Horacio Salinas

p p p Horacio Salinas is a conceptual, still life photographer in New York and my goodness, hes soooooo good. Excellent stuff. p

Takeshi’s Oil Painting Gallery

p p p I don't know quite what to make of these strange paintings I found over at Takeshi's Oil Painting Gallery, but it doesn't matter, I looooove it! otanjyoubi p

Cain and Todd Benson

p ' Cain and Todd Benson live in Spokane, Washington. They are artists and have a Master's degree in architecture. They use mixed media of all types including, but not limited to: oil, acrylic, clay, aluminum, wood, and steel. Their art is an exploration of what it is to be human in their time and place. ' More here. p p

Sweet Station in Sardinia!

p p More sightings of our sweet stickers in Italy via Antonella Cappo aka Lupamajor. These photos were taken in Sardinia, Italy's second largest island. Lupamajor is one incredibly talented photographer. Be sure to check out all her sets on Flickr while you're visiting her page. Previously on Sweet Station: Sweet Station in Milan! p p

Susan Rudat

p p p Susan Rudat is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based from Texas. She posted more pages from her moleskine notebook on her Flickr so check it out if you want to see more. Link here. p p

Hartland Villa

p p p Photos by Hartland Villa for LANVIN Spring Summer 2008, inspired by Pacman and Lego. (via Likecool) p p

Mr Frivolous

p p Introducing UK based artist Mr Frivolous... nothing but goodness here. Want to see more? Click here. p p

Taylor Jorjorian

p p "As an artist I believe it is a duty to find new and unexplored ways to express a subject. With that in mind, I made it a mission to find a way to express my inner thoughts, opinions and moods in a way that was my own. After two years of obsessive experimentation, I found a new unique technique of expression which is pure photography (not computer created). I have given my images the obscure dream-like quality of the inner self that needs more than a quick glance to interpret and although I hesitantly put my work in the genre of abstract, I have a clear vision of what each photo will represent from thought to creation". - Taylor Jorjorian p


p p David Vineis aka Sub88 is a french digital artist and designer. Very inspired by electronic music, he started to create some abstract and digital artworks in 2000. Hes work is also highly influenced by modern architecture and contemporary art. p p

Alyssa Monks

p p p A MFA graduate of the New York Academy of Art, Alyssa Monks has trained with Vincent Desiderio, John Jacobsmeyer, and Deane Keller. She received her B.A., cum laude, from Boston College in 1999. The artist’s paintings have been exhibited nationally and can be found in many private collections. (via DFN Gallery) rain p penance