Susannah Martin

 photo 236228-845281-7_zpsaa8fbfce.jpg  photo 236228-854275-7_zps788d5fd6.jpg Berlin-based artist Susannah Martin is dripping with talent so be warned.  photo 236228-1306941-7_zpsb8bec276.jpg  photo 236228-845273-7_zps6414b6bf.jpg

Shintaro Kago

Shintaro Kago Shintaro Kago's style has been called "fashionable paranoia". He has been published in several adult manga magazines, gaining him considerable popularity. Many of his manga have strongly satirical overtones, and deal with grotesque subjects such as extreme sex, scatology and body modification. (via Arthouse)

Helena Hamilton

 photo ToWhomItMayConcern_zpsdfff03ee.jpg  photo tumblr_m731q5cEoC1qzmqm3o1_1280_zpsbbd63d70.jpg  photo 88568-7671460-7_zpscdbee1a0.jpg " Using various materials and/or sounds I construct urban monochrome jungles built by hysteria and uncensored thoughts. These creations grow over walls, floors and ceilings just as black smog engulfs a city. Lines, words and symbols divide the blank space as streets, buildings and people divide a ground that once stood alone. Hypnotised by this municipal jungle and with a growing feeling of perplexity, the individual is led away to have a conversation with their soul..." - Helena Hamilton  photo tumblr_meg5rsTbbQ1ro74x3o2_500_zpsc55ecdd4.jpg  photo NOTETOADISTANTGOD_zps9df04322.jpg

Jocelyn Hobbie

 photo 2008-BlondeWithLolliLarge_zps24ec2a2e.jpg  photo JHhome_zpsed160f61.jpg  photo 2006-danielle-lg_zpsa62af88b.jpg Jocelyn Hobbie <-- Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY; Education: 1991 Rhode Island School of Design, B.F.A. Painting; 1990 Studio Art Centers International, Florence, Italy.  photo 2007-rec-room-digital_zps3a855f34.jpg  photo 2008-DaybedLarge_zpsf6af975c.jpg

Eloy Morales

 photo 01-Eloy-Morales_zpsf7dc2154.jpg  photo 04-Eloy-Morales_zps4da411bd.jpg  photo 03-Eloy-Morales_zpseed9c7f7.jpg Check out the impossibly photorealistic portraits created by Eloy Morales, painter based in Madrid, Spain. Love it!  photo 05-Eloy-Morales_zpsb7b6785d.jpg  photo 07-Eloy-Morales_zpsb87d3d6f.jpg

Magdalena Jetelovà

 photo Pyramide1_zpsffb10af0.jpg  photo Pyramide2_zpscb21044a.jpg  photo Pyramide6_zpsb89460e8.jpg Domestication of Pyramids by Magdalena Jetelovà are pyramid-sculptures, covered by volcanic ashes, and have been shown at the Museum of Applied Arts / Vienna, Martin-Gropius-Bau / Berlin, National Museum of Contemporary Art / Warsaw, Irish Museum of Modern Art / Dublin, Forum Kunst Rottweil and other art spaces. (via Public Delivery)  photo Pyramide4_zps4531192e.jpg  photo PyrBerlinweb1_zps096adc54.jpg  photo Pyramide3_zps19b48c4c.jpg

Surfaced by Melissa Cooke

 photo SurfacedXerox6_zpsc73e2c39.jpg  photo SurfacedWashedOut_zpsfbef6aec.jpg  photo SurfacedSmeared_zpse9b9cd1f.jpg "Surfaced" acknowledges the relationship between photography, painting and drawing in portraiture. I take photographs as I paint and pour liquids onto myself, using my face as a canvas. The photo shoot references the practice of drawing and painting; then the final graphite drawing references photography. The boundaries between the mediums are broken down and the processes are interwoven. Photographs are used as inspiration for drawing and mark making. The drawings are made by dusting thin layers of graphite onto paper with a dry brush. The softness of the graphite provides a smooth surface that can be augmented by erasing in details. Gestural marks are apparent, while still creating dimension. Textures are given precedence over portraying a likeness to the figure. The act of drawing becomes the focus.' - Melissa Cooke  photo SurfacedXerox5_zps8ce97276.jpg  photo Plunge_Cream_zps11a504ac.jpg  photo IndexUndertowWeightlessDrawing_zpsbdf5ca56.jpg

Adam Cvijanovic

 photo tumblr_mjicg70Dsu1ro74x3o2_1280_zps289c136b.jpg  photo Stardust_Installweb_zps2145c156.jpg Adam Cvijanovic (b.1960, Cambridge, Massachusetts) is a painter based in New York City. He paints large-scale views of city suburbs and landscapes onto Tyvek sheeting, which can be easily transported from place to place. His work is concerned with exposing the historical and enduring hubris of American culture, painting forms that depict the search for and physical manifestation of American power and success on a monumental scale.  photo tumblr_m5c1fwJMSi1qe31lco4_1280_zps0e8c4877.jpg  photo tumblr_m5c1fwJMSi1qe31lco1_r2_1280_zpse12812f3.jpg

Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison

 photo tumblr_ma04zme5i31rwadubo1_500_zps468d8fbc.jpg  photo Robert-and-Shana-ParkeHarrison_278_zps6e53be59.jpg " We create works in response to the ever-bleakening relationship linking humans, technology, and nature. These works feature an ambiguous narrative that offers insight into the dilemma posed by science and technology's failed promise to fix our problems, provide explanations, and furnish certainty pertaining to the human condition. Strange scenes of hybridizing forces, swarming elements, and bleeding overabundance portray Nature unleashed by technology and the human hand. Rich colors and surrealistic imagery merge to reveal the poetic roots of the works on display. The use of color is intentional but abstract; proportion and space are compositional rather than natural; movement is blurred; objects and people juxtaposed as if by chance in a visual improvisation that unfolds choreographically. At once formally arresting and immeasurably loaded with sensations—this work attempts to provide powerful impact both visually and viscerally." - Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison  photo Robert-and-Shana-ParkeHarrison_267_zpsf23eab48.jpg  photo frontImage_zps56ed945c.jpg

RAPPORT. Experimental Spatial Structures by J. MAYER H.

 photo tumblr_mgldf5Yb7K1rwadubo1_1280_zps69f226d3.jpg  photo rapport2_zps5733d5c9.jpg  photo tumblr_mgldf5Yb7K1rwadubo5_1280_zpsc54c59e7.jpg The exhibition "RAPPORT. Experimental Spatial Structures" offers new insights into the interdisciplinary approach of the architectural office J. MAYER H. For the first time J. MAYER H. has developed a walk-in installation for the museum’s 10-metre high entrance area. Walls and floor are clad in carpeting on which data security patterns are printed in black and grey. The work’s space-consuming concept negates the strict geometry of the entrance hall. The considerably enlarged, repeating patterns produce a flickering impression and transform the white cube into a playful scenario of interpermeating forms and structures. Supplementary three-dimensional models translate the two-dimensional patterns into concrete forms. The title “Rapport” is intended to be ambiguous. As a specialist German-language term from textile manufacturing, it refers to the serial pattern of the installation. On the other hand, in the military field the term “Rapport” means a “dispatch”, while in psychology it describes a human relationship in which those involved convey something to the others. In this sense it also refers to the starting material of the installation: data security patterns, which are used, for example, on the inside of envelopes. In this case, they stand for confidential communication between two parties.  photo tumblr_mgldf5Yb7K1rwadubo4_1280_zps2157e761.jpg  photo tumblr_mgldf5Yb7K1rwadubo2_1280_zps8ffff65b.jpg  photo rapport02_zpsd268243f.jpg