Michael DeLucia

p p p Michael DeLucia <-- Born 1978 in Rochester, NY; 2004 MFA Royal College of Art; 2001 BFA Rhode Island School of Design; Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. p

Matteo Basilé

untitled-7 ' Born in Rome in 1974, from a well-known dynasty of artists, Matteo Basilé has been exposed to the art world all his life. Since his first appearance on the art scene (1996), Basilé has been working by interacting with his cultural inheritance and aspiring to a new system of productive meaning. Among the first European to explore and develop what is today regarded as digital art, Matteo Basilé conveys photography with avant-garde technology as a linguistic formula to research the processes of self and social discovery. The artist constantly rejects a static vocabulary and confronts himself in relation to memory and tradition. ' (via Biasa Artspace) o

Stop, Repair, Prepare

p p p p p Stop, Repair, Prepare installation by Allora & Calzadilla. Photos via Gladstone gallery. ' Collaborating since 1995, Allora & Calzadilla approach visual art as a set of experiments that test whether ideas such as authorship, nationality, borders, and democracy adequately describe today's increasingly global and consumerist society. Their hybridized works often a unique mix of sculpture, photography, performance, sound and video explore the physical and conceptual act of mark making and its survival through traces. By drawing historical, cultural, and political metaphors out of basic materials, Allora & Calzadilla's works explore the complex associations between an object and its meaning. ' (via Art:21) p

Ultra-Compact Foldable Keyboard

p p ' With its compact design and elegant shape, the portable keyboard is especially perfect for guys who need to travel a lot. An integration of foldable and light-weight element to provide you with more convenience, is its distinguishing feature. ' Link here p

Meeson Pae Yang

p p p p " I am interested in exploring the convergence of technology, desire, and personal mythology into a thickly layered stratum of images and objects reflecting systems within the body, nature, and imagination. I create large-scale installations that immerse viewers into a fantastic universe where micro and macro systems converge, bizarre creatures mutate and thrive, and the subconscious and imagination are free. The work is not a literal translation of natural systems, but the extraction and recombination of ideas and images to create subliminal landscapes defying laws of nature and convention. These installations encourage viewers to contemplate humanity's relationship to nature in an age of rapid technological advances. " - Meeson Pae Yang p

Lamar Peterson

p Lamar Peterson <-- Born 1974, in St. Petersburg, Florida; Lives in Brooklyn, New York; Works in New York, NY. untitled-11

Ivo Mayr

p p p Have a look at the creative portfolio of Ivo Mayr. He photographed poster design for the famous Schauspielhaus Bochum and shoots placard motive for the world famous theater in Bochum. p p

Tara Tucker

p p p I am loving the work of illustrator Tara Tucker. All of these are amazingly well done. Wooo! So good. Check out her blog now. p

Hilary Harkness

08726-hh 09288-hh finch1-27-5 Hilary Harkness <-- Born in Detroit, Michigan, 1971; Education: University of California, Berkeley,California, B.A., 1993; Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, M.F.A., 1996; Lives in New York City. hilaryharkness-heavycruisers2004 pearl-trader

Andrew Lee

p p p p One Homer 365+ Days Project by Andrew Lee - Who doesn't love homer.. this is so sooo cool. Go and check the rest now on Andrew's Flickr. p p