Caktus & Maria

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This bit of awesomeness brought to you by street art duo Caktus & Maria.

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Olga Ziemska

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Olga Ziemska is a sculptor and public artist that lives & works in Cleveland, Ohio in a studio by Lake Erie. She is a recipient of many prestigious grants and awards including a Fulbright Fellowship in 2002 and a Creative Workforce Fellowship in 2009 and 2013, which is generously funded by Cuyahoga Arts & Culture. In 2007, Ziemska was selected as a Wendy L. Moore Emerging Artist by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland. She has participated in several residencies nationally and abroad, including Centre of Polish Sculpture in Poland, YATOO International Artist Residency in Korea and I-Park in Connecticut. Her work is exhibited both nationally and internationally, with work reviewed in Sculpture magazine. Ziemska is currently working on a large-scale permanent outdoor sculpture called Dendrite for the city of Tremont in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Ben Zank

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Ben Zank was born on June 19, 1991 in New York City. At the age of 18, he began taking photographs for fun after he discovered a Pentax ME Super in his grandmother’s attic. His self-portraits aim to stretch the viewer’s imagination and express his feelings when words fail.

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Natalie Shau

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Natalie Shau is mixed media artist and photographer based in Lithuania (Vilnius). She found interest in fashion and portrait photography as well as digital illustration and photo art. Despite her personal work, Natalie also creates artwork and photography for musicians, theater, fashion magazines, writers and advertisement. She also worked as an art director for a short 3d movie of Kamel Ouali musical “Dracula”

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Jennifer Tee

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Jennifer Tee thinks of herself as a quasi-anthropologist. Fascinated by cultural identity, rituals, and folklore, Tee creates installations, sculptures, videos, performances, and environments that tell or re-tell stories. Her works often amalgamate materials sourced from other countries—a palm tree from Brazil, bamboo from China—as the backdrop for choreography. Weaving is also a recurring theme in her works, whether in the form of spools and looms or tapestries. Her embroidery and festival-like performances fall in the direct lineage of the Situationists; she has also said that her work is influenced by Jean Tinguely’s machine assemblages, and the geometric minimalism of Ad Dekkers. (via Artsy)

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Doom by Nadja Schueller-Ost

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‘The “Doom”- series describes inner processes, the symbiosis of pain and deep insight, and the dramaturgy of self-injury. Mythological characters symbolize ever-repeating patterns of human behavior. Reiterating experience creates tragedy with relish, eventually turning towards the comical. Red and black function as allegories for passion and death, as a parable for all human existence. The artistís direction makes the contemplator become a spectator, and finally a penetrator of the action. ‘ Art by Nadja Schueller-Ost

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Michael Carini

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Michael Carini received his artistic training in Los Angeles, studying at Loyola Marymount University while simultaneously serving as an apprentice under respected artists Jane Brucker and Roland Reiss. Graduating at the top of his class in 2006 with honors including the Scholar of Distinction Award in Painting, Carini returned to his hometown in San Diego, where he currently maintains his studio. Exhibited and published both in the United States and internationally, Carini spent the summer of 2012 as the Artist in Residence for Alexander Salazar Fine Art, by whom he is now currently represented. Michael Carini’s creative visions will play with your senses and illuminate the human condition as he delves into the uncensored depths of his mind and invites you to catch a glimpse of the other side. It is a journey through his darkest dreams and highest hopes. The visions shared are done so through a broad and ever expanding repertoire of subject matter, combined with the intimate touch of personal experience and introspection, as Carini transmutes his medium in what he describes as a poetically alchemical process based upon the principals of equivalent exchange. It is the artist’s hope that you will completely lose yourself within these labyrinthine experiences, only to discover a new sense of self and emerge reborn.

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Matteo Mezzetta

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Go get inspired by these hyper realistic black and white paintings by Matteo Mezzetta. Click here for the link.

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Jonathan Latiano

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Jonathan Latiano received his BA in Studio Art from Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvanian in 2006 and his Masters in Fine Art from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2012. Jonathan has exhibited in Baltimore, Maryland, Washington DC, New York City and London England. In May of this 2013, Jonathan was the recipient of the 2013 Mary Sawyers Baker Prize. Jonathan currently resides and works in Baltimore, Maryland and teaches at The Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington DC.

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Pablo Genovés

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Pablo Genovés (b. 1959, Madrid) has placed his personal stamp on contemporary Spanish photography. His work employs a combination of digital photography techniques and appropriated old images to create unusual and unexpected outcomes, leading the viewer to question the relationship between man and nature. (via Marlborough Gallery)

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