Shawn Button

button1 ' Shawn Buttonwas also a featured artist for the clothing retailer Abercrombie and Fitch, where he showed his talent as a young aspiring artist. Shawn has won various national and local awards and has given away numerous paintings to raise money for AIDS and cancer research.' p p button3

Sweet Station in Milan!

p p p Ciao a tutti! The lovely Antonella Cappo (lupamajor) sent over a few photos of our stickers taken in Milan, Italy, which got me really excited, that's why I have to share it with you. Grazie Antonella! p

Wilhelm The Maker

p p p Wilhelm The Maker is an animated short that explains the story of a miserable village and a misunderstood giant. The giant (Wilhelm) enters the village by night, stealing various objects. Some townsfolk regard him as just a myth, others fear him, believing him to be some sort of evil spirit. The only real knowledge of Wilhelm is a result of hearsay and rumour, but the reason behind his actions aren't known... Wilhelm The Maker is produced by Jack Hudson (previously-blogged) and Adam Hancher. By all means, check it out. it's an incredible film. p p p

David Esterly

p p ' David Esterly works in the tradition of Grinling Gibbons (1648-1721), whose spectacular cascades of flowers, fruits and foliage revolutionized ornamental sculpture during the age of Christopher Wren. After the 1986 fire at Hampton Court Palace, Esterly was asked to step into the shoes of this long-dead master when he was commissioned to replace the seven foot-long Gibbons carving destroyed in the flames. At the Victoria and Albert Museum in London in 1998-9 he curated the first ever Gibbons exhibition, and wrote the accompanying book, Grinling Gibbons and the Art of Carving. In 2002, as a guest artist at the American Academy in Rome, he produced the first of his Arcimboldesque heads. ' (Continue...) p

Marcus Hadlock

p So, would you like a doodle everyday? Then A Daily Doodle is the place for you! We have received these stickers from illustrator Marcus Hadlock, the man who created A Daily Doodle (previously-blogged). Thank you Marcus! We love the stickers!! Your ninjas are so cute!! Hiyaaaah!!!! p

Zanis Waldheims

Geometric Abstraction Art Gallery by Latvian artist born Zanis Waldheims. Found some of his work here. Check it out.

100 Sugar Hiccups

honey1 Honey, Sweet Station's very own, is launching her photography portfolio site called 100 Sugar Hiccups, on her birthday no less. Happy Birthday Honey!! honey3 honey2

Nick ArchanN

archann1 Nick ArchanN's portfolio site has got a boatload of graphic design images. The guy's been very busy indeed. archann2 archann3 archann4

Veng RWK

I adore the walls of the talented Veng RWK. I wanted to share them with you all. See more work on his flickr page.


o Strandkanten is a new housing area just south of the Centre of Tromsø, attractively situated on a reclaimed area in the Tromsø strait. This area is an important part of the city’s development strategy, where a concentrated growth from within will strengthen the activity in the centre and reduce the need for transportation. Architects: 70ºN Arkitektur (Norway) p p