T. S. Abe

p p p p " Just nineteen, born and raised under the Brixton sun, London. T. S. Abe has successfully progressed from early aged doodling, felt tip tattoos and subway sketchings, to firmly realized pencil works. The drawings (typically surrealist portraits) have graced a multitude of mediums from album covers and novels, to exhibition walls, mags and a London bus. " p p

Tom Sachs

tomsachs1 tomsachs2 As an avid photographer and camera enthusiast, investing in one of these babies is pretty expensive. So if you're still saving for a nice glass to go with your full frame camera, you can feast your eyes on these crafty and very resourceful paper replicas by Tom Sachs for now. tomsachs3 tomsachs4 tomsachs5


dface1 Dface is a street artist coming from London. He's got extraordinary skills to match his clever handle. Check out his site to read his interesting blog. dface2 dface3 dface4

Randis Albion

randis1 Superb digital paintings by Randis Albion. This conceptual artist, who hails from Thailand and Berlin, works for HD-Fortress Studios. randis2 randis3 randis4

Claire Morgan

p p p 'Fluid' by Claire Morgan (previously-blogged) - made of strawberries, taxidermied crow, fishing hooks, nylon; Photo credit: Kris Heath p

Zoran Nova

p p Artist Zoran Nova's work reminded me a little bit of my brother's illustrations - Welshie. Very nice. You can see more of Zoran's beautiful work on his blog. p p

Perfect Unison

unison1 unison2 The Perfect Unison and dutch artist Parra collaborated on a set of headphones. The headset design was inspired by a wooden skate board deck. It's very lightweight and flexible at 1.2 mm thick with superb sound quality. See if it's still available The Lazy Dog in Paris. unison3 unison4

Gemma Correll

p p o

I adore the simplicity and cute drawings of illustrator Gemma Correll.


Dan Tobin Smith

dansmith1 Dan Tobin Smith is a London based photographer who takes amazing still life photography. He has done campaigns for likes of Coca-cola, Nike, and Orange, or the latest interior for Wallpaper* Magazine. I can't quite point my finger to it but there's something about Dan's photography that really sets it apart from the rest. dansmith2 dansmith3 dansmith4

Loic Zimmermann

zimmer1 zimmer2 Loic Zimmermann was born in Champagne, France but currently resides in Los Angeles as a Lead Character/Concept Artist for Luma Pictures. His portfolio includes portraits of famous celebrities among other things. zimmer3 zimmer4