Cut Papers by Sachiko Abe

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Sachiko Abe has featured in numerous international exhibitions and residency projects presenting; Cut Papers, a body of work first shown publicly at including PS1 in New York in March 2004 following her residency there. Since then she has shown most recently at Knstnernes Haus, Oslo, Norway, Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt am Main, Kyoto Art Centre, Kyoto, and Baltic Gateshead. Her work for A Foundation will encompass, performance, drawing, film and sculptural installations using cut papers accumulated over the last five years. Her practice explores duration, repetition and constraints. This is a paradox as she first started creating artworks after leaving the Self Defence Forces in Japan because ‘the life of artists seemed so free.’ Her work since 1997 has explored the regimes of subjectivity, which are imposed by society, most explicitly in her series of performance works, Elevator Girl Friend in which she acted outside of the conventional behaviour of the demure elevator assistants who were a common sight in big department stores. Abe says of this work While the job sounds boring, it was a “dream job” for young girls because it was believed then that only the most beautiful and elegant person could be assigned to be an elevator girl.” Her more recent performances continue to explore notions of disquieting routines that provoke anxiety and touch us in ways we cannot explain. In Cut Papers Abe invites the audience to experience an intimate space in which the constant snipping of scissor blades is the only measure of time passing. At Foundation Liverpool Abe will perform for the duration of the Biennial but be warned Abe says. “My work is neither beautiful nor meditational.”

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Paul Octavious

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Lovely series called Birds Of Aperture by Chicago-based photographer and designer Paul Octavious.

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Ken Unsworth

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Ken Unsworth was born in Melbourne in 1931. He studied at the University of Melbourne, Melbourne Teachers College, and the National Art School, Sydney. He has held several teaching positions, including Lecturer in Sculpture, Sydney College of Advanced Education. Unsworth has had numerous solo exhibitions, in Australia and overseas, including a major survey exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in 1998. His works have been included in the Mildura Sculpture Triennial, 1973 and 1978; the Australian Sculpture Triennial, Melbourne, 1981, 1984 and 1993; Australian Perspecta, Sydney, 1981, 1985, 1987 and 1988; and the Biennale of Sydney, 1976, 1982, 1984, 1986, 1990 and 2000. He has also participated in major international exhibitions including the Paris Biennale, 1985; Magiciens de la Terre, Paris, 1989; and the Biennale of Istanbul, Turkey, 1995. In 1978 Unsworth represented Australia at the Venice Biennale. Unsworth has received numerous awards including the Bi-centenary Sculpture Competition.

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Mike Alcantara

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I stumbled upon these collages made out of comics by Mike Alcantara, artist based in Austin, Texas. Looks goodness!

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The World’s Largest Scrabble Game

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Spanning over 49′ sq.–nearly 5x the size of the original–this is the world’s largest wall-mounted Scrabble game. One of only nine in existence, it is handmade by John Kahn, renowned mixed media artist and creator of colossal pop art. Meticulously constructed from Russian birch plywood, the 3/4″-deep back board is overlaid with the classic purple-hued background of the original game, laminated with a .023-gauge galvanized steel sheet, and covered by a heavy vinyl print of the playing board which is protected by a satin laminate. Bordered by a 3/4″ x 2 1/2″ birch frame that wraps from the front to the back, the board attaches to a wall with included hardware. The two 6′ H x 5 5/8″ W x 7″ D birch tile racks are grooved and lined with felt, each accepting 50 of the included 100 tiles. Made from a 3/8″ x 5/16″ rare earth magnet sandwiched between two pieces of birch plywood, each 4 3/8″ sq. x 3/8″ thick tile’s letter is sandblasted to a depth of 1/64″, lacquered in black, sanded, and clear-coated to a finish that will last for generations. Special conditions and guarantee limitations apply. Please call 1-800-227-3528 for details. Board and racks: 88 1/2″ H x 99 1/4″ W x 7″ D. (12 3/4 lbs.) Price: $12,000 Link here.

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Xooang Choi

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Bringing back one of my favorite sculptor and mixed media artist Xooang Choi for your eyeball viewing pleasure. More here.

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Wim Tellier

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Wim Tellier is a Belgian photographer and artist known for his installation projects using giant-size photographs. His projects have included covering 800 square meters of the Antwerp docks with six giant photos of elderly nude sunbathers, and his “Protect 7-7″ project, the first installation art project in Antarctica.

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Zombified Walking Dead Characters

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Here are some of the characters from the Walking Dead series (an American TV show developed based on the comic book series of the same name) turned into flesh-eating zombies. Braaaaaains! Link here.

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Indigestion II by Liu Wei

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Liu Wei‘s sculpture Indigestion II is a monumental poo. Spanning two meters, it’s a man-sized statement of rejection. Crafted with comic exaggeration, Liu’s turd is both repulsive and compelling; leaving no detail to the imagination, Liu offers ‘too much information’ in the details. On closer inspection, half digested kernels emerge as hundreds of toy soldiers, spilling forth in an unmistakable sentiment of protest.

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Sticker High: Tony

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