Kazuhiro Tsuji

 photo unnamed-3_zps8dxf3dua.jpg  photo unnamed-1_zpsxf8lkzsn.jpg  photo unnamed-2_zpsnshqm38l.jpg Kazuhiro Tsuji is a contemporary hyperrealist sculptor living and working in Los Angeles. After working 25 years as a special effects makeup artist in Hollywood, Kazu decisively shifted focus in 2008, dedicating himself full time to fine art sculpture. Using resin, platinum silicone, and many other materials, Kazu constructs three-dimensional portraits in a scale two times life size. Kazu is a self taught pioneer in the craft of using contemporary materials to create the illusion of life. Having discovered the art of special effects makeup for himself while perusing American magazines as a teenager, he developed skills through mimicry, trial and error. In 1987, he found the address for Dick Smith in Fangoria Magazine and initiated a pen pal student/mentor relationship with him which eventually resulted in Kazu’s first film gig fresh out of high school. As an early pioneer in Japan, Kazu founded one of the country’s first companies of its kind, Makeup and Effects Unlimited, and worked with director Akira Kurosawa in the production of “Rhapsody in August”.  photo unnamed_zpsewkpbzk5.jpg  photo unnamed-4_zps66fotc2u.jpg

Alex Podesta

 photo unnamed-2_zpsaw5iqbtv.jpg  photo unnamed-3_zpslxilpgjo.jpg  photo unnamed-4_zpst0qszi7n.jpg " I was born in North Carolina and got taller in Virginia. As an adult, I became a life-long child of New Orleans. My more formative artistic study took place at the Governor’s Magnet School for the Arts, Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of New Orleans, where I earned an MFA. In all of my recent work I have culled the rich fantasies, daydreams, misconceptions and experiences of childhood and re-contextualized them through the filters of adulthood, experience and education. This effort has been made in an attempt to plumb the depths of the creative and comprehensive naiveté of youth; to illustrate, in engaging and serio-comic ways, the role of fantasy, “othering” and conflict in nascent self-awareness; and, through the time honored tradition of solipsistic navel gazing, to pick gently at the loose thread of wistful escapism inherent in a quiet, down hill slide into maturity. The central character in my works is usually found lost in a reverie of industriousness, paired with doppelganger or other machinations of his childish imagination. In concert, these figures toil at understanding, through experimentation or illustration, existential perplexities ranging from possibly surmountable commonplaces – e.g. What is loneliness and how is it combated? – To metaphysical impossibilities – e.g. Who is this god dude? And is he a hero? Like Superman? Or soldiers? Or knights on horseback? And what does hero mean anyway? Of course, no traction will really ever be gained with these pursuits. These boys and toys and bunny/man chimera will be forever locked in the Sisyphean toil of misapplication, miscomprehension and misunderstanding." - Alex Podesta  photo unnamed_zpstwp9fjcy.jpg  photo unnamed-1_zpsqkypeqgx.jpg  photo unnamed-5_zpsx85ea1ir.jpg

Nick Sheehy

 photo unnamed-1 copy_zpsewfcvrzw.jpg  photo unnamed_zpshzkxwktk.jpg Nick Sheehy is an Australian-born artist and illustrator living in London. After studying bronze sculpture in the wilds of Tasmania, Nick gave up on art only to re-discover his love of drawing whilst living in London, sparked by an interest in the city’s low brow art, illustration, street art, and graffiti In his work, Nick explores the dreamlike, sometimes semi-autobiographical scenes and oddball characters that echo from his childhood imagination. Employing a laborious technique, building up layers of texture and thin colour, his work infuses precision and attention to detail with random abstraction and clumsiness. He enjoys drawing various weird things for himself, exhibitions, publications, and occasionally the odd client.  photo unnamed-2_zpsmhupvtpr.jpg

Wong Ping

 photo unnamed-3_zpsoootljoh.jpg  photo unnamed-1_zpsuvqgyrg1.jpg  photo unnamed_zpsv9zo9ozz.jpg Check out the ultra talented Wong Ping, a Hong Kong-based animator and illustrator. His page is loaded with some brightly-coloured illustrations and graphic wonderment.  photo unnamed-2_zps1evs9t4r.jpg  photo unnamed-4_zps8tm35otz.jpg  photo unnamed-5_zpscoazzrp3.jpg

Christopher David White

 photo Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 8.50.31 PM_zpsh0hv8zaf.png  photo Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 8.50.39 PM_zpsqvt8jznx.png Christopher David White is an American artist currently living and working in Richmond, Virginia. Born in Bedford, Indiana in 1976, he began his career in the arts through drawing and painting. It wasn’t until 2008 when he started to work heavily with clay, and received his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Ceramics from Indiana University in 2012. He went on to receive his Masters of Fine Arts in Clay from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2015. He was the recipient of the Center of Craft, Creativity and Design: Windgate Fellowship in 2012, and later was awarded ‘Most Environmentally Conscious’ at INLight 2014, juried by Denise Markonish. His work has been featured on several prominent art publications, including Juxtapoz, Beautiful Decay, My Modern Met, and This is Colossal. His work has been shown both nationally and internationally, and held within numerous private collections. His sculptural works are handmade predominantly from clay and rendered with acute attention to detail, often resembling decaying pieces of wood, rusted metal, and other objects in various stages of deterioration. These works explore the relationship between humanity and nature and humans’ apperception of their environment.  photo Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 8.50.43 PM_zpsuwmolckd.png  photo Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 8.50.53 PM_zpsgqmhtccv.png

Marianne McGrath

 photo 115_zpsxgbaejhn.jpg  photo 116_zpsfmxze3ke.jpg  photo 78_zpsuv1aszs0.jpg  photo 79_zpsxdcydkpf.jpg " My work is a contemplation on material, process, and object metaphors that juxtaposes the medium of clay with industrial materials to create installations and small works that speak of landscapes lost. Inspired by the landscape of my agrarian childhood home now covered by suburban sprawl, I strive for these works to be spaces and scenarios the viewer can physically or psychologically enter and inhabit, that calls one to pause and witness the result of my consideration of the changing landscapes that surround us. " - Marianne McGrath  photo 86_zpsb0hbtjhf.jpg  photo 85_zpsmq8me1mw.jpg


 photo unnamed-5_zpsi0eetyde.jpg  photo unnamed-3_zpsvf6azs7t.jpg  photo unnamed-4_zps5eskjxp5.jpg Molistudio: 'We're visual creatives based in Buenos Aires, sharing our passion for Art Direction and Design. Love doing motion graphics, interactive experiences and imagery. We're enthusiastic, full of energy and ideas, ready to get involved in high quality tailored projects.'  photo unnamed-7_zpssuke5x3k.jpg  photo unnamed-6_zpspmrcurog.jpg  photo unnamed-2_zpsl89lwtqn.jpg

Mária Švarbová

 photo unnamed_zpsejxkrh6l.jpg  photo unnamed-1_zpsxfs022uu.jpg  photo unnamed-4_zpsbt5om7cb.jpg Mária Švarbová was born in 1988 in Slovakia. She finished her university studies of conservation - restoration and archeology. She has dedicated to photography since 2010. Earlier works of young and talented author, publishing under name Maria Svarbova are resembling a dream like reality with elements of surrealism and Art Nouveau. Her latest photographs focus on delivering a message and triggering feelings with focus on minimalism and purity. She is a very distinctive photographer, who can present a vast porfolio of high quality. Maria has also won various prestigious awards and participated in valuable collaborations such as signing off contract with american Vogue. Her photos were also used as covers for multiple bestselling books of world-class authors. One of her works was selected to be a cover photo of prestigious photography magazine DODHO.  photo unnamed-2_zpsuipbzgzc.jpg  photo unnamed-3_zps5o0mexsk.jpg

Helena Frank

 photo unnamed_zpspnox3qk2.jpg  photo unnamed-2_zpsditgmxym.jpg Helena Frank is a talented Swedish illustrator based in Copenhagen. Educated at Konstfack (Sweden) and the National Film School of Denmark.  photo unnamed-1_zpsqtiffmw6.jpg

Mary Ellen Johnson

 photo unnamed-5_zpsgzv8glku.jpg  photo unnamed_zpsyigslbjj.jpg  photo unnamed-4_zpslyi1mjgq.jpg " My work stirs visceral and psychological impulse. It evokes nostalgia, and an intrinsic yearning for gratifications. The food communicates a visual language that crosses the barriers of different cultures, for food is a universal experience." - Mary Ellen Johnson  photo unnamed-1_zpspgj5jxtg.jpg  photo unnamed-3_zpsl2nli2bi.jpg  photo unnamed-2_zpsisme49gq.jpg