Hallie Elizabeth

 photo bcc3eeadc4939670181991fd858c4f80_zps02ce8ba0.png  photo Starportraitlrg_zps7123414f.jpg Hallie Elizabeth is a self-taught American artist, born and raised on the coast of California. The style of her work is deeply influenced by her culture, nature, and the enigmatic quality of dreams. Primarily painting the female form blended with organic elements, each of her introspective illustrations are intimate self-explorations and an attempt to capture the often unattainable and ephemeral beauty of life. While each piece should be interpreted subjectively, they all carry undertones of rebirth, heartbreak, love, sensuality, magic, and pain.  photo 006c2850500d000c3ea771d2119757c9_zpse56d7b01.jpg

Shark Felt Laundry Basket

 photo il_fullxfull411316411_mot0_zpsb276aeec.jpg  photo il_fullxfull451359655_jto2_zps04e9ec0e.jpg Shark Felt Laundry Basket for bathroom or children's room as a basket for toys. Might be placed both in the bathroom for laundry and in the children's room as a basket for toys. It might be positioned as a free standing element but also, thanks to its material, it might be squeezed behind e.g. a washing machine without losing none of its aesthetic valour. The shark has a minimalistic character which strongly appeals to sense of humour and, at the same time, it is highly functional. It is a prefect decorative element both for small and big spaces, and both for modern or more traditional environments.  photo il_fullxfull451359333_1ksp_zps4a533c67.jpg

Virginie Morillo

 photo 7copy_zpsa963e77a.jpg  photo 4_zps070f6b18.jpg  photo 1_zpsb289d0de.jpg Virginie Morillo <-- Born in 1982 in Switzerland; Lives & works in Geneva.  photo 3_zps4bd882b2.jpg  photo 7_zpsaa7ccb8d.jpg

And A And Be And Not

 photo andAandBE_zpsfa964a1c.png  photo Untitled-2_zpsed727446.jpg 'And A And Be And Not' (by Camilla Richter) is a foldable paravent built of dichroic glass segments, forming a mood-of-the-light-machine. Light and shadow, reflection, transperancy, distortion, revision and colours play in the object. This colourful impression is subtil to dynamic, always depending on time and motion.  photo andA_detail_zps0f1e5066.png  photo Untitled-1_zps7651137f.jpg

Marie Soularue

 photo 8689280486_5540905e7f_b_zpsaf4419fc.jpg  photo 8753130889_7bb667c81c_b_zpsf513aecf.jpg  photo 8382975597_68a28d1255_b_zps761852d2.jpg Another artist worth looking at is Marie Soularue. These paintings caught my eye right away. Check it out guys.  photo 8676772757_ec94942f59_b_zps34113722.jpg  photo 8667619535_80bf8154af_b_zpsc79e0ca8.jpg

Susannah Martin

 photo swenja-blue-girl_zps84aa6c24.jpg  photo girl_zps07329526.jpg Susannah Martin <-- 1964 Born in New York City; 1982-1986 Studied at New York University, N.Y.; Bachelor of Science, Major in Painting; Recipient SEHNAP Scholarship Award; Studied under among others: John Kacere, Louise Lawler, Sherrie Levine, Peter Campus.  photo rooster_zps81387145.jpg

Ben Schonzeit

 photo cake_slices_zpsb0a281db.jpg  photo payard_zps0244eb5f.jpg Ben Schonzeit <-- Born May 9, 1942 in Brooklyn, New York; Education: BFA (1964) Cooper Union, New York, NY; Lives and works in New York City.  photo small-end-cup-cakes_zps28527387.jpg

Mens Boulder Boot Brown

 photo bb20_zps4871ff1a.jpg  photo bb9_zps0dbd6740.jpg Weighing a mere 9.9oz (size 43), the Boulder Boot is arguably the lightest boot in the world. The upper is made of water-resistant nylon and full-grain leather to keep away moisture. The whole boot is completely collapsible, great for stuffing into a pack during a hike and wearing around the campfire afterwords. There's absolutely nothing to this boot, no heel counter, no toe counter, no shank, and nothing stiff that would irritate the foot. If a barely-there boot is what you're in need of, look no further. Buy here.  photo bb17_zps3749e603.jpg  photo bb2_zps5100510f.jpg

Sakimi Сhan

 photo tumblr_m10d7cZnmR1qjtxoeo1_r4_1280_zps89eaeab0.jpg  photo tumblr_mew37c0Oel1qhttpto1_500_zpsc33cac9f.jpg Sakimi Сhan is a talented digital illustrator from Canada. Her website here.  photo tumblr_mgg4ls5NbM1qjtxoeo1_1280_zps6051ae33.jpg  photo tumblr_lwmge9yboz1qjtxoeo1_r2_1280_zps5afd50b3.jpg

Abri-boca by Philipp Süssmann

 photo Abriboca-living-pod_zpsc69c0786.jpg  photo Abriboca-living-pod_1_zps0d354b83.jpg  photo Abriboca-living-pod-4_zpsfda5098d.jpg " Abri-boca explores the theme of transformation- the transition between open spaces to more intimate and enclosed ones. My goal was to primarily observe, understand and research the meaning of "transformation", which should ultimately lead to a discovery of a new product. I propose that people need "spaces of calmness" to direct the course that they want to live. Yet, these "spaces" seem to vanish in our daily routines. Relaxation, calmness and the awareness that comes from having time to disconnect seem to have a decreasing part in our live. Pursuing that thought, I have conducted research at the intersection of nature, motion, society and living spaces. My goal has been to ultimately create an object that symbolizes and captures the meaning of "Transformation" and creates the user a space to retreat from the hustle of daily live. My design affords users to rest within the object in an open state, and if more privacy is desired, one can easily pull the wooden shell closed via a pivoting mechanism, creating a protective canopy over the occupant." - Philipp Süssmann  photo Abriboca-living-pod-5_zpsf74a7ddf.jpg  photo Abriboca-living-pod-3_zpse3fae65f.jpg  photo Abriboca-living-pod-1_zpsd84334c1.jpg