Andy Hixon

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Artist Andy Hixon (blogged) updates his website with some fresh illustrations. Check it out guys. Worth a look.

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Cyclops iPad Case

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Cyclops turns your iPad into a terrifying and huggable monster. Use our mouth image as wallpaper, or make your own! His hands are made of microfiber to clean your iPad screen, and he’s padded on the back for extra protection. Buy here.

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The Carrier by Patricia Piccinini

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Here’s another hyper-realistic silicone sculpture from multidisciplinary artist Patricia Piccinini. Her attention to detail and passion for her craft have always impressed me. She’s one of the best!

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Bryan Drury

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Bryan Drury was born in 1980 in Salt Lake City, Utah and relocated to New York in 2001. He received his MFA Cum Laude from the New York Academy of Art in 2007 and BFA from The Cooper Union School of Art in 2005. He has exhibited and received awards throughout the US and Europe. Select recent highlights include: The American Academy of Arts and Letters selected Drury for their highly prestigious annual Invitational Exhibition 2011; the artist was profiled and reviewed in the April 2011 issue of The Art Economist magazine as part of their “Artist To Watch” section. Drury’s painting “Ali” was included in the exhibition “Now WHAT?” at the Norton Museum of Art, Palm Beach FL, the curators from the Norton Museum selected “Ali” as one of the twenty most engaging works exhibited during Art Basel Miami in December 2010.

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Francesca Pasquali

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See more of Francesca Pasquali‘s installations made entirely from straws here. I love it! Very, very cool stuff.

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OLS House by J.Mayer H. Architects

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J.Mayer H. Architects have designed the OLS House near Stuttgart, Germany. ‘The new, 4-person family home is divided into an elevated ground floor with entrance area, utility room and spa, and a second floor with an open, flowing floor plan containing the living, dining and kitchen areas. Full-height glazing provides a free view of the valley and terrace looking over the garden area. Upstairs are the sleeping areas, dressing rooms and bathrooms. The central design element is a sculptural staircase that connects all three levels. The house was built as a reinforced concrete construction. The facade consists of one heat-insulating compound system and an aluminum and glass facade. Slats and anti-glare sheeting provide integrated sun protection, protecting it against heat. All of the lightweight partition walls inside are made of drywall. The floor is a seamless layer of screed. The roof with the deep, recessed balcony was built with pre-weathered zinc plate cladding and is fitted with solar panels.’ Link here.

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Rhonda Gushee

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” My figurative sculptures are investigations into how humans interact socially and within personal relationships. They are reconstructions of the emotional and intellectual mechanisms that people use to cope every day. My objective is to suggest memory narratives and psychological connections. Myths and fairy tales, family and friends inspire my characters. Some of the figures emit various toy sounds when certain buttons are pushed, pulled or squeezed. The work involves taking apart found objects, combining human and animal forms. The tactile materials such as Raku clay and stitched fibers come together and become a hybrid of the old and new. I find that these elements highlight contradictions such as humor and fear, beauty and decay, the antique and contemporary.” – Rhonda Gushee

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Q Confucius No.2

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Loving this giant sculpture of Confucius, which is made of silicone, steel, carbon fiber and acrylic by Zhang Huan. ‘Q Confucius is Zhang’s thought-provoking examination of how China’s spiritual culture has changed as the country has experienced a heightened profile in the global community. Zhang asks how China will adapt to a future without religion as rapid social reforms take shape.’

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Witit Karpkraikaew

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Disney princesses gets zombified by Thai illustrator Witit Karpkraikaew. Click here for the link.

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Tim Hawkinson

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Tim Hawkinson is known for taking a simple proposition to great extremes. He has a predilection for readily available materials – found, everyday objects, and often his own body – as material, reference, and model. He has a persistent fascination with perception, time, scale and the “primitive” or rudimentary. His process can be long and arduous, labor intensive, and repetitive. Play and humor emerge. Since the mid-1980s he has brought the most inventive and varied materials to life in a wide-ranging body of work, taking the ordinary into new and unexpected realms. (via Stuart Collection)

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