Paulette Jo

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Paulette Jo (Born 1989) is a Mexican graphic designer who has found a way to describe her inner thoughts by drawing and painting. Website here.

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Minghao Dong

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Minghao Dong (b.1983, China/France) Minghao Dong was born in Inner Mongolia, China. Graduated from University of Dalian in 2008, Minghao works predominantly in the medium of painting but also engravings and installations. Gerard Richter has been the greatest influence. This new series of paintings is a reflection of the artist pondering on the properties of human, life and death in a time characterized by impatience, fragments, nihility, and a duality of highly developed civilization and disorder. Minghao Dong has had solo exhibitions in Dalian at Tianyi Gallery, and has participated several group exhibitions in China. He lives and works in Paris since 2009.

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Marcelo Daldoce

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” My work focuses on the terrain beyond the conventional two-dimensional landscape of paper and canvas. In bringing to life a flat surface, I strive to create a puzzle between what is real and what is illusion, what is painted and what is manipulated, turning paint to flesh, paper to sculpture. The figures surrounding the paper folds represent the old habits we have from our parents, experiences, traumas….. It is our duty to brake these patterns and become ourselves.” – Marcelo Daldoce

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Hom Nguyen

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Love it? More are waiting for you over at Hom Nguyen‘s website. Go!

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Masao Kinoshita

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Masao Kinoshita <-- 1971 Born in Nagano Prefecture, Japan; Education: 1991 B.A Sculpture course of Department of Fine Arts, Tokyo Zokei University

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Denyse Thomasos

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Denyse Thomasos (October 10, 1964 – July 19, 2012) A talented and vivacious painter, Denyse won many prestigious national and international awards including a 1997 Guggenheim Fellowship, a 1999 Canada Council Millenium Grant, a Pew Fellowship in the Arts, a Joan Mitchell Foundation Award in Painting and completed a travel ersidency at the American Academy in Rome. Her works are exhibited internationally and have been reviewed across North America and in major art journals. She has been a major stable of the Olga Korper Gallery since her first show in 1998, when her striking architectural structures and weaves narrated a history of the psychological impact on people of colour from slavery to the present day. Travel has always been a major element in her life and work, steering her interest in colour, line, and space towards the homes and harbours she discovered on her adventures to Africa, China, India, and South America.

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Shirana Shahbazi

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Shirana Shahbazi (born 1974) is an Iranian-born photographer who now lives in Switzerland. Her work includes installations and large conceptualized images of everyday life.

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Lizzy Stewart

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Lizzy Stewart is an illustrator and artist currently based in London. Clients include: Faber & Faber, The List, The New York Times, Zizzis, The Scotsman, Aubin & Wills, Red Cap Cards, Little Otsu, Analogue Books, Random House, The Folio Society, Woodpigeon, End of the Road Records, The Guardian, Howies, Eagleowl and more.

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Cone of Shame LED Keychain

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“This little doggie won’t let his cone of shame bring him down. No way, no howl! Simply push in the puppy’s tail on our Cone of Shame LED Keychain and his eyes illuminate. The term “pet lampshade” suddenly becomes quite appropriate. Let this fellow brighten your darkest moments and it’ll provide you with the unconditional illumination that only a key chain flashlight, shaped like a dog, wearing a cone of shame… can. Great for finding the house key late at night!”

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Akio Takamori

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Akio Takamori was born and raised in Japan. He has been exhibiting in the United States, Europe and Asia since the mid 1980s. Takamori received his BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1976 and his MFA from the New York State College of Ceramics, Alfred University in 1978. Takamori’s recent solo exhibitions include Ground (2013), at James Harris Gallery, Seattle, WA and Equivalent (2013), at Galerie Kunstforum Solothurn, Switzerland.

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