120 Bikes on a Wall



A bicycle shop in Altlandsberg, Germany advertises their goods with a wall of around 120 bikes mounted on the building’s exterior in lieu of a sign. Link here.


Heather Goodchild




Heather Goodchild’s work strives to uncover and explore stories and symbols with universal resonance. Focussing on textiles as a medium, she creates felt portraits, rugs, quilts, silk screened prints, soft sculpture, and dioramas. Much of the inspiration for her techniques and approach comes from folk art and traditional music. The naive and anonymous quality of these deceptively simple works provides a window into shared human experiences. The stories and symbols of organized religions and societies also strongly influence her work; the rituals and literature of Freemasonry and Christianity and their codified expressions of collective ideals and mythologies fascinate her especially. Through the installations and objects that she creates, Goodchild engages the viewer in stories that are at once mysterious and hauntingly familiar.


Yana Moskaluk

yana moskaluk 1

Yana Moskaluk is a Russian based graphic artist. At the age of 19 she moved to Moscow and started working as an illustrator for Art Lebedev studio. Yana has made numerous graphic works for magazines, books, advertising, sites and design projects. Her works are edgy and delicate at the same time. Yana finds her inspiration in fairy tales, medieval arts and rock music.” – via LTD

yana moskaluk 1

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yana moskaluk 3

Daniel and Geo Fuchs




Daniel Fuchs was born in 1966 in Alzenau, Germany. Geo Fuchs was born in 1969 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Both currently live and work in Neuberg, near Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Since 1993, Daniel and Geo Fuchs have created work that thematically focuses on borders and border experiences. For at least four years they have explored the themes of life and death. In 1996, they began photographing (with the 4×5 camera) different scientific collections in Europe. They interested themselves in animals such as fish, mammals, and reptiles conserved in alcohol. In their photographs, the animals maintain a remarkable sense of life in death. ‘ (via LipanjePuntin Artecontemporanea)


MP3 Walkman



Relive days gone by with this bright mp3 player designed to look just like your old school walkman. Complete with SD memory card and belt clip as well as all the stop, forward, pause, rewind mock-functions you used to be so fond of. Buy here.


Conceptual extension to Whitney Museum of American Art




New York architecture practice Axis Mundi have designed a conceptual extension to the Whitney Museum of American Art in Manhattan, featuring a giant lattice structure. The existing museum is a 1960s concrete building by Marcel Breuer and Axis Mundi claim the extension’s exposed concrete frame would be a continuation of Breuer’s brutalist aesthetic. The extension would have an irregular floor plan configured around sight lines that look towards landmarks such as the Empire State Building. Link here.


Rob Yee




Say hello to Sydney-based illustrator/graphic designer Rob Yee. For updates on his work as well as other art, design, and inspiration, check out his blog, The Avocado Moshpit.


Anish Kapoor




Anish Kapoor CBE RA (born 12 March 1954) is an Indian sculptor. Born in Bombay (Mumbai),[1][2] Kapoor has lived and worked in London since the early 1970s where he moved to study art, first at the Hornsey College of Art and later at the Chelsea School of Art and Design. He initially began exhibiting as part of New British Sculpture art scene. He went on to exhibit internationally at venues such as the Tate Gallery and Hayward Gallery in London, Kunsthalle Basel, Haus der Kunst Munich, Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin, Reina Sofia in Madrid, MAK Vienna, and the ICA Boston. He represented Britain in the XLIV Venice Biennale in 1990, when he was awarded the Premio Duemila Prize. In 1991 he received the Turner Prize. Notable public sculptures include Cloud Gate, Millennium Park, Chicago, and Sky Mirror at the Rockefeller Center, New York.


Brian Jobe




” Systems in nature, like the self-similarity of fractals, are my motivation. They expose life’s minutiae – a hidden vitality beneath the surface. I replicate repetition in nature through detailed process-oriented sculpture. I channel energy into meticulous organization and establish a sense of order through the assemblage of objects. My materials are industrial, chosen with the intent of being re-contextualized when combined en masse. Within installations, the context of site chiefly determines the final form. ” – Brian Jobe


Charlie Isoe



Charlie Isoe’s (1981) pictorial compositions are based largely on his personal experiences and observations he makes of his immediate social surroundings. Isoe left school at the age of sixteen and immersed himself in a world of graffiti, skateboarding, travel, and life on the streets. As he entered his twenties, already well traveled, rich in experiences with highs and broken bones, he went back to attain a high school diploma, and subsequently a Degree in Fine Art. For the last three years, Isoe has been living in Europe as a freelance artist, observer and wanderer. His work has been seen on the streets of Australia, Thailand, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Czech Republic and Germany.