Love Scenes

p p p Love Scenes by Andy Weiner (b.1959 Edinburgh, Scotland) ' These photographic tableaux were made between 1988-1989. Barbie Doll, Ken Doll and He-Man provided faces and identities for these preadolescent adults. The unawakened Barbie, inevitably marries Ken. but a seed of independence is growing and she discovers He-Man. She divorces Ken and marries He-Man. But, He-Man is an impetuous hungry child, bent on domination. ' p p

Kristian Hammerstad

p p p There are so many wonderful illustrations by Kristian Hammerstad that I like. My head would hurt if I had to pick just one to show here. p

Sous la Mer

p p ' All of the pictures in this collection were taken underwater in a black pool (some of them are in the ocean) usually just after sunset. The reflections are completely natural and are a consequence of the angle that the picture was taken from. Anyone who ducks under will see the same under all circumstances. ' Link here p p p

Michael R Allison

p p Have a look at Michael R Allison's gorgeous hand blown glass light drip drop art sculpture. Looks goodness. p

Ryan Riss

p p p p I'm lovin' the work of Ryan Riss. His drawings are beautifully detailed with layers of lines and textures. See more of his work here. p p

Dream in Conflict

p p 'Dream in conflict' by artist Liu Jianhua at Galleria Continua in Italy. 'Liu Jianhua’s work is deeply rooted in Chinese culture and in the dynamics of a rapidly changing nation, where there is a need to find an artistic idiom capable of expressing and formalizing the complex phase of economic and social transformation that China is currently undergoing. At the same time, a central concern remains the desire to develop further by engaging with a broader international context. Liu Jianhua was born in Ji’an, in the Chinese province of Jianxi, in 1962. He lives and works in Shanghai.' p


p p p I just adore these fairytale-like photoart by super talent graphic designer and photo artist Cornacchia. Thank you for the link Smirnova Olesya!! p

Seunghan Song

winphone 1 winphone 2 What a nice concept! "This phone is a completely translucent touch-screen device created by designer Seunghan Song. The Phone imitates its surrounding climate, therefore on a sunny day you will see a clear screen, on a rainy day the display will show virtual raindrops and when it is snowing you will see a frosty looking interface." - via yankodesign winphone 3 winphone 4 winphone 5

Brecht Vandenbroucke

p p Check out these colorful illustrations by Brecht Vandenbroucke. Looks goodness. p


p p I found this young conceptual 3D artist from France that goes by the name of Wen-Jr. Sooo damn talented! Check out the rest of his work on his DeviantArt page. p