Gilberto Cabral

p p p Found Gilberto Cabral's work through Flickr. By all means, check it out. Some amazing paintings showcased there. p

Magda Candea

p p p Magda Candea is an interior designer based in Bucharest who is very passionate about character design and development. My favorites are Colonel Phyra (inspired by piranha fish), Mozartina -Tubi, Cassanova and Mister Bee. I look forward to seeing more Magda! p

Xavier Veilhan

p p p Artist Xavier Veilhan lives and works in Paris. His interdisciplinary oeuvre consists of photography, sculpture, film, painting and installation art. Have a look. p p p


p p " HuskMitNavn has marked his name both in Denmark and internationally by his controversial, humorous and political street art. His characteristic figures and comments are spread all over Europe and covers a wide area from graffiti in public space, illustrations for international magazines and newspapers into established settings as galleries and building adornments ". Thank you Cory for the link!! p

Beagle Mania

p p p p Can't help but grin when I stumble upon Have a Beagle and Carry on website. I hope these photos brings joy to all those who sees it. Loooove the 4th puppy. Haha. Perhaps the 'pissy look' is because he knows this photo is going to end up on some blog like Sweet Station. Hahaha. p p p

Liu Ye

p p p In Liu Ye's art, humor and sadness blend into a whole. The stillness of his ironic images provide us with a deep sense of detachment and timeless freedom. Part of the post 89' avant garde movement, his art is disinterested in the external flux taking place in modern China. Instead, Liu captures the inner solitude and vulnerability of the artist in face of the enormous changes taking place on a global scale and in Chinese society. ( Continue...) p

Riyas Komu

p p ' Riyas Komu’s photo realist portraits depict ordinary, everyday people from his native Kerala. Komu is a communist but his paintings reflect a less outspoken side to his ideology in which a concern for humanity is portrayed in highly charged images of faces. Komu exhibited in the 2007 Venice Biennale and aims to highlight the changing face of the Indian streets where imported glamour sits alongside inherited poverty. Komu’s portraits cleberate the humble person in the crowd, highlighting beauty in the unremarkable. Komu is one a few Indian artists who have broken away from the orthodoxies of provincialism and the angst-ridden reworking of the subcontinent’s dilemma about independence versus assimilation and appropriation to make artworks that are genuinely concerned with the position of the mass of the people in a rapidly developing and dividing society that is modern India.' (via Initial Access) p


p p p I started a Sweet Station group pool on Flickr two days ago and I have to say, I'm having a lot of fun discovering all these artists there. One that particularly caught my eye today were these illustrations from artist Pixeljuice23. I like his work and so will you. p

Josh Shapiro

p It's the work of my good friend Josh from Georgia. He sent this collage he made from magazine clippings inspired by girls, cars and blockbuster movies. Had to share, Josh is a swell guy! p


p p p p Itch is a talented graffiti artist hailing from Melbourne, Australia. Check out his Flickr for more walls. p