Wolfgang Stiller

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” One could read those burned matches as worn-out or burned-out human beings. The installation can appear like a battlefield or just like some playground where someone played around with matches and dropped them. All the heads I’ve used so far are from Chinese people. This sometimes leads to the assumption that this is a criticism of the Chinese government. One can read it that way, but I think this metaphor could be used for any western system as well. The matchboxes could be simply seen as formal elements within the installation, as coffins or simply as matchboxes. I actually like to keep it open since I don’t like art that leaves no space for one’s own imagination.” – Wolfgang Stiller

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Robert Gniewek

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Photorealist painter Robert Gniewek creates some very nice paintings.. his portraits I especially like. Check out the rest here.

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LWA Pigeon Post

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The Pigeon Post is a kit by the LWA to send a plastic carrier pigeon through the mail. ‘Place your message in the supplied pouch, put the stamps on it, and pop it in the blue mail box on your corner! The bird will arrive at its destination to the delight and awe the recipient.’

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Sharon Moody

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” My goal as a painter is to create space, whether the table top space in a still life work or the more shallow space of a trompe l’oeil composition. Illusionism, especially the heightened mimesis found in trompe l’oeil, invites the viewer to enter the space of the piece and then persuades them to linger and explore the meaning of the work. A final aim is first to delight the eye, and then intrigue the mind.” – Sharon Moody.

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Carmine Bellucci

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What a nice surprise to discover the work of Italian illustrator Carmine Bellucci. I am enamoured of it’s jewel-like beauty and it’s deeper meanings. Check out his website now, for it’s a treasure trove of goodness.

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REM Island by Concrete

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Restaurant REM Island in Amsterdam, The Netherlands by Concrete, 2011.

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Randall Rosenthal

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Every one of these things has been hand carved from a single piece of wood by New York sculptor Randall Rosenthal. You can say WOW now.

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Raymond Saá

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Raymond Saá uses tropical plants, fruit and foliage as a metaphor to explore the resilience of Caribbean culture that is transplanted to a new life in the United States. Saá was raised in Miami by his exiled mother and grandparents and his work draws on his family’s experience of displacement and struggle to maintain their Cuban heritage here. He is interested in the way that food, fruits and flowers from the market or the imagination can conjure associations with the old world. At Wave Hill, he has created a new mural for Glyndor Gallery in the transitional space of the entrance foyer. He covers the 19th-century European-style wall surfaces with Caribbean-style tropical plants to demonstrate his ideas about transplanting culture. He renders the plants in stark black and white to hint at the dislocation first generation immigrants experience in a new and competitive culture.’ (via Art State)

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Carlos Perez

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” When I paint – I think about people whose only experience will be what I have experienced in the past. And I think when I paint that I can sensitize it for people and help other people – people that I don’t know. That’s why I often work with children and why I often work with these large pictures. One is more present than what one does.” – Carlos Perez

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Alien Chopsticks

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If you can stomach eating food with an extremely detailed xenomorph, these chopsticks are for you. The level of detail on these is amazing and will make Aliens fans squee every time you pull them out for a meal. (It may make your dining companions grossed out, but that just means more sushi for you, right?) These unique chopsticks are 9″ long and feature high quality sculpts and color as well as the guarantee that you will not be infected with a chestburster by using them. Buy here.

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