Kyler Dannels

p p " My greatest inspirations have always shared one aspect in common: dramatic narrative. This consistency of dramatic content has always permeated the creations that fuel my passion for art. A story will hold your attention and secure itself in your memory like nothing else can. Stories compose our greatest myths, religions and philosophies. It is this belief in the power of narrative that drives me to tell my own stories. I am striving to honestly reveal qualities that are unique unto to my experience and my thoughts. This desire represents a major component of my goals in visual art, as well as in my relatively new passion for writing. " - Kyler Dannels p

Meringue Rings

p ' Designed to look just like a little meringue, these rings are absolutely uber-delish. The silicone that's used by German designer Tanja Hartmann makes those rings look so real that you immediately want to start sucking on them. Luckily they are made out of silicone and not sugar and egg whites, because that makes them a lot more durable then the real thing and trust us, sucking on your finger doesn't really go down all that well in public. ' Get yours at .Charles & Marie. p

Graham Robinson

p p p I’m enjoying the work of artist Graham Robinson so, check out his work. p p

Peter Stichbury

p p p Peter Stichbury, born Auckland 1969, is a New Zealand artist. Stichbury graduated from the Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland in 1997. He won New Zealand’s prestigious Wallace Art Awards the same year. Stichbury is primarily a painter but his body of work also spans the mediums of drawing, watercolour, sculpture and sound based work. Stichbury is most renowned for his intricate yet flat portraits of models and modern beauties sourced from contemporary media images, which he reworks to create abhorrently exquisite doe eyed specimens both startlingly attractive and awkwardly ugly. His work also explores those who don't measure up to conventional beauty ideals and who are therefore rendered socially invisible: misfits, outsiders and intellectuals. He draws partly from haute couture catwalk culture, modern psychology and sociology, alien conspiracy theory, and a pared down 1950's aesthetic to make a painterly comment on the dilemma of beauty and society's obsession with appearance. Stichbury subverts traditional conventions of portraiture, often painting a generalised stereotype of a societal group, as opposed to the specific character study a portrait painter seeks to achieve. His work is simultaneously intertwined with and influenced by popular culture and historical painters including Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres and Lucian Freud. (via Wikipedia & Matthew Buchanan) p

Ariel Orozco

p p p Ariel Orozco <-- Born in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba, in 1979, currently lives and works in Mexico City. Known for using the city and its inhabitants as a context of his practice, Ariel Orozco is an artist who produces complex and challenging works of art with virtually nothing. Political and social by nature, his work largely consists of actions and interventions, which he methodically documents. (via Federica Schiavo Gallery) p

Daniel Schüssler

p p p These are just great. Munich-based artist Daniel Schüssler is nothing short of amazing. Check out more of his work here. p

Kris Knight

p p p Kris Knight is Canadian painter whose work examines performance in relation to the construction, portrayal and boundaries of sexual and asexual identities. Since graduating from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2003, Knight’s practice has concentrated on thematic figurative works that are often as attractive as they are disturbing. The creative focus of Knight’s work involves the construction of imaginary and biographical character-based portraits, that attempt to find a balance between the dichotomies of pretty and menace, myth and reality, sanctuary and susceptibility. His classical meets illustrative paintings allude to various expressions of duality, often dealing with opposing notions of hiding and fronting, defense and vulnerability, innocence and the erotic. p

Nick Ervinck

p ' Nick Ervinck (born 1981, lives and works in Belgium) creates huge installations, sculptures, prints, workdrawings and animated films. For several years he participated in many individual projects and group shows. In 2005 he received the Godecharle prize for Sculpture, in 2006 the Mais prize of the City Brussels and the prize for visual art of West-Flanders and in 2008 the Rodenbach fonds award. Recently he showed work at MOCA Shanghai, MARTA Herford, Kunstverein Ahlen, Koraalberg Antwerp, Zebrastraat Ghent, HISK Ghent, Odette Ostend, Superstories Hasselt, Brakke Grond Amsterdam, MAMA Rotterdam and Telic Art Exchange Los Angeles/Berlin. ' p p

The Catorialist

p p The Catorialist -- Selected as one of Cat's Fancy's Top 100 Catstyle Influencers. (Photos via The Catorialist) p

Ansen Seale

p p " Over the past 10 years, I have pursued a little-known genre called slitscan photography. Far from being just a visual curiosity, it has become a substantial tool for the exploration of themes meaningful to me. I have found slitscan photography to be an excellent vehicle for ideas central to my work-- ideas about time and our place in its continuum. It is important to understand that these images are not manipulated. This is the way my camera sees the world. " - Ansen Seale p