Sweet Station in Times Square!

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Paul Normansel

p p p " The foundation of my work originates from the relationship between art and music. I wanted to try and create a link between colour, shape and sound. My abstract paintings are based on colour studies exploring how colours can stimulate feelings, emotions within a person, and the different meanings each colour has, and its power to evoke a certain response from the viewer. " - Paul Normansel p p

Lisa Jones

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These are part of the Symbiosis chair series created by artist Lisa Jones.


Chris Mcveigh

p p p p ' Chris Mcveigh is an author, illustrator and photographer living in Halifax, NS. He got his start in photography in 2007, when a friend insisted that he purchase a digital SLR. Chris was a natural, applying the same principles to photography as he did to his design work. He now excels at creating clever, quirky and often comical pictures that employ everything from action figures to backyard wildlife. (In fact, a combination of the two garnered the attention of Lucasfilm, who featured his picture on the front page of starwars.com! ' (Continue reading...) p p

Cahill Center by Morphosis

p ' Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics was designed by Morphosis Architects. Since the construction of the Palomar Observatory in 1948, the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) has continuously pioneered new ways of observing and explaining the heavens. Caltech scientists and engineers have deployed ever-changing telescopes on satellites, rockets, and balloons, and with these have made fundamental discoveries leading to new theoretical models. Paramount discoveries that have come out of Caltech include the cosmological nature of distant quasars, gamma-ray bursts, and brown dwarfs. In 2007 alone, Caltech astronomers found the largest object orbiting the sun since the discovery of Pluto in 1930, as well as the most distant galaxy in the universe. Yet, over the decades, the various specialists dispersed across the Caltech campus. The Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics brings together a dozen different groups with vastly different cultures, focuses, and scopes into a single structure designed to facilitate collaboration and spontaneous discourse. ' Link here. p

Carl Scrase

p p p p ' Carl Scrase is a perfect example of an artist marking the turn of a tide. At this distinct ebb of the ravenous, rampant seas of consumption and production we‘ve been surfing for the past couple of hundred years and with the onset of the new flow, towards the riptide of Mayan prophesies of fast approaching 2012, Carl is on it, or should I say in it. And he’s splashing around. This new generation of creative humans (to which Carl belongs) are not really concerned with how much money, time or status something is worth, or what kind of flashy object the human next to them owns. They seem to be more interested in what kind of wisdom can be procured, how many friends can be found and how a thing can be recycled or was born from something else. It is all about a search for the spirit, the feeling. Moreover, what it means. We are getting sick of the bland smog of consumerism, the stench of blatant big business and seem to be looking for escape pointers, for enlightenment, for answers and for CHANGE. ' p o

Kirra Jamison

p p p ' Kirra Jamison gained her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, graduating with first class Honours. She is the recipient of the Anne and Gordon Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarship (2007), and several university awards for academic excellence. She exhibits regularly in solo and group exhibitions, and her work is represented in private and corporate collections, including that of the Mater Hospital in Brisbane. ' (via Jan Murphy Gallery) p p

Julia de Ville

p p p p Julia de Ville ' Cineraria ' installation at Sophie Gannon Gallery in Richmond, Melbourne. Click here for the link. p p

Laith McGregor

p p p ' Laith McGregor works in biro ("they're Bic, by the way") are not your average schoolkid scribbles. His luminescent blue figures are intricately detailed, and gaze with such hypnotic intensity it's easy to believe that they're inspecting you, and not the other way around. " I like the idea that biros are such a commodity," the artist says. "Everyone uses them on a daily basis, but not too many people draw with them." ' (via Time Out Sydney) p

Christian Weber

p Christian Weber (b. 1971) is a visual artist born in Cincinnati, Ohio. A few years after his birth his family moved to Florida where he started taking photographs at the age of fourteen. He later graduated from the Southeast Center for Photograpahic Studies which in turn propelled him to New York City into a career in the arts. p