Scott Greenwalt

 photo TWCNBN23_zpss9vtw2md.jpg  photo DSC00124_Final_LowRes_zps51tydiel.jpg  photo Untitled1_LowRes_zpsqelwdjmg.jpg " Inspired by natural and supernatural processes of transformation, I strive to depict fantastic metamorphoses of extraordinary subjects in my paintings, drawings, and installations. I am fascinated by the various phases of transmutation. Much of my work may be described as portraits of non-people, still lifes of non-objects, or landscapes of non-places. Portions of the image may be decipherable, suggesting a current state, while there are others that may foretell what the form will be in the future, and still others that will recall past incarnations. The finished piece becomes a snapshot of numerous brief, ephemeral moments charged with perpetual tension. My imagery is inspired by disparate sources: from work by artists Francis Bacon and Hieronymus Bosch, to anatomical, botanical and geological studies as well as science fiction films of the 1970-80s. They reveal to me a longstanding investigation into the mutability of biological states. Any organism, living or not -- plant, animal, or bacteria -- left to the earth’s natural cycles become chemically hybridized forms, subject to further varied expressions of inherently the same matter. I render these paintings in a language drawn from the craft of horror because I am also interested in engaging with the fear of the unknown, the undecipherable, and a state of uncertainty. However, I believe there are moments of anticipated hope in my work, as well as awareness that through these massive shifts, though the process may be difficult or appear destructive or alien, something majestic and beautiful can be revealed." - Scott Greenwalt  photo Untitled3_LowRes_zpsdf65galq.jpg  photo DSC00119_Final_LowRes_zpsyshpr6zs.jpg

Dwyer Kilcollin

 photo Coatbootsfront_zpsv93jcjym.jpg  photo Coatbootsside_zpsq0tiiwdh.jpg  photo pair1_zpsgdbomq1x.jpg Dwyer Kilcollin lives and works in Los Angeles California. Her sculptures are made by hand. Her sculptures are made from stone. They are not 3D printed.  photo IMG_9204_zpsfibi4guq.jpg  photo Coatbootsverso_zps8zjdnl3a.jpg

Lola Dupré

 photo lola-dupre-william-kano-vein-3_670_zpsi2ipilbc.jpg  photo lola-dupre-william-kano-vein-4_670_zps6zrf6ctz.jpg  photo lola-dupre-william-kano-vein-5_670_zpswrplzjjw.jpg  photo lola-dupre-william-kano-vein-9_670_zps75xshrma.jpg Lola Dupré is a collage artist and illustrator currently based in Galway, Ireland. Working exclusively with paper and scissors her work references both the Dada aesthetic of the early 20th Century and the digital manipulations of the present day. Since 2000 Lola has lived and worked in Scotland, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Spain and now Ireland. Lola is currently working on upcoming exhibition and editorial projects.  photo lola-dupre-william-kano-vein-8_670_zpsptgkouwz.jpg  photo lola-dupre-william-kano-vein-7_670_zpsltlz604z.jpg  photo lola-dupre-william-kano-vein-2_670_zpsj8ypzro0.jpg

Bodily Candles

 photo bodily-candles-3_zpsva33o75i.jpg  photo bodily-candles-4_zps8m5wy2zi.jpg " Do they belong in a museum? Are they naked and heavily-deformed members of a travelling freak show? Or perhaps the result of some brutal experiment involving Sloth from 'The Goonies'? We'll let you make up your own mind but we call them Bodily Candles. As each of them burns, one grimaces and the other just suffers in silence, but this is no reason for you to feel sad – think of it as though you're sending them off to a better place where they will no longer be mocked for their sinister physical appearance. Meticulously hand crafted and highly detailed, they may be utterly freakish but these curious prosthetic ornaments still possess an unexplainable charm and make a refreshing change from your average twee candle." Buy here.  photo bodily-candles-2_zps6uc2wm6d.jpg  photo bodily-candles-xl_zpsjiy9c1zj.jpg

Jack Vanzet

 photo tumblr_ngfxna6uKJ1qa6y0bo1_1280_zpsluxkybaj.jpg  photo tumblr_nl9y6ez2Gz1qa6y0bo1_1280_zpsceqmxm53.jpg  photo tumblr_nu0xb3Pp8S1qa6y0bo1_1280_zpsnuljgufa.jpg Jack Vanzet is a 24 year old creative director and multidisciplinary artist from Melbourne, Australia. Jack works in the fields of graphic design, art direction, typography, illustration and branding.  photo tumblr_noum1v5kFE1qa6y0bo1_1280_zpsw5s83adc.jpg  photo tumblr_nl324lsc0F1qa6y0bo1_1280_zpsmbham9uh.jpg


 photo FULL_HINA11_zps8fsbqfdn.jpg  photo FULL_KAHU_zpsmacsoum7.jpg  photo FULL_MALIHINI1_zpswk75q0l6.jpg Hula travels the world creating paintings which capture the emotions and interactions between the figures and their environment. With each piece, Hula merges his backgrounds in both street and fine art.  photo KUULEI4_zpsidvviclj.jpg  photo FULL_PUUWAI_zpsut6xwnef.jpg  photo tumblr_nwjow5iLJF1s5qhggo1_540_zpsh71qmbrl.jpg

Renee Brown

 photo image 1_zpse5tlb6n9.png  photo image_zpstf8w93qn.png " My sculptures are crafted from a personal vernacular of beauty. Referencing objects from the mineral world, I am inspired by the endless possibilities of surface and composition. My imagination’s interpretation of these objects flow into the work, often bypassing what might rationally be found in nature. This blurred line between reality and created reality intrigues me. Minerals that are mined for ceramic supply enter my studio in their pummeled state and are transformed into the visual essence of their original existence. This redemptive quality reflects my journey as an artist striving to incorporate the seemingly disparate concepts of ancient world and modern life. It is fulfilling to convey elemental inspiration through a modern studio practice; using industrialized processes to bring my naturally inspired work into the vernacular of contemporary ceramics." - Renee Brown  photo image 2_zps16qtitst.png  photo image 3_zpsllgjgyup.png

Beata “Bea” Szenfeld

 photo bea_szenfeld_-_swimwear_haute_couture_-_by_kristian-loveborg_01-small_zpsdi090ggq.jpg  photo bea_szenfeld_-_swimwear_haute_couture_-_by_kristian-loveborg_02-small_zpsekxu4jlm.jpg Beata "Bea" Szenfeld (born 23 December 1972 in Poland) is a Swedish designer and fashion designer. She is known for her artistic and experimental creations with unusual fabrics and contexts. She has also designed invitations and held exhibitions with art work.  photo bea_szenfeld_-_swimwear_haute_couture_-_by_kristian-loveborg_03-small_zpsflklifwa.jpg  photo bea_szenfeld_-_swimwear_haute_couture_-_by_kristian-loveborg_04-small_zpsqvqwmj04.jpg

Lee Griggs

 photo a559518eef28710a1a256366de6af189_zpssdba1zqx.jpg  photo 7b1bc0e5f74841704394ba5cc2e80c58_zpscfztduvk.jpg  photo 38bc16d32d3ce78ff7fc6cd077aef40f_zpshhho625o.jpg  photo 491f08454f07d838dac1859f9ed4e209_zpsppbm8tij.jpg Super cool series of facial deformations with geometrically-shaped skin by Spanish designer Lee Griggs. Have a look guys!  photo 3f5a3cabb35699eeb583409c4cc282d7_zps6qsbnexi.jpg  photo 82f1d917641bbd3da21ffe2600755ed3_zpsay543upc.jpg  photo 79ac3e2f172cb2e1dd5dd802043521ea_zps4eonyiqm.jpg

Eero Lampinen

 photo EeroLampinen-sorcererWEB_2_760_zpsgo8sv7h0.jpg  photo YO-EeroLampinen_760_zps0szserqs.jpg " I'm a Helsinki based illustrator who works with ink, brushes, watercolor and a dreamy digital color palette. My drawings are an intriguing blend of fantasy and pop culture, often depicting offbeat characters in adjacent realities." - Eero Lampinen  photo gardenerFLAT_760_zps5quxclit.jpg