Perfect Unison

unison1 unison2 The Perfect Unison and dutch artist Parra collaborated on a set of headphones. The headset design was inspired by a wooden skate board deck. It's very lightweight and flexible at 1.2 mm thick with superb sound quality. See if it's still available The Lazy Dog in Paris. unison3 unison4

Gemma Correll

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I adore the simplicity and cute drawings of illustrator Gemma Correll.


Dan Tobin Smith

dansmith1 Dan Tobin Smith is a London based photographer who takes amazing still life photography. He has done campaigns for likes of Coca-cola, Nike, and Orange, or the latest interior for Wallpaper* Magazine. I can't quite point my finger to it but there's something about Dan's photography that really sets it apart from the rest. dansmith2 dansmith3 dansmith4

Loic Zimmermann

zimmer1 zimmer2 Loic Zimmermann was born in Champagne, France but currently resides in Los Angeles as a Lead Character/Concept Artist for Luma Pictures. His portfolio includes portraits of famous celebrities among other things. zimmer3 zimmer4


mimushi1 This is based on the Series 1 wooden figures by Mimushi. Each one of which is hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind. The materials used for the figures are all natural so it's really environmentally-friendly. Mimushi has manage to create a truly unique collectible character series. I like it so very much. mimushi2 mimushi3

Carsten Holler

p p p Carsten Holler <-- Born in Brussels, Belgium; Lives and works in Stockholm. p p

Simon Mee

p p p p ' Simon Mee was born in Launceston in 1970. He is an alumnus of the Queensland University of Technology, having completed a Bachelor of Arts in 1993 and a Master of Fine Arts in 1999. In 2004 Simon was awarded an Arts Queensland Creative Fellowship. These images are from the exhibition The Suburban Sweet at the Queensland University of Technology Art Museum, Brisbane Australia 8. ' p p

Sweet Station in Paris!

p p Photos of our stickers in Paris for all the world to see by super-talented photographer Fab5. Also see: Sweet Station in Amsterdam. He has a very defined style, and it's a beaut, and so waste no time in bookmarking his website. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! See you back here on Monday! Kiss! p

Christopher Ulrich

untitled-7-25 ' Christopher Ulrich is perpetually creating a personal mythology that involves the lives of all creatures he has come into contact with. Illuminating this journey with his skill, heart and determination he strives to create honest works of depth and character. Christopher exhibited a painting in March of 2005, (the Demoneater prototype) for the Alex Grey Chapel of Sacred Mirrors benefit at the Hollywood Athletic Club in California. Soon after this, Christopher began to work on his major Demoneater series which is the first of three. This Demoneater series has been made into a book. He is currently working on “Illuminator” which is the second part of the series. ' untitled-4-53

Markku Lahdesmaki

p p p ' Markku Lahdesmaki began his photographic journey around the neighborhoods of his hometown of Tampere, Finland. This quiet industrial city supplied Markku with inspiration and passion. And together with these forces of creativity in hand, Markku began harvesting the world for images. After roaming high and low and through all the corners of the world, Markku landed in the tropical wonderland of Southern California. In California, Markku would set up camp and enjoy excursions on his Vespa, while hunting down endangered species, odd faces and unique perspectives with his camera. ' p p p