Meriguet Clement

p Beautiful works by French artist Clement Meriguet, aka Le Môme Kéké. Click here for more illustrations from this artist. p p

Jeru Gabriel

p ' A native Texan, Jeremy "Jeru" Gabriel began his pursuit of art as a toddler when he first drew on his wall with his mother's nail polish. Since then he has been a passionate artist applying his abilities in the areas of underground art, graffiti, portraits and graphic design. In 2004 he began participating in numerous art shows and has shown no signs of slowing down, displaying work regularly in his local Dallas/Ft. Worth area as well as California and Northern Ireland. ' p

Inbai Kim

p p p p p detail Works by an up-and-coming Korean artist Inbai Kim at the Arario Seoul gallery. Born in 1978, kim remains a devotee of the most rudimentary of drawing tools: the pencil and paper. He selects images from the countless number of drawings he makes, then transforms the images into sculptural works. his sculptures are also black and white, with black pencil markings filling the spaces on his white sculptural forms. the images are of people and animals, however they are actually beings that do not exist. These beings are at times boldly devoid of vital physical details while other seemingly unimportant areas are accentuated. (via Designboom) p

Dean MacAdam

p p For the past 20 years Dean MacAdam has created "laugh out loud" funny illustrations for some of the top Ad agencies, toy manufacturers and magazines in the US. Clients include: Purina, Burger King, Wendy's, Taco Bell, Chilli's, Kraft and more. p


p In The Autumn Leaves Fall (top) Getting Through The Back Door (bottom) -- New works by the incomparable Sam3. p

123 Social Green Center

p p p p 123 Social Green Center in Spain designed by Somos Architects. Link here. p

Francis Upritchard

p p Francis Upritchard <-- Born 1976 in New Zealand; Lives and works in London. p p p

Jin Meyerson

p p p Jin Meyerson <-- Born, 1972, Inchon City, South Korea; Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York p

Mickey Duzyj

p p p Brooklyn-based illustrator and comic artist Mickey Duzyj works have apperared in a number of magazines both domestic and international, have hung in various gallery exhibitions, and have adorned products ranging from book jackets to skateboards. Recently, one of his Mike Tyson drawings from the "Fall Classic" gallery exhibition was purchased by a trustee from the Whitney Museum of American Art. p p

Kristof Kintera

p p ' Kristof Kintera is one of the most successful and most interesting Czech artists of the youngest generation. His oeuvre is characteristic of a certain doubt concerning the possibilities and role of the arts. Kintera is a committed artist in the good sense of the word who constantly asks himself and the others through installations, video and performances. His questions depart from the everyday reality and respond to social as well as political issues. ' p