Jerry Cai

p p Lovely work by Canadian conceptual artist Jerry Cai. Click here for the link. p

Serge Birault

sergeb1 sergeb2 Serge Birault, an amazing illustrator based in France, wows with a series of what seems to be like calendar girl-esque digital paintings. Definitely one of my top inspiring artists of recent days. Although not by the book, I'm still loving the draftmanship shown here. sergeb3 sergeb4 sergeb5

Christian Develter

p ' Christian Develter was born in 1968 in Ostend, Belgium, but presently lives and works in Asia. He gets inspiration for his paintings from impressions and experiences in Asia, and each canvas emanates layers of turbulence with impeccable style and sensuality. His approach is highly emotional and the result is a visual feast of colours and life, reflecting and respecting Asian sensibilities. ' (via La Luna Gallery) p

Livraria ad Vila

p p p Livraria ad Vila is a bookstore designed by Isay Weinfeild located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Looks goodness. p


p o p p

J.Moore painted different views of the Great Dagon Pagoda at Rangoon.

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Josh Holland

p p Colorado-based Josh Holland is a versatile illustrator and designer. His work reminds me of the anime and comic books I used to watch and read back in the early 90's. Check out his blog full of his whimsical sketches. p

Edward Kinsella

edwardk1 Edward Kinsella is a Chicago-based illustrator and a Ringling School of Art and Design graduate in 2006. Have a look at his blog for his beautiful sketches and works in progress. edwardk2 edwardk3 edwardk4

Alessandro Mendini

p p p Loooove these ceramic proust chair designed by Alessandro Mendini for SUPEREGO editions. Click here for the link. p

U Lu Tin

p p U Lu Tin was born in 1930 in Monywa, a small northwestern town of Burma. His father was a mason and U Lu Tin the only son amongst six siblings. U Lu Tin opened a gallery in Monywa in 1991 called “Vision House” where he still paints today. U Lu Tin is presently the most revered and respected watercolorist of upper Burma. (Continue...) p

Daniel Conway

danielc1 Young UK-based digital painter Daniel Conway is a recent graduate of Dundee University in Scotland. A lot of his artwork features various elements, like water and fire, to complete the stunning look of his paintings. danielc2 danielc3 danielc4