Amy Earles

p Lovin' the work of Indiana-based artist Amy Earles. You'll find lots of great paintings, sketchy drawings and paper dolls on her blog and Flickr. p

Sweet Station in Nashville!

p p Check this out people! Photos by Levi S. from Tennessee under Flickr user name thecamelthecamel. Very cool very cool : ) p

Last Suppers

A series of photographs documenting former Death Row prisoners' requests for their last meal before execution. Photos by James Reynolds. Intense.

Dean Fleming

p p " My paintings often begin as vague images floating around in my head and always end up being something completely unexpected. That's a good thing, because if I knew in advance what I was going to paint, I'd have no reason to paint it. I have fun making these images and I hope you have fun looking at them. " - Dean Fleming p p

Elene Usdin

p p p ' Chaude nuit d ete' for TWILL magazine (Milan) by Elene Usdin. Beautiful. p

David Graeme Baker

p p p I thoroughly enjoyed clicking through David Graeme Baker's portfolio but for me, these paintings (showcased here) are the ones that really stood out as something wonderful. p p

Sweet Station in Bucharest!

p p p You may already know the wonderful Constantin Nimigean from Romania. He runs Oitzarisme, which is a great art blog. It's been on our blogroll for a quite a while now and it is one of the best places on the net. We support sites that makes the web a cooler place and most importantly, we support sites who supports us. p p p p

Phil Noto

p More of these awesome comic art paintings of Phil Noto can be found here. p p

Christian Breitkreutz

p p p Checking out the latest in Sweet Station Flickr group recently I came across Pittsburgh-based artist Christian Breitkreutz whose work delights me to no end. More paintings from Christian here. p

Jason Peters

" My installations investigate the relationships of actual space, environment and materials with the viewer's inherent and often programmed opinions of them. My goal is to challenge intrinsic perceptions by suggesting that the objects of our reality are not always what they seem. I use found objects because they help redefine prescribed meanings and values, especially when assembled into entirely different structures. The question I want the viewer to ask is, "Are these familiar objects just as recognizable when serving an entirely different purpose? And just as important, does their transformation modify their value?" - Jason Peters