Sweet Cake Tub

p In actuality, Sweet Cake is the XXL version. Sweet Cake is an amusing eye-catcher, no matter how you choose to use it. It´s an absolute all-rounder, whether it´s used as a pet bed, planter, mini sandbox, a kid´s wading pool or even as a tiny garden pond. Buy here. p

Rosana Spritzer

p p Rosana Spritzer has been making colorful and lively ceramic figures for over 6 years now. Check her portfolio to see more from this talented artist based in Brazil. rosanas2 rosanas4

Jon Rappleye

p p p Jon Rappleye <-- Born 1967 in Provo, Utah; Lives and works in New Jersey p

Chris Ritson

p p p ' It is hard to continue to find and produce only beauty in environmental art. There is the wonder of nature experience and the merger of pop and recycling art, but often the planetary diagnosis is a downer. Chris Ritson seeks to explore the darker story of our relationship with the natural world. The work is political rather than ornamental. There are sophisticated but not clear ideas behind the photographic animal replica collages, crystal growth displays, and video displayed here. One will find a disturbing environmental messages made.' (via RWM, ArtBusiness) p

Heike Weber

p p i ' The perhaps most fascinating feature of Heike Weber's work remains hidden from the exhibition visitor: namely the fact that to begin with at least, everything is white, immaculately white. Before the actual drawing act begins, before Heike Weber tackles the site with bright-colored permanent felt markers, the entire room has already been transformed into a three-dimensional sheet of paper. The artist's temporary workplace is covered in white PVC and makes up a projection room in which the viewer can recapitulate for him/herself the genesis of the floor and ceiling drawings as a poetic after-image. A white cube that only exists as a statement, as an aesthetic backdrop that inevitably vanishes, effaced by the drawing that appears in situ. This provisional arena gradually fills with reductional graphic gestures, which in a leisurely, but nevertheless labor-intensive process floods the room. A flood that swells over several days, beginning with space-determining coordinates that slowly invade the space available. The gently flung-out lines begin at the pillars and niches, steps or corners and are propelled into the room, gathering an unimagined force and drive. The minimized graphic lineation and the smallest of expressive tools turn into a flat all-over that breaks around barriers. Gesture gains serial dynamism within the framework of the white cube and is bundled into a swinging, space-flooding motif. ' p

Alex Haigh

p o These uniquely designed fonts would definitely stand out from the rest of the crowd. Alex Haighand and the gang over at HypeforType - cool memorable name - recently launched Exclusive Faces Volume 2. The second volume includes exclusive font designs from Non-Format, Research Studios, MWM Graphics, Suprb, and Richard Perez. More fonts after the jump. p

Aaron Maximilian Gleason

p p ' Aaron Maximilian Gleason was born in California in 1979, and raised in Atlanta, GA from the age of 8 to 18. He graduated Rhode Island School of Design class of 2002 with a BFA in sculpture. In 2002 he moved to New York City where he now lives and works as a painter and video artist. He has shown painting, sculpture and video work in New York City, Providence, Boston and Atlanta. ' (via Bill Rowe Gallery) 3

Erica Love

p p p Erica Love <-- Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Lives in New York and LA p

NYC Spaghetti

p Although there is almost no innovation in shapes, materials or even how to use the packaging, a huge favorite for the idea simple and effective young designer Alex Creamer, a student at the University of Central Lancashire in England, which was all based on the storytelling and imagination to deliver a package of spaghetti coming out of the ordinary really allowing anyone to create the Chrysler Building. Simple and effective! Link here. p

Isabella Rozendaal

p p p Works by Amsterdam-based photographer Isabella Rozendaal. ' What Isabella enjoys most is photographing the remarkable and humorous things she encounters in real life, preferably expanding her fascination into substantial documentary projects. She likes to think big. She tends to pick subjects that are well documented and cliché and shows them from a new perspective, conveying her vision on them. Bookmaking is her favorite thing. Though she has an awareness of and love for the aesthetics of photography, conveying her wonder and surprise at the world is her main objective. Other interests include cowboys, pork, sweaty concerts, sunsets, and fruit. ' p