Philip Harris

 photo 8_full_zpsa059e60f.jpg  photo 4_full_zps2d8a6a05.jpg Philip Harris <-- Born 1965 in Doncaster, Yorkshire; Education: Diploma in Art and Design, Mansfield 1981-83; B.A. in Art and Design, Bradford 1983-86  photo 6_full_zps384828e7.jpg

Tic Tac Toe Pencil Holder

 photo tic-tac-toe-150_zps7a867bdc.jpg Take a break at work with this fun Tic Tac Toe pencil holder, you deserve it. (via The Gadget Flow)  photo tic-tac-toe-2-150_zpsc7fed283.jpg

Blossom by Tony Feher

 photo 86ba5ecec8e23cadefe4b67764951a4b_zps979a4620.jpg  photo FeherLargeWEB_zps742a4c2e.jpg  photo 5df31244faea8e438e66d9e01f29c502_zps4fae26e3.jpg 'Feher’s work is direct and often dictated by the inherent characteristics of his chosen material. “Blossom,” exhibits five bright, soft pink fans made of extruded polystyerene, notable in the industry for its “well established reputation for long-term reliability and superior resistance to the elemental forces of nature: time, water, cold, heat, and pressure.” Feher’s fans assert a monochromatic exuberance of color as their smooth-skins glow with reflected light. The accordian-like form has uniquely manufactured, hinged pleats that effortlessly support the exaggerated scale of these featherweight sculptures.' Link here.  photo feher5_zps89212018.jpg  photo 32be4e81a9ebd62d3b719efb4a379460_zpse6320b80.jpg

Happy Hot Dog Napkin Ring

 photo modern-napkin-rings_zpsa2c882f8.jpg  photo Happy-Hot-Dog-Napkin-Ring_zpsbe2d4d32.jpg Rejuvenate vintage decor on the dining table in the form of this Happy Hot Dog Napkin Ring that looks nothing less in terms of its beauty and unique design. Each set consists of 6 rings you can use to flaunt a design from the past with pride while you dine with guests. The design representing one of man’s favorite pets adds the perfect icing to the cake which looks like a combination of simplicity and art bound together in a beautiful framework. For those who already own pets in the house, it would seem like having your pups carry your napkins around which they often do in reality. Your dining tables couldn’t have had a better accessory than this in order to look different and out-of-the-box.  photo 3716b5511f22ade454496adc2ebf80b1_zps94ac2f37.jpg

Jacopo Rosati

 photo 4a618c7b267b7995b37fa51f03e9d6aa_zpse5aa7df3.jpg  photo 77f0db65c27f5b0e1cae443c8e0ca485_zpseb769a35.jpg  photo fb25ca692c7abf4678d9b0af0c97875c_zps0ff2133f.jpg " I've spent the whole 2012 developing a new style. I was kind of bored about working only with vector illustration, I was seeking for a new unique style, something more warm, something that I can make with bare hands. I choose fuzzy felt because it's a kind of material which isn't used too much as a pure graphical media. My goal was to develop flat bidimensional collages, paper is already very used in illustration, plus it can't guarantee the same hardness than Fuzzy Felt does." - Jacopo Rosati  photo b24370416807bba843b8c2b827c06eea_zps6c016010.jpg  photo b235b0b56344cd45aec89119060d6c32_zps6626a65f.jpg


 photo tumblr_mv2dnveZfl1r4mztto1_500_zps08c8e4d6.jpg  photo tumblr_n6tavwFtlA1r4mztto1_1280_zps8178c6c6.jpg Illustrations by the talented Kato, freelance fashion illustrator from Ukraine.  photo tumblr_n6taxxo9BM1r4mztto1_r1_1280_zps83a038fc.jpg  photo tumblr_mwiyzkEn521r4mztto1_500_zps400930b3.jpg

Cildo Meireles

 photo Untitled-1_zps6268c9ee.jpg  photo IMG_1984_zps508c376d.jpg  photo IMG_2183_zps4a4cf9c0.jpg Cildo Meireles (born 1948) is a Brazilian conceptual artist, installation artist and sculptor. He is noted especially for his installations, many of which express resistance to political oppression in Brazil. These works, often large and dense, encourage the viewer's interaction.  photo photobyMichaelLovitt_zpseb4c7d4a.jpg  photo meirelesBones2_zpsaf458c16.jpg


 photo tumblr_n2r0pcVI7A1qbn9dto1_1280_zps1aba9307.jpg  photo tumblr_n2r0m36ASD1qbn9dto1_1280_zps323c197b.jpg  photo tumblr_n2r0svBnLd1qbn9dto1_1280_zps9488927f.jpg I don't know anything about this artist other than I really like these illustrations she is showing us. Click here for the link.  photo tumblr_n2r0ihwigG1qbn9dto1_1280_zps4a3d5317.jpg  photo tumblr_n2r0rqdbwS1qbn9dto1_1280_zpsacd39890.jpg  photo tumblr_n2r0u6d5bT1qbn9dto1_1280_zps59300e67.jpg

Duarte Vitória

 photo revolution_zps8239467f.jpg  photo into_the_dark_zpsa539ea63.jpg  photo insomnia_zpsdd8c7733.jpg In this series "artist Duarte Vitória shares his vision with the spectator, through touching his deep senses. This time, the work embodies the concept of Revolution, as a permanent state of being. In the artist perspective, the evolution path sustains itself in the idea of constant movement, ever changing into new forms, new states of mind, new ideas; Sustains in the concept of the ever fresh and recreated human being. Vitória´s statement is about never submitting to a lethargic state of mind. Is about daring to change, daring to emerge ourselves in the profound dark of the human condition, without restrictions. With is vivid and rebel brushing, he intends to disturb the spectator, giving the impression of almost grabbing him. The interlocutor is choked by the inter-penetration of flesh, the marks and prints all over the bodies, claiming the Insomnia as a pre-revolutionary state of being. The large scale of the works amplifies the disturbing effect, well known as the digital print of the identity of this artist."  photo inoffensive_zpsb3ee9c55.jpg  photo insubordination_zpsd442ba0a.jpg

Tapio Mömmö

 photo tumblr_mkp5hdvOnc1snph3do1_500_zps64bd8b35.jpg  photo tumblr_mmbpw1LWJh1snph3do1_500_zpsbf9806f6.jpg  photo tumblr_mlbgzekU4Y1snph3do1_500_zpsd2ecd398.jpg I found some inspiring works from Finnish artist Tapio Mömmö. You can see more of Tapio's beautiful work on his website.  photo tumblr_mkp5b0L8J41snph3do1_500_zps68adccb4.jpg  photo tumblr_n219vl58ST1snph3do1_500_zps8f734a07.jpg