Richard Maloy


Richard Maloy <-- Born 1977 , Auckland, New Zealand; 2000-2001 Master of Fine Arts, Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland; 1996-1999 Bachelor of Fine Arts Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland


Karl Persson


” My intellect doesn’t come into play when I am channeling something subconsciously. There is plenty of time for interpretation after a painting is finished. Whenever I look at my finished paintings it is like analysing a dream – deciphering my personal symbolic language. Although there is obviously some calculated thought behind things like compositional aesthetics, I still try to keep these decisions relatively instinctive. I find this approach far more fulfilling than when I have injected some preconceived concept into an image, which has often consequently become either stale or too obvious.” – Karl Persson


Anna Higgie

anna higgie 1

anna higgie 1

anna higgie 1

Australian illustrator Anna Higgie’s portfolio is influenced by fashion. Check out her site for more from this talented artist.

anna higgie 1

anna higgie 1


coco 4

coco 3

coco 1

Talented illustrator based in London, Coco’s portfolio combines traditional painting and drawing processes with digital techniques for the final imagery.

coco 5

Alberto Seveso

seveso 1

Amazing photos captured by illustrator Alberto Seveso by mixing varnish in a fishbowl. Check out his online portfolio. Go!

seveso 2

seveso 3

seveso 4

Iain Macarthur

i macarthur 1

i macarthur 2

i macarthur 4

Beautiful portraiture from London-based illustrator Iain MacArthur. He combines graphite and pigment pens to draw the portraits and adds unique patterns and watercolor effects to give a vivid explosion effect. He is a graduate of Swindon College in HND illustration back in 2008.

i macarthur 3

i macarthur 5

Casa G

casa g 1

casa g 2

Designed by Gudmundur Jonsson, Casa G is located in the outskirts of The Countryside, Iceland.

casa g 3

casa g 4

casa g 5

Fernando Hereñú aka Pulpo

pulpo 1

Argentina-based illustrator Fernando Hereñú AKA Pulpo proves that a retro-style comic book illustration with a hint of surrealism is never out of fashion.

pulpo 2

pulpo 3

pulpo 4

David Delin

delin 1

delin 3

delin 2

Freelance designer David Delin aka 28162n is based in France and his portfolio is a mix of urban culture with a touch of modernity and elegance.

delin 4

Thomas Lerooy





‘ The technique used by Thomas Lerooy, i.e. the disproportional enlargement of the head, is a typical trade mark of caricatured humour. However the result he creates, reaches much further than that of a stereotyped joke. In a highly intelligent way he plays with a number of visually contradictory propositions. By applying an almost maniacal solidity in both production and finish, as well as the use of a plinth to emphasize the artistic pretensions of the statue, he places his sculptures within the highest traditions of the sculptural art, while conversely he purposefully undermines other conventions – such as proportion, symmetry and balance. Moreover, in his hands, Thomas Lerooy moulds the monumental tradition of the sculptural art by combining a static portrait pose with captured movement, through which he creates extreme contradiction and grotesque tension. The torsos strive to represent a powerful or elegant posture, however, ultimately their poses become pathetic due to the passiveness of their busts. ‘ (via Galerie Rodolphe Janssen)