Diana Al-Hadid

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Diana Al-Hadid is a contemporary artist. She was born, and lived in Aleppo, Syria, in 1981 and lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. The work of Diana Al-Hadid is, in many ways, about architecture. Her sculptures often recall built structures—cathedrals, pipe organs, towers, labyrinths, cities—yet are made of simple, often delicate or fragile materials, such as polymer gypsum, plaster, fiberglass, wood, polystyrene, cardboard, wax, and paint, commonly found in art and industrial supply shops. Notes Nasher Sculpture Center Director Jeremy Strick: “Diana Al-Hadid creates breathtaking sculptures that surprise us by their unusual forms, unconventional use of materials, and distinctive range of reference and allusion. Her innovative work opens up new ground for the form and meaning of sculpture.” The sculptures have the appearance of unfinished buildings or archeological remains, and it is often difficult to discern if they are in the process of construction or collapse. Ranging in scale from the human to the architectural, her work references a diverse set of interests, including Arab and Greek mythology, Gothic and Middle Eastern architecture, cosmology and physics. (via)

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Hakes Mojito Shoes

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These are designed by award winning London based architect Julian Hakes.

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Paula Rego

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Paula Rego is a painter, illustrator and printmaker who was has been described by the art critic Robert Hughes as the ‘best painter of women’s experience alive today’. Rego was born in Lisbon in 1935 and went to finishing school in England before attending the Slade School of Art, where she met her husband Victor Willing. Rego and Willing divided their time between Portugal and England until 1975, when they moved to England permanently following the 1974 ‘carnation revolution’ in Portugal where Salazar’s dictatorship was ousted by Maoist insurrectionists. Back in London, Rego taught at the Slade and was able to continue painting with the assistance of grants from the Gulbenkian Foundation. (via Artbank)

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Tasha Lewis

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” ..I am an artist from Indianapolis, Indiana, currently living at home making a new body of work. My work is photographic at its base but has now expanded into the many diverse sections you can see throughout this site. Currently I am exploring the potential of high-powered magnets to create sculptures that break through glass and could be installed in any window in just a few seconds.” – Tasha Lewis

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Janaina Tschäpe

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Janaina Tschäpe is a visual artist working with video and photography for her installations. She was born in Munich, Germany but grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She has studied in New York, at the School of Visual Arts and in Hamburg, at the Hochschule fur Bildende Kuenste. (via Hilda Magazine)

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Luchador Bottle Openers

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Mexican wrestling Luchador Bottle Openers were designed by Ariel Rojo and Andres Lhima for the Kikkerland Mexico Design Challenge. Available in assorted colors and style.

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Samuli Heimonen

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” For me, painting is the same as building. You have basic blocks and the superstructure that is behind every picture. I like the idea that you can see inside things. You can see the structure and all the individual parts. Painting is a good tool to bring up stuff that you don’t normally see, or you see but don’t understand. For me this is the basic idea of surreal picture: something quite normal becomes something exiting and intriguing. This surreal world sleeps inside everything. My recent pictures feature animals. I use them as a metaphor for variety of themes: love, death, longing, desire. Animals tend to have very strong symbolic meanings. I use these existing meanings, sometimes break them and invent new ones.” – Samuli Heimonen

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Chiara Aime

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Check out the beautiful watercolour and pen illustrations of Chiara Aime.

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Phone Booths Turned Into Fish Tanks

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A group of art students in Japan known as Kingyobu have repurposed old phone booths into goldfish aquariums across Osaka, Japan. Link here.

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Guinevere Khen

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Checkout the beautiful illustration work of Guinevere Khen aka Anzabelle.

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