Bas Louter

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Bas Louter <-- born in Alkmaar, Netherlands; lives and works in Amsterdam

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Toothpick Lamps ‘Stamen’

p p p ' During New York Design week 09, Daisuke Hiraiwa exhibited new lamps at the British section inside the ICFF show floor. More at DesignBoom. ' p

Cradle to Cradle

p p p p p ' Cradle to Cradle, a mixed media installation is a self-sufficient system to recycle humans. These sculptures show the inside interior of SlaveCity at the entrance of the Welcoming Center. This ecological design shows the production system that emulates natures model to recycle. Old, cripple, sick and bad tasting people will be recycled in the biogas digester. Healthy, not so clever people will be recycled in the meat processing factory. Young and very healthy people will be able to take part in the organ transplant program. ' Link: Atelier Van Lieshout Photos sent by a good friend of mine - Smirnova Olesya (Russia) p p p p

Aakash Nihalani

p p p p Aakash Nihalani is a Brooklyn based artist who works with the medium of tape in public places around New York. Love it! p p p

Honda EV-N Concept

p p EV-N is a ' retro-styled battery-powered car with a face of a pug puppy crossed with a Trabant and nifty concept-y features like swappable seat fabrics, a solar roof, and a "communications system" embedded in the black front fascia. Most importantly, however, the EV-N's passenger door contains one of those bizarrely kickass UX-3 super gyroscopic robot unicycles, which pretty much makes the EV-N the coolest electric car of all time '. (via Autoblog) p p

Ben Aslett

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Check out the website of illustrator Ben Aslett coz it's all sorts of wonderful.


Inner Message Ring

p ' The Inner Message Ring designed by Jungyun Yoon. Each Inner Message Ring with hidden letters on the inside. If you wear this ring, after a while, the message will imprint on the wearer's finger. The two messages here are "marry me" and "always." Good idea! ' (via Likecool) p

Angelika Rinnhofer

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Flicks by photographer Angelika Rinnhofer. Read her interview here.


Mary Yeager

p p Check out these hand stitched merit badges by Mary Yeager created for an art show at Gallery Hanahou called Forget Me-Not. p

Eveline Tarunadjaja

p p ' Eveline Tarunadjaja was born and raised in Indonesia among the high rise shopping malls and spicy food. She moved to Melbourne, Australia almost 10 years ago and found her home in good coffee shops around the city to draw sugary and mischievous imagery inspired by her love for stories, Asian family, 60's japanese girl group and giraffes with the amount of hairy details that would break her neck someday. ' p