Alessandro Pautasso

Beautiful work by Alessandro Pautasso, illustrator/graphic designer based in Turin, Italy. Check it his website if you love what you see.

Retractable dog snap leash Povodokus

Povodokus sports a gun-shaped handle, which retracts the leash when you need to control your target dog. It's a sure shot! The lead goes out freely as the dog pulls and reels in when you pull the trigger. Link here.

Bec Winnel

' Bec Winnel creates soft and dreamy feminine portraits, dosed with sensuality and emotion. Using a subdued colour palette, they are created by building and blending many delicate and detailed layers of colour pencil, graphite and pastel. ¨Her work has been described as reminiscent of vintage Victorian postcards and¨ like melancholy souls staring out at you through disguised, beautiful faces. Bec works full time as a graphic designer and part time as an exhibiting artist and commercial illustrator. ' (via Illustration Web)

Martin Stranka

Martin Stranka's photographs exist in that space between dreams and waking, those split seconds when a person has a foot in both worlds.

Shoe Lamp

" Lund School of Architecture student Clara Sjodin put some interesting work on display at a recent international furniture convention: shoe lamps. This novel idea is not only functional art, it’s a great way to express your love for kicks and really “shine some light” on your passion to guests. The cloth shoe laces are not only accurately scaled, they are the actual power cords for the bulbs found in each sneaker, which helps keep the lamp’s design very clean. Would you put a pair up in your house? " (via Kick Fiend)

Andrew Myers

' Myers blends modern material with classical figurative technique featuring a universal subject matter that is prevalent throughout his work. It is his unification of these three characteristics that results in the innovative and modern artwork that captivates viewers and has been so highly acclaimed nationwide. Most recently, Myers has been working on public commissions, some of which include, St. Catherine’s Catholic Church in the Diocese of Orange and a public work for the City of Laguna Beach, California, as well as several private client commissions. Myers’ work graces the pages of LA Times’ Coastline Pilot, OC Register’s Laguna New Post, H Magazine, and NBC San Diego’s spread on The Port of San Diego Sculpture Show. Most recently, Myers placed 1st Sculpture at the highly acclaimed annual Sausalito Arts Festival, and 2nd in Sculptural Pursuit Magazine’s National Sculpture Competition and is featured in a 6 page spread of the July 2008 edition . Andrew Myers has also been featured on ABC’s Eye on LA, Orange County Edition and participates in several nationwide shows each year. '

Sharon Sprung

Sharon Sprung is a Brooklyn based figurative painter who studied at Cornell, The Art Students League in New York, and the National Academy of Design. She won numerous awards and is featured in prominent public collections, including the United States House of Representatives, Bell Laboratories, AT&T, Princeton University, Sherman and Sterling, and the Chase Manhattan Bank.


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Gabby Nathan

' Gabby's paintings reveal an ambivalent approach to the consuming culture and to the consuming society. Hate, disgust, love, and dependence surface from self portraits accompanied by images of inflatable plastic toys. Her work is a kind of painted autobiography, a complicated relationship with the world of shiny plastic and illusions. She was actually an active participant in this world (as an art director in the TV commercial industry) and the commercial world nurtured and fertilized her emotionally, creatively and financially, but naturally she also loathes and resents the brainwash of capitalism. Disappointment of an empty, hollow, and meaningless world often reflects in her work. Gabby has shown in several group exhibitions, among them at the Urbanix gallery, Haifa Museum of Art and at the Fresh Paint contemporary art fair. ' Website.

Emil Alzamora

Emil Alzamora was born in 1975 in Lima, Peru. He was raised in Boca Grande, Florida, where he attended state university and graduated with a BFA magna cum laude in 1998. He started his sculpting career in 1998 in collaboration with Polich Art Works in Hudson Valley. Since his departure in early 2001 he has worked full-time on his sculptures and exhibited regularly across the United States.