Livia Marin

 photo 6-Fictions-I-580x435_zps2895a5fa.jpg  photo 4-Fictions-I-580x435_zps771ae261.jpg  photo 2-Fictions-I-580x435_zps6f2e2beb.jpg " My artistic practice has been characterized by large-scale installations and the appropriation of mass-produced and consumer objects. I employ techniques and strategies that are characteristic of Sculpture, Installation and Process Art. I employ everyday objects to enquire into the nature of how we relate to material objects in an era dominated by mass-production, standardization and global circulation. My work was initially informed by the immediate social and political context of Chile in the 1990s that amounted to a transition from a profoundly and overtly disciplinary political regime (under seventeen years of dictatorship) to one of an economic, though no less disciplinary, regime with a strongly developed neo-liberal agenda." - Livia Marin  photo 8-Fictions-I-580x435_zps0742b90a.jpg  photo 1-Fictions-I-580x435_zpse803a571.jpg

Dasha Pliska

 photo dc55d1bba40884a2f96494b99340b32c_zps297da0c9.jpg  photo a5e6fb457d9b877be8808c94b122f5df_zpse1b0aebc.jpg Take a minute or two and check out Dasha Pliska's drawings. She's a very talented artist based in Odessa, Ukraine.  photo bcf34acadc5ceec520239b57a453c806_zpsd9e711ad.jpg  photo 173d70a90265985e1dadc20875c2186b_zpsbb959754.jpg

Cameron Gray

 photo 4_zpsc8a40846.jpg  photo 1_zps6e4d022e.jpg  photo 812_zpsdcba51b4.jpg Cameron Gray <-- Born in Geneva in 1980, Cameron Gray lives and works in London, Basel, and Los Angeles. Graduating egregia cum laude from Bruce High Quality Foundation University, Gray also holds no less than six degrees from such prestigious institutions as Yale, Columbia, and UCLA. Prior to his ascension into the upper levels of the art historical pantheon, Gray will have participated in two Venice Biennales, including the one to take place in 2015, and three Whitney Biennials, including those in 2016 and 2018. In 2012, Galerie Eva Presenhuber included his work in the seminal show I Wanna F*ck You But We're Just Gonna Cuddle, and one of Gray's massive pin collages was a show-stopping success in The Gag Reflex is Mysterious at the Santa Monica Museum of Art in 2011. Grey's work is included in the Ludwig-Forum für Internationale Kunst in Aachen, Germany; the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts in Kaohsiung, Taiwan; the Yale University Art Gallery in New Haven, CT; and 17 other prominent collections. Cameron Gray is currently represented by Mike Weiss Gallery, David Zwirner, Thaddaeus Ropac, Sprueth Magers, White Cube and Pace Beijing, amongst others.  photo 809_zpscc5caae8.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zps22bae1a2.jpg  photo 823_zpsc8a653b6.jpg

Justine Otto

 photo 1752_1_o_zps600bcc16.jpg  photo 03_2509_zpsb9b20fe2.jpg  photo bs_02_zps1d667f45.jpg  photo hp_05_zpsd2ca72c1.jpg The world of Justine Otto (born 1974) is inhabited by girls, women and animals. The painterly handwriting is merciless, the iciness brutal. Even when the landscape is turning green, the temperature remains at the freezing level. The pictures’ intrinsic metallic appearance alters the protagonists into beings for whom nothing, absolutely nothing is foreign. They locate their actions with inquisitiveness, torturous, perhaps even sadistic, but always mysterious, in a no-man’s land without orientation. Her painting generates the emotional, dissecting undercooling of the female figures up to the aggressivity of the animals. For their part, the interacting figures reflect a desire that determines the actions. These, in turn, are mysterious, probes in the realm of shadows that lends alchemistic traits to the experience of an “uncanny” knowledge. Justine Otto creates a reality by way of her pictures’ hardness, their inexorability that is neither exaggerated nor melodramatic but instead coldly touches the nerve of a present in which contradictions are either leveled or explode. (via Museum Franz Gertsch)  photo hp_04_zps2fa325a2.jpg  photo 81zlfsqzc5L_SL1500__zps682b6a12.jpg  photo artfairjustineotto1_zps2715ecd6.jpg

Ice Cream Paintings by Honey

 photo 1_zps5b8d51c4.jpg  photo 2_zps7ea46f98.jpg  photo 3_zps4d7f6298.jpg I have painted with coffee (previously blogged)...now let's paint with ice cream! It's messy but definitely fun and mouthwatering. More of my work here.  photo tumblr_mklmpnSPzp1rssstao1_1280_zpsa011ab9a.jpg  photo tumblr_mklmiu2iqZ1rssstao1_1280_zps29875c14.jpg

Philipp Weber

 photo 2003-cheerleaders-4-philipp-weber_zps4cc1521f.jpg  photo 2003-cheerleaders-2-philipp-weber_zps91302ffd.jpg  photo 2003-cheerleaders-1-philipp-weber_zps599f9ea1.jpg Artist Philipp Weber tells the stories that move him, using a hyperrealist style. Realism, pop, composition and an attempt to find an inner truth determine the artist’s approach, which places women at the heart of his cyclical works. Like Mel Ramos, Philipp Weber depicts the artificiality and the clichés of the fashion and advertising world. His young women pose as if for a photo shoot for a glossy magazine, providing a blank canvas for men’s dreams, thus picking up on a traditional artistic theme. But Philipp Weber shows more than that: he brings his models to life, releasing them from the artificiality and rigidity of the master image, going under their skin, exposing irregularities in apparent perfection and revealing aspirations and great dreams. (via Kerber)  photo 2003-cheerleaders-6-philipp-weber_zpsd955cefe.jpg  photo 2003-cheerleaders-3-philipp-weber_zps21dc7b23.jpg

Tennis Court Business Card

 photo RESUME3_zps0ba55017.jpg  photo RESUME2_zps43731136.jpg This tennis court business card by Anonio Correa created for Denia Salu Tennis Academy, is handed folded in half and, when opened, becomes a tennis court. Cool!  photo RESUME_zpsd282e4e9.jpg  photo RESUME1_zpsdeb76631.jpg

Hiro Kurata

 photo tumblr_mewdq8h4aX1r5k726o1_1280_zpsa7ddb16a.jpg  photo tumblr_ml3egwQMSo1r5k726o1_1280_zpsdfa87df0.jpg  photo tumblr_ml2e1vfH9m1r5k726o1_1280_zpsb6fa4819.jpg Hiro Kurata was born in Osaka Japan, and grew up in Tokyo and Chicago. His main focus is in creating surrealistic moment through his paintings,using motif of sports and chairs. Destruction and strength of the baseball bat, stability and gentleness of the armrest chair. "Calm days make me sleep and wild days are too chaotic. Wake up and sleep, to soothe and then again to derail". Creation is a progress and he believes that true creation will contribute to the human society in an evolutionary way.  photo tumblr_mewe7btKAA1r5k726o1_1280_zps3f775b10.jpg  photo tumblr_ml4eenWIo91r5k726o1_1280_zps01a46337.jpg  photo tumblr_ml2dt0cZce1r5k726o1_1280_zps8a4cc5ae.jpg

Benjamin Løzninger

 photo fbc189c97fe577242e2925a572bbf80b_zpsb3f6ef03.jpg  photo 799e3f8603a4fccb21a027474e67ec59_zpsdce1463f.jpg  photo 9795a742446f15a4d8d2471b24f8befe_zpsdb269aa7.jpg French-born and now Brooklyn-based, Benjamin Løzninger is an art director, graphic designer, photographer, musician, video editor, sound engineer, illustrator, and multi-media artist. Trained at France's prestigious École des Arts Décoratifs, Løzninger made His first video, a soaring rock sci-fi fantasy, at the tender age of 10. Now, as an artist and graphic artist, he helped launch Paris's famous musical odyssey agency, Super! who produced the 2012 Pitchfork Paris festival. Also he is an active touring musician and uses his world tours to experiment with photographic diary projects - imbuing His travels with a signature paradox of melancholy and color. In 2011, he directed Elektrisk gonner's "Uknowwhatiwant" Which music video generated over 1 million views online and was featured on Syfy's Lost Girl series. In 2013 co-founded Løzninger FrenchBK, a creative collective focused on innovations in the ever-blurring lines between the cultures of digital storytelling and experimental brand experiences. He's Also an Art Director for the Los Angeles "creatively driven agency" No Subject.  photo 9cb4285ef414a6923eb0b42030813acd_zps936d1fe0.jpg  photo securedownload_zps0823ca30.jpg

Nestor Jr

 photo Untitled-2_zps6383e336.jpg  photo Untitled-6_zpsb831e1bc.jpg  photo Untitled-3_zps182a45c1.jpg Have a look at Nestor Jr's portfolio, whose work is nothing less than amazing. Click here for the link.  photo Untitled-4_zpsdf062100.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zps237c431f.jpg