Luke Gilford

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Luke Gilford is a Los Angeles based photographer and filmmaker. Website.

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Joongwon Charles Jeong

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Joongwon Charles Jeong is SO talented. Head on over to his website to get a good look at his portfolio.

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Peony Yip

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Love, love, looove the work of illustrator Peony Yip aka The White Deer.

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Jeffry Mitchell

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Jeffry Mitchell was born in Seattle. He received his MFA at the Tyler School of Art, Temple University in Philadelphia. For over twenty-five years Mitchell has produced idiosyncratic sculptures, drawings, and prints. His oeuvre seamlessly combines high and low references that span religion, sex, nature, fine art, and folk and decorative arts traditions. Mitchell was the recipient of a Joan Mitchell Foundation grant in 2009. In 2012, The Henry Art Gallery in Seattle held, Like a Valentine: The Art of Jeffry Mitchell, a career spanning retrospective. Other recent exhibitions include Kurt at the Seattle Art Museum, Washington; Dirt on Delight at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia; and the Contemporary Northwest Art Awards at the Portland Art Museum, Oregon. His work can be found in numerous private and public collections including the Seattle Art Museum, Philadelphia Art Museum, Fogg Art Museum, and the Portland Art Museum.”

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Anna Keville Joyce

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” Currently based out of Buenos Aires, Argentina, I bring my artistic eye, my love for food, and my international experience to each of my projects. I work to transform food into works of art that awaken the appetite as well as the aesthetic sense.” – Anna Keville Joyce

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Miemo Penttinen

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Hong Kong Facades by Miemo Penttinen is a series of photos of fascinatingly massive and abstract facades of huge, tall apartment buildings in Hong Kong.

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Sophia Narrett

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These are Sophia Narrett‘s embroidered paintings. I think her work is fantastic so check it out guys!

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Nina Lindgren

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Loving this cardboard sculpture called Floating city by Nina Lindgren.

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Marion Fayolle

Born May 4, 1988, Marion Fayolle grows in Ardèche and joined the Ecole des Arts Decoratifs in Strasbourg in 2006. She graduated in June 2011. This is in the illustration workshop she met Matthias Malingrey and Simon Roussin with which she founded in 2009 the journal comics and illustrations Nyctalope.

Paulina Escobar

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Today’s discovery is the wonderful world of Paulina Escobar, artist from Medellín, Colombia. Check her out.

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