Lorenzo Quinn

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Sculptor Lorenzo Quinn designed this disembodied hands playing with life-size toys for the 54th Venice Biennale (Italy).

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Chiharu Shiota

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Dialogue with Absence [Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art, Kagawa] by Chiharu Shiota.

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Hollywood Icons Tattooed on Bananas

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I have etched portraits of some of the most famous stars in Hollywood (including Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean, Elvis, and Audrey Hepburn) on the banana with a safety pin, to create works of edible art. More here, here and here.

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Write a Bike

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Check out these Typography bikes by Juri Zaech, Swiss art director, currently living and working in Paris, France.

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Sticker High: Maria

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Meagan Spendlove, often artistically entitled as Siloette is a contract muralist / project coordinator who lives in San Francisco. Her current endeavors include, yet are not limited to; opening an integral arts studio and teaching public artwork within the Bay Area. For the last decade Spendlove has traveled to and painted in over 80 cities around the world. Creating portraits that have become recognized primarily for their bold lines and vivid color spectrums. Her main source of inspiration is derived from the love and light being a Mother provides. Aesthetically speaking her style has been compared to Art Nouveau, stained glass & waves.

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David Eichenberg

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David Eichenberg states that his primary focus is to redefine contemporary portraiture. He is working on accomplishing this through the study and manipulation of the relationships that exist between the sitter and the viewer. Says Eichenberberg: “The art of portraiture for so long has been dominated by stagnate representations of the sitter. Images that go no further than to simply record a physical likeness that in most cases is no better than a cheap, poorly staged photograph. The art of portraiture can say much more about not only the sitter’s physical characteristics that are being depicted but should also capture any emotional energy or defining traits associated with the sitter.” All of Eichenberg’s paintings, especially his portraits, possess a startling photo-realistic quality. Eichenberg says the secret is his use of light, after the fashion of Baroque and Renaissance paintings. “It’s all about the light, painting the light and not the object. You might say it’s exaggerated or lit theatrically. I paint what I know, not what I see.” David lives and works in Toledo, Ohio. (via Addington Gallery)

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Brian McCarty

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Brian McCarty is an internationally exhibited artist and toy industry veteran based in West Hollywood, California. McCarty’s postmodern integration of concept and character has earned his photography a prominent position in the Art-Toy and Pop Surrealist movements. However, McCarty’s work is often more akin to reportage than photo-illustration. His approach is grounded in documenting actual – albeit manufactured – moments of time from a uniquely personal perspective.

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Britt Ragsdale

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” I am a visual artist currently living and working in Houston, TX. Through my art, I am interested in creating visual constructs based around the social anthropology and psychoanalysis of pretense. False presentations are deeply rooted in social behavior, especially in connection with self-representation, collective identity and the techniques through which they are constructed. These ideas are swayed according to a variety of sources within one’s society. For this reason, I focus on the semblances encountered within my particular gender, culture and class. I maintain an artistic style akin to Southern Gothic literature, focusing on the irony and disconcertion of various personal interactions and observations of people.” – Britt Ragsdale

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Pup Crawl Illuminated Dog Leash

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Pup Crawl Illuminated Dog Leash ‘can be seen from up to a quarter-mile in the dark. It’s made of reinforced nylon, so it’s strong and lightweight’. Click here to buy.

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