Godiva Chocoiste in Harajuku

p p p ' Wonderwall designed this new concept flagship store adding a breath of fresh air to the more traditional image of Chocolatier Godiva. The shop features humorous design details such as the 'melting chocolate' ceiling combined with the primarily classical interior design. ' Link here. p

Benjamin Baumgarten

p p Benjamin Baumgarten (blue man) is created by Dutch artist/sculptor Olger. While your on his site, check out Blake and Braam too. p

Memorial for Tree of Knowledge

p p p Australian architects m3architecture and Brian Hooper Architect have completed a memorial to a tree in Queensland, Australia. Called Memorial for Tree of Knowledge, the project marks the site where the Australian Labour party is said to have been founded in 1891. (via Dezeen) p p

Sergey Kovalevsky

p p p p Sergey Kovalevsky is a Russian artist who also goes by the name MISSER. Click here to view all his work. p

Jud Turner

p p " I explore such dichotomies in my sculpture. Using welded steel and found objects, I create artwork which embraces opposites -- the tension between humans and nature; the perils of balancing biology and technology; or the combination of ancient fossils with modern machinery. I also engage contradictions by the materials I choose -- human forms which appear solid and realistic, but which were made with a delicate surface of thin wire, allowing the viewer to see through the figure; or by mixing the sense of scale in a piece, using large items alongside tiny pieces." - Jud Turner p

Jesse Auersalo

p ' Jesse Auersalo's images are often dark and intimidating but the attention to detail and meticulous rendering contrast to create strong iconic imagery that can shock and fascinate in equal measure. Jesse Auersalo compares his work to cooking a sweat and sour dish or discovering salt liquorice in a bag full or marshmallows. It's the dynamic that gives the bitter or sweet its potency. ' (via bigactive.com) p


p p " I'm a Japanese-Canadian comic book artist and illustrator best known for The Simpsonzu, Futurama: Super Happy Fun Show and Best Friends. I work mainly with Copic Markers and Photoshop 7." - Spacecoyote p

Koen Hauser

p p p Koen Hauser <-- B.1972; works and lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. p p p

Zecc Architects

p p p " .. amazing villa in the woods of Soest in the Netherlands. Designed by the creative minds from Zecc Architects, the house meets the ground and embraces the space with a lot of stacked stone that gets the eye. With an interior that promotes open spaces and large windows that welcome light, there’s a sculptural link between the three floors of the house and the functional spaces of it. " Link here. p p

Gabi Trinkaus

p ' Austrian artist Gabi Trinkaus calls herself a "media thief". She cuts up glossy magazines into small pieces, using them to make collages of portraits that make reference to the aesthetics of advertising and the media. ' (via We Find Wildness) hpim4605jpg hpim4606jpg