p p p Mike Slobot aka mheisler writes in to tell us about Slobots. They are ' found object robots out of lots of different stuff with a focus on plastics. Each slobot sculpture has its own story regarding job searches, love, healing, and other, mostly human, emotions and life issues. ' Go to Mike's website and blog for more information and check out his Flickr page - more pictures of the toy are posted there too. o

Philip Akkerman

p p ' Having declared that, "I paint myself, and so I paint the whole of mankind", one can speculate that Philip Akkerman (bn.1957), who has been painting only self-portraits since 1981, is doing more than just capturing his own image. Like the tradition of Dutch still-life painting where a universe is expressed within a few simple objects, Akkerman's continuous, and slightly theatrical, documentation of his self-image lies both within this tradition as well as the more conceptual one in which time's passage is marked. Based in Den Haag, he offers, in this simple approach, less answers but more questions about change, ageing, and how we see ourselves in our daily lives. A prolific painter, by following Old Master techniques, he is re-invigorating the past with a contemporary attitude. ' Read the interview here. (via Kultureflash) p

Kim Simonsson

p ' I made my first sculpture out of snow in the backyard of my childhood home! I realized then that I can capture the sensitivity of movement through my hands. Ever since I have thought of myself as a sculptor who makes figures by hand. Finding the perfect movement has become the essence in my works. I combine traditional ceramic art with popular cultural phenomenon in large ceramic sculptures. For me the unusual is interesting. Therefore I create my own strange world of characters that comment on everyday life and its weirdness. The subject matters are usually children, animals or hybrids. One important detail in my sculptures is the eyes are made out of glass; they give the figures a life like appearance. Authority in its many forms fascinate me and in my work I want to reverse the common beliefs by making the weak powerful. ' - Kim Simonsson (via Nancy Margolis Gallery) p p

Ueland Illustration Co.

p p Ueland Illustration Co. is home to John Ueland and Jack Gallagher. Worth exploring.. so be sure to check it out! p p p

Sidney Pink

o Sidney Pink (born 1979) is an American artist that creates small pencil and watercolor drawings. Pink lived and worked in Japan for four years where he found inspiration for his art. Pink has exhibited in New York, Baltimore, San Francisco, L.A., and Tokyo. Pink was nominated for a Jury Prize at Takashi Murakami's art festival, 'GEISAI Museum 2.' In a review of Pink's work, Japanzine magazine described Pink as, "one of Japan's most inspirational gaijin [foreign] artists." Pink has a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. He now lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland. p

Fab 5

p p p Belgium-based Fab 5 photography is pretty amazing. Check it out when you get a chance. Thank you yOuKfOu for the link!! p

Max Sauco

p p Check out the work of the very talented photoartist Max Sauco Warning: some images might be NSFW. Thanks for the heads up, Olesya! p

A Daily Doodle Prints Give-Away!

p Our good friend Marcus Hadlock over at A Daily Doodle is at it again. This September 2009 only, he's running a print give-away. You can possibly win one of the prints above just by commenting on his blog. There can only be 5 winners so get a spot already! For more info click here or visit A Daily Doodle. p

Sweet Station in Spain!

p p p Yes. Yes. Yes. These are photos sent to us by Tábatah, a photographer based in Huelva, Spain. Looks fantastic. Muchas gracias Tábatah!! p

Greg Petchkovsky

p Some amazing 3d work by artist Greg Petchkovsky based in Sydney, Australia. The photo shown above is a little frightening to look at but I think it's awesome. Check it out. p