Sebastian Wahl

 photo kaleidoscope4-big_zpsc3kf8swf.jpg  photo kaleidoscope2-big_zpsooo3b55y.jpg  photo kaleidoscope3-big_zpsocvkjpo5.jpg " Through my work, I aspire to create wonder and to enhance mindfulness, concentration, tranquility and insight in myself as well as my audience. I hope that when others view my collages it helps them to interpret life positively and to bring that energy and positivity with them out in to our world." - Sebastian Wahl  photo kaleidoscope6-big_zps2myqcnqo.jpg  photo kaleidoscope7-big_zpsm2co6x6d.jpg  photo kaleidoscope1-big_zpsfeipuc8k.jpg

Eun-Ha Paek

 photo baggieDog_zpsa7mrdtq5.jpg  photo poodleBoxBlueGlazed1_zpsceeicrxm.jpg  photo poodleBoxOrange_zpsla5vomnq.jpg Eun-Ha Paek <-- was born in Seoul, Korea. She received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her animated films have screened in the Guggenheim Museum, Sundance Film Festival, and venues internationally. Grants and awards include a Travel and Study Grant from The Jerome Foundation (2008) and the Anna Siok Award from Greenwich House Pottery (2014). Her work has received mentions in The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly and G4 Tech TV. She has been a guest lecturer at Rhode Island School of Design and Fashion Institute of Technology and a visiting critic at Maryland Institute College of Art.  photo poodleBoxPink_zpsaix594ne.jpg  photo poodleBoxYellow_zpsyrlow2oa.jpg

Tássia Bianchini

 photo tumblr_nvgg2jhM281rq9yq4o1_500_zpssj0zvngq.jpg  photo tumblr_nvn4opzY6L1rq9yq4o1_500_zpsua6vcwqt.jpg Please enjoy these fantastic colorful paintings by artist Tássia Bianchini. Love it!  photo tumblr_nvdvvvcH6M1rq9yq4o1_500_zpskkhdektm.jpg  photo tumblr_nvt165ZC6j1rq9yq4o1_500_zpsedmv3gi2.jpg

Sticker High: PHASES

 photo IMG_3175_zpsqdn0ehju.jpg  photo IMG_3170_zpspflhtpqk.jpg  photo IMG_3263_zpsqkau3yb0.png

Austin Moore

 photo tumblr_nuu4y70noR1ua3vm9o3_1280_zpsptkfwo10.jpg  photo tumblr_nuu4y70noR1ua3vm9o2_1280_zpsi8p8pom1.jpg Austin Moore is currently a design student at School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City. Peep more of his work here.  photo tumblr_nuu4y70noR1ua3vm9o1_1280_zps2a0mrc5l.jpg

Brandon Ragnar Johnson

 photo unnamed 4_zpsvohmlvja.png  photo unnamed 3_zpsohyj0bqo.png  photo unnamed_zps4y1dpih8.png California based artist Brandon Ragnar Johnson's aesthetic is born at the intersection of illustration and design. His work is often some combination of the things he most loves; film noir, fashion illustration, classic cartoons, the great men's magazine artists, mid century design and architecture, punk rock, monsters and old Las Vegas. His work has been collected in numerous books and can be found on television, films, apparel, toys, textiles, home goods, museums and galleries. His clients include- Disney, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, Gigantic, Spectrum, Legendary Pictures, DC Comics, Sony, MTV, Matel, Bad Robot. Partners include Lamps Plus, Cranston Fabrics, Dark Horse, 3D Retro, Sin In Linen, House Of Secrets, Mead, and ACME Archives.  photo unnamed 1_zpsgkp7peur.png  photo unnamed 2_zpshxmc4jwz.png

Vipoo Srivilasa

 photo DSC_2560_zpsjj8znr4h.jpg  photo DSC_2555_zpsvgfjgow2.jpg  photo DSC_1402_zpscnwltjws.jpg Vipoo’s development as a professional artist began when he moved from Thailand to Australia in 1997 to undertake a Master of Fine Art and Design (Ceramics) at the University of Tasmania, where he was later offered a 6 month Honorary Research Associate position. Now working and living in Melbourne, Vipoo works predominantly in ceramics but also produce animation, works on paper and mixed media sculptures. Vipoo’s recent work has been concerned with the ideas of contemporary social, political and ethical issues as well as his experience living between two homes, Australia and Thailand. The works also show his passion for historical ceramic production.  photo DSC_2567_zpsbj09vhcy.jpg  photo DSC_2569_zpsg9k0lkzi.jpg  photo DSC_2564_zpsm9xpoqgw.jpg

Scott Greenwalt

 photo TWCNBN23_zpss9vtw2md.jpg  photo DSC00124_Final_LowRes_zps51tydiel.jpg  photo Untitled1_LowRes_zpsqelwdjmg.jpg " Inspired by natural and supernatural processes of transformation, I strive to depict fantastic metamorphoses of extraordinary subjects in my paintings, drawings, and installations. I am fascinated by the various phases of transmutation. Much of my work may be described as portraits of non-people, still lifes of non-objects, or landscapes of non-places. Portions of the image may be decipherable, suggesting a current state, while there are others that may foretell what the form will be in the future, and still others that will recall past incarnations. The finished piece becomes a snapshot of numerous brief, ephemeral moments charged with perpetual tension. My imagery is inspired by disparate sources: from work by artists Francis Bacon and Hieronymus Bosch, to anatomical, botanical and geological studies as well as science fiction films of the 1970-80s. They reveal to me a longstanding investigation into the mutability of biological states. Any organism, living or not -- plant, animal, or bacteria -- left to the earth’s natural cycles become chemically hybridized forms, subject to further varied expressions of inherently the same matter. I render these paintings in a language drawn from the craft of horror because I am also interested in engaging with the fear of the unknown, the undecipherable, and a state of uncertainty. However, I believe there are moments of anticipated hope in my work, as well as awareness that through these massive shifts, though the process may be difficult or appear destructive or alien, something majestic and beautiful can be revealed." - Scott Greenwalt  photo Untitled3_LowRes_zpsdf65galq.jpg  photo DSC00119_Final_LowRes_zpsyshpr6zs.jpg

Dwyer Kilcollin

 photo Coatbootsfront_zpsv93jcjym.jpg  photo Coatbootsside_zpsq0tiiwdh.jpg  photo pair1_zpsgdbomq1x.jpg Dwyer Kilcollin lives and works in Los Angeles California. Her sculptures are made by hand. Her sculptures are made from stone. They are not 3D printed.  photo IMG_9204_zpsfibi4guq.jpg  photo Coatbootsverso_zps8zjdnl3a.jpg

Lola Dupré

 photo lola-dupre-william-kano-vein-3_670_zpsi2ipilbc.jpg  photo lola-dupre-william-kano-vein-4_670_zps6zrf6ctz.jpg  photo lola-dupre-william-kano-vein-5_670_zpswrplzjjw.jpg  photo lola-dupre-william-kano-vein-9_670_zps75xshrma.jpg Lola Dupré is a collage artist and illustrator currently based in Galway, Ireland. Working exclusively with paper and scissors her work references both the Dada aesthetic of the early 20th Century and the digital manipulations of the present day. Since 2000 Lola has lived and worked in Scotland, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Spain and now Ireland. Lola is currently working on upcoming exhibition and editorial projects.  photo lola-dupre-william-kano-vein-8_670_zpsptgkouwz.jpg  photo lola-dupre-william-kano-vein-7_670_zpsltlz604z.jpg  photo lola-dupre-william-kano-vein-2_670_zpsj8ypzro0.jpg