Grzegorz Klaman

 photo tumblr_mdayuaJ0MR1qe31lco3_1280_zps46f2c0b3.jpg  photo tumblr_mdayuaJ0MR1qe31lco4_1280_zpsd6f6d64a.jpg  photo 536340_358691427549656_800432388_n_zpsee7661e6.jpg In Fear and Trembling, Grzegorz Klaman's project for FAU, several kneeling human figures, cloaked in amorphous black robes, slowly and repeatedly hit their heads against the wall. Their behavior recalls states of trance or hysteria. A black, sticky substance has spilled down the wall from the large, horizontal windows located high above the floor and the figures, imposing its blackness on the space, the figures, and the viewer. The title, Fear and Trembling, is borrowed from the Danish Philosopher Soren Kierkegaard's writing on religious devotion and the boundaries of individual sacrifice and internal conflict.  photo grzegorz_klaman_3_zps974ae40f.jpg  photo tumblr_mdayuaJ0MR1qe31lco2_500_zpse503ae58.jpg

Marc Andre Robinson

 photo mar-throne_zps2c09703e.jpg  photo Robinson-61_zps0864e941.jpg  photo IMG_6229-500x375_zpsa0eae1e2.jpg Marc Andre Robinson works in sculpture, drawing, video and interactive public projects that revolve around a psychology of historical, cultural and familial belonging. Playing with the dialogue between art and artifact, he collects discarded furniture and transforms it into sculptural assemblages with complex and delicately balanced symbology. Robinson’s drawings are often marked by meticulous patterning and repetition, while his public projects have involved creating catalysts for members of the community to voice their historical reflections.  photo e4d57873_zps189a2027.jpg  photo tumblr_mkfmq5qLUM1qdrgo9o3_500_zps4db619ad.jpg  photo 2081626899_06d4a46b41_b_zps73cfe43d.jpg

Thomas Bangsted

 photo 7_zpse994fd3e.jpg  photo 14_zpseb8d90b4.jpg Thomas Bangsted <-- Born, Denmark 1976; Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York; Education: 2005–07 Yale University, MFA; 2004–05 Goldsmiths College/University of London, Pg.Dip. Fine Art; 2000–04 The Glasgow School of Art, BA.  photo 19_zpseea48dc5.jpg  photo 26_zps2b28a7b5.jpg

Aaron J. Gilbert

 photo t2bMzLZA_zps053d31ed.jpg  photo TDXKFLYV_zps63fc2d3f.jpg Aaron J. Gilbert's portfolio is deserving of your visit. One talented dude.  photo sXVRxjTFHjRX0Bpa_zpsac09c4f5.jpg

Custom Silkscreen Pet Pillow

 photo il_570xN338109922_zps6ad82908.jpg  photo il_570xN337981489_zps0489de5b.jpg Get a custom pillow of your very own pet by submitting a photograph of your pet here. Pillows measure approximately 13"x17" depending on the proportions of the photograph.  photo il_570xN338109658_zps6c633aaf.jpg  photo il_570xN337981415_zps9994443b.jpg

Rain Interactive by Luzinterruptus

 photo tumblr_mo7civW5cR1qzamioo8_1280_zpsd08a48a9.jpg  photo tumblr_mo7civW5cR1qzamioo9_1280_zps1d81f4c6.jpg  photo IMG_68791_zpsaf31c7a2.jpg  photo IMG_69571_zps69150954.jpg Taken from their website: In this context, we wanted to carry out our interactive installation Prophylactic rain that doesn’t wet anything, with which we intended to leave a little lighted water in memory of former uses, this time we wanted to do it with drops of water falling on the deteriorated remnants of cement. To give them shape we used condoms, yes, condoms, extra large and extra strength, to which we added blue colored water, to turn them into big drops, with feel and form of silicone breasts, very pleasant to touch and squeeze. With them we created a square space, delimited by suspended droplets in which one could immerse themselvesand touch them, listening to the gentle sound of the moving water. Thanks to the magic of light and water, we were able to convert 800 common condoms, into a sensory and relaxing refuge, suitable for all audiences. Link here.  photo IMG_67411_zpsc1c463c3.jpg  photo IMG_6853-2_zps48ccfdb5.jpg  photo tumblr_mo7civW5cR1qzamioo3_1280_zpsa865d0a4.jpg

Matthew Rolston

 photo 9jpgCROParticle920-large_zpsc06ff3f3.jpg  photo 1jpgCROParticle920-large_zpsab0e1d64.jpg  photo 07-VentriloquistDummiesFeed_zps1c2bba74.jpg Matthew Rolston (born March 1, 1955) is an American photographer, director, and creative director. Rolston is known for his signature lighting techniques and detailed approach to art direction and design, and has been repeatedly identified throughout his career with the revival and modern expression of Hollywood glamour.  photo 7jpgCROParticle920-large_zps52f06b8a.jpg  photo 8jpgCROParticle920-large_zps233ad745.jpg  photo 4jpgCROParticle920-large_zps7f107e59.jpg

Christopher Boffoli

Christopher Boffoli is a Seattle-based photographer, writer, artist and filmmaker. He took up photography as a hobby in his teens, honing his skills as a student journalist in high school and college. While still an undergraduate he started his own commercial photography company in Charleston, South Carolina. With a background in literature and English, he worked for more than a decade in the field of Philanthropy, raising money for elite schools like Dartmouth College and the London School of Economics. Christopher was able to integrate his creative skills, in writing, photography and graphic design into much of his fundraising work.

Maisie Parker

 photo Maisie-Parker-Scrubberman-3-1839076_zps53a19313.jpg  photo Maisie-Parker-Scrubberman-2-1837148_zps0ecf06c3.jpg " I work in mixed print media; screen-printing, relief printing, collagraph, chine colle, and mono-prints, although drawing is at the heart of my work. Drawing as a way of knowing, as a mode of enquiry and as a visual language. Life drawing is the source of all my print work and is ongoing. It is the most important part of my art. I love the idea of the repetition of images and use it throughout much of my work. Working in this medium, I have found a new and vibrant palette, which has spilled over into my long-standing interest in life painting, and has tapped into a deeply buried childhood enjoyment of colour." - Maisie Parker  photo Maisie-Parker-Scrub-1-1837144_zpsf226aa67.jpg  photo Maisie-Parker-Scrubberman-1-1837147_zps57089786.jpg

Christian Herdeg

 photo BIG_zps9ca63d32.png  photo herdeg_03_large_zps6d816c97.jpg Striking colored light installation called Neon Stage by Christian Herdeg.  photo herdeg_01_large_zpsd97e4254.jpg  photo herdeg_02_large_zpsf584ae26.jpg