Cheat Feet: Multiplication

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” Look, we’re not for cheating. We are, however, for the convenient disposal of information. Unfortunately, Convenient Disposal of Information Feet doesn’t quite roll off the tongue. So, Cheat Feet™ it is. Because sometimes a reminder is best kept a secret.” Buy here.

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Beat Zoderer

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Beat Zoderer(born 1955 in Zurich, Switzerland) is considered to be a representative of the geometric-constructive art. He sees himself as both, an advocate and a ‘Nestbeschmutzer’ (someone who bedraggles the own nest) of classical constructivism, develops his own virtuous variety by using fantasy, intelligence and esprit. As he uses vocabularies of historical constructivism, his works is reminiscent of the work of Mondrian, van Doesburg or Venet. Zoderer often uses office or household items (found in department stores) as raw material for his works to revive constructivism. He prefers items with no sentimental value but with a distinctive basic form. His target is a systematization and minimalization of design instruments, however the result is a luscious and rampantly ornament.

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Out of Water by Simon Duhamel

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Somewhere between photography and illustration, influenced by cinema and pop culture, Simon Duhamel‘s visuals registers in a modern approach to photography. Both photographer, retoucher and director of photography, Duhamel knows how to create unique scenes and ambience for each of his realizations, providing each project with a distinct visual signature. Early 2009, Simon co-founded Made of Stills, a community of Montreal artists involved in visual arts that now shares a 5500sq ft space, including 2 studios. He now runs under Consulat, an agency he co-founded in 2013 in collaboration with photographers Guillaume Simoneau, Jocelyn Michel, Maxyme G. Delisle and producer Sebastien Boyer.

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Max Kauffman

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” My work evokes a post apocalyptic DIY culture where structures and life itself are cobbled together out of anything at hand. It’s making the most out of what you have and what’s around you. Showing that our struggles, fears, victories and dreams haven’t changed much since the dawn of humanity. Portraying power and the ways it changes hands – among individuals, imparted to objects, and released from self. Organizing the chaos that forms our day-to-day lives into something that makes sense. Making the world smaller by emphasizing the interconnectedness of everything. I draw influence from everyday life, from the biological world past and present, and from the process of evolution. Artistically, indigenous art across South America, music of many forms, and the makings of modern folk purveyors get me inspired.” – Max Kauffman

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Jaeyeol Han

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‘Han’s faces are so empathically established on his canvases they can be described as sculptural. Occasional lightly applied lines, mere markers – remnants of the blocking in stage – remain visible; unaltered they cradle his heads. This heightens and breathes life into the sculptural effect; they have created a space for themselves against what would otherwise register simply as primed canvas. But it would be wrong to say the surrounding primed canvas entirely isolates. As a moderating force counterpoised to the paint out of which his heads are created it functions to provide space within which they have the option of movement. It registers through the paint film too; on occasion as the absence of paint, elsewhere seeping through the colour / stain of glazes. They carry a certain frission, an undercurrent of expressive potential; their intervals are charged. In formal terms these lend his images a degree of transparency. Beyond the limits of so narrow a view it’s a transparency experienced as permeability. Formal analysis has the option of deploying Gestalt psychology to explain how this or that hiatus, rift or pause in the paint surface evades surface consciousness, evades our everyday perceptions. Yet it has little to offer in response to how these discontinuities and pauses conspire to coalesce into the sensation of permeability, a permiability rejecting see-through transparency in favour of a sence of absorption. The force drawing Han’s subjects together beckons to the viewer of his work.’ Link: Jaeyeol Han

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Cory Arcangel

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Cory Arcangel (born May 25, 1978) is a Brooklyn, New York post-conceptual artist who makes work in many different media, including drawing, music, video, performance art, and video game modifications, for which he is perhaps best known Arcangel often uses the artistic strategy of appropriation, creatively re-using existing materials such as dancing stands, Photoshop gradients, and YouTube videos to create new works of art. His work explores the relationship between digital technology and pop culture. (via Wikipedia)

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Paul Kaptein

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” My work is broadly concerned with the agency of the present moment. By sampling various cultural and temporal trajectories, I’m exploring the notion of the now as a remix of past and future potentialities. This facilitates a renegotiation of perceptual truths resulting in an expression of things not quite truth, yet not quite fiction. Central to this is the underlying theory of emptiness (sunyata). Often considered a void, Sunyata offers endless possibility.” – Paul Kaptein

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Ela Zubrowska

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” The project is inspired by Shakespear’s Ophelia and her tragic death.” – Ela Zubrowska (previously-blogged)

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Yang Maoyuan

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Yang Maoyuan < -- 1966 Born in Dalian, China; 1989 Graduated from the Printing Department, Central Institute of Fine Arts, Beijing, China; 2002 CCAA Award; Lives and works in Beijing, China

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Concrete Water Absorbent Cup Rack

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Utilizing the same ultra quick-n-dry feature of the water absorbent coasters, this cup rack will keep your tabletops dry after washing your favorite cups. With a metal stand shaped as a cactus, the base, representing the desert, will absorb the water dripping off the cup as you let it hang on the cactus. Click here to buy.

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