169.jpg

Thierry Carrier

 photo 1413_zpsa87ef135.jpg  photo 1407_zpsc2dd9425.jpg  photo tumblr_n04czaZm5m1rfltouo6_500_zpsac9977a9.jpg Thierry Carrier (Born in 1973 in Corrèze) works with sensitive art more than with perceivable art. His painting is the reflection of his own aspiration to silence. Indeed, his figures (which are often a representation of himself) are not established in a recognizable geographical space. His painting are willingly untitled. These unusual codes made of him an artist different from the others portraitists. In front of several arrangements, the spectator can discover a world of silence, an uncluttured representation of humains, an impenetrable figure with an inexpressible poetry. (via Twentytwo Gallery)  photo 1411_zpsf6022870.jpg  photo 1250_zps2773bca4.jpg  photo tumblr_mzd90eBGDF1qdhfhho5_1280_zpsa5390a88.jpg

Markus Leitsch

 photo markus-leitsch_suit_2009_no-3_detail_resize_zps25342dc2.jpg  photo w028_zpsf4a1334d.jpg Markus Leitsch explores the complex relationship between cultivation and domestication. What is the source and the motor of human creation transforming our environment? There is a desire for perfection and immortality humans project on technology, but what are the consequences and the monstrosities resulting from it? His at times deft and morbid installations, videos and photographs using stuffed animals and explicit sexual imagery are somewhat related to the tradition of the art movement ‘Wiener Aktionismus’, while he develops his very personal adaptation of it.  photo markus-leitsch_suit_2009_no-2_detail_resize_zps39456439.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zps92e0830e.jpg

Alex Prager

 photo 1176_orig_pragerimage002_zpse46c3c9d.jpg  photo 2-Alex-Prager-Crowd2-Emma_zpsa347031d.jpg  photo AP_Rachel_and_Friends_2009_hr2_zps97040733.jpg Alex Prager (born November 1, 1979) is an American art photographer and filmmaker who lives and works in Los Angeles. Her photographs primarily use staged sets and models to create "film-like" images that invite a myriad references, not only to the history of Hollywood and photography, but also the cinematic image in art contexts. The subjects of her works, exaggerated and costumed, some times "hyper-real" speak to the ambiguity of seduction and spectacle.  photo 2013_ap_Crowd_10_Imperial_Theatre_PRESS_zpsce2cfd83.jpg  photo 8_Alex_Prager-Crowd__11__Cedar_and_Broad_Street__Courtesy_the_artist_and_Lehmann_Maupin__New_York_and_Hong_Kong-7_zpsb7a4b409.jpg  photo 2_Alex_Prager-Crowd__4__New_Haven__Courtesy_the_artist_and_Lehmann_Maupin__New_York_and_Hong_Kong-4_zpsa337fe89.jpg

Karen Ösp Pálsdóttir

 photo Grayweb_zps00c7db8f.jpg  photo Gray-web_zps229d4036.jpg " I create my paintings by dissecting my images into multiple digital layers, creating an accumulated image over time. The process always begins with a black silhouette of the portrait and finalizes with small white transparent marks. My subject is my surface and the process is a silent performance. The Paintings I make are derived from the documentation of the silent performances I perform with my subjects. The layered paint on my subject's face develops into a mask which represents the projected layered personal history of the subject. When my subject discards their painted mask, it represents a self supporting individual growth, a release of the self, a shedding of self-projections and a reclamation of the self." - Karen Ösp Pálsdóttir  photo Kamilla_zpsc01f5fce.jpg