Steve Scott

p p p Steve Scott is a London-based animation director and illustrator. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. p

Mac Funamizu

p p These are mobile phone concept by Mac Funamizu, an in-house web/graphic/industrial designer working in Tokyo, Japan. Link here. p

Face Hair Styles

p p p I dare you to try any of these hairstyles. Haha. Check out Damn Cool Pics blogspot for more pictures. p

Amelia Santiago

p p p Portland-based artist Amelia Santiago creates these adorable needle felted dogs and cats made out of wool fiber. The pieces being showcased here are her favorites. They are made completely out of wool and stand approximately 7" by 10". You'll find much much more on her website so go check it out! p p

Robert Gligorov

I'm bringing Milan-based artist Robert Gligorov (previously-blogged) back just cause hes awesome. See more of his work here.

Sweet Station on Flickr

p In case you didn't know... we are on Flickr so feel free to add us. Link here. o

Roxy Paine

p ' New York-based artist Roxy Paine makes computer-driven machines that mechanically produce paintings and sculptures; he also creates hand-crafted replications of nature that are startlingly realistic. His work toys with assumptions about nature vs. culture and organic vs. artificial; it often confounds the distinction between the man-made and the natural. ' Link 1, Link 2.


I am definitely on the " take-out-the-credit-card and purchase" mode. What about you? Link here.

Mariano Villalba

Argentina-based artist Mariano Villalba's portfolio site has some excellent photo manipulation work. Looks great, yes? No? Maybe?

Lora Bananca

p p Here's a treat for you all... Lora Bananca's illustrations. There's more on her site so check it out people!