Tobias Hantmann

p p p p p Tobias Hantmann’s painting has developed from large scale canvases and collages to ink drawings on dryed leaves and finally to monochrome carpets on which he drew geometric shapes or still life-like imagery with combs or rulers. In his most recent works he juxtaposes painting and photography. Based on the notion of simple mirror-effects on ordinary steel pots the artist realized ideosyncratic ensembles of this kitchenware . The pots are turned upside down and put on pedestals which make them appear as if they are hovering few inches above the floor. The backsides of the pots are covered with a thin layer of oil paint imitating the mirror-effects of the metal in sometimes unusual colors. Independent from any specific exposure to light, the mirror-effects now seem to be inscribed into the objects. (via Contemporary Art Daily) p

Karla Wozniak

p p p p Karla Wozniak is an artist living in Brooklyn NY. She makes paintings of the American landscape that play with tactility, abstraction, spatial illusion and typography. Her work is informed by places she visits on road trips throughout the United States. She’s interested in rural and urban development issues and the way places change over time. p

Candice Breitz

p p p p Stills from Queen (A Portrait of Madonna), 2005 Shot at Jungle Sound Studio, Milan, Italy, July 2005; 30-Channel Installation: 30 Hard Drives Duration: 73 minutes, 30 seconds; Created by Berlin-based artist Candice Breitz. p

Arthur Roberts

p Arthur Roberts, the artist behind the Mumz The Werd clothing line had just emailed me snaps of his first 'real' painting. Have a look. p p p

Zorin Vasili

p p p Here's some fantastic illustrations from Russian artist Zorin Vasili. I love the use of color in his work. Looks goodness. o

Jenny Saville

branded_92 interfacing_92 o 309 Jenny Saville (born in Cambridge in 1970) is an English painter and a leading Young British Artist (YBA). Saville is best known for her monumental images of women. Saville works and lives between London and Palermo, and is a tutor of figure painting at the Slade School of Art. (Photos via) saville_plan p

Office on Zilverparkkade D

p p p p ' The project derives its romantic name (Silver Park Quay) from its location: the office cluster on the Zilverparkkade in Lelystad. West 8 designed the urban plan for the area in conformity with the current trend for condensed city-centres. With an idyllic wink to the 17th century Dutch canal-houses the offices are lined up shoulder to shoulder on narrow plots. In such a compact row with a strict layout the only elements to create a discriminating identity are the facades. ' (Continue here...) p

Lo Res Shoes

p p The United Nude Lo Res is part of an new semi-automatic design method by United Nude. An object is digitially scanned into a 3-D computer model and re-generated into various resolutions. The Lo Res shoe is part of an automated design revolution. p

Geoffrey Gorman

p p " When I am making objects, I think of model airplanes made of balsa wood, then covered in thin transparent paper. Or I see decoys and shapes made to attract wild animals. I visited a museum in Alaska that had drawers filled with toys that had been put together, used and collected from previous cultures. I also think of a forest of tall, dark trees covered in moss and moisture, a silent, meditative place. " - Geoffrey Gorman p

Helvetica Cookie Cutters

p p p Now these are just fabolous! Love, love, love this item. Check out designer Beverly Hsu's Helvetica cookie cutters here. p