Toru Kamei

 photo tumblr_n934v0IpD01trj6noo3_1280_zpsoqlcudnm.jpg  photo tumblr_nfgyz3Exa81s4e1cqo1_1280_zps6t7rwnqr.jpg ' Toru Kamei was born in Tokyo in 1976. He graduated from the Nihon University College of Art with a degree in fine arts and has exhibited his works at the Fukushima Biennale (2008) and the 5th Busan Biennale (2010) as well as at several distinguished galleries in Japan including Gallery Naruyama and Gallery Gyokuei. Kamei’s works are based on the traditional model of still life painting established in medieval Europe referred to in art history terms as vanitas that represent “allegories of the emptiness of earthly life”. Vanitas paintings feature skulls that serve as a metaphor for the certainty of death, clocks that signify a limited amount of time, and rotting fruits placed within a variety of still lifes that represent affluence and luxury. They are commonly interpreted as having the intended effect of evoking within the viewer the transience of vanity; by implanting a unique world of fantasy into this style of painting, Kamei realizes a new modality of painting that surpasses historical constraints.'  photo tumblr_mpjcya0FGm1rv5690o1_1280_zps2zdjab8s.jpg  photo tumblr_nc201eSrvv1s6ylqco4_500_zpszehibio6.jpg

Luis Quiles

 photo marysa_by_gunsmithcat-d4y9te4_zpsdzbrcwto.jpg  photo fast_food_initiation_by_gunsmithcat-d4td2q0_zpsjevjslmz.jpg  photo lana_del_rey_by_gunsmithcat-d55xi1s_zpspzo508it.jpg Shown here, the work of Luis Quiles aka Gunsmithcat. His portfolio is definitely worth a view for his intriguing pieces and strong illustrations.  photo retro_gamer_girl_by_gunsmithcat-d4hx6tr_zpsrotj0c6h.jpg  photo mar_by_gunsmithcat-d4zu6ab_zpsgwmfzl35.jpg

Matthew Grabelsky

 photo Grabelsky8_zpss9pcsl90.jpg  photo Grabelsky7_zpsoje18zuz.jpg  photo Grabelsky4_zpslxv32ffp.jpg " My work is not intended to be viewed as fantasy or as allegory, but rather as a blend of every-day experiences and the subconscious. My paintings are enigmatic, and they create dream-like worlds that invite viewers to form their own interpretations of the imagery presented. I paint in a highly realistic manner, derived from my studies of 19th-century French Academic painters, and I use this visual language to craft modern narratives. I place my subjects in urban settings: trains, gritty alleyways, and cosmopolitan cityscapes; then introduce a twist to create a mix of rational and irrational elements. My work is often humorous, and it straddles the divide between the serious and the bizarre." - Matthew Grabelsky  photo Grabelsky0_zpser8fu78g.jpg  photo Grabelsky13_zpsd092r3c2.jpg  photo Grabelsky2_zpso74vyvq9.jpg

Sophie Smallhorn

 photo Cube-64-5_left_web.png.826x550_q85_scale_zpsj9erqkjh.jpg  photo Cube-27-1_-left_web.png.826x550_q85_scale_zpsrpt33vvb.jpg  photo Cube-64-3_left_web.png.826x550_q85_scale_zps6lvpsrxw.jpg Sophie Smallhorn was born in 1971 and is an artist and consultant. She exhibits internationally and is commissioned by both private and corporate clients. Her work explores the relationships between colour, volume and proportion. Sophie currently lives and works in London.  photo Cube-64-5_web.png.826x550_q85_scale_zpse6qxjq6q.jpg  photo 6web.png.826x550_q85_scale_zpsnbwzu7xg.jpg

Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew

 photo Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew_paintings_Thailand_artodyssey 3_zpspfqic3mq.jpg  photo Under the shade 2013_zps3djlvib6.jpg  photo Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew_paintings_Thailand_artodyssey 18_zpsat9p75an.jpg Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew is one of Thailand’s most exciting and widely admired new-generation artists. Nimmalaikaew has developed a mixing of media that produces magical results. Each Nimmalaikaew works starts from a canvas backdrop that is set inside a deep casement, and that is then lightly veiled by multiple layers of thread and netting. The artist paints not only on the canvas but also on the thread and netting in order to create shimmering portraits and figurative scenes. He creates a depth of field that goes beyond three-dimensional space; rather, his work captures a time-space dimension in a way that has few parallels in the history of art. Yet, to put it that way is still an understatement, for Nimmalaikaew’s genius lies in the way he imagines, and is able to execute with astonishing virtuosity, what might be called a ‘meta-dimension’ that fuses time, space and spirit.  photo 7 Fairy_zps1vjv9pgb.jpg  photo 1545069_300432113415462_1901177016_n_zpswgxnnvdr.jpg

Bicicleta Sem Freio

 photo 17_haim_zpsogb4j7da.jpg  photo 27_zpsh8lwmetc.jpg  photo 55_zpsfykueqbf.jpg Enjoy these fantastic colorful work by Brazilian design and illustration collective Bicicleta Sem Freio which translates into "Bicycle Without Brakes".  photo 26_zpsiiowi1qs.jpg  photo 100_NINJA_zpsr1fnxtum.jpg

Kang-hoon Kang

 photo KANG-KangHoon-2_zps9f915a8c.jpg  photo KANG-KangHoon-1_zps7f345de7.jpg Absolutely incredible oil on canvas paintings by Korean artist Kang-hoon Kang.  photo large_zps4b49ec17.jpg

Loris Cecchini

 photo CasesModulesLiv1050_zps00c3d8e2.jpg  photo CasesModulesLiv1051_zps0d5d7658.jpg  photo CasesModulesLiv1046_zps130efc0d.jpg  photo CasesModulesLiv1047_zps6ddee462.jpg Loris Cecchini is an Italian artist based in Berlin. His work has been exhibited internationally, including in the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the Musée d’Art Moderne de Saint-Etienne Métropole, and the MoMA PS1 in New York.  photo CasesModulesLiv1052_zps16e4a076.jpg  photo CasesModulesLiv1053_zps0240bad2.jpg

Joanne Mattera

 photo l_quad4_zps36661177.jpg  photo l_uttar297_zps5583495f.jpg " Two concerns have engaged me throughout my career: color and geometric order. The grid is the underpinning of these concerns. Within its rigor I organize repeated elements—usually a stripe or square—painting them with a succulent brush that is at odds with the reductivism of the composition. I have long referred to my work as lush minimalism, a term that’s as tongue in cheek as it is true." - Joanne Mattera  photo l_quad1_zpsd72514c0.jpg

Jenny Williams

 photo sunhat_zps847653ae.jpg  photo rainbowsuspenders_zps118cb3c2.jpg  photo football_zpsdd1b3c1b.jpg Artist Jenny Williams is a Brooklyn based illustrator documenting the sartorial choices of her daughter, her brothers, and their friends. Website here.  photo Scan132810000_zps88ae40c9.jpg  photo redmask_zps57d2f61f.jpg