Nestor Jr

 photo Untitled-2_zps6383e336.jpg  photo Untitled-6_zpsb831e1bc.jpg  photo Untitled-3_zps182a45c1.jpg Have a look at Nestor Jr's portfolio, whose work is nothing less than amazing. Click here for the link.  photo Untitled-4_zpsdf062100.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zps237c431f.jpg

Haelssen and Lyon Tea Calendar

 photo Tea-Calendar_zps84d7b4fa.jpg  photo Tea-Calendar-4_zpsf2de5e73.jpg  photo Tea-Calendar1_zpscf00ff45.jpg 'Drinking the days of the year might seem like an obscure concept, but the Haelssen and Lyon Tea Calendar allows one to do just that by transforming each day of the year into a bag of tea. The Calendar works by simply tearing off the bag that corresponds to that particular day of the week.' Link here.  photo Tea-Calendar-6_zps72fcfae7.jpg  photo Tea-Calendar-3_zpsa7ca44fb.jpg  photo Tea-Calendar-1_zps807746bb.jpg

Ivan Franco Fraga

 photo ivan-franco-fraga-pinturas-L-QCpQan_zps03330dc5.jpeg  photo le1_zpsb792e475.jpg Ivan Franco Fraga is a graduate in fine arts, specializing in painting, at the University of Vigo, Galicia, Spain. His work has been seen in numerous exhibitions and competitions in Spain and in a solo exhibition at Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife.  photo skeptic_zpsc509735b.jpg  photo bp-02_zpsf54a46a5.jpg

Gladys Hack

 photo DSC06884_zpsbd1f183c.jpg  photo DSC06945_zps40ffdfef.jpg  photo DSC06900_zps8916b993.jpg  photo DSC06924_zps446fa88d.jpg These cups of acne, wounds and hair by French instructor and artist Gladys Hack is definitely not for the faint-hearted.  photo DSC06910_zps90fe6c6e.jpg  photo DSC06917_zps82939cd7.jpg

Rik Garret

 photo symbiosislarge12_zps80293f81.jpg  photo symbiosis1a_zps1c76b172.jpg Symbiosis by Rik Garret is a new series exploring ideas regarding love, relationships, magic, Alchemy and mutually beneficial partnerships in nature. This is the first finished image from this series.  photo symbiosis10_zps85c5d8b6.jpg  photo symbiosis3_zpsa4816ac1.jpg

Keith Lemley Luma

 photo lemley02ek2_zpse5ff4d0e.jpg  photo lemley04ek2_zps58d95bb8.jpg  photo _igp4706_ed_w_zps33b25141.jpg  photo _igp4709_ed_w_zps260b941b.jpg " My work is about seeing the unseen – the invisible presence which exists in our minds and surrounds all objects, experiences, and memories. Working in my studio in rural Appalachia, I have developed a keen interest in being part of and observing natural systems, time and the process of life and death, and an aesthetic sensibility synthesizing the organic and the machine." - Keith Lemley Luma  photo _igp4711_ed_w_zps0a93cad2.jpg  photo _igp4730_ed_2_w_zps3948ce1b.jpg

Aristides Ruiz

 photo Untitled-1_zps4769e481.jpg  photo Untitled-3_zps49e54fd0.jpg Artist Aristides Ruiz has been a studio member at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts since 2010. He lives and works in New York City.  photo 2_zps1ae63362.jpg  photo Untitled-2_zps1bd76ce0.jpg

Rocker Cradle by Scott Morrison

 photo rocker-cradle-3d-1_large_zps97267ff5.jpg  photo rocker-cradle-side2_large_zps7683d32c.jpg " Here I updated a 1700's stlye Windsor Nanny Rocker using Sam Maloof's Classic Rocking Chair design as a basis. I wanted to add interest by creating different shapes for the cradle's base and its rail. That is, the rail follows the shape of the base (as seen from above) as well as having a shape of its own moving up and down (as seen from the front). A unique side-effect and challenge of this design would then be to create spindles that would connect the asymmetrical shapes of the base and the rail. The spindles must therefore be duplicated in a uniform manner along the cradle base, while also being dynamically sized to accommodate the bi-directional flow of the rail." - Scott Morrison  photo rocker-cradle-crib2_large_zpsbfee1ee2.jpg  photo rocker-cradle_large_zps045dcb45.jpg

Denis Peterson

 photo GrainofSandnew2_zps22d9d033.jpg  photo darfurptg4new_zps2cb725b5.jpg Denis Peterson is an Armenian-American painter whose hyperreal work has been at the Brooklyn Museum, Whitney Museum of American Art, Butler Institute of American Art, Smithsonian Institute, Tate Modern, Springville Museum of Art, and Corcoran MPA. One of the first Photorealists to emerge in New York, Denis is widely acknowledged as the primary architect of Hyperrealism, founded on the aesthetic principles of Photorealism while breaking away from its more traditional conventions. Peterson's captivating paintings can be found in high profile collections of world renowned art patrons and multinational corporations, i.e. Exxon Corporation and Morgan Stanley.  photo denis_peterson_20110627_03_bo_zpsa03e8ac5.jpg  photo imintroubledontyouseewebnew_zpscc1b7d1b.jpg

Taisuke Mohri

 photo crackedportraits05_zps2eaf9486.jpg  photo tumblr_mpvbtg5Wl91qeubbbo2_1280_zps6d39629d.jpg  photo crackedportraits06_zps1dcc4374.jpg Taisuke Mohri’s ‘Cracked Portraits’ are a series of detailed pencil artworks overlayed with a pane of cracked glass – known as the ‘material cracks’. 'In Mohri’s works the representation of the face on paper gives itself to the viewer as a photo of a sculpture but as time of the observation unfolds and the distance between the eye and the image diminishes the statue comes alive disclosing to the viewer the ashy substance of pencil drawing as well as vivid traces of “organic body surface”. Wrinkles, birthmarks, tiny skin swellings as well as purely organic smoothness and roundness of the casted head create visual oxymoron, generating constant shifts in perception of the image, which oscillates between physical presence and representation, between life and stone. The artist uses pencil as well as quality of human perception to make a Triple Maneuver. He depicts three-dimensional object on the surface of a paper in the way it looks as a sculpture installed in the space. Then he emphasizes the surface of the stone (“inside” the paper) by infusing flesh, skin and age in the image of the saints and warriors. Finally he “revives” the depicted figure itself driving “Life” into it so the figure provokes onlooker’s imagination on what might be the emotional state, the world inside the personage. First, eliminate the surface of the medium (paper), than bring the focus on the surface of sculpture, finally, create the illusion of “inside” of the resurrected person – this is the structure of photo-realistic labyrinth the artist offers us to experience. '  photo 1_zpsb9eab157.jpg  photo 2_zpsa15de366.jpg