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Love this snake mural. What an impressive piece coming from street artist Sokram for the Desordes Creativas Festival in Ordes, Galizia, Spain.

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This is awesome. Check out these fun illustrations by “Lauren“. Plenty of wonderfully simple and fresh work on her website.

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Balloon Bench by H220430

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This bench was visually inspired by the feeling of floating that the main character felt in the French movie, “Le Ballon Rouge”(1953). In reality the bench is suspended from the ceiling by 4 anchors concealed by the balloon shapes. This creates the illusion of the bench being lifted by balloons. Click here for the link.

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Giraffe Childcare Center

 photo giraffe-childcare-centre-by-hondelatte-laporte-architects-4_zps35426b99.jpg

 photo giraffe-childcare-centre-by-hondelatte-laporte-architects-3_zps99ab4fcc.jpg

 photo giraffe-childcare-centre-by-hondelatte-laporte-architects-10_zpsc9799fa4.jpg

 photo giraffe-childcare-centre-by-hondelatte-laporte-architects-5_zpsa6764586.jpg

French architecture studio Hondelatte Laporte Architects have created a childcare center in Boulogne-Billancourt, France, that features a giant giraffe as part of the building.

 photo giraffe-childcare-centre-by-hondelatte-laporte-architects-8_zpsccf8aeb1.jpg

 photo giraffe-childcare-centre-by-hondelatte-laporte-architects-6_zpsd301829c.jpg

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Andreas Preis

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Andreas Preis is a talented designer, illustrator and artist, currently living and working in Berlin, Germany.

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The Basement Stacks by Wary Meyers

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Books breaking through the (faux) wall downstairs, referencing the “basement stacks” every library has. In this case it’s as if those stacks had been sealed up during some remodel, and are anthropomorphically breaking through, referencing the old library, history, roots, poltergeists… Created for the VIA Advertising Agency, which recently renovated and moved their offices into the old Baxter building, which served as Portland’s public library from 1888 until the 1960s. Link here.

 photo WMbasement1_zpsbdb5dfc3.jpg

Leticia Bajuyo

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 photo WonderfulShinyCDsSculptureByLeticiaBajuyo10_zps1d22200b.jpg

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 photo Fashion156-LeticiaBajuyo4-570x380_zpsce5390c6.jpg

Leticia Bajuyo creates, lives, and teaches in southern Indiana where she is an Associate Professor of Art at Hanover College. ‘Leticia Bajuyo creates impressive sculptural installations which are made up of thousands of donated CD’s. Using cable ties and hula hoops, she re-purposes discarded materials into meaningful, site-specific artwork.

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Heartfelt by Sarah Mandell

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 photo il_570xN304935956_zps26453311.jpg

Heartfelt (Human-Scale Anatomical Heart) by Sarah Mandell on Etsy. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

 photo il_fullxfull410867121_1fsa_zps1e841efb.jpg

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Damián Ortega

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 photo cosmic-thing-2002-e1310501802832_zps3e7ab92b.jpg

Damián Ortega (b. 1967, Mexico City) currently lives and works in Berlin. His work explores specific economic, aesthetic and cultural situations and in particular how regional culture affects commodity consumption. He began his career as a political cartoonist, and his art has the intellectual rigour and sense of playfulness often associated with his previous occupation. He creates sculptures, installations, videos and actions inspired by a wide range of mundane objects, from golf balls and pickaxes to bricks, rubbish bins and even tortillas, all subjected to what has been described as Ortega’s characteristically “mischievous process of transformation and dysfunction.”



Too Beautiful To Be True

 photo Dezeen_Too-Beautiful-To-Be-True-by-Meike-Harde-2_zps13cfbbe5.jpg

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 photo hands_6_zps96d3579d.jpg

The installation Too beautiful to be true by Meike Harde ‘was developed on the occasion of the exhibition Fine Arts in Saarbrücken, Germany. Masks which picture the eye- and mouth area correspond to the current ideal of beauty. When put on, however, they cause a contortion of the face. This is meant to show that artificially produced beauty is not always beautiful; instead it can evoke the very opposite. The pictures with the masks should be allegorical for effect of artifically produced beauty. Link here.

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