Dustin Yellin

 photo Dustin_Yellin_Psychogeography_no66__2014_2232_412_zps5p8xnxde.jpg  photo Dustin_Yellin_Psychogeography_no61__2013_2230_412_zpsazuacnkt.jpg Dustin Yellin was born in California in 1975 and raised in Colorado. Now living in Brooklyn, New York, Yellin’s works include paintings, drawings, installation, performance, and sculpture, comprised of clippings from magazines and books, paint and paper. Taken together, his work forms an archive of both gestures and images completely accumulative, yet never totalizing. Yellin archives material/images/gestures by including them in his malleable, shifting subjects, redefining what is “important” (what is thought to somehow define the subject) by including images of all kinds: sports stars, works of art, domestic objects, plants, animals. There is no privilege conferred on one image over another. Rather, they are set into place by an internal logic to each piece that dictates that all images are somehow related within his fragmentary, distended figures. His large glass blocks recall, in their extreme hermeneutical diversity (forms within forms within forms, images within images within images) both a past in which the representation of the human form was art’s most recognizable enterprise and a future in which that enterprise is deeply complicated by the fact that the human form has been shredded, reformatted, revised, redesigned, and made precarious and permeable by technological and ecological shifts. Yellin’s work refers to particular art historical periods, Modernist collage and the redefinition of spatial relations via Cubism. They also evoke science fictional futures in which we cryogenically freeze ourselves to be shipped to some other, lusher world. (via Richard Heller Gallery)  photo Dustin_Yellin_Untitled_no66_2015_2417_412_zpst7pf9mr1.jpg

Kemi Mai

 photo tumblr_nttu5n29Nh1smml5ro3_1280_zpsjyqldyib.jpg  photo tumblr_nttu5n29Nh1smml5ro2_1280_zps5jodlafm.png " I started painting around 2 and a half years ago. Previously, even as a child, I'd held very little interest in painting and drawing. I admired an artist's skill with the sort of mysticism that comes from the myth that art related talents are ones that you are born with. I started painting by chance and quickly learned that it was a skill that could be acquired like any other. I have been painting every day since. My work begins with ideas. When working with clients, I form ideas around detailed research and consultation, making concept sketches that offer a vision of what the final result will be. Once painting begins, I outline in white or blue and design lighting through shadow guides, then I paint corner to corner in complete detail as apposed to in layers." - Kemi Mai  photo tumblr_nttu5n29Nh1smml5ro1_500_zpsa8nt3b6s.png

Paco Pomet

 photo Paco_Pomet_Nostalgia_2011_1938_412_zpstwo29bnu.jpg  photo Paco_Pomet_The_Cure_2011_1928_412_zpszebbxzpc.jpg Paco Pomet <-- Born 1970, Granada, Spain; Lives and works in Granada, Spain; Education: 2004 School of Visual Arts, New York, NY; 1993 Fine Arts Degree, University of Granada, Spain; 1992 Erasmus Exchange program, Loughborough College of Art & Design, UK  photo Paco_Pomet_The_Red_Hood_2011_1937_412_zpspohtjqth.jpg  photo Paco_Pomet_Alas_2011_1943_412_zpsva9rztbu.jpg

Christina Mrozik

 photo 214-Kin-300-dpi_zpsj6g4sv2u.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zpsckt0lx1n.jpg " I am from the Midwest, making my way through life with a pen in hand and a slew of good company. Every Sunday I go to a documentary club where we watch movies and follow them with discussions about theology, ideologies, creativity and beauty. I like going for walks, when the air is cold but your coat is warm, and I know when I get back inside that a cup of cocoa will help melt away the frustrations of the day. I’m in a constant battle, searching for the median between a growing heart and a still spirit. I love drawing, and singing, and I wish there was time for reading, but everything I love seems to be slow and take a lot of time and investment, so I hope someday there will be time for more. My art is primarily about the inter-connectivity of all things, and story, and balance. When I grow up I hope I remember how to be a kid." - Christina Mrozik  photo 231-Silk-Moths-300dpi_zps6tzmpkm3.jpg  photo 2_zps8l2vv7tl.jpg

Martin Eder

 photo martin_eder_halucination_3_zpszca3w8nm.jpg  photo martin_eder_insthw_sw07_zpscfflx3tq.jpg  photo martin_eder_insthw_sw16_zpskgvo5cnq.jpg  photo martin_eder_insthw_sw14_zps951in3i1.jpg Martin Eder was born in 1968 in Augsburg, Germany, and lives and works in Berlin. Recent solo exhibitions include ‘Der dunkle Grund’, at Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden Galerie Neue Meister, Dresden (2009); Mönchehaus Museum für Moderne Kunst, Goslar (2008); ‘Fotografie: Die Armen’ at Kunsthalle Mannheim, Mannheim, and Gemeentemuseum, The Haag (both 2008); and Galerie Eigen + Art, Leipzig (2007). He is represented by Eigen + Art.  photo martin_eder_insthw_sw09_zpsw6zkaxyx.jpg  photo martin_eder_insthw_sw12_zpsauwv7r5r.jpg  photo martin_eder_halucination_1_zpsemgj4oie.jpg

Max Wyse

 photo copyMax-Wyse-2015_Summer-Hut._63.3x61cm-LORES1-625x649_zpsjjcywvog.png  photo copyMax-Wyse-2015_Summer-Hut-2_61x61cm-lores1-625x625_zpsm2xg2b38.png  photo copyMax-Wyse-2015_Office-Party_61x61cm-lores-625x632_zpsx86vblei.png  photo DSC7635_Photo-Guy-LHeureux-625x651_zpsxjpo8ca2.jpg Max Wyse <-- Born in Kamloops, Canada in 1974. Based on personal visual imagery and a technique ancestral to painting glass, the practice of Max Wyse explores the body as a receptacle to the mineral, vegetal, and animal worlds. His works act as a mirror revealing the tensions beneath the skin of an unconscious fantasy.  photo copyMax-Wyse-2015_Blackmound-Handslip_61x61cm-lores-625x630_zpssgjex4ym.jpg  photo DSCF2598-625x406_zpsurnara8k.jpg  photo DSCF2591-625x416_zpsulgqbuke.jpg

Paul Colpron

 photo sa27_zpsgdozwera.png  photo sa15_zpsgmsxc2vq.png Born in Montreal in 1957, Paul went through Colpron studied theater before making the leap to the visual arts. He began as an illustrator, particularly for posters and magazines. With a few extra classes to learn some of the technical aspects of the trade, it is self-taught. Then one day, in the early 90s, his brother gave him a set of knives to carve that he no longer wants and a pile of wood pieces. Colpron, who never approached the sculpture, immediately begins to work. Soon, one after the other, starting to come out of their boxes to a wooden gallery profane statues that refines and colors realistically. Just completed, the still wet varnish, friends first, and collectors snapped up. Thus, almost spontaneously, began his career as a sculptor. Since Colpron produced from August to December original sculptures per year in addition to answer decorative works orders for commercial enterprises. The majority of his sculptures are part of private collections. Website here.  photo sa14_zpszrxlawxz.png  photo sa24_zps37g8bzlz.png

Ali Cavanaugh

 photo 1head_zpseypyfk6d.jpg  photo intersession_zps0vzld0de.jpg  photo saohairblow380_zpsnlsaklyx.jpg Ali Cavanaugh (American, b. 1973) is an internationally represented fine artist. She studied painting at Kendall College of Art and Design and the New York Studio Residency Program in New York City, earning a BFA from Kendall College of Art and Design in 1995. At the age of 22, she co-founded an atelier -The New School Academy of Fine Art- in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2000. It was during her seven years in Santa Fe that she developed her modern fresco process on kaolin clay. Her paintings have been the subject of numerous national and international solo and group exhibitions.Cavanaugh's paintings have been featured on book covers, countless internet features such as the Huffington Post, Fine Art Connoisseur, Hi-Fructose and in numerous print publications including The New York Times Magazine, American Art Collector,American Artist Watercolor. She has painted portraits for TIME magazine and The New York Times. Her work is featured in more than 400 private and corporate collections throughout the North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. She currently lives in St Louis, Missouri with her husband and their four children.  photo underadaydreamss_zpsixpcphph.jpg  photo essence_zpsqrc45dzy.jpg  photo studio_zpszjsx41ws.jpg

Martin Fasting

 photo DSCN02931_zpswc16hqry.jpg  photo DSCN0305_zpssggxep3h.jpg There is an impressive selection of work on artist Martin Fasting's website. It will definitely leave you wanting more. Go check it out.  photo DSCN0308_zpse8b20y3e.jpg


 photo gallss_by_saccstry-d989w2i_zpsqn44p5yu.jpg  photo 336_small_by_saccstry-d6p7psm_zpsfovrocjq.jpg Have a look at the illustration work of Saccstry . Maybe not new to everyone but worth checking out!  photo eyes_by_saccstry-d6sna04_zpsbbjelfqg.jpg  photo tumblr_nq7of631Os1rn2fvxo4_1280_zpsdv4b0trq.jpg