Stockholm Nordic Crescent

p p ' Nacka Forum is a peripheral area to Stockholm. Its main limit to a future development is that it is placed beside a highway border. But this is now impossible to renounce and, waiting for a possible cover of the highway, we have to plan an integrated system between the area and the highway, connecting the north side with the south side by a social bridge that will be a part of a new infrastructural system. This is not only a transit bridge; it is a focal element for social exchange, it is a kind of narrow square where it is possible to walk, riding a bike, or to take a rest on the wooden surface. This bridge is part of the main building, Multiarena, that is an urban sign, giving a strong character to the area that now is anonymous.' Link here p

Augustinas Bacvinka

p p p Check out these charming storybook style illustrations by DeviantART user Augustinas Bacvinka. Very nice. p

Elisabeth Toll

p p p p Today I stumbled on a beautiful set of photographs from Parisian photographer Elisabeth Toll. Love it. Enjoy. p p


p p ' Alessandro Gottardo (SHOUT) works with many international clients such as magazine, newspapers, design studios, publishing house and advertising agencies such as: The New York Times, Le Monde, Los Angeles Times, Wired, Business Week, Random House, Penguin Books, Vintage Books, Sandstrom Design & Fallon. This year SHOUT has been honored with the prestigious "Usher Memorial Award" from the Society Of Illustrators in New York, in the meantime Print Magazine has been included Shout between the best 20 young international visual artists for 2007 (March/April issue). ' p

Nicolas Lesaffre

p p Nicolas Lesaffre is an animation director based in France. His works were selected in many festivals including Imagina, The Siggraph Soho Short Film, Anifest and many others. p

Coffin Cigarette Cases

p Well, I thought, this is cool - ' By packing cigarettes with coffin-shaped cases, the designer aims to call more attention to the harm (the deaths apparently) the cigarettes may result to us. ' Link here. p

Lee Davies

p p p Lee Davies is a 3D animator from Dublin, Ireland. I absolutely love his characters. There's tons more to see at his CGPortfolio where I found his work. Have a look! p p

Bombs Away!

p p ' Set of two shot glasses per box, made from high-quality double-walled borosilicate glass with a frosted interior finish. When planning the party which shall be a joyous topic of conversation for years to come, first and foremost one must be well armed. In this case your munitions are the finest spirits, and a wide cocktail know how, and when your ordinance has been set. BOMBS AWAY! Vast factories of ho-hum boredom or the vitally important bridge of dullness that leads to the nation of party anonymity shall be vaporized when you serve your guests their drinks in Bombs Away shot glasses. These dashingly dangerous shot glasses incorporate an artfully crafted bomb shell design into high quality double walled borosilicate glass, and a frosted interior finish. These clever shot glasses will be indispensable in your quest to rule the air and achieve victory. ' (via Popdeluxe) p

Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva

p p p Great photographs by Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva, professional fashion photographers, based in Russia. Check it out! p p p


p p p p Niark1 is a graphic designer and illustrator. He lives and works in Paris. This guy is good. Click here to go to view his website. p