Bram Vanhaeren

 photo f135da31096079.564115f505689_zps4yherqmu.jpg  photo 6fab2831096079.5650903c9717b_zpsuekujx68.jpg  photo ec395831096079.5650977da371a_zpsxsrrkl5y.jpg " I am a fortunate digital artist since 2004, on a mission to do more! Celebrating @Photoshop #PS25Under25. I had the pleasure working with Adobe, Estrella Damm, ESPN, Edelmann, Ruiz+, Entertainment Weekly, Sportsnet, BBC, Deadline Hollywood, Bleacher Report, Coke, & more. I am currently working for KBC, to improve the online banking experience and design new mobile applications." - Bram Vanhaeren  photo cbad3231096079.564329ace00ac_zpskoxtucup.jpg  photo 67179531096079.56432a09063a9_zpsvxlxbeni.jpg  photo c398e531096079.56509b6740e62_zpsbxxf7vjj.jpg

Laura Callaghan

 photo unnamed-1_zpsjjjyanjd.jpg  photo unnamed-4_zpsutrsu4dv.jpg  photo unnamed-3_zpsdleuxzkl.jpg " I’m an Irish illustrator based in South East London. My work is hand drawn using a mixture of watercolour, indian ink and the smallest pens I can get my hands on." - Laura Callaghan  photo unnamed_zps0eoutbdc.jpg  photo unnamed-2_zpsxaxb5sks.jpg

David Bonneywell

 photo Untitled-1_zps0tphupfx.jpg  photo unnamed-1_zps8ccta0cf.jpg " I've worked as a make up effects artist and creature/character designer since 1992 and although I've worked on countless movies, TV shows, commercials and music videos." - David Bonneywell  photo unnamed_zpshywqhrex.jpg

Middle Finger Key

 photo unnamed-2_zpszkcqfv4e.png  photo unnamed-1_zps2rmlh2kg.png There’s a beautiful moment in every relationship where you finally give that special lady a key to your place. It signifies a big step in your blossoming love for each other, and if it happens to be this key, it will also result in a swift kick to your nether region. The Best Wishes Key is probably good just for you. The brass house key fits all Kwikset K1 locks and looks like it is constantly flipping the bird. It will easily be the coolest thing on your key chain regardless of how sweet of a bottle opener you have dangling next to it. Buy here.  photo unnamed_zps3szi0ohp.png

Li Hongbo

 photo Li_Hongbo_Klein_Sun_6-600x580_zps6zzfthux.jpg  photo paper-sculptures-li-hongbo-10_zpssojm1yyt.jpg Li Hongbo is a Beijing based artist that creates surprising and unusual works from paper. A book editor and designer, Li Hongbo began collecting and experimenting with paper and was inspired by the traditional Chinese toys and festive decorations known as ‘paper gourd’. Created from a stack of interconnected sheets of paper, Li Hongbo realized the simplicity of their ‘honeycomb’ composition and the boundless possibilities of their shape and properties. Thousands of sheets of paper are glued to create a large block. The artist carves this block to create a form that can be outstretched like an accordion, transforming the work into something completely different.  photo DMG_LH_Doll1-e1436581035372_zps45hqsmep.jpg  photo B_W_Doll-e1436581350390_zpsh23bxaqr.jpg

Jessica Tremp

 photo 8056376710_23c5397189_b_zpsdcpfstb9.jpeg  photo 8056397475_b17c488fe3_b_zpscnw4moar.jpeg  photo 8056486218_50c0e54a5b_b_zpssta1z3ge.jpeg Though born in Perth, Australia in 1981, Jessica Tremp grew up in a Swiss village near Zurich before moving to Melbourne at the age of 18. She brought with her a love for theatrics, romanticism and nature and combines these with her passion for the art of photography. She often uses herself as a model and prefers an organic, spontaneous and naturally lit approach to her work, aiming to create an emotional authenticity rather than a literal accuracy. She is self-taught and draws inspiration from blues music, Italian food, a nature that seems to slip through our fingers, connection and disconnection, midnight snacks eaten alone, the animal kingdom, awkward social experiences and that deep covered up need to be cradled by something extraordinary.  photo 8056455249_a3e56b9fb2_b_zpsfleahqyl.jpeg  photo 8056505300_5301bd02d9_b_zpsafh9vx4l.jpeg

80’s Pop Art Plastic Balloon Lamp

 photo il_570xN.473327714_kb8g_zpsnj4hr7vu.jpg  photo il_570xN.473352601_m468_zpsafyhl1sn.jpg Cool mod/pop art style yellow plastic life size balloon wall lamp. Made by Brilliant Lighting, circa 1980's. Manufactured with high quality German and U.S. parts. Mountable in multiple angles with rear mounting hardware. Switch on decorative, telephone style cord. 40 watt or smaller bulb.Grounded plug, cord stretches to 85". Minor signs of wear, in overall good vintage working and cosmetic condition. Click here to buy.  photo il_570xN.473327832_rxom_zps8ucpotfe.jpg  photo il_570xN.473352655_7tu1_zps42ryghpq.jpg


 photo Untitled-1_zpsciwnukro.jpg  photo Elodie VermeulenLostfish-www.kaifineart.com-1_zps1zqcnu8s.jpg LostFish (Elodie is her real name), was born in 1983 in the south of France. Self-taught, she began her creative development as a freelance character designer, but quickly turns to an artistic universe, creating digital paintings. Her influences are mostly classical, inspired by the Flemish painters and the art of the 19th century, both in painting and photography, she draws mostly strange and sometimes disturbing girls, half woman and half child.  photo Untitled-2_zpsdvpty69m.jpg

Modern Twig Coat Hook

 photo il_570xN.381209795_lhqd_zpssbxfuwpn.jpg  photo il_570xN.381211519_ld1g_zpsntvdghcj.jpg Modern yet sculptural and organic these stylized twig hooks make a striking perch for coats, bags, hats, towels and umbrellas. They look especially dramatic when grouped in multiples, either in a straight line or at varying heights (consider hanging a combination of small and large hooks at different heights in one area). Buy here.  photo il_570xN.381209473_q9mn_zpsxzrmvacj.jpg

William Morris

 photo 1_zpssyeukcou.jpg  photo 2_zpsc6b06wt3.jpg  photo 3_zps8zkfz2ae.jpg 'For more than twenty years, William Morris has captivated and intrigued the art community with hauntingly evocative and beautiful glass sculptures. He has captured the imagination time and again by creating objects that appear to be ancient stone or wood carvings, not the modern glass sculptures they actually are. His art speaks of human origins, myth, ancestry, and ancient civilizations. It symbolizes a harmony between humanity and nature and provides a ghost-like bond to the world around us - a world that is often forgotten, ignored, and abused. Morris gathers much of his inspiration from ancient cultures from around the world - Egyptian, Asian, Native American - all peoples who respected and admired the land they inhabited. Because of this, Morris's artwork has become something all its own: culturally distinct and yet familiar to all cultures. His pieces embody a spiritual quality that sharply contrasts old beliefs with those of the modern world. These objects speak to our senses and continuously beg us to explore them further.' Link here.  photo 216_zpseoamvbp7.jpg  photo 217_zpsbywpxdwr.jpg  photo 35_zpsyhiajbs1.jpg