Anna Keville Joyce

 photo Food-Illustrations-by-Anna-Keville-Joyce_zps45acaed1.jpg  photo Food-Illustrations-by-Anna-Keville-Joyce-1_zps383db041.jpg " Currently based out of Buenos Aires, Argentina, I bring my artistic eye, my love for food, and my international experience to each of my projects. I work to transform food into works of art that awaken the appetite as well as the aesthetic sense." - Anna Keville Joyce photo Food-Illustrations-by-Anna-Keville-Joyce-3_zps508f62f6.jpg

Miemo Penttinen

 photo a58c22b6e9bed2efbb47a27ad7d682a6_zps1e41af98.jpg  photo d01498294cf65953dfcb33593cd46689_zps7753669e.jpg  photo 8d3e8878d8b00c882ff4d9ff83b45a87_zps920a5c93.jpg Hong Kong Facades by Miemo Penttinen is a series of photos of fascinatingly massive and abstract facades of huge, tall apartment buildings in Hong Kong.  photo b1d17035c6fccc1d9da04c1c52c49153_zps86160be9.jpg  photo 1237dfe61c1c159ff144c35a46dad92c_zps849ebab7.jpg  photo 9cd65f109a6574cc98fb16932bb1d4a0_zps06ab8817.jpg

Sophia Narrett

 photo Untitled-3_zps2f14d152.jpg  photo Untitled-4_zps60589e4e.jpg  photo tumblr_n9os92nWay1qccpz7o1_1280_zpsaf6a40b6.jpg These are Sophia Narrett's embroidered paintings. I think her work is fantastic so check it out guys!  photo Untitled-1_zps5c1eb79c.jpg  photo tumblr_n9os92nWay1qccpz7o6_1280_zpsad2ca16b.jpg

Nina Lindgren

 photo 001_zps26a990c7.jpg  photo 003_zps19e4e2c2.jpg  photo 004_zps40e84e70.jpg Loving this cardboard sculpture called Floating city by Nina Lindgren.  photo 006_zpsbd2bcf1a.jpg  photo 007_zps9406b963.jpg

Marion Fayolle

Born May 4, 1988, Marion Fayolle grows in Ardèche and joined the Ecole des Arts Decoratifs in Strasbourg in 2006. She graduated in June 2011. This is in the illustration workshop she met Matthias Malingrey and Simon Roussin with which she founded in 2009 the journal comics and illustrations Nyctalope.

Paulina Escobar

 photo 8566803869_d65c428dda_b_zps70342a97.jpg  photo 8566807843_caf9985d41_b_zpsc2196b2d.jpg Today’s discovery is the wonderful world of Paulina Escobar, artist from Medellín, Colombia. Check her out.  photo 8567905022_683b5a5a17_b_zps14fdc2a8.jpg

Topologies by Antoine Catala

 photo ava_ac_int27_72dpi_zpsda517a11.jpg  photo ava_ac_int31_72dpi_zps2001eb66.jpg  photo ava_ac_int34_72dpi_zps73e7b2bf.jpg Antoine Catala is a French artist and curator whose work has been shown in Berlin, Bordeaux, Chicago, LA, London, Mexico City, Munich, New York and Toulouse; in museums such as Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (Paris), Mattress Factory (Pittsburgh) and PICA (Portland). He has curated exhibitions at Taxter and Spengemann (New York) and Galerie Christine Mayer (Munich).  photo ava_ac_int33_72dpi_zps56b2d548.jpg  photo ava_ac_int01_72dpi_zpsd120e12d.jpg  photo ava_ac_int10_72dpi_zps313db93b.jpg

Ian Ingram

 photo Ian-Ingram_03_zpsb63e8b31.jpg  photo baptism_ian-ingram_wkMhO_zps11a842bd.jpg " All of my self-portraits are made standing in front of the mirror. I am not opposed to using photographs to help me see more. They are wonderful tools, but I find my visual curiosity constantly engaged in the mirror and more often than not, shut down by the photograph. Working from photographs feels like copying the work of the camera. If I can manage to engage my eyes enough to draw from photos, I end up with a drawing of a photograph, not a drawing of the subject and I usually find the image flat and boring. For me, drawing is a discipline of the eyes; it is about seeing things honestly and feeling the brain’s influence over the eye’s accuracy." - Ian Ingram  photo II_Ignoring3_D_zps65913ebc.jpg

Apex Predator

 photo 14684862376_364064c25a_b_zps7bfd22a8.jpg  photo 14521186580_d675561294_b_zps190f905e.jpg 'Apex Predator' by Dominic Young and Mariana Fantich of UK based studio Fantich & Young. 'Fantich & Young's body of work entails a conceptual and aesthetical approach to the sculptural juxtaposition of symbolic ready-made materials. Their work addresses parallels between social evolution and evolution in the natural world: Nature as model or nature as threat. Fantich & Young create art that subverts Darwin's theory of evolution and natural selection with elements of supernatural ceremonial ritual. The concepts of nature and super-nature are explored in the work. Fantich & Young view this process as Darwinian Voodoo.'  photo 14684862446_832caba726_b_zpse2f6083d.jpg  photo 14521186530_f140306731_b_zpsa8f9de4f.jpg

Philip Harris

 photo 8_full_zpsa059e60f.jpg  photo 4_full_zps2d8a6a05.jpg Philip Harris <-- Born 1965 in Doncaster, Yorkshire; Education: Diploma in Art and Design, Mansfield 1981-83; B.A. in Art and Design, Bradford 1983-86  photo 6_full_zps384828e7.jpg