Brett Williams

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” My artwork is based mainly on solitude and the exploration of vulnerability and emotional rawness through colour and the body. I have always been fascinated by the body, it’s curves and blemishes, whether bony or voluptuous, and the beauty that lies in our shared imperfections. I choose to leave the backgrounds blank, or flat with colour and am experimenting with perspective to accentuate the mood of the portraits. I primarily use chalk pastels and work on acid free 300 gram paper. The direct contact with the chalk and paper is intensely visceral and feels somewhat like sculpture. It is a very personal, freehand method but has to be very precise, as mistakes cannot be erased.” – Brett Williams

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Bride of Chucky Wedding Cake

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Loving this gory Bride of Chucky themed wedding cake made by Little Cherry Cake Company in Bacup, Rossendale, UK.

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Holly Andres

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Holly Andres uses photography to examine the complexities of childhood, the fleeting nature of memory, and female introspection. Typically her images rely on a tension between an apparently approachable subject matter and a darker, sometimes disturbing subtext. She has had solo exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Istanbul, Turkey and Portland Oregon where she lives and works.

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Marine Light

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This project is inspired by the sea. Through the unconventional use of seaweed as a main material for a domestic environment, the product plays on the tension between the artistic and the commercial. Ancient cultures have appreciated and utilized seaweeds for different uses. Today, seaweeds are cultivated and harvested on a commercial scale, as a result of a growing interest driven by environmental concerns. The Marine Light lamp combines a metal base and a structure of thin metal strings for the lamp-shade. The seaweeds are applied on the metal strings while still fresh. As they dry, they shrink and obtain the form of the lamp-shade. A mixture of preserving material is applied to preserve them.

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Heaven by Anne Wenzel

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Heaven (ceramics, coaldust, wood) installation by visual artist Anne Wenzel. Please check out the rest of her work.

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Mark Boyle

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” In my early years, I explored ravines and woods near my house. Often being late for dinner lost in another world. A serious interest in painting developed at 11 years old. As I recall, my first painting was of a rainbow trout. My parents hired local artists to instruct me privately during my teen years. A person who really taught good basics was Carl Christophersen. In painting lessons, Carl taught me to divide objects into shapes and planes with hard and soft edges. Nature impassions me. I am on a constant quest for that perfect subject to paint. During my outdoor adventures, such as hiking or fishing, I am inspired by the things I find. It is important to me to bring home my experiences and share them in a painting. Some of the landscapes I paint are so remote that most people can’t view them. One of the most rewarding experiences is to set up an easel on a high mountain meadow and capture the true colors found there. Through photography, I’ve documented many of my trips into the wilderness. I later use these as references in my paintings. The mediums I use are primarily oil, pastels, and watercolor.” – Mark Boyle

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Jens Reinert

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” I am building models of everyday situations, to visualize and to clarify simple spatial phenomena. For some time I have been interested in the simple routines carried out in the human-created environment. My models recreate rooms and buildings, often to an exact degree. By selecting not to substantially alter my reconstructions, I want to draw people’s attention to everyday situations. For example, the entrance area of an old supermarket. By entering and exiting through one of four swing doors, the customer is ushered through a uniquely formed passageway. The model allows the observer to – in a glance – take in a familiar scene. In doing so, it will make him conscious of it next time he passes through such an environment.” – Jens Reinert

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Rebecca Ripple

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Rebecca Ripple was born and raised on Long Island, NY, and currently lives and works in Los Angeles. Her practice is focused around sculptural installations that use highly worked material, often at large scale, exploring the intersection between the body of discourse and the physical body, and our intertwined obsessions with pathology and transcendence. (via CalArts)

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Tanya Doskova

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Tanya Doskova is a Bulgarian-born, Canadian artist living in Vancouver, BC. Tanya Doskova has received numerous awards in recognition of her artistic achievements. Most recently, she won an Award of Excellence in The 2010 Communication Arts Illustration Annual Competition. This prestigious American award and the publication of her images in The Communication Arts Magazine gave her worldwide exposure and recognition.

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Isabel M. Martínez

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Isabel M. Martínez spent her formative years in Santiago de Chile. She holds a BFA from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and an MFA from the University of Guelph, Canada. She currently lives and works in Toronto. Isabel has exhibited in galleries and art centres in Chile, England, the U.S., and Canada. Her artwork has been presented in The Annual Independent Contemporary Art Fair (2012), CONTACT Photography Festival (2011), Magenta Flash Forward (2011), PhotoWeek DC (2011), Día Nacional de la Cultura Chilena (2011), Gallery 44 (2008), Canadian Heritage (2005), and FotoAmérica Bienal de Fotografía (2004). Her work is in several private and public collections. Recent exhibitions include CARTNY at the Armory Show 2013 and PPAC at the Philadelphia Photo Art Centre. This summer she was an artist in residence at Artscape Gibraltar Point in Canada.

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