Fiona Banner




Fiona Banner (born 1966) is an English artist, who was short-listed for the Turner Prize in 2002. In 2010, she produced new work for a Duveen Hall commission at Tate Britain. She is one of the Young British Artists.



Jessica Hess





” Rather than elegance or grandeur, my focus lies in structure, simplicity, and decay. In practice I work with photographs, which serve as both a reference and a starting point. My work develops from an accumulation of images and impressions of urban, industrial, and abandoned architecture. ” – Jessica Hess



Emma Mount





” My name is Emma and I’m 38…… I was born with a pencil in my hand, and spent a lot of my childhood scribbling away furiously, my notebook came everywhere with me. My early teens was lived in the 80′s, and I was hugely influenced by all the exotic women you started to see in pop videos like Duran Duran’s. I loved Nagel’s artwork like the Rio cover, and I also loved all the airbrushed Syd Brak women that were everywhere at that time. I used to draw all sorts, but started gravitating towards sketching from photos of fascinating women I saw in mum’s fashion mags or my teen music mags. My icons at the time were strong glamorous women like Debbie Harry and Kate Bush (and glam men of course like Bowie and Adam Ant). At the same time my fascination with the ‘dark side’ of life started to show itself as I discovered and grew up on Hammer Horror, the Addams Family, the Munsters, and started to build a collection of ghost/horror books that would influence my sketches. I think my colourful oil portraits combine inspiration both from the influences of my youth, and from my many years working as a designer for a major cosmetics company in London. I have had a lifelong love of fashion, glamour, kitsch, pin-ups as well as all things ghoulish. Having worked as a designer I am very much caught up in the excitement of creation, and I love the endless creative possibilities that come from painting, and making a canvas come to life. ” – Emma Mount



Kate MccGwire




Kate MccGwire (previously-blogged) received an MA from the Royal College of Art. Her degree show installation ‘Brood’ was purchased and installed within Galleon and Other Stories at the Saatchi Gallery in 2004. In 2006 she was invited to China for a residency in Nanjing and in 2008 to a residency at Art Omi, New York. In 2008 she showed at Gothic, Fieldgate Gallery; This is not a Fairy Tale, Patrick Heide; Soot from the Funnel, Lokaal01, Holland and was the winner of the Heart of Glass competition. In 2009 she exhibited with the Contemporary Art Society, Gothic, The Animal Gaze, The New London School Berlin, Tunnel 228 with Punch Drunk and The Age of the Marvellous with All Visual Arts. She will be making a large-scale installation for Dead or Alive at the Museum of Art and Design, New York in April 2010. (via Tatton Park Biennial)


Ashley Lande




Ashley Lande is a self-taught artist living and working in Kansas City, Missouri. ” I have had mornings kicking down the cobblestones still wet from the rebirth the pillow of the night still beneath you; illuminations that hold the very air in vacuumed rapture; glitter, glittering glittered things surrounding; the love that pervades, the heart whole-made; the oceanic absorption and magic rhythmic mandala shuddering and rippling outward from its centrifuge which is the center of all mystery and life; the Christ love received through eyes lachrymaed and I giving back with the only love I know which is absolute surrender but still a treacly trickle upon the flood entering me; leaves that shudder whispery below the unfurling clouds and the diamond sky; visions untranslatable that evade paper but I still try; also I have had darkness that swallows and shapes that do not meet with the shrillest disharmony; candlelit hells spent in the inhospitable spiral of Papadiabolus; rarely I have had hell but more often I have had heaven as should be granted unto all of us.



Butler House/Andrew Maynard Architects






‘ Nestled within the undulated roofline of one of Fitzroy’s famed MacRobertson warehouses, sits a roof terrace with a difference – complete with canopy and turf. This, the vertical and architectural pinnacle of the Butler House, fills the void that effects so many inner-city dwellings – a lack of outdoor space. Further to this, the warehouse apartment had a number of innate thermal and acoustic shortcomings – making it less-than-ideal for occupancy by a family with 2 rambunctious young boys. Balancing intimacy with privacy came to be a significant consideration for this young family and is achieved via shrewd adaptability of spaces. ‘ Link here.


Mauricio Candela



Mauricio Candela started his career in advertising in the 90s. He worked as an art director for some of the most important agencies in Colombia, his country of origin. In 1999 he moved to the U.S., where he became creative director. At the same time, he developed his passion for photography, developing his skills and applying his creative knowledge to this discipline. As an advertising creative, he learned to live off of his ideas. Today, his idea is to live off of photography.


Simon Hayag




Artist Simon Hayag creates some wonderfully badass illustrations. I couldn’t possibly not post it. Click here to view more.


Pyggy bank by Nendo



Pyggy bank‘ by Nendo design concept is designed for isetan departmant store’s ‘Piggy bank collection’ exhibition which is being held as part of Tokyo Designers week. (via Designboom)


Grzegorz Rutkowski





Grzegorz Rutkowski is a digital painter and illustrator from Poland. His works typically encompass a fantasy style genre, such as what you might see in Lord of the Rings, Morrowind, World of Warcraft, and other popular fantasy works. His use of crisp, eyecatching colors and shadowing provides a unique viewpoint of the fantasy worlds that he illustrates. ‘ (via Pichaus)