Dzmitry Samal

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Human furnitures designed by Dzmitry Samal. Looks goodness.

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Petros Chrisostomou

p p p Petros Chrisostomou (previously-blogged) <-- born 1981, London. Lives and works in London p p

Asensio Mah

p p p Asensio Mah is a multi-disciplinary design collaborative active in the design of architecture, landscape design, masterplanning, interior design and installations. asensio-mah was established by Leyre Asensio-Villoria and David Syn Chee Mah in 2002. Asensio Mah is currently completing a number of projects in Europe and have published and exhibited their work internationally. p

Michael Shapcott

p p p Michael Shapcott is an artist from central Connecticut who began drawing at an early age. In high school he realized art would be a life-long passion and attended Paier College of Art in Hamden, Connecticut graduating in 2007. He started to exhibit his work shortly after at group showings and local establishments and has since been successful in showcasing his work all over the country. Viewers and purchasers of Mike’s paintings have called them powerful, inspiring, and filled with emotion. Symbols from dream imagery, folklore, and personal memories are the major inspirations and elements used in Mike’s work. His art is a unique blend of illustration and traditional portraiture created with a blend of acrylics, graphite and oil. In addition to painting, Mike creates art videos that track the process of painting a painting and show his unique style of working. p

Que Houxo

p p p Que Houxo is a Japanese artist who does live paintings. His style is quite colorful, he uses fluorescent paints with black lights. (via Fonda LaShay Design) p

Chipmunks and Star Wars

p p p p " The critters you see in these pics are wild chipmunks that live in my folk's backyard. Using a few simple techniques, I was able to get them to socialize with us on a regular basis (and certain chipmunks would even come to the yard when I whistled.) Each of them were quite comical and very easy to get along with, as you can probably tell from these pictures. And in case there is any doubt, I want to assure you that these pictures are real and not clever composites made in Photoshop. Chipmunks can be very easy to get along with, once you've taken the time to befriend them. " - Chris McVeigh (previously-blogged) p

Virginia Echeverria Whipple

p p Really diggin' some of these collages by Virginia Echeverria Whipple. You can also find her on Flickr. Yay! p p

Khristian Mendoza

p p p p Transparency by Khristian Mendoza from Melbourne, Australia. Portfolio found on Behance Network - Get clickin'! p p p

Mark Brown

p p p p The work of artist Mark Brown is all sorts of wonderful. More about Mark Brown and his art can be found at browntownstudios.com. Have fun. p p

Peter Root

p p p p " Potatoes are good for building free standing structures as the starchy moisture acts as a type of glue helping to stick the units together. As the potato begins to dry the units bond together (this fits with the rules that I apply to the other structural 3d work I make: structures have to be pure - without glues, tape or other forms of artificial connection). As the potatoes dry, harden and sometimes go mouldy this also adds an element of life to the work, meaning that the structures evolve, change shape and colour. " - Peter Root (previously-blogged) p p