Cesar Biojo

 photo 283693_335036159913328_1446695805_n_zpsd48f4774.jpg  photo 202463_335955166488094_1865379164_o_zpsa91dfc6b.jpg  photo 397333_355901721160105_1355637063_n_zps0addb7e1.jpg Cesar Biojo (1981, Cali/Colombia) holds degrees in Fine Arts and Art History from Florida State University and currently works on a Ph.D. in Art Research from the University of Barcelona. His works are oil portraits created from pictorial resources that are destroyed inmedialty leaving an evidence behind. This way the concept of time is introduced, connotating concepts inherent in the human being such as creation and destruction, the perishable and ephemeral. His work recovers in some cases post-impressionist styles, resulting in a personal language that makes his art project one of the most interesting in the contemporary scene. Taking as starting point the quote of Jean Paul Sartre, "The gaze of the other makes us aware of ourselves", his work becomes an introspective study of human beings, their conflicts, their nature and existence. His work has taken part in a number of national and international exhibitions. He lives and works in Barcelona/Spain.  photo 376768_335955323154745_1170903695_n_zpscc60ea27.jpg  photo 229884_317218878361723_836269979_n_zps151cea29.jpg

Encarnado by Lucy Pereira

 photo 782e6e8021bf07b5bc7a5fe69c8a17fb_zps38bb33e4.jpg  photo tumblr_nc08chV7Pr1sfocoko1_1280_zps554583d3.jpg  photo tumblr_nc08chV7Pr1sfocoko8_1280_zpsadaf9cbf.jpg " My creative practice draws on my desire to think about fragility, to reflect about an eager to learn and understand the human body, to comprehend limits, straights, weaknesses, and contents. The body of work exists in the territory of sculpture, installation and drawings. All the installations expect to lead us into reflections about materially, corporeality and impermanence. The plasticity of the materials chosen reflects the desire to create delicate, intricate, organics and fragile natures, it is used as a metaphor to speak about weakness, fractures, instability and ruins, resembling characteristics that one find in the human body. The drawings, extremely intricate and detailed, are studies for further installations. Common to all the works the saturation illustrate overloaded surfaces resulting in a negotiation between the work and the viewer due to the visual complexities. I´m interested in the ambiguity between the beautiful and the grotesque, the ephemeral and permanent. There is a sense of nostalgia as well an acceptance that an art work can have a time life as our selves." - Lucy Pereira  photo e744851974978592a895ed31b0638411_zpsa8c21c66.jpg  photo tumblr_nc08chV7Pr1sfocoko4_1280_zps29552aa2.jpg

Inte-rex-ing Choice Plate

 photo Inte-rex-ing-Choice-Plate_zps06021c7d.jpeg  photo Untitled-3_zps91b99060.jpg 'Looking to add massive charm to your space? Display this ceramic plate by IMM Living during your next gathering and listen as your friends roar with delight! A T-Rex figurine stands right through the center of this piece’s attached white plate for a touch of quirkiness that transcends time.' Link here.  photo Untitled-2_zps5976d2f0.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zpsfc5ea7f5.jpg

Yonathan Setyawan

 photo thebells1_zps6f975150.jpg  photo thebells7_zpsb4ebfbc5.jpg  photo installation-view-12_zps3d739bea.jpg Albert Yonathan Setyawan started his study in ceramic in 2002 at Faculty of visual art, Bandung Institute of Technology. After graduated in 2007 he started to develop several series of ceramic installations and drawings. In his works he combined simplified forms of human, animals, plants, and geometric shapes and usually arrange them repetitively into a geometric configuration. Although his drawings might look different visually from the ceramic works, both of them represent the same characteristic and that is repetition. He believe that repetition stands as a mantra even for our simple daily activities. For him repetition is the way to express his fascination in human spirituality. He believes in the spiritual connection between human and nature. Recently he started to incorporated performance as part of his ceramic installations. Cosmic Labyrinth series presented for the first time in his solo exhibition at Valentine Willie Fine Art, Singapore in 2011 titled Temple of Threshold. Last year one of the labyrinth works titled Cosmic Labyrinth : A Silent Pathway presented in Indonesian Pavilion at 55th Venice Biennale, Italy together with 4 other Indonesian artists. The labyrinth consisted of hundreds of stupa-like shapes arranged manually into a labyrinth pattern. The labyrinth stands as a symbol of human soul and a pathway to spiritual enlightenment. He took post graduate program in visual art at the same former university and graduated in 2012. Received a scholarship from Japanese Ministry of Education to take further studies in ceramic art. This year he is taking Master Course in ceramic art at Kyoto Seika University. Working and living in Kyoto, Japan currently while trying to maintain his small ceramic studio in Bandung, Indonesia through the helps of friends and some fellow artists.  photo IMG_1159_zps4d123c3d.jpg  photo IMG_1130_zps5ce0e463.jpg

Jakub Czyż

 photo dd1415041ea0c286bcdd984984dff9a1_zpsb93b1b2a.jpg  photo 2101dad0612e136c8cf33e20acd09d15_zpsfc289ccf.jpg I stumbled across Polish illustrator Jakub Czyż's portfolio on Behance Network the other day. I dig.  photo 03c3b9fbbda87556b712dc641a72a700_zps67b76b26.jpg

Sarah Nieman

 photo Untitled-3_zps05d9661e.jpg " I am a New Hampshire native, living young at the age of 21. I am currently attending the New Hampshire Institue of Art, majoring in Photography. A little about me: I am an avid reader, painter, photographer, skiier, and laugher. With my photography, I enjoy capturing special moments that mean the world to someone, and I love being able to show who someone is through a photograph." - Sarah Nieman  photo Untitled-2_zps79eb22df.jpg

Vivian Shih

 photo Untitled-1_zps6246712c.jpg  photo Untitled-3_zpsb46fc6dd.jpg Los Angeles based artist and illustrator Vivian Shih is a lover of sweets, fashion, the outdoors, and live music. Inspired by human emotions, so-called mundane stories, nature's beauty, personal style and experiences, she embrace all forms of art and design and believe that no matter how simple the task there is always an opportunity to creating something magical. Vivian earned a BFA in Illustration from Art Center College of Design in 2013.  photo Untitled-2_zpsf2e9cb55.jpg

Christian Lemmerz

 photo coocoons1_zps545b1be6.jpg  photo coocoons_zps4107d16b.jpg  photo cocoons2_zps213169e1.jpg Christian Lemmerz’ oeuvre’s span is extensive and pluralistic. Regardless of the material, the form or the medium employed, Lemmerz’ work can generally be characterized by aesthetics of effect. The artworks grasp out and clutch into the surrounding environment and call for more than merely contemplation. There are only a few themes and taboos that are not turned upside down in the Lemmerzian universe, which has been stretched between, on the one side, Kant, Heidegger and other philosophers and authors, and on the other, a mass-media dominated world where suffering and death are central themes in an examination that circles around identity, existence and being.  photo mermaid1_zps29dc4351.jpg  photo mermaid_zpsa3d396e3.jpg  photo mermaid2_zps9ee1ea8b.jpg

Oleg Oprisco

 photo 123576-7712043-4101_zps46686792.jpg  photo 123576-6766214-401_zps5ebb0f58.jpg  photo 123576-6766209-365_zpsbf5e5c77.jpg Oleg Oprisсo was born in the small city of Lviv in western Ukraine. From the age of 16 he worked as an operator at a photo lab. At age 18, he moved to Kiev, where he began his professional photography career. At age 23, Oleg Oprisco changed from digital capture to film.  photo 123576-7150370-407_zps20032c97.jpg  photo 123576-6766211-391_zpsa4b8e809.jpg

Naomi Devil

 photo naomidevil1_zps66697a57.jpg  photo naomidevil11_zps0ed07b43.jpg Naomi Devil has found her artistic identity and has created her own pool of topics at a very early stage of her carrier. Her artistic production manifests itself between deconstruction and reconstruction, decomposition and composition. She has a relaxed, easy-going and flexible personality and is capable of re-interpretation.  photo naomidevil12_zpsdc41a7b3.jpg  photo naomidevil8_zps4e5bbffb.jpg