Stroke by Anya Gallaccio

 photo 05_17_zpsd6jxz2tu.jpg  photo AG172_0_zpsbimqylxv.jpg "...Gallaccio's installation "Stroke" is a curious combination of emotions - scatologically hilarious one moment, melancholy the next. Working well within a minimalist tradition, Gallaccio's entropic urges go a step further than Richard Serra's wall pieces or Richard Long's mudworks. Feminist in material, natural in its decay, subversively Freudian, "Stroke" is an enigmatic and challenging work." (via BLUM & POE)  photo chocolateroom1_zpsrkv6odwc.jpg  photo 6b6d3b5c-dd4f-11e3-_701481c_zpsomkcr1sc.jpg

Mimi Scholz

 photo f83ac818cd5146619e16ad374d3111e5_zpsl4srsyrb.jpg  photo 2f9a765b3f308386ee9370b2fc9e35db_zpsiut1ov28.jpg Mimi Scholz has her roots in traditional art and animation and started to use the computer as an artistic tool in 2000 while she was working for film and design-agencies as an illustrator and animator.The endless opportunities of the digital world fascinated her from the start and she began to improve her technical skills in painting her pencil- illustrations digitally. Without having the serious intention to get into any art-businesss she created her first digital works for herself until she met Yasha Young from Strychnin Gallery in 2006 who encouraged her to work as a full time artist and to show her work in public. Since being represented by Young and Strychnin Gallery as her “home and family“ she took part in numerous international exhibitions and art fairs. All her digital artwork is based on pencil sketches as pre-work which she describes as the most creative part of the time-consuming process of evolving a digital painting. She is using the wacom tablet and pen as a paintbrush colouring her work layer by layer in high precision which usually takes several months to get finished. Her large works often span about 2 meters in length when printed out on museum-quality paper and are being hand-grafted and varnished with an acrylic coat by the artist herself. These big pieces are always one of a kind and became the key to her artistic identity as the artist´s personal masterpieces. Mimi S. filled paintings are revealing dynamic stories which are told in many little details sarcastically poking the cliches of the female psyche sexuality and beauty by showing her "unpredictable women with an attitude“ bluring the lines between good and evil ambivalent in sane and insane while pushing to the edge of total hysteria. Strange fluffy creatures and animals usually appear as supporting protagonists in these maniac scenarios too.  photo Mimi-Scholz_The-proof-is-in-the-pudding_zps9aibamyv.jpg

Cadavre Exquis by Jules Julien

 photo hm_jules-julien_cadavre-exquis_full.3_zpstothziw1.jpg  photo hm_jules-julien_cadavre-exquis_full.7_zpsjhsgbnxe.jpg  photo hm_jules-julien_cadavre-exquis_full.2_zpstngn8i4p.jpg An illustration series by Jules Julien created for a special exhibition at the Diesel Denim Gallery Aoyama in Tokyo, Japan.  photo hm_jules-julien_cadavre-exquis_full.4_zpsgtawugnp.jpg  photo hm_jules-julien_cadavre-exquis_full.1_zpsra6oslzv.jpg  photo hm_jules-julien_cadavre-exquis_full_zpsk5ctkgpn.jpg

You Snooze, You Brew Tea Infuser

 photo e35ae63f0499f6ec1e87adf99c4772ad_zpsan3s1820.jpg  photo 2b133b554328e40cfd047a8c9c88dd4c_zpsnssce2f1.jpg Waking up to the friendly face of this tea infuser by Fred makes any morning a delight! This smiling sloth brews tea in its sturdy-yet-flexible silicone body - which fits perfectly over your favorite mug, taking each sip to dreamy new lands. Click here to buy.  photo 5002199bfc1f96e00aa97bc9f689bc3c_zpsbrpua2ah.jpg

Guillaume Dutreix

 photo night002_zpssgnw8tqp.jpg  photo night001_zpsl5cjciug.jpg Gorgeous photography by Paris-based photographer Guillaume Dutreix. Love.  photo night003_zpsuippurpe.jpg  photo night004_zpsa2hargpq.jpg

Christian Stearry

 photo tumblr_n4p859KzQh1qctyz5o3_1280_zpsiwd2nkzn.jpg  photo tumblr_n7vustEV7A1qctyz5o1_500_zps99maulzv.jpg  photo tumblr_n7w3xfVORK1qctyz5o1_500_zpshjzr7ohf.jpg Toronto based artist Christian Stearry is SO talented. Head on over to his website to get a good look at his portfolio.  photo tumblr_n4cmpaWGqP1qctyz5o1_500_zpsyeuexpvf.jpg  photo tumblr_mgwvzpe3K01qctyz5o1_500_zps1xmwbrlf.jpg

Hikari Shimoda

 photo tumblr_mr61ib0QUn1r1ljcro1_1280_zpsia0qqq3r.jpg  photo tumblr_mib2ow4qbq1r1ljcro1_1280_zpsznz1c0ux.jpg The paintings by Hikari Shimoda expose the isolation and loneliness often felt by children as they try to make sense of the world around them. Her distortions of reality convey deeper feelings than more literal representations could. (via AkaTako.net)  photo tumblr_mib2s17Hdx1r1ljcro1_1280_zpswcnu6ntw.jpg  photo 2014-10-12_14.02.12-1_8bc8df71-84f4-4fc2-92c0-358b1ff0dc57_zps63lmop9n.jpg

Penny Byrne

 photo -5-for-screen-viewing--srgb-web-graded-900-pixels-high-for-website-_zpswupdldfg.jpg  photo 5207-715-623-r_zpsps2h6won.jpg The works of Penny Byrne are at once highly political and beautiful. Consistently working with ceramics, she combines vintage porcelain figures with other materials and objects that disrupt and unsettle the original figure. Sometimes Byrne paints text and motifs directly onto the porcelain surface or uses objects such as vintage Action Man accessories and decorative glass ornaments to bring radically alternate stories to these familiar domestic figurines. Her recent pieces reference conflicts and protests connected to global political affairs such as the Occupy Movement and events in Syria, giving these characters voices and new lives which are far removed from their original purposes as meek sheperdesses or farm girls feeding ducks. Byrne’s meticulously manipulated ceramics are saturated, too, with wry humour. Byrne is based in Melbourne, Australia and holds a BA in Fine Art Ceramics. In 2015 she will be showing in the Venice Biennale, a project in collaboration with the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The artist has won several awards and prizes, and has shown her work extensively in the UK, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. Notable exhibitions include those at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, The Gallery of Western Australia and Saatchi Gallery in London. (via Coates and Scarry)  photo 5210-715-623-r_zps3l3qvmzp.jpg  photo 5211-715-623-r_zps2ef6l8ux.jpg

Vedema by Petros Koublis

 photo Petros_Koublis_02_zpsguywgzem.jpg  photo Petros_Koublis_07_zpskdqrsyf9.jpg  photo Petros_Koublis_08_zpsrjumvrts.jpg  photo Petros_Koublis_05_zps8dkjsjbd.jpg ' The project was commissioned by Vedema, a Luxury Collection Resort, one of Santorini's most unique and prestigious hotels, built around a 400 year old winery made of dark volcanic stones. The hotel is located in the southern part of the island, in the scenic village of Megalochori, next to a wonderful large area of vineyards. The name comes from its history and connection to the surrounding nature, as in Santorinian idiom ventema (βεντέμα) means harvest. I cooperated with interior designer Stamos Hondrodimos from Interior Design Laboratorium, in order to create a series of photographs that would decorate all the rooms and the exclusive suites of this exceptional resort. For that reason, a total of about 100 prints in several dimensions were created from the images of this series and today they can be seen around the Vedema hotel's elegant spaces. The concept of this project was to bring into surface and reveal a different face of Santorini, its hidden aspects and less known parts. The idea was to turn our eyes away from the famous caldera of the island, one of the most breathtaking and photographed parts of the world, and investigate the peculiarities, the secrets and the mysteries of the landscape that spreads towards the eastern part of the island. The project was realized in April of 2014.' - Petros Koublis  photo Petros_Koublis_06_zpsrifnfweh.jpg  photo Petros_Koublis_13_zps4b4ygq6v.jpg  photo Petros_Koublis_09_zpsonvydnpp.jpg

Petits Anges Magnetic Knife Holder

 photo petits_anges_wall_stickers_and_knives_stand_domestic_2__zpsc7f5qusx.jpg  photo petits_anges_wall_stickers_and_knives_stand_domestic_1__zps0xov6g75.jpg The magnetic knife holder Petits anges (set of five) (little angles in French) by Domestic is both an inspired wall decoration and a knife stand to place your knives and kitchen tools in style. Simple and practical the wall stickers and knives stand Petits Anges are wall stickers that feature magnets that can hold your knives, scissors, forks and any other metal kitchen utensil. Your kitchen tools and utensils will fly casually inside your kitchen! The Petits Anges magnetic knife holder is easily attached to your kitchen tiles without any tools at all. They are easy to remove as well. Found here.  photo Petits-Anges-Sticker-Knife-Stand_zpsa58rsry6.jpg