Jared Tharp

 photo jared-tharp_zpsc1f428ff.jpeg  photo jared_tharp_shark_couple_1024x1024_zpsd754c182.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zps424a4092.jpg " My paintings (as of late) are about nostalgia. I was born in 1981 and I have a soft spot for the art, music, and culture to come out of that decade. I love the sound of analogue synthesizers and the look of hand made art. I'm interested in the parallels between nostalgia felt for past experiences and the nostalgia felt for past decades. I'm originally from Stockton, CA. I currently live in Sacramento. " - Jared Tharp  photo sF6C45a_q84qq5QJ-600x446_zps0876b4e6.jpg  photo Untitled-2_zps8888350b.jpg

Cement Paintings by Erik J. Sommer

 photo Independent_zpsdf7180f7.jpg  photo rainsong_zps85a9fb93.jpg  photo TurnTheWind_zpscf48e01c.jpg Erik J. Sommer is a a New York City based contemporary artist specializing in mixed media creations.  photo SilverAMonthAgo_zps187425a1.jpg  photo ASkeletonOfTheChurch_zps53d06c96.jpg

Egg Poncho

 photo 9088_egg-poncho-mod-v3-hero1_zps2b2789b5.jpg  photo 6a00d8341c5dea53ef017eea02aa91970d-800wi_zps3b6123bb.jpg Start your rainy days off sunny side up with this handy poncho! Bright yellow egg yolk on a white poncho keeps you dry when sudden rainstorms hit. You'll brighten everyone's grey days when you're sporting this funny egg! Folds up for mega portability. Plastic. One size fits most. 39" long. Buy here.  photo 9088_egg-poncho-mod-v3-boy-mod_zps26f26e56.jpg

KwangHo Shin

 photo 017aeb09b1bdbcbdb2662cdfa33f4096_zps374cb02f.jpg  photo 4eaf707ac6da4191aa73be7d3ef47a7a_zps5d34fe64.jpg  photo a818fcdb769bac959b8b0991ae8058e2_zpsb3e39e29.jpg All the figures appearing in Korean artist KwangHo Shin's works are individuals and self-portraits. 'The spirit he wanted to inspire the figures with is that of a distorted hero's or another character unidentifiable with eyes. Majority of specific people are the figures whom he depicts. He distorts a figure trying not to transform the mind and social environment unique to him. It is not the transformation from a person to no person, but from a specific to an ordinary person. He himself is flown into it. It is the method to include his own artistic experience and value. Though it is not clear where to use, works of arts become the criteria in grasping the reality. They reveal thinking while making the figure seen thinking. A specific person is thought while lump of dyes are loaded on a canvas. It's inefficient to say 'painted with a brush'. The lump moves freely all over the canvas without staying at a point. A face is treated as the spirit of common people who gaze at the world, rather than as a person. The biggest significance is put on the expression of the inner mind when facing an empty canvas. It is a way of revealing it as a thing to the world rather than representing a person. This is his second characteristics.'  photo 5b22d46e400cd008a25fc8274afcd215_zps6dc8d882.jpg  photo c2537644cf5db5bdfdca34c45d3c4737_zps14c0bc77.jpg  photo bce7eab56c9d9716dbc8b46d86f174d5_zps00f98c36.jpg

Sergei Isupov

 photo 32928FERRIN-GALLERY_-Sergei-Isupov_Dangerous-Friendship-_72dpi_zps9791526c.jpg  photo portfolio-4_zps60e0b4f3.jpg  photo FERRIN_GALLERY_SERGEI_ISUPOV_FG_04_72dpi_zpsb2f8ea57.jpg " For me, I find clay to be the most versatile material and it is well suited to the expression of my ideas. I consider my sculptures to be a canvas for my paintings. All the plastic, graphic and painting elements of a piece function as complementary parts of the work." - Sergei Isupov  photo Sorceress_zps71d50b6e.jpg  photo FERRIN_GALLERY_SERGEI_ISUPOV_SI_01_72dpi_zps81cdb93c.jpg

Livia Marin

 photo 6-Fictions-I-580x435_zps2895a5fa.jpg  photo 4-Fictions-I-580x435_zps771ae261.jpg  photo 2-Fictions-I-580x435_zps6f2e2beb.jpg " My artistic practice has been characterized by large-scale installations and the appropriation of mass-produced and consumer objects. I employ techniques and strategies that are characteristic of Sculpture, Installation and Process Art. I employ everyday objects to enquire into the nature of how we relate to material objects in an era dominated by mass-production, standardization and global circulation. My work was initially informed by the immediate social and political context of Chile in the 1990s that amounted to a transition from a profoundly and overtly disciplinary political regime (under seventeen years of dictatorship) to one of an economic, though no less disciplinary, regime with a strongly developed neo-liberal agenda." - Livia Marin  photo 8-Fictions-I-580x435_zps0742b90a.jpg  photo 1-Fictions-I-580x435_zpse803a571.jpg

Dasha Pliska

 photo dc55d1bba40884a2f96494b99340b32c_zps297da0c9.jpg  photo a5e6fb457d9b877be8808c94b122f5df_zpse1b0aebc.jpg Take a minute or two and check out Dasha Pliska's drawings. She's a very talented artist based in Odessa, Ukraine.  photo bcf34acadc5ceec520239b57a453c806_zpsd9e711ad.jpg  photo 173d70a90265985e1dadc20875c2186b_zpsbb959754.jpg

Cameron Gray

 photo 4_zpsc8a40846.jpg  photo 1_zps6e4d022e.jpg  photo 812_zpsdcba51b4.jpg Cameron Gray <-- Born in Geneva in 1980, Cameron Gray lives and works in London, Basel, and Los Angeles. Graduating egregia cum laude from Bruce High Quality Foundation University, Gray also holds no less than six degrees from such prestigious institutions as Yale, Columbia, and UCLA. Prior to his ascension into the upper levels of the art historical pantheon, Gray will have participated in two Venice Biennales, including the one to take place in 2015, and three Whitney Biennials, including those in 2016 and 2018. In 2012, Galerie Eva Presenhuber included his work in the seminal show I Wanna F*ck You But We're Just Gonna Cuddle, and one of Gray's massive pin collages was a show-stopping success in The Gag Reflex is Mysterious at the Santa Monica Museum of Art in 2011. Grey's work is included in the Ludwig-Forum für Internationale Kunst in Aachen, Germany; the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts in Kaohsiung, Taiwan; the Yale University Art Gallery in New Haven, CT; and 17 other prominent collections. Cameron Gray is currently represented by Mike Weiss Gallery, David Zwirner, Thaddaeus Ropac, Sprueth Magers, White Cube and Pace Beijing, amongst others.  photo 809_zpscc5caae8.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zps22bae1a2.jpg  photo 823_zpsc8a653b6.jpg

Justine Otto

 photo 1752_1_o_zps600bcc16.jpg  photo 03_2509_zpsb9b20fe2.jpg  photo bs_02_zps1d667f45.jpg  photo hp_05_zpsd2ca72c1.jpg The world of Justine Otto (born 1974) is inhabited by girls, women and animals. The painterly handwriting is merciless, the iciness brutal. Even when the landscape is turning green, the temperature remains at the freezing level. The pictures’ intrinsic metallic appearance alters the protagonists into beings for whom nothing, absolutely nothing is foreign. They locate their actions with inquisitiveness, torturous, perhaps even sadistic, but always mysterious, in a no-man’s land without orientation. Her painting generates the emotional, dissecting undercooling of the female figures up to the aggressivity of the animals. For their part, the interacting figures reflect a desire that determines the actions. These, in turn, are mysterious, probes in the realm of shadows that lends alchemistic traits to the experience of an “uncanny” knowledge. Justine Otto creates a reality by way of her pictures’ hardness, their inexorability that is neither exaggerated nor melodramatic but instead coldly touches the nerve of a present in which contradictions are either leveled or explode. (via Museum Franz Gertsch)  photo hp_04_zps2fa325a2.jpg  photo 81zlfsqzc5L_SL1500__zps682b6a12.jpg  photo artfairjustineotto1_zps2715ecd6.jpg

Ice Cream Paintings by Honey

 photo 1_zps5b8d51c4.jpg  photo 2_zps7ea46f98.jpg  photo 3_zps4d7f6298.jpg I have painted with coffee (previously blogged)...now let's paint with ice cream! It's messy but definitely fun and mouthwatering. More of my work here.  photo tumblr_mklmpnSPzp1rssstao1_1280_zpsa011ab9a.jpg  photo tumblr_mklmiu2iqZ1rssstao1_1280_zps29875c14.jpg