Markku Lahdesmaki

p p p ' Markku Lahdesmaki began his photographic journey around the neighborhoods of his hometown of Tampere, Finland. This quiet industrial city supplied Markku with inspiration and passion. And together with these forces of creativity in hand, Markku began harvesting the world for images. After roaming high and low and through all the corners of the world, Markku landed in the tropical wonderland of Southern California. In California, Markku would set up camp and enjoy excursions on his Vespa, while hunting down endangered species, odd faces and unique perspectives with his camera. ' p p p

Riley Harmon

p p Riley Harmon is a creative entity. His activities originated in theatrical performance. His work crosses boundaries of medium and discipline. Recently he attended ArtBots 2008 in Dublin to exhibit electronic artworks at the Trinity College Science Gallery. He has been published in a number of international publications, including Rolling Stone Italy. He is apart of the permanent collection of the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, and has broadcast video works throughout the United States and the Internet. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Arts with Distinction from the University of Oklahoma and is currently at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh pursuing an interdisciplinary MFA. p

Mobile Treehouse

p p p " Entrepreneur Alan Jennison acquired the “mobile treehouse” in 2007 from Forestry Tasmania who used it to promote tourism. Beyond being used for promoting the beautiful Tasmanian island, off the coast of Australia, Jennison imagines that “it could also make a great home, cubby for the kids, artist’s studio, shed — the list is really endless.” The log is outfitted with light fixtures, electric hook ups, and sliding glass door showcases, so it could also be used as part of a museum, a personal library, or just a private den for relaxing. " (Continue...) p

Igor V.

p p p p You can see more of Igor V's beautiful work on this website. Lots to look at I promise. Check it outttttttttttt! p p

Jeanette Sendler

p p ' The art of hat making or millinery, to be precise, was Jeanette Sendler’s early passion. From this interest evolved her current commitment to fibre and performance art. Resident in Scotland since 1991 Sendler studied at the Edinburgh College of Art, earning a BA (Hons) followed by an MA completed in 1997 both in Theatre Costume Design. ' p

Ken Garduno

p Ken Garduno graduated from Art Center College of Design in April 2006. Since graduating, he has been working as a freelance illustrator for various publications, as well as exhibiting his work in galleries throughout the U.S. p

Dimitri Kalagas

p p p p After seven years as an Art Director and Designer, Dimitri Kalagas has developed an international reputation for producing ideas and visual communications that transcend the clutter. A career of creativity spanning an eclectic mix of mediums - including branding, design, editorship, advertising, photography, radio hosting, managing experimental music events and art installations – Dimitri has evolved into directing film, recently releasing his debut music video for Melbourne band TST. p

Allison Reimold

p p I don’t know much about artist Allison Reimold, but I do know that she creates some beautiful illustrations. Have a look. p

Sweet Station in Germany!

p p Street artist Heavy Heart sent these photos to us taken from Frankfurt Am Main, Germany. Seriously one of the coolest people ever! Thank you! : ) p

Creative Time Short Shorts

p Limited edition, Printed on 100% American Apparel running shorts. Buy here. Proceeds support Creative Time’s mission to present the boldest art in the public realm. p