Maggie West

 photo jourdan-miller-by-maggie-west-2_410_zpshjdxqzz8.jpg  photo jourdan-miller-by-maggie-west-7_410_zpsve37bgpk.jpg  photo jourdan-miller-by-maggie-west-9_410_zpsoktzbgzl.jpg  photo jourdan-miller-by-maggie-west-3_410_zpsdqljw8zb.jpg Say hello to Los Angeles-based beauty photographer Maggie West . Loveliness.  photo jourdan-miller-by-maggie-west-1_410_zpsyhni8uto.jpg  photo jourdan-miller-by-maggie-west-4_410_zpsd8r87ylg.jpg  photo jourdan-miller-by-maggie-west-5_410_zps848xc8dg.jpg

Sarah Louise Davey

 photo image 1_zpsjnuwfngo.jpg  photo image 4_zpsgaiirazf.jpg  photo image_zps99fplb5z.jpg " Through the vessel of the figure and materiality of clay, I create sculptural objects and installations to evoke intuitive, visceral responses informed by our subjective notions of physical image and societal norms. I question my own experiences of these through the various personalities that emerge with each hybrid portrait, as they are often a mix of whimsical beauty and exaggerated macabre. Posture and pose illustrate the psychological scope of the feral female while their wide-eyed gazes portray an emotional duality that is constantly evolving within each beastly image. At the heart of these works is the eternal push and pull of the spirit. The two-headed beast, the twin within, living just beneath the skin, sharing the shell and breathing life in through the cracks. They are psychic creatures blistered by hope and beaten with twinges of nostalgia." - Sarah Louise Davey  photo image 5_zps0geerbib.jpg  photo image 2_zps7u4fvqbm.jpg  photo image 3_zpshltkvjgn.jpg

Peach Blossom by Pip & Pop

 photo Untitled-4_zpsplkoddys.jpg  photo Untitled-3_zps2wyqmkti.jpg Australian artist Tanya Schultz is Pip & Pop, and her candy floor installation in Taiwan called Peach Blossom. What do you think?  photo Untitled-2_zps1xg1tpjg.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zpsyjjvilsm.jpg


 photo -Oh-Hein-Kuhn-Da-won-Kang-age-19-August-13-2007_zpsqk3ap1kg.jpg  photo hein-kuhn-oh-cosmetic-girls2_zpsjlmx1jiy.jpg  photo cosmetic-girls-hein-kuhn-oh-7_zpslppbp4ce.jpg Starting as a documentary photographer who captured the social landscapes on the streets, Hein-kuhn oh has focused on documenting specific groups of people that present a certain type of social convention created by the Korean society past 10 years. Especially in 1999, his solo exhibition ‘Ajumma, Portraits of Middle-aged Women in Korea’ created the ‘Ajumma Syndrome’ in Korean society through his distinctive theme and style. Since then, he had pursued with constant interest on portrait study of ‘Women Series’ such as ‘Girl’s Act-high schoolgirls in uniform’ and ‘Cosmetic Girls- teenage girls with trendy make-up code. Through this, Oh reveals the common notions and stereotypes that are influenced by entertainment media in Korean society.  photo hein-kuhn-oh-cosmetic-girls75_zps6rpjzijy.jpg  photo 12_zpspagte3bm.jpg

Jason Botkin

 photo 29_jason-botkin-allkin-blueface-mask-sm_zpsjyfh2bko.jpg  photo 29_jason-botkin-allkin-dogface-mask-sm_zps9zsjmhuj.jpg  photo 29_jason-botkin-allkin-redface-mask-sm_zps7uoli4jx.jpg Born in Denver, Colorado in 1974, Jason Botkin received his BFA with honours at the Alberta College of Art and Design. Botkin has exhibited in Canada, the United States, and Europe, and is the Co-founder and Director of EN MASSE, an ongoing series of large-scale, multi-artist collaborative black and white murals. Botkin lives and works in Montreal.  photo 29_jason-botkin-allkin-fireface-mask-sm_zpsog5oeyay.jpg  photo 29_jason-botkin-allkin-greenface-mask-sm_zpsln8hmt2n.jpg  photo 27_285371422051404548095604908754n_zpsnarvurt3.jpg

Tássia Bianchini

 photo tumblr_mpw2h9QXYI1rq9yq4o1_500_zps7dphyybm.jpg  photo tumblr_mq0a36BpOY1rq9yq4o1_500_zps5vnikpiq.jpg  photo tumblr_mpxr0er1Rd1rq9yq4o1_500_zpszylkzcxj.jpg Take a moment to check out the portfolio of Tássia Bianchini. Very nice, yea?  photo tumblr_mpzu59ckMW1rq9yq4o1_500_zps9urhteor.jpg  photo tumblr_mpu6yr1OUf1rq9yq4o1_500_zpsjaybuo4q.jpg

Sam Jinks

 photo jinks-Calcium-divide-01_zps1xbvoiy8.jpg  photo jinks-Calcium-divide-02_zpsepdv1xoi.jpg The work of Sam Jinks draws on our shared fascination with the human figure, a fascination that has long pervaded the history of Western sculpture. Constructed from silicone, fibreglass, resin and often using human hair, the viewer becomes suspended in an intense moment of intimacy with the work, a moment that cannot ordinarily be achieved. This is facilitated by the fact that the artist prefers to create mostly-naked works with closed or averted eyes, causing them to be somewhat complicit in our voyeuristic scrutiny. As we stare at the figures frozen in states of vulnerability – be it babyhood, old age or quiet contemplation – we glimpse our own vulnerabilities reflected back. (via Marc Straus )  photo jinks-Calcium-divide-04_zpspdxf00ga.jpg  photo jinks-Calcium-divide-03_zpsjhv8ohhr.jpg

SOHO Fuxing Lu / gmp Architekten

 photo 2552_CG66_009_83306_zpsjixjsbbc.jpg  photo 2552_CG66_012_82924_zpss29f3ovp.jpg  photo 2552_CG66_001_83040_zpsfhfq3jok.jpg 'The former French Concession in the heart of Shanghai is known for its typical rectilinear development – the Li Long. Li stands for neighborhood, and Long refers to the narrow rectilinear streets separating the buildings. This urban morphology, which is typical of Shanghai, creates narrow and intimate urban spaces. The design for SOHO Fuxing Lu, an urban quarter with restaurants, shops and offices primarily intended for young start-up companies, adopts the scale and orientation of the neighboring blocks, integrates existing historic buildings and, in this way, adds to the important urban seam in the inner city using the existing urban development structure.' Continue...  photo 2552_CG66_011a_82874_zpsfgmuvhda.jpg  photo PORTADA_2552_CG66_002_83874_zpsxmusrrss.jpg

Andrea Wan

 photo screenwriters_zps7ole3cio.jpg  photo messagengers_s_zpsyzhvj66i.jpg  photo olddreamcollectorsmall_zpsf9wigi1w.jpg Andrea Wan <-- Illustrator and Visual Artist born in Hong Kong, rasied in Vancouver and currently based in Berlin.  photo aboveandbelows_zpst1v8nqmn.jpg  photo synchronicity_adjusteds_zps23fhwfrz.jpg

Sam Vanallemeersch

 photo 16362414267_de27fd747b_b_zpsn7r0qje5.jpg  photo 16522301026_f6b406e909_b_zpseg2khnvo.jpg  photo 15928132423_9031333a20_b_zpscuiorxfl.jpg I stumbled across this fantastic work today of Sam Vanallemeersch, an illustrator based in Antwerp, Belgium. Check it out!  photo 16362051299_1caf554eb9_b_zpsiepqdu9f.jpg  photo 9669842023_066fab2374_b_zpstzinl6oe.jpg