Paolo Troilo

 photo 0102011_zpsb993b793.jpg  photo home-4-stagioni_zpse15f092f.jpg Paolo Troilo was born in Taranto in 1972 to Antonio and Lucia Troilo. Lives and works in Milan. From 1997 to 2009 worked as an advertising creative at Saatchi & Saatchi, and as Creative Director at Arnold Worldwide. He won the most prestigious international awards in the industry, and in 2007 was Stephen Schwartz wins as the best italian creative with Alessandro Sabini. Self-taught, drawing in pencil by the age of 4 years, every day of his life. In April 2005 he Began to paint, and as the end of a long, unconscious preparation for a change, he starts painting with his fingers. He dips his fingertips into jars of acrylic, black and ivory, and spreads the color Abandoning the "tools of the art". In Palermo, on April 21th of 2010, thanks to Brio, Becomes the father of Antonio.  photo 0062011_zpse6473514.jpg  photo 0052011_zps4730d20b.jpg

Eiffel Tower Scissors

 photo Stainless-steel-titanium-eiffel-tower-vintage-scissors-diy-handmade-scissors-cross-stitch-scissors_zps9e774621.jpg  photo image1-7_zps4d4b7a7a.png Check out this beautiful stainless steel titanium Eiffel Tower scissors.  photo T2s05AXc0aXXXXXXXX_66084257_zps4822fb9c.jpg

Chelsea Hantken

 photo 6e9469260fd0cbecf1b2f2020c15f64f-d5ymhkf_zpsf9f25dde.jpg  photo colourblind3900_by_pollypixels-d5yqxjp_zps2547af3c.jpg Gorgeous artwork created by artist Chelsea Hantken based in Australia.  photo a94a1830d00357f76ed4581e60f1c5f7-d5ymhl3_zps9932762c.jpg

Arianna Palazzi

 photo tumblr_mf91yrDK8q1ro74x3o1_500_zpsed972aa2.jpg  photo tumblr_mf91yrDK8q1ro74x3o3_500_zps6e7d2d56.jpg Arianna Palazzi is certainly an artist to keep your eye on in the coming years. Check her out here.  photo tumblr_mf91yrDK8q1ro74x3o4_500_zps01992da9.jpg  photo tumblr_mf91yrDK8q1ro74x3o2_500_zps716f0508.jpg

Jeff Christensen

 photo bcab5cbe2d17b669_zps6bd6473e.jpg  photo Ruin_by_js4853_zpsb34096fd.jpg  photo 41623e654d750a44458d1f80658e0df4_zpse949a54a.jpg Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the work of Jeff Christensen, talented artist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. So, so good.  photo A_Matter_Of_Theft_by_js4853_zps6e49b187.jpg  photo The_Usurper_by_js4853_zps0be234d9.jpg  photo Harvest_by_js4853_zps282fa30a.jpg

LEGO ‘Elvis’ Erickson Air-Crane

 photo 8369034405_f095edafab_b_zps4c7aa6b9.jpg  photo 8368087201_96f23a2ab1_b_zpsbab82dfd.jpg Ryan McNaught built this LEGO 'Elvis' Erickson Air-Crane. Made out of 100,000 bricks. Built for Brickvention 2013.  photo 8378935242_6e837db399_b_zps3cdb5bfc.jpg

Carlos Ortega Elizalde

 photo d548c97f7c0a6f890e5016e2bb4a775d-d5xfoob_zps2f3a0e6b.jpg  photo tumblr_mji8r5omo41qcflzio3_500_zps0ec640a7.jpg Wonderful 3d character art and illustrations by Mexico-based artist Carlos Ortega Elizalde. Lovely work!  photo 2dcf6d3402560e7ea916cb98bd354567-d4yswm0_zps620f732a.jpg

Rowena Martinich

 photo tumblr_mg0wnwJYI11rwadubo1_1280_zps0d0959bb.jpg  photo tumblr_mg0wnwJYI11rwadubo2_1280_zpse1eeb806.jpg  photo tumblr_inline_mg0wgi5nXP1rpixwl_zpse5826a7d.jpg Rowena Martinich is an abstract expressionist with a difference. While her work is sometimes displayed within the white pristine space of the art gallery, it is more likely to be found in the spaces of the everyday – the shop, the train, the school, the office, the café. These are often paradoxical spaces. Seen but never noticed. Not worth a second glance until revealed as if for the first time by an intervention of some kind. Martinich seeks to liberate the intimate process of the ‘personal gesture’ from the rarefied interior space of the art gallery while retaining the spontaneity and individuality of primal mark-making in the agora of public space.  photo tumblr_mg0wnwJYI11rwadubo4_r1_1280_zpsc1dd3fc5.jpg  photo tumblr_inline_mg0wkrGElz1rpixwl_zps932ffc62.jpg  photo tumblr_lyhj61dPrV1ror337o1_500_zps2aa6546a.jpg

Susannah Martin

 photo 236228-845281-7_zpsaa8fbfce.jpg  photo 236228-854275-7_zps788d5fd6.jpg Berlin-based artist Susannah Martin is dripping with talent so be warned.  photo 236228-1306941-7_zpsb8bec276.jpg  photo 236228-845273-7_zps6414b6bf.jpg

Shintaro Kago

Shintaro Kago Shintaro Kago's style has been called "fashionable paranoia". He has been published in several adult manga magazines, gaining him considerable popularity. Many of his manga have strongly satirical overtones, and deal with grotesque subjects such as extreme sex, scatology and body modification. (via Arthouse)