Johanna Basford

p p p p " I'm a creative catch-all; a designer, illustrator, printer on a mission to cover the world with my hand drawn patterns and motifs. I'm not a Vector Technician, but one of the dwindling number of creatives who still likes to put pen to paper. My work is underpinned by a love for the ornate, a ‘paint not pixels' approach and my Free-Range upbringing on a rural Scottish Fish Farm. " - Johanna Basford (Thank you for the link Nikki P.) p

Steve Lambert

p p p Everything You Want, Right Now! by Steve Lambert at the Charlie James Gallery in Los Angeles. Have a look. p p

Claire Scully

claire1 Intricate animal pattern art by Claire Scully. "Inspiration for my self initiated work often comes from my everyday surroundings of the metropolis and its relationship with the natural world. I love 50’s, 60’s and 70’s architecture particularly tower blocks with their form and location, this is where I also find the connection to nature and natural patterns in the environment of interest." claire2 claire3 claire4

Patipat Asavasena

patipat1 Amazing work by Patipat Asavasena, who has a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering at Kasetsart University, Thailand. He is currently working in an animation studio called The Monk studio. patipat1 patipat1 patipat1

Alright Rocking Chair

p p " This personal project is a low rise chair that reflects both my Japanese and Danish ancestry. This piece is truly engineering simplified into beauty. The bent plywood construction not only provides comfortable, ergonomic seating, but is also bent in a manner to strength the product in areas where much force is put onto the joinery. A subtle arc instead of traditional legs provide one of the most structural methods of transferring weight to the ground. A rubber mount provides a pivot point and allows freedom of movement, further increasing comfort. " - Joseph Riehl p

Mark Mulroney

p o squirtweb p " I hope that someone passes my work on the way to the bathroom and although they really have to pee they stop in front of the work for just a second and forget they have to go, for me that would be great ". - Mark Mulroney p

Matthew Stone

peckhamskylinewt1 " Matthew Stone is an artist and shaman based in London. His extended and interrelated practice activates photography, performance, video, drawing, sculpture, writing, curating and lecturing. Stone's work revolves specifically around creative interactions and community, based on the idea that individual autonomy can be successfully combined with the power of collectivity. Recent exhibitions and performances have taken place at the Baltic, the Royal Academy, the ICA and Tate Britain. " childrenofthegodsmatthe milaninstallationshotms

Ezra Johnson

p p p p ' Ezra Johnson was born in 1975 in Wenatchee, Washington, and lives in Brooklyn. He received a BFA in painting in 2000 from the California College of Arts and Crafts, San Francisco. In 2006 he completed an MFA in painting at Hunter College, New York. While at Hunter, Johnson participated in an exchange program with the Universität der Kunst in Berlin, where he studied painting under Daniel Richter. His work has been shown in exhibitions in New York at Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, Tilton Gallery, and Artists Space, and in Los Angeles at Kantor/Feuer Gallery. He is currently a 2006–2007 Winter Fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts. This is Johnson's first solo museum exhibition.' p


p p p p p ' Sofa-Dress ' is a job of space design and a suggestion of furniture design. The act of putting on the clothes of the “sofa” on the existing chair in itself makes the previous object become a little more cushiony furniture and it also can achieve an intention as a unified space with the same cuticles. Link: Design Studio MAEZM p

Gary Baseman

baseman1 Gary Baseman is a versatile "Low Brow" artist who dabbles in traditional art, clothing, and toys. He also has three Emmy Awards under his belt for a Disney cartoon called Teacher's Pet. Clap, clap, clap. baseman2 baseman3 baseman4