Silvia Cordedda

"Silvia Cordedda was born on the 11th of May in 1991 in Carrara, Italy. She has been fractalist since January 2012. Cordedda attended Chemical Engineering in University of Pisa and took Japanese lessons in her free time." Check out more of Silvia Cordedda's beautiful digital artwork on her Deviant page here.

Sun-Hyuk Kim

 photo 402173-10323245-7_zpsfd225643.jpg  photo 402173-10323114-7_zps4a2e2fe4.jpg Cool metal root sculptures created by South Korean artist Sun-Hyuk Kim.  photo 402173-10323305-7_zpsd3646f48.jpg  photo 402173-10323164-7_zps46b0362b.jpg

Giuseppe Velardo

 photo tumblr_mjhuqfYTzb1r0ll31o1_500_zpsb08a75c3.jpg  photo tumblr_lvoepkQKuH1r0ll31o1_r1_500_zps1234d3ab.jpg Allow me to introduce you to the outstanding work of Giuseppe Velardo. I am enjoying his work a lot.  photo tumblr_m3wobj85S31r0ll31o1_500_zpsfafc8233.jpg  photo tumblr_mgvexcyXc01r0ll31o1_500_zpsf6e9e1fd.jpg

Animal Bookends

 photo 1469_1_zps0333e025.jpg  photo 1469_2_zps3491345d.jpg  photo 1469_3_zpse1907b42.jpg Very cool animal bookends with a sirloin detail inside. Click here to buy.  photo 1469_5_zpscf7fde6f.jpg  photo 1469_4_zps7fe78940.jpg


 photo shaka_la_fuite_en_avant_zps12866b65.jpg Shaka focuses on portraiture and figures in movement to reveal the emotional workings behind the façade of everyday human interactions. His figures twist and turn in an energetic color palette, the movement of their bodies representing the struggle for individuality in social power politics. Heightening the internal conflicts of each figure, the paintings feature bas-relief details that pop out from the two-dimensional plane, underscoring the sense of escape and emancipation.  photo tumblr_mk11qiYW6x1rhgbn2o2_1280_zps18cc8301.jpg  photo shaka_installation_view_zps420e3ee3.jpg

Digital Disruptions by Vanessa Bertagnole

 photo image4-4_zps550f1047.png  photo image-8_zps05c07204.png  photo image2-7_zps994c4d0e.png Digital Disruptions is a series of still images illustrating liminal spaces between converging digital worlds. As printed images this work seeks to transport viewers to another world existing in another space and time by presenting the transference of various digital media: video, television, computer and finally materialized through photography form. The brain struggles to make sense of these digital anomalies and abstractions presented in a familiar mode of representation. By disrupting the digital code and constant stream of digital imagery pervading our everyday lives, these images allow for quiet reflection and contemplation on the convergence of media now commonplace in modern society.  photo image1-7_zps45aff043.png  photo image3-6_zpse9b7b989.png


 photo Untitled-1-2_zps15d434e7.jpg  photo water_on_face__1_by_77daisy77-d4w2c9s_zpsc93e6d4f.jpg  photo Untitled-1-2_zps644ba930.jpg  photo water_on_face__3_by_77daisy77-d559xx9_zpsc289dc94.jpg " I mainly draw realism with traditional media, particularly charcoal. Charcoal is absolutely amazing, and it's definitely going to be my favourite for the rest of my life. " - Daisy (deviantart username: 77Daisy77) from Australia  photo Untitled-1-2_zps03edfaa8.jpg  photo water_on_face__4_by_77daisy77-d5cpayj_zpsfbd7f8f2.jpg

Alessandro Conti

 photo goofy-s-anatomy-by-alessandroconti-1_zps3045da21.jpg  photo mickey_s_anatomy_by_alessandroconti-d5swnqz_zpsd89e3231.jpg Anatomy of popular Disney characters by Alessandro Conti, illustrator and digital artist based in Italy.  photo minnie_s_anatomy_by_alessandroconti-d5swp38_zpsc93743fe.jpg  photo pluto_s_anatomy_by_alessandroconti-d5swr07_zps69e5afa2.png

Lya Nagado

 photo 31_zps7ae058a8.jpg  photo 28_zps9792c256.jpg " My paintings and sculptures suggest otherness by representing liminal states of animation – or inanimation, between reality and fantasy. The transcendent themes reminisce of those of sacred images, which today are incorporated inconspicuously in the way we depict ourselves, but devoid of the original meaning." - Lya Nagado  photo 27_zps09f358a7.jpg  photo 29_zpsbbaa4d79.jpg

Rowan dg Corkill

 photo 1PortraitofASpecies-squirrel2_zps11faf99b.jpg  photo PortraitofASpecies-canary1_zps2bdb1735.jpg Check out the ultra talented Rowan dg Corkill. Shown here is a series titled 'Portrait of a Species'.  photo PortraitofASpecies-crow1_zpsb449e4cc.jpg  photo PortraitofASpecies-robin1_zpse7751ed7.jpg