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DALeast is a Chinese born artist that lives and works in Capetown, South Africa. His works can be seen in Cape Town, Miami, New York and London’s Brick Lane, as well as his native China.

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Paweł Althamer

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Paweł Althamer (born 1967) is a contemporary Polish sculptor, collaborative artist and creator of installations and video art. In 2000 he participated in Manifesta 3 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He won the Vincent Award in 2004. In 2007, he presented the exhibition One of many with the Nicola Trussardi Foundation.

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Arthur Knight Boiled Egg Cup Holder

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 photo arthur-boiled-egg-cup-holder-with-eating-spoon-knight-in-shining-armour_o_zpsbb1eec68.jpg

Too cute: Arthur boiled egg cup and knight of the round table along with eating spoon. Your egg in shining armour. Click here to buy.

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Yu Cheng Hong

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Yu Cheng Hong is a professional illustrator and concept artist. While working as a concept artist in the game industry and also as an illustrator for games. Yu Cheng has created character designs, illustrations, posters, creature designs and environment designs.

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Cliff Briggie

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” I make photographic images by opening heart and mind to their naturally wakeful state—a vivid, raw, intimate experience—like licking honey from a razor blade and not backing away. Choice of subject is guided by what flickr colleague Brad Wise calls the hidden energies within ordinary objects. This has helped me to take myself less seriously, accept that everything changes–and eventually ends–and realize that extraordinary and ordinary both manifest from the same essential energy. The viewer brings his own openness and life to his collision with art and artist, and finds resonance, annoyance, recognition, excitement, or boredom. Or, as my young friends say, It is what it is and It’s all good. I have been inspired by a line from Rilke’s poem THE WAY IN: Whoever you are, some evening take a step out of your house, which you know so well, enormous space is near…….. Rilke wants us to see that infinite space is right in the midst of our ordinary, day-to-day life. Step out, he says. See the extraordinary in the ordinary! Then, familiarity gives way to shock and awe as we come eye to eye with life’s inconceivable spaciousness and vastness–existing alongside the world we know so well–reveals itself. We may become confused in that moment, as well, and ask: is this nonsense, clear seeing, fantasy, or the true nature of reality? Often asked about my water and ice images Is it real or is it Photoshop? the answer, almost always, is This is how it really is. A photograph captures a MOMENT–too brief to see. Within the moment is a FLASH–color, form, or movement–always different, always extraordinary. A photograph FREEZES the moment. Ice, light, and water move, morph, flash, and change. Little pieces of paint take on a life of their own, suddenly exploding, colors streaming everywhere–CLICK–and then, they are gone forever. It is at once so breathtaking, heartbreaking, and compelling that I have missed more than a shot or two. ” – Cliff Briggie

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West Bend Egg and Muffin Toaster

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 photo west-bend-2-slice-egg-and-muffin-toaster_4_zpsc04c1ca5.jpg

An all-inclusive breakfast sandwich maker. It can toast two slices of bread, cook eggs and heat pre-cooked meat. Click here to buy.

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Enclose by Bea Camacho

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This video work deals with ideas of isolation, security, shelter and of shaping one’s own environment. The video documents an eleven-hour performance during which I crocheted myself into a cocoon using red yarn. I crocheted continuously without breaks and the video shows the entire performance in real-time. Link here.

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Freya Jobbins

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” I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa to German parents. Later immigrating to Australia as a 9 year old growing up and educated in South West Sydney. After having a very interesting first career, my career path took me back into the arts. I am very happy now in the solitude of my arts practice in my secluded studio. After completing a Diploma in Fine Arts from South West Sydney Institute of TAFE, majoring in printmaking but loving sculpture as well. With further studies in Printmaking at NAS and Wollongong TAFE, I work between my plastic toy sculptures and my printmaking. The plastic toy assemblages, disturbing to some, I see as my humorous side and my printmaking is what I consider more my voice………” – Freya Jobbins

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Jon Jacobsen

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” I am a self-taught photographer from Quintero, with a degree in graphic design and multimedia communication , currently living in Santiago de Chile. I started creating conceptual images nine years ago. My work contains graphic, narrative images utilizing symbolism and the surreal, and continues to evolve through fashion editorials and fine art photography. I work as a freelance photographer, mainly doing Fine Art images, fashion editorials, portraits and collaborating with other talents, always with the desire of experimenting and pushing boundaries. ” – Jon Jacobsen

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Marie-Lou Desmeules

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Marie-Lou Desmeules, French-Canadian artist & performer, moved to Berlin at the age of 21 to start her career as a painter. She promptly felt restrained by that sole medium & began experimenting different techniques and mediums. This resulted in her “Painting Surgeries”: a mix of performance, painting, sculpture and photography. Marie-Lou works directly on her models. She covers them under acrylic paint, clothes, plastic, paper & hair to create sculptures out of them. The final artworks are photographs of the living sculptures.

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