Eveline Tarunadjaja

p p ' Eveline Tarunadjaja was born and raised in Indonesia among the high rise shopping malls and spicy food. She moved to Melbourne, Australia almost 10 years ago and found her home in good coffee shops around the city to draw sugary and mischievous imagery inspired by her love for stories, Asian family, 60's japanese girl group and giraffes with the amount of hairy details that would break her neck someday. ' p

Sweet Station in Croatia!

p P P P P P Part 2 of Sweet Station in Croatia - TOP: Lortek (Lunar's crewmate from Belgrade), 2fast (creative director of TBWA Zagreb), Oko (street artist), Zets, Martina (designer), Zeljka (student) and Stupni, (event manager) BOTTOM: Gina (Lunar's parents cat), Notorius CMB crew: Zets (again), Senz and Worm See the rest here. If you are one of a few hundred who got a hold of our stickers, please send us some photos of our stickers in action and a link to your website so we can show our readers what you're up to. That's all. Thanks. P P

Rafael Grampá

p p Rafael Grampá is an illustrator whose work clients such as Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Creme Savers, Banco Real, Grendene , Diesel and others. p

Nomi Chi

p p Nomi Chi is a Vancouver-based illustrator and tattoo artist. Check her out. 3fin_flat_sm

Leaf House

p p p " Outside of Rio de Janeiro, on a beautiful little beach with amazing blue water, sits a little house with a flowering roof that shades and protects like a big tropical banana leaf. Designed by Mareines + Patalano, the open air abode is meant to encourage interaction and connection between man and nature. With verandas and open spaces in between rooms and no corridors, the tropical beach house is an ideal place for social gatherings and parties. The open layout also takes advantage of trade winds that blow in from the sea, providing natural ventilation and passive cooling. " (Continue...) p

Jainai Jeffries

jjeffries1 "Jainai Jeffries is a conceptual artist who specializes in character design, but also works to apply that focus into comics, illustration, graphic design, fashion, and more." jjeffries2 jjeffries3

Toba Toba

toba1 Super cute Toba Toba was created by Amelia Eguia and Julian Mantel from Buenos Aires, Argentina. "From the year of its formation, Toba Toba has specialized in objects, installations and short movies." toba2 toba3 toba4

Gary Baseman Art On Ebay

garyebay1 Hey guys, Gary Baseman's original drawing from a live performance is up for grabs. As of this posting, there's only 1 day and 5 hours left remaining so you better hurry. Not only would it feel good owning this masterpiece, if ever, all proceeds would go to charity. Start bidding here! Related link: Gary Baseman on Sweet Station garyebay1 garyebay1 garyebay1

Tom Jackson

p p

Photographer and good friend Tom Jackson updates his portfolio.


Jirat James Patradoon

patradoon1 Jirat James Patradoon is a Thailand/Australia-based illustrator who has a penchant for comic book styled graphics. His artwork has appeared in magazines such as ESPN, Complex, Acclaim, Empty and ILOVEFAKE. As well as in collaborations with Adidas, Diesel, MTV, PepsiCo and Mambo. patradoon2 patradoon3 patradoon4