Christa Donner

p p p p " Artmaking is my microscope and my scalpel: The tool I use to investigate the human body through sensation and imagination. My work explores the complexity of internal and external body image, its roots in the notion of hysteria, and the ways that we misinterpret or mis-imagine our physical selves. Illness and injury, reproductive systems, bodily function, power, and mass media are all key elements of my visual research. Through public projects and collaborative zines I exchange stories of bodily experience to provoke dialogue both in the art world and beyond it. This inquiry allows me to transform misunderstanding and anxiety into a personal, magical, powerful re-visioning of alternative anatomies. " - Christa Donner p

Maya Hayuk

p p p Enjoy the rich colorful work of Maya Hayuk (previously-blogged), one of my favorite artists working today. Love. Love. Love. p

The CubeDudes

p p Your favorite pop-icon in Lego form: The CubeDudes by Angus MacLane of Pixar. So cute. Have a look. p

Abigail Reynold

p p p p Folded photographs by artist Abigail Reynolds - lives and works in London and St Just, Cornwall. Stunning, really. Check out her site for more photos. p p


p p p Sai is a Chinese born illustrator who lives and works in London. I particularly enjoy these trippy paintings I found on her Flickr. o p

Hector Sos

p p p ' Barcelona based designer Hector Sos created this series of unusual paper creations for a Spanish paper company. The project was created with Estudio Rosa Lazaro and photographer Xavier Mandiola for the Torras Papel paper company. The photographs were used in a catalog for the company showcasing the unique qualities of the company’s products. Each work features a model with a mask of head piece made entirely form paper that has been bent folded and cut in unique ways. ' (via Designboom) p p

Paul Roberts

p p p p p ' Paul Roberts was born in Tiverton Devon in 1948. Brought up by artist parents in Wales. He studied at Newport, Cardiff and Goldsmiths colleges of Art. Gaining early recognition in the 1970's his career as a painter was interrupted when he had worldwide success with th rockband Sniff'n'The Tears in 1978.Commitments to music meant that until 2000 time needed to develop his career as a painter was to some degree curtailed. In 1988 he moved with his family to Somerset, where he has continued to paint and make music. His work can currently be seen at the Plus One Gallery London. ' p

Katrin Kirojood

p Take a peek at the extensive portfolio of Katrin Kirojood, a fashion photographer based in Gothenburg/Sweden. Beautiful! p


p p l_eeaf09d2846b89bc5920eea1985b83e1 Enjoy some mighty impressive work from Philadelphia-based artist JoKa. These are all painted with toothpicks and each one is just stunning. Visit his site or Myspace for more. p p detail

Gabriele Pennacchioli

p p Gabriele Pennacchiol- animator and character designer at Dreamworks. p p