Tilman Hornig

 photo tilman-hornig-02_zpsf07780a1.jpg  photo Tilman_Hornig_zpsb34dfbd5.jpg I am loving the work of German mixed-media artist Tilman Hornig. He does all sorts of art but I am particularly fond of this sculpture.  photo th-faltung-nr-49-2012_zps29b9854c.jpg  photo RMK8YCC_zps9d936193.jpg

Dmitry Marchenko

 photo Untitled-4_zpsa3d99618.jpg  photo Untitled-3_zpsc4bef73f.jpg  photo Untitled-5_zpsdbce4d45.jpg Originally from Angarsk, a small Siberian city in Russia, Dmitry Marchenko captured this photo whilst living in Egypt for 18 months. After receiving his first diving certificate in September 2009, he began experimenting with underwater photography using a compact camera. Later upgrading to a Nikon D70 with underwater housing and and flash strobe and now a Nikon D700. His photos have placed in the finals for local international competitions, and have been published in several magazines. He currently lives in Saint-Petersburg with his wife and new daughter as the owner of an internet advertising company.  photo Untitled-1_zps5fd68e61.jpg  photo Untitled-2_zps104216cc.jpg

Vonn Sumner

 photo parlance2013oilonpanel24x20inches_zpscb48254e.jpg  photo action2013oilonpanel18x17inches_zps48f5bccf.jpg  photo thefool2013oiloncanvas20x16inches_zpsa26a614e.jpg " Whether or not he is a people person, Vonn Sumner is a people painter. Although he often depicts spaces and buildings, Sumner has established a reputation as a figure painter of uncommon wit and sensitivity.... The people Sumner picks are certainly uncommon; they may be ordinary enough overall, in dress or in mien or in comport, but there’s always something about how they look that indicates that their behavior is out there a tad. Is Sumner looking for madness? ... Interestingly, we don’t get the feeling that Sumner has imposed that dash of lunacy on his subjects, but has found them in such full-blown states of dignified, low-key abandon. They own their eccentricities, even when it’s clear that Sumner has choreographed several of them into curious, open-ended pantomimes. That open-endedness allows us to own those eccentricities, too, to identify with Sumner’s subjects rather than just watch them enact their elaborated images. They are definitely performing, but they are revealing rather than disguising themselves in the process...." -Peter Frank, L.A. based arts writer and curator, in an excerpt from an essay for the catalogue for the Riverside Art Museum exhibition "Vonn Sumner: The Other Side of Here."  photo roses2013oilonpanel24x20inches_zpsed382b7d.jpg  photo studyforflagellation2013oilonlinen1225x1325inches_zpsb709904e.jpg  photo gag2013oilonpanel24x20inches_zps4f00e738.jpg

Paula Wenzl Bellacera

 photo Hound_zpsca1f22b4.jpg  photo P_Bellacera_Weiner6LoRes_zps684a17bd.jpg  photo PWBellacera_BullDogBegs_72dpi_zps5b66ad34.jpg Paula Wenzl Bellacera is a contemporary painter and print maker. She works in oil, mixed media, photography, and most recently, ceramics. Ms. Bellacera received her art training at various colleges and universities in Northern California after completing a Ph.D. in experimental psychology at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. Since 1990 she has been exhibiting her work domestically and internationally including: Santa Fe, Chicago, Katmandu, San Francisco, and Seattle. She has won several awards and has been published in books and magazines. She has received public art grants and been commissioned to create collections of work. Her pieces are included in the collections of Embassy Suites, Oglivy Worldwide, Kaiser-Permanente, California Museum Resource Center, Hinsdale Hospital, First Midwest Bank, Elkay Manufacturers, Loyola University, University of California, Hewlett-Packard, and The Money Store.  photo P_Bellacera_Weiner5_zps91a7715c.jpg  photo GroupHug_zps9eedba3b.jpg

Michael McGillis

 photo Petrobras-2_zpsbc8c91de.jpg  photo Petrobras-1_zpse81f7766.jpg  photo Abandoned-Harbor-1_zps31a960e8.jpg  photo Abandoned-Harbor-2-e1273343290886_zps87c2b4cc.jpg Detroit-based artist Michael McGillis is making some really amazing sculptures. The guy is truly gifted.  photo Blast-Fishermen-1_zpscfbca61e.jpg  photo Blast-Fishermen-2_zpsd5d382f1.jpg

Imran Qureshi

 photo 102_zpsff35db57.jpg  photo IQ041_730x10000_zpsa82239a9.jpg  photo 049_zpsf14a99b9.jpg Imran Qureshi (1972 Pakistan) is regarded as one of the most important representatives of Pakistan’s art scene. The artist lives in Lahore, where he teaches at the National College of Art. His works have been exhibited around the world and are in numerous collections, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. In 2009 his work was seen at the 53rd Venice Biennial. The Deutsche Bank named Imran Qureshi its “Artist of the Year” in 2013. (via Hatje Cantz)  photo 194A8683_zpsc090ebcb.jpg  photo 20130214085940ac9_zpsbda5fcaa.jpg  photo tumblr_mb1ezgMRbW1rzov8co2_500_zps80980546.jpg

Bruce Omori

 photo image4_zps2fe7d4ff.png  photo image2_zps982bc325.png  photo image1_zps57fac67f.png  photo image3_zpsfc9d7df1.png Bruce Omori is a photographer based in Hilo, Hawai‘i. Although he has been shooting full-time for just several years, his passion for the craft developed long ago. As a kid, it began as a fascination with the magical ability of film to capture a moment of time, being able to hold it in your hand, slip it in your pocket, and share it with the world… at school. That fascination is still very much alive today, as Bruce strives to infuse elements of the moment into each frame, such as emotion, energy, and beauty, with the creative use of light and movement. His easy-going, unassuming personality and fondness for the ‘aina are also reflected in his work. From portraits of surfers on the beach to photos of native Hawaiian honeycreepers deep in the rainforest, he captures an integral part of life in Hawaii from a local perspective. After spending 24 years with an engineering firm on Oahu, Bruce kissed life in corporate America goodbye and moved back to his hometown of Hilo with his family to pursue this passion, and continues to artistically interpret his view of our beautiful island home through the lens.  photo image_zpsa024086b.png  photo image5_zpsaf5e0742.png  photo image6_zpsd1189b7f.png

Ana Salvador

 photo close1_zpsaa673a29.jpg  photo close6_zps585a1472.jpg  photo close13_zps05fcf7d2.jpg Ana Salvador was born in Barreiro, a small town on the side of the river Tejo, facing Lisbon, in Portugal. Nowadays she lives in The Netherlands in the city of Amsterdam. Since an early age Ana started showing interest in art, especially drawing and painting. Her passion for sculpture came later, developing more seriously during university years. Throughout this period she could improve her skills by attending classes in sculpture, model sketching and painting. Ana Salvador has a Bachelor's degree in Communication Design. Nowadays Ana dedicates her time mainly to sculpture, with polymer clay as her favorite material. Ana's inspiration comes from a large variety of sources: the human body, antiques, ornaments, fabrics and laces. Furthermore art nouveau, Victorian, pre Raphaelite, symbolism, gothic and other ornate styles. Tim Burton and other fantasy artists also stimulate her creativity. Each one of Ana's sculpted figures is unique with a personality of it's own, representing a gesture forever frozen in time. In her dolls she evokes feelings of strangeness, innocence, dream, and hidden sensuality. Ana Salvador aims at constant progression and further characterization of her style.  photo close5_zps441cc24a.jpg  photo close21_zps471072fc.jpg  photo close11_zps6b40cb03.jpg

Sticker High: Zebeeb

 photo IMG_4828_zps7351d3c2.jpg  photo _MG_4844_zps87a265c3.jpg  photo _MG_4841_zpsaf1ba8bb.jpg  photo IMG_4825_zpsb5db4de7.jpg  photo _MG_4847_zps7dbc0aaf.jpg

Paola Pivi

 photo image_zps3caf558f.png  photo 1_zps888cc3cb.png Paola Pivi (b. 1971 in Milan, Italy) is an Italian multimedia artist who lives and works in Anchorage, Alaska. In her work, she uses a wide range of art techniques, such as photography, sculpture and performance. Some of her works contain performance elements, at times involving live animals and people. In 1999, she received Golden Lion Award at the Venice Biennale.  photo 5336696120_bc943abf18_b_zpse2423f01.jpg