Christopher Uminga

p " I’m an illustrator and a painter. When I close my eyes I see monsters or other friendly creatures . I put them on paper or canvas and let them play creating a world where vampires and The Hamster King live together. To some they are scary or even a bit strange, but to me they are my friends. My work is heavily influenced my youth where the only thing I worried about was getting up on Saturday to watch cartoons and eat a bowl of cereal. This is my art; I paint and draw things that make me happy." - Christopher Uminga (via Creep Machine) p

Catherine Brooks

p p p p " My paintings are part of a story, a science fiction diary, rich in allegorical symbolism. They are not self portraits, but instead physical manifestation of the lives within me. I am fascinated by the legends and tales that have been passed down through the rise and fall of empires and how they are weathered by oral tradition and cultural change. I work with my own personal mythology to reflect ideas on love, memory, and the inexplicable human talent for anthropomorphizing the cycles of life and all its manifestations. " - Catherine Brooks p

Dominic Episcopo

p ' Dominic Episcopo, an artist out of Philadelphia, takes photos of everything from high fashion to food, celebrities to celery. While much of his work belongs on the Style and Entertainment pages of this site, we here at the Comedy vertical are obsessed with his series "The United Steaks of America" that uses ribeyes and sirloins alike to carve out our country. ' (via The Huffington Post) p

Van Arno

p p p ' Van Arno was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 1963, and grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, where he attended a Christian Science school from Kindergarten through High School. He was accepted at Otis Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles, where he studied under Carol Caroompas and Lita Albuquerque. More recently, he has been experimenting with painting in oil and egg tempera, and on plastered wood panels. ' (via Yves Laroche) p p

Kitty Love

p p p p I hope you don't get lost in the cuteness of these kitty photos I found on Kasmi-Nuko. Click here for the link. Love the fat ninja cat pictured below. Hahaha. Super fun! p

Kawaii Not

p Kawaii Not is a four panel webcomic, typically featuring cute versions of everyday objects doing and saying some crazy stuff. Illustrations by the lovely Meghan Murphy. p

To Be Continued Bench

p To Be Continued Bench by Studio Julien Carretero located in the church Pastoor van Ars in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Nioooce! p


p p p Cakeland by Scott Hove is a sculptural installation resembling a collection of perfect delicious cakes-- wall mounted, hanging and standing-- a walk-through cake environment complete with its own lighting. It is a sweet refuge, an endless kaleidoscopic landscape of cake, a respite from the grinding realities of the outside world. (Photos via Hi-Fructose) p

Skot Olsen

p p p " While growing up in Connecticut, Skot Olsen and his parents spent their summers sailing up and down the coast of New England and all over the West Indies. It was on these long trips that Olsen developed his love for the culture and history of sea-faring people. Whale watches and scuba diving cultivated an interest for the strange things that live in the sea such as giant squid, which are the subject of many of his paintings. Small harbor towns and islands provided backdrops for many of the artist's formative years and the people he met there left an impression on him that is now visible in his current series of work. " (Read on..) p p

Jessica Dalva

p p Check out Jessica Dalva's sculptures, paintings and drawings. Her works are quite strange but I think that is what I like about 'em. p