Nicola Alessandrini

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Nicola Alessandrini is a street artist based in Macerata, Italy.

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Wild Dining Plates

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‘Come face to face with nature over dinner with Wild Dining Plates.’

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Cerise Doucede

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Cerise Doucede <-- Born in 1987 in Toulon in France, Cerise Doucede; Lives and work between Paris and Saint Tropez.

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Christopher Schulz

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Native Los Angeles based artist, Christopher Schulz, works in multiple mediums to create his sculpture and 2D wall pieces. Although different disciplines, a common soul is shared in striving to invite emotion, delivering intent and enabling sensory exploration. The vast body of work reflects elements of the artist’s surroundings both past and present, many times depicting familiar iconography to evoke a visual response that brings the viewer into a personal relationship within any given work.

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Saddo is a Romanian artist, illustrator and muralist. This series is made for the “LIFE IS A CASINO” show at MOHS Exhibit Gallery in Copenhagen.

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Sara Zin

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” These watercolor illustrations are traditionally painted, to present the dishes I feel are noteworthy, in a unique and inspiring way.” – Sara Zin

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Rick Bond

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Rick Bond is an established western Canadian artist. He currently lives and paints full time near Vernon, B.C., Canada. He was born in Victoria, B.C. and grew up in the Gulf Islands of Vancouver.

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Théo Mercier

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Théo Mercier (born 1984) is a French sculptor, painter and photographer. He is trained as a designer and self-taught as an artist, and interned with Matthew Barney in 2008. He also worked with Bernard Wilhelm. He uses collage and found objects in his work. Vogue described his work as drawing “on a surreal and dreamlike imaginarium populated by singular, mysterious and often monstrous creatures.” His work has been exhibited at the Galerie Gabrielle Maubrie and the Fondation d’entreprise Ricard in Paris, France and Lille 3000.

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Mark Nixon

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” In June 1995, suffering from a particularly bad case of writers block, I bought a camera, thinking a hobby would give me something other than music to think about and I’d be able to go back to writing songs and getting nowhere. I haven’t picked up the guitar since. Photography came very easily to me. I understood it instinctively and the results, (compared to writing a song, which might take a year, by which time I couldn’t tell if it was any good or not) were instant. I started getting work immediately and soon had to give up signing on the dole (very traumatic) and even my part time waiter’s job. My first big job was a series of book covers for Poolbeg Press, which I couldn’t believe they actually hired me for, since I hadn’t a clue what I was doing. I was given a rough brief and had to find locations, props, models etc. For all you photogs, I was shooting transparency film on a Pentax 67 with no polariods, using filters, mixing daylight and tungsten and keeping my fingers crossed that they would turn out. I travelled to each location on my bicycle, with the lights balanced precariously in a suitcase on the handlebars, camera and tripod strapped to my back. Ahh the good old days. I love photographing people. There is still something magical that happens between the subject, me and the camera that still surprises me. I still feel like I’ve only started.” – Mark Nixon

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Hasan Kale

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Really impressive miniature cities painted on food by artist Hasan Kale. Wow.

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