Sweet Station in Prague!

p p We've been inundated with sticker requests since I posted about it on Monday. My apologies to those who have been waiting for it so patiently. Anyway, I got several photos of our stickers from Heavy Heart, a street artist from Switzerland. Sweet Station in Prague, Czech Republic!! Woo-hoo!! So very cool! Stay tuned for more, tomorrow. p


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I like the simplicity of Mitkuto's illustrations. Maybe you’ll like it too?


Cayetana Conrad

p p ' Ondines ' paintings in oil by artist Cayetana Conrad, a native Californian who is the daughter of renowned writer, painter, teacher and bullfighter, Barnaby Conrad. p

WWF Netherlands by RAU

p p p ' Completed in October 2006 the headquarters of the Netherlands chapter of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is nothing if not a striking building. It also happens to be one of the single most sustainable building created in recent years. The building's form is quite clearly inspired by organic forms and the desire to reflect the WWF's work in the natural realm. More than that, though, it seems to draw inspiration from the ideas of anthroposophy – something also seen in the past work of the project's architects, RAU, notably with the ING Bank offices in Amsterdam which also happens, like the WWF headquarters, to be an autonomous building.' (via Travel With Frank Gehry) p

James Coquia

p p p " The current direction of my work leans toward the figure. The timeless quality of the human form has always been a perfect platform from which the concepts for my work begin their development. The human face is instantly recognizable; there is an immediate connection between object and viewer. Conceptually, it is important to me that the work contain enough human quality to fully engage the viewer while simultaneously incorporating elements that produce feelings of discomfort, even repulsion. For me, it is this tension that gives the work a dynamic quality; it is the push and pull that brings the work to life. I am fascinated by human physical anomalies, deformities and human conjugations. Often, in my sculptures I combine elements of the human form with flora and fauna. This combination helps to make the human elements more conspicuous, out of place and unusual. My work is a celebration of the aberrant. " - James Coquia p

Chet Zar

p p p " The characters i paint may seem like creatures from another dimension, but i think they are simply us, here and now. Modern humanity without it's masks, without the adornments that make us acceptable to whatever group we are a part of. From the straight laced conservative to the tattooed, anti-social rebel, we all cover up to fit in someplace . Yet the only place where we are truly the same is on the inside. We all share feelings of fear and loneliness. We feel ugly and insecure. We feel separate from our environment and each other. These are the feelings that i try to convey in my paintings. These are the feelings that connect us. " -Chet Zar p p

Jing Wei

p p ' Jing Wei was born in a sub-provincial city in China and raised in the suburbs of Northern California. In the fall of 2004, she attended the Rhode Island School of Design and developed a great affinity for printmaking, snow, and pizza. Jing is currently living in a treehouse in Brooklyn. ' p

Jolis Paons

p p p " For my Creative Processes class I designed and made this paper dress purely out of phonebook paper! I pleated, stuck, sewed, and glued everything by hand." - Jolis Paons, student at Herron School of Art & Design p


p ' Espira was born and raised within a strict Mormon church family in the remote English Countryside. Trained from an early age to become a Missionary for the faith, he slowly turned his back on the Religion to become a self-taught artist moving to London in the 1990's. The collision of visionary aesthetics and transgressive iconography within his work lure the spectator into a world which evokes an Apocalyptic and dangerous message. Often considered by many to be a savage and darkly humourous assault on contemporary culture. ' p

Suzanne Opton

p p p " Soldier and Citizen considers people whose lives are caught in the turmoil of war on both sides. I photographed American soldiers returning to Fort Drum between tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. And then I travel to Amman, Jordan to photograph Iraqis who fled since the US-led invasion. " - Suzanne Opton p p p