Ferrell McCollough

I can’t begin to tell you how much I adore the colored fire hydrant (shown above) Thank you, Ferrell McCollough! p


' Axtor Disney was an American cartoonist, illustrator, musician, and magician. Elder brother of Walter E. and Roy O. Disney, he along with his brothers founded The Walt Disney Company in 1923. After many heated and sometimes violent discussions, mostly due to his very peculiar and strange work methods, and especially because of his children illustrations which can only be described as 'queer', he was fired from his own company and expelled from the core of the Disney family itself, situation that made him change his very own last name from Disney to "Majesto" (paying tribute to a bum from his neighborhood). His brothers made sure to wipe each and every piece of work that could credit his existence, burning all his sketches and his macabre collection of deformed animals. Secluded in the darkness and mentally supressed, Axtor decides to give birth to a new company named "Espeluzland" in order to compete with the overly friendly and fantastic world of his new enemies, the Disney brothers. The failure was resounding. Deprived of any trace of honor, and overwhelmed by debt and the constant harassment by the right-minded organizations of the time, he withdrew himself again into his ancient and now abandoned castle, to which he referred to as his great unfulfilled dream "Espeluzland", where he dwelt until his mysterious disappearance. Very few traces remain of his artistic legacy, and all that prevails is the legend. Not many years ago it was known that there was a secret organization whose only purpose was to find the missing work of Axtor Majesto, to preserve it and show it to the world through their website. It is because of this organization that part of the work of this deeply perturbed but brilliant artist reaches our hands, and yet it is nothing but a small part of the vast and unknown universe that resided in sick mind. '

Tigz Rice

p Some wonderfully dark work here from Tigz Rice, a young graduate from Westminster University with a degree in Illustration. More on the website. p p

Greg Abbott

Yes! Super cute illustrations by Greg Abbott, a UK-based freelance illustrator and web/graphic designer. He specializes in character and t-shirt design.


Boxi <-- lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He creates hand cut multi-layered life size stencils that he exhibits in galleries and on street walls. It is often their placement within the installation or urban landscape that completes and defines their action, enabling the work to interact with the space. It is within this collaboration that the material boundaries of the work are dissolved, affecting the perception of the image.

Belinda Eaton

Belinda Eaton is a British artist born in the Sixties in Mombasa, Kenya. She lived in London, New York, France, Karachi, Barcelona and is currently living and painting between England and Andalucia, Spain.

Sket One

' Sket One is a visual artist with an old school urban background. A Connecticut based graffiti artist and founder of the Bode Jam, Sket One, has designed toys for such toymaker heavyweights as Kaching Brands, MINDstyle, Kidrobot, Wheaty Wheat, Red Magic, Circus Punks, and more. Sket One’s original work has appeared both nationally and internationally in such shows as Vinyl Klash (NYC), Tag the System (London), and I Am 8-bit (LA) Controlled Substances (NYC) and the MADL-2K5 show (LA). He is among the coveted list of artists that every custom show must have. '

Luca Ionescu

Australian-based designer Luca Ionescu rans Like Minded Studio who worked for clients like Nike, Zoo York, MTV, VH1, ONeil, Etnies, Absolut Vodka, Reebok and Coca-Cola. Good stuff!

Luke Dixon

I'm thrilled to have stumbled upon English illustrator Luke Dixon on Flickr last night. Loose and wonderful drawings. Love it.

Thomas Schneider

" Human consciousness occupies a myriad of frequencies. There exists a tiny space between the conscious realm and subconscious sleep, the wake of life, or the slipstream of consciousness. This often overlooked and briefly occupied slipstream is a very powerful space – a space where time loses its grip and mythologies are born. This experience fascinates me. I make a daily effort to be observant and diligent while in this space and to try to record what happens there. More often than not, I am occupied with a sense of falling that accompanies the loss of consciousness, or the sense of confusion brought about by the mind trying to define its state and realizing that it is neither awake nor asleep. In the time that it has taken one to read these last couple of sentences, the mind may slip into dreamtime. Once in a great while and with great effort, one may find them self conscious of the transition and make note of it. For as Kahlil Gibran wrote, “And the treasure of your infinite depths would be revealed to your eyes.” I have found it to be a fantastic and mysterious space, where physics and canons are turned on their heads, colors become as logical as numbers, and events move too fast for language. This is the threshold where the memories of the day rush and elbow to try to get a spot in the cinema of one’s dreams. The ones that make it through are immediately transformed into something that defies tenets of ratiocination. Keeping in line with the methodology of thousands of years of tradition, it is from this well of mystery that I drink for my imagery. I believe that this space is the birth place of art. Through digging as deeply as possible and blending the images of other frequencies of consciousness with concepts from my daily experience, my work can represent more of my total self. " - Thomas Schneider