Johnny Yanok

p p p Check out Johnny Yanok's charming illustrations, type design, and paintings. So colorful and cute.. love it! : ) p p

Linked Hybrid Complex

p p p p ' The 220,000 square meter pedestrian-oriented Linked Hybrid complex, sited adjacent to the site of old city wall of Beijing, aims to counter the current urban developments in China by creating a new twenty-first century porous urban space, inviting and open to the public from every side. Filmic urban public space; around, over and through multifaceted spatial layers, as well as the many passages through the project, make the Linked Hybrid an “open city within a city”. The project promotes interactive relations and encourages encounters in the public spaces that vary from commercial, residential, and educational to recreational. The entire complex is a three-dimensional urban space in which buildings on the ground, under the ground and over the ground are fused together. ' Architect: Steven Holl Architects ; Location: Beijing, China p p

Laura Adel Johnson

p p Perth-based artist Laura Adel Johnson is a multimedia artist who constructs portraits out of miniature lights. p

Julian Callos

p p p

Julian Callos is a freelance illustrator based in Los Angeles, California.


Lounge MS / Vaillo + Irigaray

p p p " The organizational scheme is due to similar patterns of micro-structures, more in line with geometric patterns of liquid and / or aerosols that Cartesian structures. In establishing a working geometry using “soft” and a unified treatment space “airy”. The new space is conceived as a continuation of the existing fence, wrapping it all, but hidden: expressing their new identity, not as constructed element, but as a re-forested. A new plant species grown in the surrounding area … the new scalar similarity between elements of “plant” makes the proposal a new understanding of the link with the existing connection. " Link here. p

Jo Hamilton

p p p Artist Jo Hamilton creates wonderful portraits in crochet based on photographs. Check out the rest on Jo's website. p

Larissa Bates

p p p The work of Larissa Bates focuses on cultural constructions of masculinity and gender tropes. Her painted narratives follow the ever war hungry Little Napoleons as they take over the world, one colony at a time, and face their bitter enemies, the Cry Babies. She received a BA from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. Solo exhibitions include the Monya Rowe Gallery, New York, the Richard Heller Gallery, Los Angeles, as well as an upcoming show at Mogadishni, Denmark. Her work has been written about in The New York Times, Artforum.com, Contemporary Art, Beijing, Bon Magazine, Flavorpill, among others, and was published in Armpit of the Mole (France). Selected Exhibitions: Mobile Museum of Art, Alabama; The Ulrich Museum of Art, Kansas; Longwood Gallery at Hostos, Bronx; The Arsenal Gallery, NY; SOO Visual Arts, Minneapolis; Six space, LA, CA; Bendixen Contemporary Art, Copenhagen; Galleria Glance, Turin. (via LMCC) p p

Clemens Behr

p p 'Alive' is an installation at the Pottporus Festival in Herne (2007) made of boxes, tape, spray, and a television by Clemens Behr. I also love his Disorder (2009) installation in the Museum of Sculptures "Glaskasten" Marl, Germany. Check it out! p

Peter Funch

p p p ' Danish photographer Peter Funch stakes New York City street corners out for two weeks at a time, taking pictures of passersby from the very same spot. But what he does next may be even more labor-intensive. For his “ Babel Tales ” photo series, Funch picked dozens of samey pedestrians — smokers, cell-phone gabbers, hospital-scrubs wearers, yawners — and Photoshopped them into the same frames. ' (via Very Short List) p p

Gabriel Moginot

p p imgp7827 Beautiful fashion photography by Gabriel Moginot. His model here is Amanda Lepore who i met a few years back in person : ) Check out the rest of his portfolio here. p