Aakash Nihalani

 photo tumblr_n6ik71n8xx1qzqouzo2_r4_500_zpsac3796ce.jpg  photo tumblr_n6ik71n8xx1qzqouzo3_r2_500_zps8003f8fd.jpg  photo tumblr_n6ik71n8xx1qzqouzo1_r2_500_zps59cdf12e.jpg Aakash Nihalani was born in Queens, NY in 1986 and received his BFA from the Steinhardt School of Culture, NYU, New York. He has had solo exhibitions at the Carmichael Gallery, Los Angeles; Shop Future II, Sean John, Los Angeles; Shop Future I, Sean John, Los Angeles; Ogilvy & Mather, New York; Eastern District Gallery, Brooklyn; Art Assets LLC, Brooklyn; Bose Pacia, New York and 17 Frost Gallery, Brooklyn. His participation in group exhibition includes Les Grandes Traversees, Public Design Festival, Bordeaux; Paraphrase, ARARIO Gallery, New York and BLK RIVER, Street Art Festival – Apocalyptic Colors, Vienna. He is currently based in New York, NY.  photo tumblr_n6ildacxne1qzqouzo1_r2_500_zps397cdbec.jpg  photo tumblr_n6ildacxne1qzqouzo2_r2_500_zpsfcf92050.jpg

Ilona Niemi

 photo ilona_niemi_trouble1_zps3b90c8b4.jpg  photo ilona_niemi_trouble3_zps6a3ea08d.jpg " My work deals with beauty and cruelty, and a darker message is often hidden under an attractive disguise. Our human need to beautify manifests itself in manifold today, as social media entices people to portray themselves as more beautiful, popular and intelligent than in physical reality. Such an urge follows us all the way to death, culminating in mortuary make up. Similarly, my works disguise the sinister under a sugary coating. The disappearance of a childhood friend, Piia, in 1988, shadows my happy childhood memories, and provides a contextual base for exploring opposites such as childhood and adulthood, and beauty and cruelty. The titles often hint at the darker side of my work. Cute as they first may seem, my 436 plaster ducks in a jail cell represent an equal number of prisoners executed in US prisons in a certain time, or toy silhouettes draw the viewers’ attention to a toyshop destroyed by Nazis during Kristallnacht. My methods are both sensitive and brutal – I paint with a gentle touch and destroy the results with a saw or scissors, creating through the process of destruction." - Ilona Niemi  photo ilona_niemi_trouble21_zpsc0b47810.jpg  photo ilonaniemikatjakaartinen_zpsf5b12605.jpg

Unicorn-ucopia Wall Decor

 photo Untitled-2_zps05c84670.jpg  photo Untitled-3_zpsda1cc2aa.jpg Feeling an abundance of magical feelings? This unique unicorn wall decor may have something to with that! Mounting on a single screw, this stone-hued unicorn head juts its blue-tinged, spiral horn far into your room, imbuing any space - from living room to bedroom to hallway - with the kind of mystical allure only an unbelievable stylist like you could conjure. Buy here.  photo Untitled-1_zps680c7dce.jpg

Form by Gem Fletcher

 photo 22a96d194e18e9f03b98667439c3f282_zpsc7d63d87.jpg  photo 7252ec5a397a726564ba08a44f4b7159_zps221a27c9.jpg Creative photo series by Gem Fletcher - an award winning Art Director collaborating with Photographers across the world. Click here for the link.  photo 40ec8926c475b8e7b4abe622c0830e13_zpsbc777af4.jpg

Robin Germany

 photo Untitled-3_zps7cbfecb1.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zps4dc53eaa.jpg  photo Untitled-4_zpsd2229cb9.jpg Robin Germany (BA Tulane, Philosophy, MFA University of North Texas) was born in Houston, Texas and grew up further south in the small town of Friendswood, Texas. She has taught photography at Texas Tech University in Lubbock Texas since 1996. Through the lens of philosophy, Germany makes photographs that inquire into the nature of being human and the humanness of nature. Her most recent artworks are an exploration of the waters in Texas as a border between the human and natural worlds. Her work has been exhibited at the Society for Contemporary Photography in Kansas City MO; at the New York Hall of Science; in Buffalo, New York at Hallwalls, and at the Art Museum of South Texas in Corpus Christie Texas. She has photographs in the Collections of the Center for Photography Woodstock, The Boise Art Museum and the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson, Arizona.  photo Untitled-6_zps0d827e6c.jpg  photo Untitled-2_zps3b322ba3.jpg

Felix Deac

Felix Deac <-- 1984 Born in Satu Mare, RO; Lives and works in Cluj-Napoca, RO; Education: 2009 – present – PhD studies; 2007 – 2009 Master studies in various technics; 2003 – 2007 ’’Ion Andreescu’’ University of Arts and Design from Cluj Napoca, RO, Sculpture section, investigation in sculpture and drawing technics; 1999 – 2003 ’’Aurel Pop’’ Art Highschool Satu Mare

Renata Miwa

 photo Screen-Shot-2014-04-14-at-132012_zps710ecaa9.png  photo Screen-Shot-2014-04-14-at-131959_zpsfab08768.png So much charming work from Renata Miwa, a talented illustrator and artist based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Website here.  photo Screen-Shot-2014-04-14-at-131950_zps6fd50a0b.png

José Álvarez

 photo Japanese-Star-I---50x70cm-Jos-lvarez_zps0127891e.jpg  photo JJapanese-Star-III-50x70cm-Jos-lvarez_zps07779810.jpg Love love love this series called Japanese Stars. Artist: José Álvarez  photo JJapanese-Star-II---50x70cm-Jos-lvarez_zps50e2d88d.jpg  photo jJapanese-Star-IV-50x70cm-Jos-lvarez_zps1c0ca95b.jpg

Conrad Jon Godly

 photo SOL-23201375x60cmbPrivatsammlung_zpsb08f5600.jpg  photo SOL-20201395x80cmbPrivatsammlung_zpsf53c25b1.jpg  photo SOL-13201335x28cmbPrivatsammlung_zps85e83c5c.jpg Please check out the work of the incredibly talented Conrad Jon Godly.  photo SOL-22201385x70cmbPrivatsammlung_zps93e75ee7.jpg  photo SOL-16201375x60cmbPrivatsammlung_zps72fc04d9.jpg

Charlotte Mei

 photo 20051-884673aff20e419881768bace2e0f965_zpsfd3f74ae.jpg  photo 20051-ad48a55a0cc444a28ef584568e23a5eb_zpsca0ae9bd.jpg Lovely works by London based illustrator and ceramic artist Charlotte Mei.  photo 20051-e236460f0afd4f37aa11442501d622e6_zpsf838d959.jpg