Matteo Mezzetta

 photo tumblr_lxnlk1bbfl1qfy98oo1_1280_zps2c835819.jpg  photo tumblr_lxlstbi7vI1qfy98oo1_1280_zps41a9623a.jpg Go get inspired by these hyper realistic black and white paintings by Matteo Mezzetta. Click here for the link.  photo tumblr_lyb4jdXyjH1qfy98oo1_1280_zpsb25b23c7.jpg  photo tumblr_lw9gzckUtN1qegaak_zpsf1b5ee36.jpg

Jonathan Latiano

 photo 2547163_orig_zps6badf145.jpg  photo 5280206_orig_zpsea41bb9b.jpg  photo 3346490_orig_zps87098737.jpg  photo 6092546_orig_zps21e66581.jpg Jonathan Latiano received his BA in Studio Art from Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvanian in 2006 and his Masters in Fine Art from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2012. Jonathan has exhibited in Baltimore, Maryland, Washington DC, New York City and London England. In May of this 2013, Jonathan was the recipient of the 2013 Mary Sawyers Baker Prize. Jonathan currently resides and works in Baltimore, Maryland and teaches at The Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington DC.  photo 9152232_orig_zps0878ad07.jpg  photo 160259_orig_zpsf2be7979.jpg

Pablo Genovés

 photo ElJuiciodlsJustosWEB_zpsaf157e0f.jpg  photo LaUltimaBibliotecaWEB_zps2cb42cce.jpg  photo OtraBibliotecaWEB_zps25b06eeb.jpg Pablo Genovés (b. 1959, Madrid) has placed his personal stamp on contemporary Spanish photography. His work employs a combination of digital photography techniques and appropriated old images to create unusual and unexpected outcomes, leading the viewer to question the relationship between man and nature. (via Marlborough Gallery)  photo MarTendidaWEB_zpsdc722104.jpg  photo GranOlaWEB_zps8251d76d.jpg

Insect Push Pins

 photo ST35_520x400B_zpsd1e0e443.jpg So real you'll be swatting these guys away from your desk. And then remember they are holding up your important paperwork. This set includes 4 realistic looking insect push pins that will give anyone the hee-bee jee-bees! Click here to buy.  photo insect_push_pins_set_of_four_zpsff5ae9e7.jpg

Liu Xue

 photo b3f5fc9f2c44cdce1370a448a26fc4f1_zps9dd7e5d0.jpg  photo 370391_1275326649dKK0_zps0d393617.jpg  photo 04_zps3a4e9111.jpg Chinese artist Liu Xue creates realistic sculptures of human-animal hybrids that he calls "We Are The World." More to see here.  photo 370391_1275326646rE22_zpsdec51d78.jpg  photo 400c4551fccdfb95e3769ff7b7f16b82_zps26c12adb.jpg

Bram Vanhaeren

 photo ESPN_5_zps37c7c55d.jpg  photo ESPN_7_zpsad7ee400.jpg " I’m a digital artist and Art Director at WS design studio in Antwerp, a sport enthusiast and motivated to keep learning from the best! It all started eight years ago, when I locked myself in my room to teach myself Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator on my first computer. Ever since I’ve been working on my style and new techniques on a daily basis. Today I’m looking for a team where I can collaborate with, with the same intensity of passion for design to realize breathtaking projects and amaze our clients." - Bram Vanhaeren  photo ESPN_6_zps2ec42dc5.jpg  photo ESPN_1_zpsbd45d142.jpg

Noel Badges Pugh

 photo tumblr_n0ur3jqV7M1qj6juso1_1280_zps58bb229c.jpg  photo tumblr_n0ur3jqV7M1qj6juso2_1280_zpsb76b6296.jpg Noel Badges Pugh dabbles in scientific illustration as well as artwork with a more psychedelic perspective. Inspired by nature and dreams, all's created with an utmost appreciation for the details and structure of each subject.  photo tumblr_n0ur3jqV7M1qj6juso4_1280_zps500fb30a.jpg  photo Untitled-2_zps57074501.jpg

Francesco Albano

 photo _MG_9945_zpsfa0af550.jpg  photo _MG_9981-Edit_zps3c32ac66.jpg Francesco Albano graduated from Fine Art University of Carrara in 2000 and won the National Prize of Arts – MIUR for sculpture in 2005. He had his first solo show titled ‘Everyday Bestiary’ in Milan in 2008 and second solo show titled ‘Five Easy Piece’ at Ex Marmi Gallery in Pietrasanta in 2009. In 2011, his works were exhibited in group shows titled ‘The State of Art, Tese di San Cristoforo, Arsenale’ in Venice concurrent with Venice Biennial and ‘P.I.E.T.A.S.’ at Studio 9 in Istanbul.  photo _MG_9637-Edit_zpsa2e0b6ee.jpg  photo _MG_9635-Edit-2_zps58ac5a5c.jpg  photo _MG_9625-Edit_zpsa20cf3fc.jpg

Claire Ashley

 photo Untitled-6_zpse5b53573.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zps4a5ee25a.jpg  photo Untitled-7_zps9571f264.jpg " My work inhabits the liminal space between painting, sculpture, and performance. I mine the language of painterly abstraction, monumental sculpture, slapstick humor, and pop art to transform mundane industrial materials into inflatable painted sculptures and performative props. I am interested in the assumptions and history of both painting and sculpture. I create objects that engage in intellectual play, testing the boundaries and expectations of each medium, while exploring the possibilities of low-brow, mundane, unconventional materials. I am interested in how objects "look" as opposed to "how" they are created i.e. the appearance of abstract painting visualized through industrial materials and sculptural form. I combine expressive painting in opposition to the linearity and the rigidity of adhesive tape and vinyl stencils." - Claire Ashley  photo Untitled-5_zpsa191b6a1.jpg  photo Untitled-4_zpsfa35da4a.jpg

Thomas Lerooy

 photo tumblr_n0lgij2S2d1r0i205o1_1280_zps4ec3f864.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zps480be2c9.jpg Thomas Lerooy was born in Roeselare, Belgium in 1981 and now lives and works in Brussels. In his sculptures and drawings Lerooy conjures up a fantastical world that takes beholders to the intimate frontiers of humanity, probing the dark areas and the flaws that define man’s mental and physical limits. Each work evokes metaphysical questions as the artist offers his richly ironic explorations of such themes as creation, desire and death. Lerooy’s work teems with strange creatures and symbols of death. His drawings celebrate an aesthetic tradition reaching back to Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, but also recall the vanitas paintings of the 17th century, mixed in with the grotesque and macabre humour of more recent artists like James Ensor, Félicien Rops and Antoine Wiertz. Just as Ensor painted self-portraits with a skull, and Rops showed prostitutes copulating with skeletons, so Lerooy transforms the head of the Mona Lisa into a skull, and his impassive faces are furrowed by erotic fault lines or holes in the frontal cortex threatening to swallow up the little bit of brain that remains. (via Galerie Rodolphe Janssen)  photo 2456_zps195ca339.jpg