Koen Hauser

p p p Koen Hauser <-- B.1972; works and lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. p p p

Zecc Architects

p p p " .. amazing villa in the woods of Soest in the Netherlands. Designed by the creative minds from Zecc Architects, the house meets the ground and embraces the space with a lot of stacked stone that gets the eye. With an interior that promotes open spaces and large windows that welcome light, there’s a sculptural link between the three floors of the house and the functional spaces of it. " Link here. p p

Gabi Trinkaus

p ' Austrian artist Gabi Trinkaus calls herself a "media thief". She cuts up glossy magazines into small pieces, using them to make collages of portraits that make reference to the aesthetics of advertising and the media. ' (via We Find Wildness) hpim4605jpg hpim4606jpg

Pursuader Bag

p p For the girl on the move the Pursuader features a handy cell phone compartment in the clip. Constructed by interlocking laser cut leather this handbag has no stitching. This is a combination of old-world craftsmanship and high technology. Create the look no one can refuse. p

Tomek Setowski

p p p p Tomasz Sętowski was born in Częstochowa. He began his artistic carreer after having graduated from the faculty of fine arts in WSP ( High School of Art) in his home town. As he states himself, the studies had given him a thorough knowledge of the histoty of art and above all of the history of painting, while he was improving his technique making the first steps- starting from local galleries, on the most appreciated exhibition halls ending. (Read on..) Thank you Olesya for the link!! : ) p p p p

Cute Rats

p p p I'm not a rat person but I have to admit that these photos by Jessica Florence are pretty cute. Yes? No? Maybe? Click here for the link. p p

Mian Lang

p p Came across at the Deviant Art profile of Mian Lang, one gifted Manga illustrator from China. Have a look. p p

Daniel Liam Gill

untitled-3 untitled-1 untitled-5 " My work explores the connection between the artist and the model, the energy exchanged between the two. It’s about emotional response, tactile, visceral, abstract, created with a limited color palette, leaving the brush strokes and drips raw and unrefined. It’s as much a conversation as a picture, a snapshot of emotion, a thread running between the observer and the observed. " - Daniel Liam Gill untitled-41 untitled-2

Kokeshi Clan

p p p Check out Kokeshi Clan by Muluc, a unique line of hand-painted kokeshi dolls. Awww! Sooooooo adorable!!! p p

Grant Barnhart

p p p p My work develops into a progression of evolving conversations; explores the contradictions and complexities of growing up in the American Midwest and living in today's society as an adult. My rendering of America is one of emotional turmoil and ambiguity. I meld childhood nostalgia and adult dread to produce works that resemble an absurd American theatre. (Continue...) p