Gabriel Mancera / AT103

Works: Gabriel Mancera Building / Architects: at103 – July Amezcua + Francisco Pardo / Location: Mexico — Click here for more photos.

Mikhail Glukhov

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Russian illustrator Mikhail Glukhov. Check it out and enjoy! : )

Sagmeister Inc.


In September 2008, Sagmeister Inc. participated in Droog Event 2: Urban Play. The public art installation consisted of 250.000 eurocents placed on the floor, covering more than 300sqm on a square in Amsterdam. The coins will spell out the sentence “ Obsessions make my life worse and my work better ”. The piece is part of the series “ Things I have learned in my life so far ” by Stefan Sagmeister. More photos here.

Are Mokkelbost

Are Mokkelbost: ‘Images from life style magazines are cut out and organized by color and contrast, according to six categories or elements in the ION universe. The collages gradually build up and a specific lighting evolves for each collage, the available material deciding the approximate amount of each color and element.’

I Love Boxie



I Love Boxie is a London-based t-shirt company that have many lines to fit many situations. Call them up and tell them a story or give them your own ‘ one-liner ‘ and they’ll print it on a shirt for you. Do it : )

The Red Thread

Strychnin Gallery presents: The Red Thread. New works by Bethany Marchman, and previously-blogged Edith Lebeau and Jennybird Alcantara. Somewhere between traditional techniques and the influence of contemporary pop culture, three women artists from the USA and Canada create strong women portraits. Whether in oil, acrylics, or as elaborately crafted hand-made dolls that are reminiscent of characters created by Tim Burton: Strychnin Gallery’s August exhibition presents unique works of great expressive power. Opens tomorrow, August 7th at 7 p.m. – runs until August 30th. (Berlin) You can learn more about the show by visiting the Strychnin Gallery website or by stopping by the gallery itself.



I don’t know much about illustrator Jose Antonio Gonzalez Carrasco a.k.a. F1X+2 but I’m really enjoying what I see. Lots more great work on F1X+2’s photostream. Check it out!

Pie Pops


I will definitely try making these pie pops sometime. Want! (via Luxirare)


Basco Vazko

Basco Vazko was born in 1983 in Santiago, Chile. He currently lives and works in Santiago. “ So far I have been painting all of my life and I will paint as much as I can for the rest of my days. I’m not an artist or a graffiti writer or a street artist; I’m a painter. Besides a painter I’m a collector. I collect rocks, old magazines, stamps, old books, small cactuses, and other people’s drawings. I try to keep most of what I paint to myself. With the exception of my family, I try to avoid people who have religious beliefs.” (via Juxtapoz)

Elite Avni

Elite Avni <-- freelance illustrator in a variety of styles, with ten years experience in virtual and printed media around the world. Illustrates for newspapers and magazines, advertising and public relations, children books and professional literature, greeting cards and calendars. Graduate of the Graphic Design Department at "Ascola" – School of Visual Communication.