Liz Lomax

Liz Lomax, a three dimensional illustrator in New York, is widely recognized as one of the leading figures in her field. She illustrates using a unique process she developed herself over ten years as a professional. Her work has won awards and appeared in many annuals and books on illustration. Her clients include some of the best names in advertising and magazines.

Krzywy Dom


The Krzywy Dom is a beautiful building torn from the pages of your favorite fairy tale and cemented onto Monte Cassino Street.


Transforming USB Flash Memory


The Transforming USB Flash Memory: Ravage is a USB flash drive that can transform into the Transformers character Ravage. It can run on Windows and Macs, and has a 2 GB memory with a maximum speed of 480 MB/s. Prices start at $42.99, but if you want the flash drive you will need to wait until September 2009. (via Obsessable)


Jose M. Hortelano


Spanish illustrator Jose M. Hortelano has some pretty charming paintings and watercolour illustrations on his Behance page. So check it out and enjoy!

Ultra-Realistic Paper Craft


Yamaha’s popular models are realistically recaptured into paper craft models. They can be free downloaded here so print it out and assemble! I can definitely do this with a few thousand hours of spare time.

Gale Franey

franey 1

According to her site:Gale Franey has been creating digital art graphics and web design since 2001.

Her digital illustration are featured in an award winning children’s book.

She has worked extensively with refugees and the homeless. It is those immensely rich experiences that have shaped her ideas and infulenced her style of art and design, which ranges from fantasy to complex social issues.”

franey 2

franey 2

franey 4

Daniel Adel

Oils, watercolors, caricature, or photography, it doesn’t really matter.. Daniel Adel can do it all with ease.



I’m not too crazy about modern architecture, however, this house has a nice balance that’s appealing to me. Called “House N”, this home was created by 3LHD architects. The home, located in Croatia, sits on top of  the highest point to take advantage of its surrounding views.

Photos by Damir Fabijanic




Winkler and Noah



I’m back.

Winkler and Noah presents The Puppet Show, an artistic project by the photographers Romina Raffaelli and Stefano Marini: 30 portraits of children from two to eight years old were taken and transformed into dolls by subtle retouching.



Icon Watch


With a nod to the era of 8-bit computer graphics, the face of this watch is shaped like a computer icon. Made of an ABS and stainless steel body with a polyurethane band. Buy here.