Modus Oper-Handy Multi-Tool

 photo Modus-Oper-Handy-Multi-Tool-1_zpsdu1mrrcm.jpg  photo Modus-Oper-Handy-Multi-Tool-3_zpsrajoddro.jpg ' For someone as prone to fixing and improving as you are, the set of tools you carry daily might as well bring you delight! This Kikkerland multi-tool takes on a personality of its own with its beech wood casing and bevy of convenient gizmos that unfold to form fun critters.' Buy here.  photo Modus-Oper-Handy-Multi-Tool-2_zpspvi2tzgi.jpg  photo Modus-Oper-Handy-Multi-Tool2_zpsmosluesl.jpg

Robin Eisenberg

 photo Untitled-3_zpsyopiydqy.jpg  photo Untitled-2_zpsgbcxadlk.jpg Robin Eisenberg has been making a bunch of rad stuff lately. Most of it is put on her Instagram page. Duh, I love it. View the rest here.  photo weekendplansgoth_zpson0thzq5.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zpst9oxdfhq.jpg

Natalie Hanss

 photo kelly-sugar-portrait_zpsx8hozodj.jpeg  photo sugar-skull-on-knees_zpskupprxtk.png Great illustration work from Natalie Hanss. More here… it's all fantastic!  photo sugar-portrait-004_zpsmhtiwmhf.jpeg  photo davis-sugar-portrait_zpsjqw4mahh.jpg

Fat Heroes by Carlos Dattoli

 photo fat_heroes___spidey_and_the_avengers__by_carlosdattoliart-d8gjemo_zpsh3hw0me9.jpg  photo fat_heroes__x_men__by_carlosdattoliart-d8gg2qx_zpsi7ifqdwe.jpg  photo fat_heroes__aquaman__by_carlosdattoliart-d96hdvl_zpsyzt2lbor.jpg Make sure you check the site of Carlos Dattoli as soon as you're done reading this. It won't disappoint.  photo fat_heroes__dc__by_carlosdattoliart-d8fn3cz_zpsc1cpme4j.jpg  photo fat_heroes_turtle_ninjas_carlosdattoli_by_carlosdattoliart-d8gwm83_zpskvton8gg.jpg  photo fat_heroes___street_fighter__by_carlosdattoliart-d8gscd0_zpsjolmrgaw.jpg

Sticker High: Fab

 photo IMG_3205_zps7oxngyc6.jpg  photo IMG_3207_zpsbfdeqrot.jpg  photo IMG_3211_zpsu73kczv9.jpg

Sebastian Wahl

 photo kaleidoscope4-big_zpsc3kf8swf.jpg  photo kaleidoscope2-big_zpsooo3b55y.jpg  photo kaleidoscope3-big_zpsocvkjpo5.jpg " Through my work, I aspire to create wonder and to enhance mindfulness, concentration, tranquility and insight in myself as well as my audience. I hope that when others view my collages it helps them to interpret life positively and to bring that energy and positivity with them out in to our world." - Sebastian Wahl  photo kaleidoscope6-big_zps2myqcnqo.jpg  photo kaleidoscope7-big_zpsm2co6x6d.jpg  photo kaleidoscope1-big_zpsfeipuc8k.jpg

Eun-Ha Paek

 photo baggieDog_zpsa7mrdtq5.jpg  photo poodleBoxBlueGlazed1_zpsceeicrxm.jpg  photo poodleBoxOrange_zpsla5vomnq.jpg Eun-Ha Paek <-- was born in Seoul, Korea. She received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her animated films have screened in the Guggenheim Museum, Sundance Film Festival, and venues internationally. Grants and awards include a Travel and Study Grant from The Jerome Foundation (2008) and the Anna Siok Award from Greenwich House Pottery (2014). Her work has received mentions in The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly and G4 Tech TV. She has been a guest lecturer at Rhode Island School of Design and Fashion Institute of Technology and a visiting critic at Maryland Institute College of Art.  photo poodleBoxPink_zpsaix594ne.jpg  photo poodleBoxYellow_zpsyrlow2oa.jpg

Tássia Bianchini

 photo tumblr_nvgg2jhM281rq9yq4o1_500_zpssj0zvngq.jpg  photo tumblr_nvn4opzY6L1rq9yq4o1_500_zpsua6vcwqt.jpg Please enjoy these fantastic colorful paintings by artist Tássia Bianchini. Love it!  photo tumblr_nvdvvvcH6M1rq9yq4o1_500_zpskkhdektm.jpg  photo tumblr_nvt165ZC6j1rq9yq4o1_500_zpsedmv3gi2.jpg

Sticker High: PHASES

 photo IMG_3175_zpsqdn0ehju.jpg  photo IMG_3170_zpspflhtpqk.jpg  photo IMG_3263_zpsqkau3yb0.png

Austin Moore

 photo tumblr_nuu4y70noR1ua3vm9o3_1280_zpsptkfwo10.jpg  photo tumblr_nuu4y70noR1ua3vm9o2_1280_zpsi8p8pom1.jpg Austin Moore is currently a design student at School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City. Peep more of his work here.  photo tumblr_nuu4y70noR1ua3vm9o1_1280_zps2a0mrc5l.jpg