Oliver Vernon




Oliver Vernon was born in New York in 1972. He received his BFA from Parsons School of Design in 1995, and currently lives and works in Brooklyn. He has exhibited his work in cities all across the United States and internationally. His work is part of numerous collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Visually, Brooklyn based artist Oliver Vernon’s paintings draw upon an incredibly varied pool of influences, from abstract expressionism, to post pop surrealism and the polished finish of figurative realism. Formally, his work is about the deconstruction, and hence the necessary reconstruction of visual space. From this central dichotomy stems many others: logic/illogic, physical/metaphysical, imprisonment/liberation. His paintings come to us, perhaps, as detailed snapshots of the few primordial milliseconds when the blueprint of the universe was being sculpted from the final throes of chaos. In this sense, anything goes. Each painting has it’s own set of rules, or rather the rules are being bent, broken and ultimately formed within each painting. Color, form, energy, architecture, good, evil, flesh and machine are lurking, never as physical entities, but as transient archetypes searching out their final places within the framework of the cosmos. Apart from this macro view, Oliver’s work can be seen at the micro level as well. We can view his paintings as representations of how the mind is formed from a foundation of thought, reason, and aesthetics, and how these entities are simultaneously at odds and interconnected.



House In Sèvres / Colboc Franzen & Associés





The house consists of three separate sets: the amenities (lobby, office, laundry room, basement, garage), parts of collective life (living room, dining room, kitchen, which shall secure the room with parents want to close), and finally children’s bedrooms, arranged around a multipurpose space. The methods and time of occupation are distinct, the different expectations: for the first feature, group life and reception for the second, privacy for the third. Furthermore, this fragmentation comes into resonance with the context: it is more than one house but three volumes, like the heterogeneous neighbouring buildings. Due of a small terrain, they are superimposed. Link here.


Francisco Leite





Stunning, sexy and provocative tradition illustrations from Brazilian illustrator Francisco Leite aka Derbyblue. Have a look.


Mayfair Steamer Secretary Trunk



Crafted by antiques dealer and furniture maker Timothy Oulton of London, our oversized steamer trunk armoire is configured as an ingeniously designed secretary. Features a pull-down desktop and multiple drawers, cubbies, wire management and bookshelves. Stands on wheels for mobility and closes for storage and privacy. Buy here.


Paper Boat by Artist Frank Bolter




‘ A German-made paper boat has floated successfully down the London Thames, with the suitable name of “HMS Origami.” It measured 5.4m in length. German conceptual artist Frank Bolter, who was using would normally be used in the manufacture of drinks cartons. I spent the whole day glueing sheets together for you,’ he said. ‘Then I had to cut it into three pieces because the van wasn’t big enough to transport them to the dock. Now I shall glue them back together again. ‘ Link here


Highgate Recreation Pavilion by Suters Architects





Highgate Reserve Pavilion is located in Craigieburn, 45 minutes north of Melbourne. The project, a shoot-off from the Tigers’ Punt road oval redevelopment, is a facility for the Richmond Reserves that consists of 1 main change room with warm up area, massage rooms, medical facilities and associated amenities. A further secondary change room can be divided to provide two smaller change rooms for junior teams. Facilities on the first floor include a 180 seat social club, as well as coaches boxes, 3rd umpire, stats and media rooms all overlooking the oval. (via ArchDaily)


Christina Bothwell





” In my work I am drawn to the processes of birth, death, and renewal. What lies below the surface fascinates me and I try to capture the qualities of the “unseen” that express the sense of wonder that I feel in my daily existence. I am attracted to glass because it can do everything that other sculptural media can; in addition, it offers an inner space and transmits light. My subject matter includes babies, animals, and children as they embody the essence of vulnerability that is the underlying theme in my work. Currently I am exploring metamorphosis as a topic, and have been incorporating figures within figures in my pieces. Within each glass figure there is a smaller figure seen through the surface of the glass. I think of these pieces as souls, each being pregnant with their own potential, giving birth to new, improved versions of themselves. ” – Christina Bothwell


Kobi Levi





Kobi Levi <-- Graduated from Bezalel academy of art & design, Jerusalem 2001. Specialize in footwear design and development/making. Working as a freelance designer. Collaborating with both Israeli and international companies in the past and present years and working on his men shoe line in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Designed industrial footwear in both Italy, China and Brazil. Presented design in various exhibitions in Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Tokyo, Verona, St.Etienne, Berlin etc'… " In my artistic footwear design the shoe is my canvas. The trigger to create a new piece comes when an idea, a concept and/or an image comes to mind. The combination of the image and footwear creates a new hybrid and the design/concept comes to life. The piece is a wearable sculpture. It is "alive" with/out the foot/body. Most of the inspirations are out of the "shoe-world", and give the footwear an extreme transformation. The result is usually humoristic with a unique point of view about footwear. Another aspect of the creation is the realization. All the pieces are hand-made in my studio. The challenging technical development is the key to bring the design to life in the best way."



Nicoz Balboa




Nicoz Balboa was born in Rome. She graduated at the I.E.D.(European institute of design) of Rome and did a 3 month stage at the E.S.A.G. of Paris. Her comics, artworks and illustrations appeared also on magazines as the french Target Magazine, RUGGED (the Carhart magazine), KULT magazine, Stripburger, the Spanish LOOK DE BOOK.



Yinka Shonibare




Yinka Shonibare, MBE (born 1962) is a disabled, British-Nigerian, contemporary artist living in the UK. Yink Shonibare, MBE was born in London in 1962. His family moved to Lagos, Nigeria when he was three. Shonibare contracted transverse myelitis at the age of seventeen. He returned to London to study Fine Art, first at Byam Shaw College of Art (now Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design) and then at Goldsmiths College, where he received his MFA. Shonibare considered to be a member of the “Young British Artist generation.” He currently lives and works in the East End of London.