Ruslan Suleimanov

 photo 8774e125711273.563499375efd9_zpsu65rbr6a.jpg  photo 484a2725711273.5634993781d5a_zpsvhmhjh3f.jpg  photo f4942625711273.563499376416d_zpshyheovfg.jpg Ruslan Suleimanov is a talented illustrator and graphic designer based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Please view the rest of his work at Behance here.  photo c8b17625711273.5634993776a6a_zpsmpazrbxd.jpg  photo 47bfeb25711273.5634993753436_zpsyllfcirt.jpg  photo c1d7f925711273.563499375a0a9_zpszbhrdwgh.jpg

Guy Goodwin

 photo a31108245aad763b666e8258d28355c3_zpstpwiymry.jpg  photo f27191bdee0020e08240bb598f29116b_zpslimgnrui.jpg  photo 8bd601e66b21156efa4c6cf8e4140c76_zpsgs64yq9w.jpg Guy Goodwin (b. 1940) lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Goodwin received his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Illinois in 1965. Notable exhibitions include: Looking Back / The Ninth White Columns Annual - Selected by Cleopatra's, White Columns, New York, NY (2015), High Times, Hard Times: New York Painting 1967 - 1975, curated by Katy Siegel with David Reed advising (2006-07, traveling), Daniel Weinberg Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (1987), Bykert Gallery, New York, NY (1974), Whitney Annual Exhibition of American Painting, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY (1972).  photo d8da7e567dbe1fad50fda294eeea1879_zpss3bjvbom.jpg  photo 9117735bfd866850879135113d819a7a_zpsc3nwcpgg.jpg  photo 1aa7812fedcd8fc3484fa36acae9c182_zpsmzhg6itw.jpg

Luke Butler

 photo 20111223223008-45551_zps233r8ov5.jpeg  photo butler1_zpshgxb32vt.jpg  photo butler2_zps6q4c8rfz.jpg Luke Butler (b. 1971) received his MFA from CCA in 2008. He has held solo exhibitions in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and has been included in numerous group shows, most notably at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego and the 2010 California Biennial at the Orange County Museum of Art. His work is part of numerous collections, including the Norton Museum, West Palm Beach. Butler currently lives and works in San Francisco, CA.  photo butler3_zps80oawdnf.jpg  photo 20110604171019-Butler_CaptainXXX_e_zpsjkeolk11.jpg  photo 09200835_zpssnr7xrc7.jpg

Bart Hess

 photo Heart-to-Mouth_03_zpsofod3iin.jpg  photo bart-hess_zpsdd3yfmrh.jpg  photo Heart-to-Mouth_02_zpsvavnmddv.jpg The work of Bart Hess is of the most tactile and intuitive nature. He first delved into instinctive textiles when studying at the Design Academy Eindhoven, where he created A Hunt for High Tech, a collection of materials that mimicked the bestial outer layers of unfamiliar hybrid species, accompanied by an evocative film that brilliantly brought his concepts to life. Over the past six years, Hess has developed an impressive roster of work. He has pinned, stretched, slimed and scraped materials in relation to the human body, and collaborated with the likes of Lucy McRae, Nick Knight, Lady Gaga, Iris van Herpen and Walter van Beirendonck. In 2013, he is the recipient of the Stichting Profiel prize and his work is the subject of a mid-career survey at the Rijksmuseum Enschede. The exhibition notes explain that Hess creates another world, one “in which technology melds body and object… when we don the materials and applications that Hess has created, we are transformed into a new but completely logical creature.” (via Artnau)  photo Heart-to-Mouth_04_zpsdbjzficp.jpg  photo Heart-to-Mouth_05_zpspl4rjkkw.jpg

Tristan Pigott

 photo 6d04ae7f-beb3-44f0-9289-62ac28975365_zpsjjlgouic.jpg  photo 9158b733-468c-401d-9173-25fd56a92da2_zpshzujvi0l.jpg  photo ae740af8-ada8-4038-be3e-c0a7e3d81cf4_zpspvar3dfn.jpg " My paintings convey how human ego is translated into image, by juxtaposing realistic painted figures before a surreal backdrop. The narcissism typically associated with portraiture is given a satirical undertone. My paintings playfully mock the importance we place on image and perception. The abstract composition of the work displays the difference between performance and reality. Alternatively, I illustrate details such as clothes and hair with realism to emphasize the importance my sitter, as well as the viewer, place in their own image." - Tristan Pigott  photo 2a20641f-02d4-48be-9682-c281ae018ab6_zpspuyvq4s3.jpg  photo 28f1a93b-aaf5-48d6-9280-64c60d843ede_zpswkfi5xkv.jpg

Modus Oper-Handy Multi-Tool

 photo Modus-Oper-Handy-Multi-Tool-1_zpsdu1mrrcm.jpg  photo Modus-Oper-Handy-Multi-Tool-3_zpsrajoddro.jpg ' For someone as prone to fixing and improving as you are, the set of tools you carry daily might as well bring you delight! This Kikkerland multi-tool takes on a personality of its own with its beech wood casing and bevy of convenient gizmos that unfold to form fun critters.' Buy here.  photo Modus-Oper-Handy-Multi-Tool-2_zpspvi2tzgi.jpg  photo Modus-Oper-Handy-Multi-Tool2_zpsmosluesl.jpg

Robin Eisenberg

 photo Untitled-3_zpsyopiydqy.jpg  photo Untitled-2_zpsgbcxadlk.jpg Robin Eisenberg has been making a bunch of rad stuff lately. Most of it is put on her Instagram page. Duh, I love it. View the rest here.  photo weekendplansgoth_zpson0thzq5.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zpst9oxdfhq.jpg

Natalie Hanss

 photo kelly-sugar-portrait_zpsx8hozodj.jpeg  photo sugar-skull-on-knees_zpskupprxtk.png Great illustration work from Natalie Hanss. More here… it's all fantastic!  photo sugar-portrait-004_zpsmhtiwmhf.jpeg  photo davis-sugar-portrait_zpsjqw4mahh.jpg

Fat Heroes by Carlos Dattoli

 photo fat_heroes___spidey_and_the_avengers__by_carlosdattoliart-d8gjemo_zpsh3hw0me9.jpg  photo fat_heroes__x_men__by_carlosdattoliart-d8gg2qx_zpsi7ifqdwe.jpg  photo fat_heroes__aquaman__by_carlosdattoliart-d96hdvl_zpsyzt2lbor.jpg Make sure you check the site of Carlos Dattoli as soon as you're done reading this. It won't disappoint.  photo fat_heroes__dc__by_carlosdattoliart-d8fn3cz_zpsc1cpme4j.jpg  photo fat_heroes_turtle_ninjas_carlosdattoli_by_carlosdattoliart-d8gwm83_zpskvton8gg.jpg  photo fat_heroes___street_fighter__by_carlosdattoliart-d8gscd0_zpsjolmrgaw.jpg

Sticker High: Fab

 photo IMG_3205_zps7oxngyc6.jpg  photo IMG_3207_zpsbfdeqrot.jpg  photo IMG_3211_zpsu73kczv9.jpg