Elite Avni

Elite Avni <-- freelance illustrator in a variety of styles, with ten years experience in virtual and printed media around the world. Illustrates for newspapers and magazines, advertising and public relations, children books and professional literature, greeting cards and calendars. Graduate of the Graphic Design Department at "Ascola" – School of Visual Communication.

Sid Wichienkuer

' California based architect Sid Wichienkuer aims to reasserts architecture with his redesign for the Tu Delft School of Architecture. After the school's tragic fire, they held an open competition for their building for Bouwkunde. Wichienkuer proposal used sections and topographies as a driving force. The building is oriented around a Central Quad at its base, surrounded by the school's library and a series of design laboratories. As the building roses, each floor is centered around a gathering or communal space at its core, with other rooms radiating outwards. An expandable auditorium is centered on this level. The building's facade is kept porous with a series of horizontal pieces spaced apart. These levels can be used as outdoor seating and stairs, allowing students to climb the building. ' (via Designboom)

Faux Bois / Wood Pattern Soap

Nature is the inspiration for this clean, modern and stylish soap collection. Intricately carved soaps, sculpted to look like wood, are scented with a crisp grapefruit, clementine and green tea fragrance. Give the gift of triple milled luxury soap today! Buy here.

Jeff Mcmillan

Jeff McMillan was born in October of 1977 in San Jose, CA where he spent a good portion of his life, and it was during the first few years of Jeff’s existence that he started trying his hand at art at the young age of 3. McMillan’s influences lie heavily in 80’s pop culture. The artist proclaims that the decade boasted the best television programming, cartoons, toys, and movies. It was a decade of imagination and creativity during a time when the world was changing so drastically on all levels. As he continued to make use of the right side of his brain, it eventually became time for McMillan to begin the final stages of schooling. He attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco from 1999 to 2001 until he made the big move to Southern California, where he continued his schooling at the prestigious Art Center College of Design, in Pasadena, CA from 2001 to 2004. He studied illustration at both schools until he graduated from the Art Center with honors. He now lives and works in Long Beach with his wonderful wife, Liv and a disobedient Siamese cat.

Martine Johanna

p p p Beautiful illustrations by Dutch artist Martine Johanna. Check it out peeps! p 0000-ribbons-disturbed

Hutchinson and Maul

p p Metal Shop & Cantilever Office Addition by Seattle-based Hutchinson and Maul Architecture founded by Robert Hutchison and Tom Maul. p p

Crushed Can Art

p Charles Kaufman turn empty soda and beer cans into art. Visit his site for more colorful painted crushed cans. p

Klone Yourself

p p p Lovin' these walls by Klone Yourself, whose Flickr profile is loaded up with more great images. Very, very cool. p p

Jenny Lee Fowler

p Jenny Lee Fowler <-- a traditional freehand silhouette artist based in New York. You can purchase her work, including custom silhouette portraits from paper, bark, and leaves here. p

Robert Jaso

p ' Ex Top Model living and working in Paris, Robert Jaso originally from Slovakia reconvert himself as a photographer and do it pretty well, always working with the best Hair/Make up and Stylist crew, Robert have a pretty impressive portfolio and worked with the biggest Magazine and Cosmetics brands. ' (via Cyana Trendland) p p