Kevin Hooyman


Kevin Hooyman’s work makes me happy. You should check them out. His website is loaded with just the right amount of crazy.

Chinese Architecture Stamps

This stamp set recapitulates the elements of Chinese traditional architecture, such as ridge of a roof, lintel of door and ridge animal. Link here.

Bruce Wilhelm

Bruce Wilhelm < -- Born in Richmond, Virginia, 1981. Currently resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Mark Todd

‘ Painter, illustrator and author Mark Todd took his first creative cues from comic books and Star Wars: worlds of inventive fantasy that still inform his art. His latest work involves intense scrutiny and alteration of classic comic covers from “Fantastic Four,” “X-Men,” “Iron Man,” “Spiderman” and other series, including the work of legendary illustrators like Jack Kirby. “I love the type, the heavy shadows, the colors and the way they seemed to use very inch of the page,” says Todd. “I sit and study them, and my brush reconstructs them.” Todd is referencing the past, waxing nostalgic about it and simultaneously lending his own post-modern sensibility to it, employing a limited palette, repetition, distortion and mixed media materials including spray paint, cel-vinyl, glossy varnishes and dusty stains. The pieces are rounded at the edges, appearing as prized objects; tablets encoded with civilization’s most iconic collective wisdom. ‘

Eugenio Merino

Eugenio Merino was born in 1975 in Madrid. He graduated in Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid. He utilizes in his shows intuition and lots of sense of humor to give a kick of freshness, through his playful art. He evidences a myriad of absurd situations, showing some of the contradictions in our abnormal normality. His works is iconographical based on fiction characters from cinema, television and internet. Among others, superheroes, characters from entertainment industry and cartoons are frequently present. With all these elements coming from the media world Merino articulate his modus operandi, with the aim of finding a dialogue with the audience. He gets into stereotypes, focusing on mass media, politics, VIPs, religious leaders, among others. All of them serve as departure point for his conceptual twists and acid humour. (via Volta 5)


Armsrock works with drawing as a means to communication and exploration. He is a collector of fragmentary visual information and a maker of archives. Through interventions in urban space and large scale indoors installations, he explores and challenges some of the grimmer aspects of the human condition.

Dust Deluxe

Dust Deluxe is a modular studio of plastic research based in Brussels and founded in 2006 by artist-designer Damien Gernay. Textured Sideboard (showcased here) More here.

Sylvain Dumais

Enjoy the flicks of French photographer Sylvain Dumais, based in Toronto, Canada. Love the Ice Fishing set.

Poketo’s Pop-Up Shop @ Royal/T

Poketo is a designer of limited edition art products, accessories, apparel, and decor. It is founded by Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung. Poketo promotes the work of top international artists by showcasing original artwork through their fun and accessible wares. They are having their first ever Pop-Up Shop and opening event at Royal/T in Culver City. It will be from Saturday, June 27th through July 18th. The opening event will include a storewide sale with items 25% off on all Poketo items, and an artmaking workshop with James Gulliver Hancock and APAK. The first 50 people to arrive opening day will receive a free gift bag. If I was in Los Angeles I’d go to this. Thanks, Susanna Park!


Stan Chisholm

Artist Stan Chisholm passed these photos along to me. They are taken from his last show. Looks fantastic!! We previously blogged about Stan here.