Pam Ingalls

 photo 46228_zps5899e5b8.jpg  photo 27915_zps02587953.jpg Pam Ingalls' education in art began early. She first studied with her father, Richard Ingalls, who created the Art Department at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. She continued at the Accademia Delle Belle Arte in Florence, Italy in 1977, then returned home to earn her Bachelor of Arts degree from Gonzaga in 1979. She later worked with Frederick Frank in New York and subsequently studied oil painting under Ron Lukas in Seattle. More recently she has studied with Richard Schmid and Burt Silverman. Strong color and sound drawing are primary in her paintings. Her choice of simple subject matter is surprising, sometimes humorous, and always full of emotion. Portraits, still lifes and interior scenes populate her studio. A table with chairs, a diner counter top, rubber boots standing by a kitchen door, even a bowl of cherries - all evoke a sense of humanity and presence, as if someone is either about to enter the frame or has just left it. Pam has exhibited in over 125 national and international juried art shows, where she's won more than 60 prizes. Her work has exhibited in 28 states, and is in collections in numerous countries.  photo 21702_zpsc70136cb.jpg  photo 46196_zps6865c09d.jpg

Troy Coulterman

 photo dsc9699_new_zpse97e297c.jpg  photo dsc9703-new_zps564fd0ec.jpg " How do you visually represent the nightmarish hallucinations you get in your sleep after accidentally eating old sweaty cheese or recalling a dream or a memory from your past only to realize it was actually from something you saw on TV? These are just two fleeting moments we choose to ignore or are just too damn embarrassed to admit. They are absurd anomalies– glitches in the system–that are a testament to our confusing lives. All of my work starts from similar confusing happenings that we may experience in one way or another. In my sculptures I embrace these experiences and translate them into tangible moments that manage to be even more absurd than that from which they came." - Troy Coulterman  photo dsc9771-new_zps01cdd8d6.jpg  photo dsc9785_new_zps2c2a5851.jpg

Quincy Anderson

 photo Anderson_Illumination_LR_zps062d85a7.jpg  photo blue-moon_zps28bef153.jpg  photo Anderson_deep_riverLR_zpsbcb78252.jpg Nature inspired large scale abstract paintings by Seattle artist Quincy Anderson are richly textured canvases of acrylic paint, oil ink and silk tissue collage. The intricate surface embossment and reflective quality of glazing enhance layers of images that appear and disappear as the viewer moves around the paintings. Anderson's use of complex color harmonies and reflective light evoke the lush marine environment and changing seasons of the northwest. Calligraphic lines, enigmatic symbols and images of flowing water give these elegant works a distinctly Asian sensibility, creating a beautiful balance between organic shapes that echo each other and a geometric rhythm that establishes the architecture of the composition. The sense of space and movement leads the viewer to a place of peaceful contemplation.  photo Anderson_eveninglotus_zpsa2dfb501.jpg  photo Anderson_overflow3_zpsd2904214.jpg

Tom Brodie-Browne

 photo 698468_7770251_lz_zps46dcf37f.jpg  photo 680492_2835463_lz_zps07023ceb.jpg Very nice illustrations by Tom Brodie-Browne. See more images on Society6.  photo 680522_4595638_lz_zpsa26dd972.jpg

Jesùs Leguizamo

 photo 87855-10812561-7_zpsc03117f2.jpg  photo 87855-9928630-7_zps48a735d9.jpg Jesùs Leguizamo is a young artist from Bogotà, Colombia, who in his depictions of people erases and blurs that which defines the human being - the face. Through expressive brushstrokes, he creates compelling and memorable paintings which explore human fragility and how this can be expressed in the medium of paint.  photo tumblr_mmnu2wD8rd1r05oujo1_1280_zpse5c94312.jpg

Stuart Dunkel

 photo here-first-5-x-7_zps5d7bdfe3.jpg  photo jelly-fingers-5x7_zps26f4958e.jpg  photo quick-getaway-5x7_zpsc2a676dc.jpg Stuart Dunkel is a versatile artist who paints New England landscapes, and whimsical still lifes of mice. His style can be whimiscial at times with a touch of surrealism. Other pieces have a much more classical or formal feel. Here, you see one of his whimical “doughnut” paintings from his mice series. When you look over the additional images, you will also see some impressionistic, tranquil landscapes with a more traditional feel. A talented painter, Mr. Dunkel is also a professional musician. (via Renjeau Gallery)  photo cookie-thief-5x7_zpsebf784f1.jpg  photo the-secret-9-x-12_zps9bbb99e7.jpg  photo jelly-roll-5x7_zps9f584085.jpg

Tight Spot by David Byrne

 photo 2_zpsccd3959a.jpg  photo 1IMG_8219_zps49cf24a7.jpg  photo Screen-shot-2011-09-21-at-110205-AM_zps6491d954.png Artist David Byrne has created an installation called 'Tight Spot' that he blew up all by himself. It is a giant inflatable globe that barely fits under the High Line at 10th Avenue and 25th Street.  photo Screen-shot-2011-09-14-at-123944_zps1f9ed513.png  photo 3IMG_8222_zpsa1563daf.jpg

Randis Albion

 photo moona_by_randis-d5hkxt1_zps50b82780.jpg  photo portrait_of_the_hairy_musa_by_randis-d5gy03y_zps964dc385.jpg Loving these Victorian cat portraits by Randis Albion... Absolutely delightful!  photo mizer_by_randis-d5hey1s_zpsc1d1b5ab.jpg

Kobi Levi

 photo KobiLeviDisneyEvilQueen2_zpsab18c94a.jpg  photo KobiLeviDisneyEvilQueen1_zps72e9f5c8.jpg  photo KobiLevi_DisneyMaleficent4_zps869c5740.jpg  photo KobiLevi_DisneyMaleficent3_zpsdcb2d023.jpg Kobi Levi designed a series of high heels featuring some popular Disney evil villains.  photo KobiLevi_DisneyUrsula2_zpsf2510a4e.jpg  photo KobiLevi_DisneyUrsula1_zps077b2e00.jpg

Wang Zhiyuan

 photo A0260003photo00036_zps947db879.jpg  photo Wang-Zhiyuan1-537x396_zps5b619b43.jpg Wang Zhiyuan work Thrown To The Wind encases materials which are thrown away carelessly in Zhiyuan’s hometown and other surroundings in China. The work challenged me, as the artist has used materials within this work which are usually regarded as rubbish. His tornado like structure highlights the impacts of rubbish disposal, as he links the careless nature of discarded items with a natural disaster which would impact thousands. The eleven metre structure is partnered with a video documentary which informs and ultimately overpowers the audience and makes a strong social comment on material and commercial waste. (via Spatial Experimentations)  photo phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg_zps5d3f0b0d.jpg  photo A0260003photo00035_zpsa67b06c1.jpg