Marcelo Oliveira

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Very happy to have stumbled upon the illustrations of Marcelo Oliveira.

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Jim Isermann

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Jim Isermann was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He received a Master of Fine Arts from CalArts and his work has chronicled the conflation of post-war industrial design and fine art through popular culture. He believes in the beauty of utilitarian design and has explored several traditional handicraft techniques such as stained glass, hand-sewn patchwork and hand-loomed weaving. His work has evolved from didactic representations of the failure of modernism to the physical embodiment of pure design. Isermann received a prestigious Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship in 2001. He shows his work in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Europe. (via Metro)

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Gerardo Feldstein

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Argentinian artist Gerardo Feldstein creates whimsical and bizarre mixed media sculptures based on the human figure. Some of his works play with scale, matching tiny figures with huge hands or feet. In other works, Feldstein anthropomorphizes everyday objects, adding faces to toilets and feet to tables. Born in Buenos Aires, he studied electrical engineering for a few years, started to paint and today he is an artist in various fields. His sculptures are made of different materials, he uses wire, wood, textiles and other things to form his works. (via Artistaday)

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Marc Da Cunha Lopes

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Born in 1979, Marc Da Cunha Lopes works and lives in Paris. He studied photography in Gobelins Paris, graduated in 2005. He has been commisioned to photograph advertising campaigns for international companies such as Nike, Fiat, Peugeot, Sony. His personal work was show for the first time in Rabouan Moussion gallery in Paris in 2011.

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Beatriz Martin Vidal

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Beatriz Martin Vidal was born in Valladolid, Spain. After studying law for a time and then Fine Arts and Illustration in Bologna, Italy, she now works in her home city as a prize-winning fine artist and illustrator. She has had several exhibitions of painting and has recently illustrated Ovid s Metamorphoses and a book of classic Russian tales, published in Spain. Beatriz Martin Vidal is a professional illustrator, and has one of those collections in which it’s easy to become absorbed for hours. Her drawings and paintings depict a world that’s just slightly magical, where the butterflies on a child’s dress can come to life and birds act as guides. Her subjects are mainly children, which she draws in a way that avoids “cute” and truly reveals the beauty of children and the way they view the world. (via Tutt’Art)

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Alicia Martín

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Beautiful book installation by Madrid-based Spanish artist Alicia Martín.

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Sun Yuan and Peng Yu

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‘Collaborators since the late 1990s, Chinese artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu create provocative works that take as their subject some of the most compelling and complex issues of our day, from stem cell research and plastic surgery to terrorism and other forms of violence like rioting and dog fighting. Sometimes creating a direct confrontation with their viewers, their works often tap into common fears and anxieties and challenge particular worldviews. They tease out these issues by placing their viewers in the midst of strange situations: a self-propelled garbage dumpster that crashes into gallery walls, lifelike sculptures of elderly world leaders in wheelchairs bumping into one another, and a tall column comprised of human fat removed during plastic surgeries, to describe a few.’ (via Hammer UCLA)

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Katharina Grosse

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Katharina Grosse is definitely one of my favorite. Love love love her work.

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Happy to have stumbled upon these resin and polymer clay figures from RX.

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Caktus & Maria

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This bit of awesomeness brought to you by street art duo Caktus & Maria.

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