Toba Toba

toba1 Super cute Toba Toba was created by Amelia Eguia and Julian Mantel from Buenos Aires, Argentina. "From the year of its formation, Toba Toba has specialized in objects, installations and short movies." toba2 toba3 toba4

Gary Baseman Art On Ebay

garyebay1 Hey guys, Gary Baseman's original drawing from a live performance is up for grabs. As of this posting, there's only 1 day and 5 hours left remaining so you better hurry. Not only would it feel good owning this masterpiece, if ever, all proceeds would go to charity. Start bidding here! Related link: Gary Baseman on Sweet Station garyebay1 garyebay1 garyebay1

Tom Jackson

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Photographer and good friend Tom Jackson updates his portfolio.


Jirat James Patradoon

patradoon1 Jirat James Patradoon is a Thailand/Australia-based illustrator who has a penchant for comic book styled graphics. His artwork has appeared in magazines such as ESPN, Complex, Acclaim, Empty and ILOVEFAKE. As well as in collaborations with Adidas, Diesel, MTV, PepsiCo and Mambo. patradoon2 patradoon3 patradoon4

Sweet Station in France!

p p p Photos sent by Jessica Guez aka Subtile Incoherence from Garges les Gonesse, France. More to come soon. p p

James White

jwhite1 jwhite2 "James White is a talented mixed-media artist and graphic designer with an incredible portfolio and featured in Computer Arts and Advanced Photoshop magazines. He started drawing his favorite characters at the age of 4 and in 1995 he took the Graphic Design course at a community college in Truro, Nova Scotia.He started working in 1998 in the website/graphic design area and in his free time he created logos, flyers, posters, CD covers and websites for various local music and entertainment companies." jwhite3 jwhite4 jwhite5 jwhite6

Matt Johnson

p p ' Matt Johnson's sculptures delightfully explore the paradox of visual forms through unorthodox and surprising materials. The Pianist (After Robert J. Lang) pays tribute to the American physicist and master origami artist who has astounded with his mathematically complex objects crafted from creased paper. Rendered life-sized, Johnson's giant origami masterpiece is made from one 50 foot piece of tarp folded into the shape of a concern piano and player, humorously honouring genius with floppy monumentality. Johnson's choice of blue wrapping is a clever reference to Yves Klein whose signature International Klein Blue (also a scientific marvel) is synonymous with sublimation and glamour theatrically elevating his wonky musician to iconic design status. ' p

Souther Salazar

p p p p p ' Souther Salazar's work first began to circulate in the early 90's, in the form of photocopied cut-and-paste microcomics and 'zines made in his bedroom as a young teenager in rural Oakdale, CA. After graduating from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, he moved to Los Angeles. Souther Salazar exhibits his collages, paintings, drawings and sculptures in dense and frenzied installations that encourage exploration and participation by the viewer. His work has appeared in galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Portland and Tokyo, and in publications such as Kramers Ergot, Swindle and The Drama and a recent cover feature in Giant Robot. ' (via Jonathan LeVine Gallery) p

Ujin Lee

ujin1 ujin2 A very unique collaboration project led by Ujin Lee and Tom Edwards entitled Dust, taking what's normal in the environment and adding in random elements, thereby altering the entire scenery. ujin3 ujin4 ujin5

Johanna Basford

p p p p " I'm a creative catch-all; a designer, illustrator, printer on a mission to cover the world with my hand drawn patterns and motifs. I'm not a Vector Technician, but one of the dwindling number of creatives who still likes to put pen to paper. My work is underpinned by a love for the ornate, a ‘paint not pixels' approach and my Free-Range upbringing on a rural Scottish Fish Farm. " - Johanna Basford (Thank you for the link Nikki P.) p