Robert Longo

shark1 Ohhhh!! It's Jaws all over again. I could clearly hear the bass thumping in the background. Are you scared yet? I threw the pilots in there for a little bit of Top Gun to boot. Robert Longo concocted these fascinating and realistic charcoal paintings. He pursued sculpting during his college years however he became drawn to illustration and it became his favorite form of self-expression. You can clearly see in Longo's work the sculptural skills being an influence. His illustrations have a distinctive chiseled line that seems to give the drawings a three-dimensional quality. Longo uses graphite like clay, molding it to create images like these. pilot1 shark2 pilot2 shark3

Michael T. Rea

" Standing on the shoulders of other people's dreams could perhaps be the most pathetic of all dreams. The intent of my work is to create something short of its outcome. My goal is to create the idea of an object that remains a dream. The objects I create are based on fictions, rather than realities. I have always been interested in the ephemeral worlds established in film, or even in popular culture. Fictions or established hearsay allow for a flawed interpretation, which leads to a flawed result. The sublime is unattainable, and not an option. I further amplify this experience by only using my memory to construct my images. Failure is imminent. I find humor allows me to enjoy this experience, and I in turn build humor into the worlds established by my work. I have chosen to depict these states with unfinished wood, and other materials which convey a sense of the temporal. I find the beauty in life lies in between moments. My work offers a sense of what could be and what could never be simultaneously. " - Michael T. Rea

Woermann Tower

p Woermann Tower in Palmas de Canaria, Spain by Abalos & Herreros. Unfortunately, the site is all in Spanish so I can't understand much of it but the images are enough to keep me intrigued.


A little tribute to Flickr by Belgium-based street artist yOuKfOu. Check out the rest of his work here. He showed Sweet Station some love as well, so have a look.

Jonny Duddle

p ' Jonny Duddle works as a digital painter for the illustration and games industry. ' (via Arena Works) p p

Mark Mawson

mawson5 With photography, lighting is everything. It can either make or break your subject. As evidenced by photographer Mark Mawson from Sydney, Australia, he created these wonderful photos by simply dropping paint in water using clever lighting. He's taking "aqua artistry" to a higher level. Visit Mark's website and you'll soon appreciate a wide variety of photographic artform; from fashion to portraits, from personal to editorial. I've also included some photographs of women in beautiful flowing dresses who make drowning look seductive and haunting at the same time. mawson3 mawson4 mawson1 mawson2

Love Ring

7 The Love ring is designed by Chutapat Wittaya from Thailand. This is a Designboom exclusive, available in high polish silver plated finish and yellowish gold-color finish. Already sold out so what could I do? 4

Nate Frizzell

frizzell1 Southern California-based illustrator Nate Frizzell cleverly mixes fantasy and reality in his paintings. He seems to me  like he would've been a creative child with an active imagination. If any, I would've guessed he did have imaginary friends with the way he whimsically paints his playful and strange characters. His beautiful work strikes a powerful chord even though it gives me a feeling of sadness and creepiness both at the same time. frizzell2 frizzell3 frizzell4 frizzell5

Storm Trooper Hoodie

p For all the die hard Star Wars fan, c'mon, nerd it up! Here's the Real Trooper hoodie by Marc Ecko. The front zips up completely over the head. So now you got $98? p

Richard Roberts

p ' Richard Roberts is a freelance illustrator and artist, currently based in Milwaukee, USA. He has been designing for over five years and has been featured in numerous magazines and blogs through out the net. ' p