Fabiano Millani

 photo d9ff285pai_oleo_sobre_tela_zps3703cf2d.jpg  photo father_by_millani_by_fabianomillani-d6kdn67_zps329ca128.jpg Fabiano Millani was born in São Paulo on June 27, 1981, but he was raised in Rio Grande do Sul. Millani began his early career in 1997, when he took a course in artistic drawings with Edegar Cavalheiro. Such experience drove him forward his persistent search for realism.  photo jesus_cristo_by_fabianomillani-d5wib62_zps8d3cf338.jpg  photo jesus_cristo_by_fabianomillani-d5wiai8_zps9decb03e.jpg

Patrice Letarnec

 photo tumblr_mxv1ljtH2F1t8tagro4_1280_zps2dcaab7e.jpg  photo tumblr_mxv1ljtH2F1t8tagro3_1280_zpsdb5f4b1a.jpg  photo tumblr_mxv1ljtH2F1t8tagro7_1280_zps5733f320.jpg These Head over Heels photographs by Patrice Letarnec, a photographer and art director based in France. Click here for the link.  photo tumblr_mxv1ljtH2F1t8tagro2_1280_zps714250b0.jpg  photo tumblr_mxv1ljtH2F1t8tagro6_1280_zps5bfe9cf1.jpg

Eric Marette

 photo 86_zps0de80705.jpg  photo 94_zps83f0d184.jpg Here's some more hyper realistic acrylic paintings by Eric Marette. Link.  photo Hyper-Realistic-Paintings-by-Eric-Marette-19_zpsb1d92820.jpg

Erwin Kho

 photo 7e873142ea3d1d69247fe9e1492f110f_zps610d0fb2.png  photo 011d3574fe7c83c65593b829809db81e_zps77cb649e.png  photo 5b475f7f8484a6cfebffa40af7ae840c_zpsc59474e5.png Erwin Kho is a Rotterdam-based illustrator and polygon wizard. His 3D illustration work can best be described as having a warm clean look with an eye for detail and nuance. Erwin has worked for both national and international clients, including: Archis, Aruba, BNA, Delta Lloyd, Ernest & Young, FIP, Heineken Netherlands, MAB/Bouwfonds, Mo'Media, NIBC, Nike Europe and TPG Post.  photo 8dd897f5453f635b8a8294eb0d14fc8a_zpsec3fae6b.png  photo 67dc63ff2e697353a5712cc8500a74fd_zps198078a6.png

Lego Nails by Dorota Pankowska

 photo 8872618708_f7b9cace3e_o_zpsbe10fa3e.jpg  photo 8872617472_8c423da856_o_zps909c11c0.jpg This cool nail art inspired by lego is created by Dorota Pankowska, a 23-year-old photography grad from Ontario, Canada.  photo 8872618106_00a365663d_o_zpsf9239d87.jpg

Jag Nagra

 photo snoop_dogg_zpsb900c934.png  photo jag_nagra-13-skeuds_zpsff0a16ec.jpg  photo 365-Illustrations-by-Jag-Nagra-Minimalistic-Portraits-05_zps46ba4fd5.jpg Jag Nagra is a Designer based in metro-Vancouver, Canada. Her most recent ventures have been experiments in Illustration and Packaging.  photo 365-Illustrations-by-Jag-Nagra-Minimalistic-Portraits-04_zps11d3fbe4.jpg  photo Jag-Nagra_zps92fdd39d.jpg

Brett Kern

 photo DSC_0119_zpsa9eaaf12.jpg  photo DSC_0027_zps6fbc0e8b.jpg  photo Brontosauruspurple1_zpsd17e63e5.jpg Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Brett Kern began his higher education at California University of Pennsylvania in the fall of 2003 as a Graphic Design Major. However, one year into college, after discovering a love for clay, Brett decided to switch his focus to ceramics. In the spring of 2007, he graduated from CALU with a Bachelors of Fine Arts and a focus in Ceramics. Brett immediately transitioned to West Virginia University to begin his graduate studies. West Virginia would have to wait a semester though. In the fall of 2007 Brett studied overseas as part of the WVU/Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute exchange program in Jingdezhen, PRC. In 2010 Brett received his Masters of Fine Arts from WVU. With school out of the way, it was time for Brett to head west to begin his career as a professional artist. What better place to start that career than the ceramics mecca that is Montana? Upon graduating from WVU, Brett was awarded a long term Artist-In-Residence position at the Red Lodge Clay Center in Red Lodge, MT. The appointment lasted from August 2010 until August 2011. However, Brett was unable to resist the siren’s song of West Virginia and returned in 2011 to begin his teaching career at Davis & Elkins College in Elkins, WV. In addition to teaching at D&E, Brett also teaches classes at the Randolph County Community Arts Center in Elkins and at the Augusta Heritage Center of D&E. While maintaining his teaching career, Brett continues to show nationally and regionally. Taylor Books in Charleston, WV, The White Room in Thomas, WV and the Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek, CA all display his art. Brett received Best in Show in the HxWxD juried sculpture show at the Rosewood Arts Center in Kettering, OH and has work in the 5th annual Beyond the Brickyard show at the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, MT.  photo Triceratopsceladon1_zpse8011c8f.jpg  photo ParasaurolophusRed1_zps5042f8c8.jpg

Abbey Watkins

 photo 08e92de7e17d5fc260edcf548b00bb5c_zps3fb3d4fc.jpg  photo Abbey-Watkins_4600_699_zps9c36dfc7.jpg For British illustrator and print designer Abbey Watkins, drawing has always been the primary form of expression. Her work is grounded in realism created in graphite, but pulls on the strings of surrealism with it's mix of human, animal and spiritual worlds. From her studies in Textile Design for Fashion, where she achieved first class honours in 2011, Abbey developed her work from functional illustrations to a more uncertain and personal place, often drawing on mythology and archetypal themes. The fight between the conscious and the subconscious is boiling beneath the surface of her most recent work. Where her print designs are concerned, a language between the pencil and the digital world has been developed to create both simple and elaborate pieces. Clients include The Kooples, Nike, Volcom, Simon & Schuster, Black Milk and Nylon.  photo abbeywatkinsartdrawing_zps90939fca.jpg

Housing ZAC Port Marianne

 photo 01V2_full_zps147fd397.jpg  photo 11V2_full_zps2ef691ac.jpg Between Avenue Pierre Mendes-France and Avenue 98 World of Montpellier, the ZAC Port Marianne comes from the willingness of the municipality to draw a garden city close to the city center, easily accessible thanks to the numerous infrastructure transport (major roads, tram, bicycle network). Associated with several architects, Christian de Portzamparc here imagined a large 7-hectare park where a group of 11 islands representing 1,900 housing emerges. (Continue here)  photo IMG_5068_full_zpsedef9c52.jpg

Andrea Wan

 photo fakelore_themessage_zpsf2981baa.jpg  photo hamburgersc4_zpse1dd326e.jpg Andrea Wan is an illustrator and visual artist based in Berlin & Vancouver.  photo fakelore_slowlife_zpse4adb3bf.jpg  photo fakelore_themessage1_zpse659a89a.jpg