Akiko Ijichi

 photo akiko-ijichi-japon_zpsaqhuv0my.jpg  photo ijichi-60324-727805_zpsgofu4d0k.jpg  photo Akiko Ijichi-www.kaifineart.com-4_zps69gjxlxl.jpg Please check out Akiko Ijichi's portfolio. Nothing but goodness there. Yea-huh.  photo Akiko-Ijichi-ct_zpsjtm6ctq0.jpg  photo tumblr_nock0x0PWm1t6w45po1_1280_zpsseqcwb7q.jpg

Amandine Urruty

 photo amandine-urruty-disco-ball_zpsv2s1ek8l.jpg  photo amandine-urruty-egg2-TT_zps0fmfmlg0.jpg  photo amandine-urruty-the-lesson-sm_zps0qbqil3e.jpg  photo amandine-urruty-chenille-sm_zpsk3m7vphb.jpg Amandine Urruty lives and works on her bed, with a suit case full of pens always nearby. After studying at University for long years and a brief career in underground music, Amandine Urruty spreads her repertoire of beasts and her gallery of weird characters on all kind of mediums, on paper as on walls. As she masters techniques of traditional drawing, Amandine Urruty offers us a cheerful gallery of deviant portraits, associating grotesque outfits with baroque decorum which miraculously reconcile lovers of alchemistic symbolism to young ladies with too much make up. Indeed, Amandine Urruty builds her images like we would wander in the alleys of a Sunday fee market, borrowing to the mass of objects and to second hand toys their fundamental ambivalence, being wicked and peaceful, decorative and saturated at the same time.  photo amandine-urruty-egg3-TT_zpsezb8rzsj.jpg  photo amandine-urruty-family-portrait-3sm_zpsicjvp780.jpg  photo amandine-urruty-egg1-TT_zpsrldaenrr.jpg

Redd Walitzki

 photo Redd_Walitzki_CandyGears_07_zpsqwqkqmlf.jpg  photo Of-Cabbages-And_zpsaeeyewc8.jpg Redd Walitzki is an internationally-exhibiting emerging artist focused on figurative Pop-Surrealism. Recent solo exhibitions include Modern Eden in San Francisco and Roq La Rue in Seattle. Her work has been showcased in many galleries including Last Rites in NYC, Auguste Clown in Melbourne, Australia, Ayden Gallery in British Columbia. Redd’s art has also been featured on a variety of media outlets including HiFructose, Juxtapoz and Miroir Magazine.  photo Walitzki_13th-Hour-Queen-Bee-shadows_zpscrtxqe2s.jpg

Kevin Peterson

 photo indie-small1_zpsxh9htwqj.jpg  photo Bidding_zps5cekugdf.jpg  photo protector-sm2_zpsgcxsfyhf.jpg Kevin Peterson studied art at Austin College in Sherman, TX where he received his BFA in 2001. Kevin now makes his home in Houston, TX where he works out of Winter Street Studios.  photo eva-web_zps3a3gv99k.jpg  photo coalition1_zpsxcrwe8yh.jpg

Afruz Amighi

 photo afruzamighi-101114-8923_zpsplrxjrb9.jpg  photo afruzamighi-101114-8937-1_zpsq38voeq4.jpg  photo nameless_zps675eu6il.jpg "Nameless" by Afruz Amighi – 2014 (146″ x 11′ x 62″ dimensions variable) – Steel, Mosquito Netting, Wenge, Invisible Thread, Ultra-suede.  photo afruzamighi-101114-8943-1_zpsykqwdjlx.jpg  photo afruzamighi-101114-8945-2_zps3pqhy5ip.jpg  photo afruzamighi-101114-8932-1_zps0qycq5px.jpg

Mab Graves

 photo feraldetail2_zpsjuzsilaa.jpg  photo 1_zpswngqzlrw.jpg Mab Graves is a Contemporary Pop-Surrealist artist and illustrator living and painting in a converted 1800’s tavern in a small corner of the dusty American Midwest. Her work is inspired deeply by fairy tales and old classic literature. She adores narrative. She blames this on her parents who unrelentingly read aloud to her and her three sisters as small, impressionable children. Mab’s passion for creation has been an overwhelming obsession since she could grip a crayon, at about the age of 6 months. She spent her childhood and teen years adoring graphite and pen mediums (but being very suspicious of paints) until she discovered painting in early 2009, and then it was all over. A self-taught artist, Mab’s work has been shown is galleries both nationally and internationally. Her work has been sold in more than 56 countries. Mab’s art has appeared in many print articles in books and magazines and in 2013 she published her first book of paper dolls with Dover Publishing. She currently lives, works and dreams in Indianapolis, IN.  photo il_fullxfull.528850086_t1fg_zpsrk8vwyui.jpg

Colin Christian

 photo teeth_zpscz6uokif.jpg  photo Untitled-2_zpsqbqvkfbd.jpg Colin Christian is a seminal figure and influence in the POP SURREALISM movement of today's artists. He cites his primary influences as the 1968 French - Italian Roger Vadim film "Barbarella" with Jane Fonda, 1960-70's design, and Science Fiction and Avant Garde Fashion. Colin has exhibited his works all over the world including exhibitions in London. Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Rome, New York, Tokyo, and has maintained a steady visibility at important art fairs such as Art Basel Miami and the Metro Show New York. Colin's art has been published in Spectrum, Hi- Fructose and Juxtapoz magazines. He is included in many well known private collections including Mark Parker, CEO of Nike, and King Dotcom, as well as MOMA Vienna. In 2009 Kanye West commissioned Colin to produce an artwork for his "Glow in the Dark" tour. (via Stephen Romano Gallery)  photo Untitled-1_zpsmxu5fosf.jpg

Kelley Hensing

 photo tarot15_zpsvvhppfdr.jpg  photo talkingthruteeth_zps2d8lnm29.jpg " Nature, religion and the psychology of the subconscious are important sources of inspiration that I seek to unite in my artwork. I am fascinated with how humans develop elaborate connections to the natural world and how we use this to define our purpose. Some revere nature as sacred while others objectify it to suit personal desires. I am intrigued by the complexity of our thoughts and instincts, from how our fears take form in stories and visions to the variety of ways we seek to attain bliss. Using figures and symbolism with a touch of the carnivalesque, I search to illustrate humanity's desires, phobias and our attempts to understand and control our world." - Kelley Hensing  photo pawnshop_kelley_zpsdzq3an2b.jpg

N.C. Winters

 photo yetisdilemma_0_zpsxjcwue6w.jpg  photo arthur_zpsv32nvrhq.jpg  photo murderbunny_0_zpstsjqv6cf.jpg N.C. Winters employs artistic fist lasers to shoot creative works directly into your mindballs. He’s an artist working out of sunny San Diego, constantly drawing, painting, making webcomics, working digitally and even at times sculpting. Winters is constantly pushing out new creative content at a rate that medical professionals are less than comfortable with.  photo wrathoflemonhead_zpsuay2ldpb.jpg  photo incontrol_0_zpsloieve1r.jpg

Myriam Mechita

 photo tete-et-oiseau_zpscz8e8tpk.jpg  photo tas-de-chaine-2red_zpsswoc3xux.jpg  photo femme-qui-pleure-red_zpsihlfppyk.jpg Myriam Mechita was born in 1974 in Strasbourg, France. Her studies include Diplôme national d’expression plastique – Ecole des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg (1997). She has exhibited widely in countries including New York, Paris, Australia, Germany and Holland. Since 2006, Myriam has taught at l’Ecole des Beaux Arts de Caen. She currently lives and works in Paris and is represented by Greenaway Art Gallery in Australia.  photo couple-detail-red_zpsww6wmwhv.jpg  photo branche-et-os_zpszp1ihevb.jpg  photo vue-densemble-velizy_zpskpwrt9v6.jpg