Brent Estabrook

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Brent Estabrook‘s playful work, ripe with sociopolitical commentary and fraught with the unbridled passion of a determined young artist, challenges the viewer to reconsider familiar images, products and ideas as he himself explores the liminal space between discovery and curiosity. He is inspired by artist such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and the portraiture work of Rembrandt, and over the years he has transformed his study into a style which is uniquely his own. To date his collection is mainly held by private collectors throughout California. His work is currently on display in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and he is evaluating opportunities for representation in New York.

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Pasha Bumazhniy

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Artist Pasha Bumazhniy got talent coming out of his ears. Go check him out!

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Nathan Hervieux

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Amazing portfolio from a talented French photographer – Nathan Hervieux.

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Flim Flam by John Breed

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Flim Flam: Real monkey skeleton gilded with 24 karat gold leaf in bird cage by John Breed ( Flim flam is a slang word for monkey business, the idea behind it is that we all are somehow trapped in the cage of the idea how life should be reflecting and mirroring us on others, a waste of time and foolish too!)

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Carl Beazley

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Carl Beazley (b. 1988 Reading, England) U.K based artist specializing in experimental and surrealist portraiture. Taking inspiration from world cinema, particularly the works of Matthew Barney, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Jan Svankmajer, Lars Von Trier, Peter Strickland, Ben Wheatley, György Pálfi and Gasper Noe, Carl aims to push the boundaries of contemporary art.

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Jon Cattapan

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Jon Cattapan is an extensively exhibited visual artist who lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. He first began exhibiting in 1979 and his works deal primarily with ways of representing urban topographies and narratives. He is known for panoramic layered city vistas and figurative groupings and has a long held preoccupation for the way human beings negotiate territories. Within his paintings, drawings and prints we see influences of contemporary global culture and recent history that range from science fiction and film through to urban social debates. His extensive travels in Asia and living in cities such as New York, London and Venice have deeply influenced his practice. Cattapan’s work has been accorded many accolades.

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Charlie Clift

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Trust a British photographer to ponder the weather. On a recent skiing trip Charlie Clift, a London based portrait photographer was struck by the effect the weather has on our faces. Panda eyes, red noses, wide grins and sun-kissed cheeks – Charlie took his camera to the slopes to photograph the faces of winter sports enthusiasts as they arrived down from the slopes for their lunch break. The result is a collection of fascinating faces all exposed to the same weather conditions – harsh alpine wind, blazing sunshine and icy snowflakes. If there is one piece of advice to give it is: always wear sunscreen. More photos on Charlie’s website here.

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TALWST is a Canadian-Trinidadian artist engaged in mixed media and performance practices. Through his work, he explores the narrative of art history, whilst inserting elements of contrasting cultures in order to engage a larger audience and in hopes of broadening the addressed themes in art historical discourse.

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Fábio Magalhães

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Fábio Magalhães (Tanque Novo – Ba, 1982) lives and works in Salvador, where he went to undergraduate school in Fine Arts at the Federal University of Bahia. He works with self-reference painting. Metaphorically connecting images of his own body, feelings and banal situations, he aims at pointing out conditions inconceivable to be portrayed but through artifices and distortions of reality. As for this, his art pieces are the result of a modus operandi that makes part of the photographic universe and results in a kind of parallel reality, materialized in the universe of painting. In which, he creates contours of a disturbing reality.

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Mike Dargas

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Mike Dargas was born 1983 in Cologne, Germany. Inspiried by Dali, Caravaggio and HR Giga Mike begins to focus on surrealism and realism. His works show the picture of people, painted realistically in oil on canvas. The precise technique gives, like a photography, a snapshot of the moment. The artist studies his motifs with such intensity, that each portrait pictures a profile of increasing intimate closeness. The perfection of his technique seems to search for the perfect image, like he was searching for the soul within each single one. With his works Mike Dargas challenges us to take a deeper look, to understand the nature of human being and to question our own emotional perception. The artist lives and works in Cologne, Germany.

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