Ruth Murray

 photo unnamed-1_zpsaodwrzd9.jpg  photo unnamed-2_zps8o2vcrbs.jpg Check out the work of Ruth Murray, a contemporary painter based in London, UK. Please click here to get to her website.  photo unnamed_zpshbm4htjd.jpg  photo unnamed-3_zps8o3c0g4c.jpg

Joseba Eskubi

 photo unnamed-4_zpsfm2wjmd9.png  photo unnamed-3_zpstgt8pm8i.png  photo unnamed-1_zpsbohprbnz.png Joseba Eskubi (born 1967) is a Spanish artist who lives and works in Bilbao, Spain. Joseba Eskubi works with soft, amorphic and organic forms in a universe of decay and his paintings appear in a surrealistic world. His work is often a single organic figure filled with dark secrets, movements and metamorphoses, overflowing with tensions from the abyss. His works are created with mixed media (oil painting, acrylic, plasticine, photography).  photo unnamed-2_zpswan97tih.png  photo unnamed_zpskeu2hr4l.png

Paul Paetzel

 photo unnamed-5_zps3gynlu8c.jpg  photo unnamed-1_zpszwu5uhoy.jpg  photo unnamed-3_zpsfstoritx.jpg Some fantastic work from the talented Paul Paetzel. Check out his page on Flickr when you get a chance.  photo unnamed-4_zpsumoo5a4w.jpg  photo unnamed-2_zpsmvexw3da.jpg  photo unnamed_zps5oiayxlq.jpg

Jae Ko

 photo unnamed-1_zpsz1jnwue2.jpg  photo unnamed-3_zpspx9hihqb.jpg  photo unnamed_zpsxyba1hop.jpg " Jae Ko was born in Korea and has worked in fiber for nearly two decades, transforming ordinary materials like paper into extraordinary sculptural objects. Her work ranges from discrete wall reliefs and small sculptures to monumental installations that evoke topography and movement." (via Strictly Paper)  photo unnamed-2_zpsqtqfgrwj.jpg  photo unnamed-4_zpsuoplnnrx.jpg

Lisa Kellner

 photo unnamed-1_zpspktw0cic.jpg  photo unnamed-4_zpsnhe9pmcw.jpg  photo unnamed-2_zpsiyzataks.jpg " I am a painter of landscapes. In my work, painting and landscape are conceptual in nature and experimental in process. I am fascinated with the landscape. Show me a craggy, decaying space wrought with history and meaning, and I will explore it, both on foot and in my work. I feel an urgency to immerse myself in these places before they are totally gone. The landscape can also be an intangible space. Ethereal in nature, this type of landscape fills the mind with memories and thoughts acquired from living. My paintings focus on activating a landscape of memory and how it portrays a certain person or place. As a painter, there is nothing more satisfying than the smell and feel of paint, and dealing with the elusive white canvas. Yet, I enjoy challenging the notion of what a painting can be and how we participate as viewers. I paint in both two and three dimensions, and use a variety of methods and mediums, in order to capture that moment when opposing elements converge. By merging these disparate components, my challenge is to distill experiential space to its very essence, and discover the silent place." - Lisa Kellner  photo unnamed_zpsrdbwfodn.jpg  photo unnamed-3_zpsoad9sbiz.jpg


 photo unnamed-4_zpswjqye0js.png  photo unnamed-1_zpsfpzqf9ug.png  photo unnamed_zpsbehsqdy4.png Tamen, which translates to “they” in English, is a collective comprising artists Lai Shengyu (born 1978) and Yang Xiogang (born 1979). In their digital photographs and paintings, Tamen juxtaposes elements of traditional Chinese life—for example, a bride by a river—with symbols of the country’s recent meteoric industrialization and economic growth, like luxury sports cars. The artists, who co-create every piece, cite René Magritte and Edward Hopper as influences, explaining, “Our pictures hold up a mirror to contemporary China. This mirror should not just show the outer layer of reality. We are much more concerned with the psychological effects of China’s rapid modernization.”  photo unnamed-2_zpslziajhgr.png  photo unnamed-3_zpsrhzijfyf.png

Israel Hershberg

 photo unnamed-4_zpsmswbjx4k.jpg  photo unnamed-3_zpsxicxnu46.jpg  photo unnamed-2_zpszntv1axq.jpg Israel Hershberg was born on November 7, 1948 in a Displaced Persons camp in Linz, Austria. In 1949 he immigrated to Israel. In 1958 he moved with his parents to the United States where he attended the Brooklyn Museum School, Brooklyn, NY from 1966 to 1968. In 1972 he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York, in 1973 his Master of Arts from the State University of New York, Albany, New York. From 1973 to 1983 he was Instructor of painting and drawing at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland. In 1983 he taught painting at the New York Academy of Art, New York, New York. Israel Hershberg moved back to Israel with his wife and family in 1984. In 1991 he was awarded the Sandberg Prize for Israel Art and in 1998 the Tel Aviv Museum of Art Prize for Israel Art. The artist is the Founder and former Artistsic Director of the Jerusalem Studio School in Jerusalem and is currently the Director & Founder of the JSS in Civita Summer School & Residency in Italy. His work is included in private and public collections internationally. Israel Hershberg is represented by the Marlborough Gallery, New York, and lives and works in Jerusalem, Israel.  photo unnamed_zps3tilkn9v.jpg  photo unnamed-1_zpsgweqfgmv.jpg

Jittagarn Kaewtinkoy

 photo unnamed-5_zpsj5se1mhx.jpg  photo unnamed-2_zpscrl7nimh.jpg  photo unnamed-1_zpsvv0kmbez.jpg Jittagarn Kaewtinkoy was born in 1979 and completed his Bachelor of Fine Art at the Rajamangala Institute in 2001. In the current exhibition, Jittagarn has produced a series of portraits and paintings of well known politicians and of iconic personalities with the intent to explore their sense of commitment towards freedom and justice. It turns out that they often fall into two categories – good and bad. As a person committed to freedom, justice and transparency himself, the artist questions his subjects' intentions and aspirations and whether they are sincere or exploit their positions as leaders and role models. Jittagarn is a contemplative individual who is observant of his surroundings and likes to depict people's characters in his work. He often executes his paintings in a cartoon like manner with bright colours and a fair share of irony. Jittagarn has participated in several art exhibitions in Thailand and also in the USA (2010).  photo unnamed-3_zpshgaspdxs.jpg  photo unnamed_zpsyti3cglj.jpg  photo unnamed-4_zpsqg73hl0d.jpg

Kelly Blevins

 photo unnamed-3_zps4bjqn2qc.jpg  photo unnamed-2_zpsmqquhs1p.jpg " I am a 2 dimensional artist combining the oddities of philosophies, politics and the nude body. The body of work I produce is generally large in scale to create clear, strong statements in relevance to universal concepts related to human nature to create a specific presence. Each drawing starts by applying charcoal powder with a large brush for basic shape and composition. Thereafter, an eraser and a charcoal pencil are used to develop a realistic representation of my visions." - Kelly Blevins  photo unnamed-4_zpsvf5hbvva.jpg  photo unnamed-5_zps6gawkwa4.jpg

Cactus Candles

 photo unnamed_zpsuruw793k.jpg  photo unnamed-4_zps9bdpoinp.jpg  photo unnamed-1_zps2vjuj8xj.jpg Adorable 6-pack of Cactus Candles, perfect for home, wedding, holiday decoration. Click here to buy.  photo unnamed-2_zpsoh48kvcs.jpg  photo unnamed-3_zpsofd0pkew.jpg