Zach Harris

 photo unnamed_zpsrkvfwxka.jpg  photo unnamed-2_zpssrzhzxxq.jpg  photo unnamed-4_zpshw1laxdi.jpg Zach Harris--> Born 1976 Santa Rosa, CA; Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA; Education: MFA, Hunter College, New York, NY, 2006; BA, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, 1999  photo unnamed-3_zpshivxehql.jpg  photo unnamed-5_zpsv2ua0kkb.jpg  photo unnamed-6_zpso4xshlcr.jpg

Robert Bach

 photo unnamed-2_zps2mbgb5xb.jpg  photo unnamed_zpszdmera02.jpg  photo unnamed-3_zpsyfafjzsx.jpg " I'm currently working on animal photography, and I hope to get a book published in the near future. This particular project focuses on cats and dogs, but I'd love to expand to pandas, cheetahs and owls. Why animals? Other than the fact that I grew up with them, and have a profound fascination with what goes on in their minds, I believe that capturing a faithful, telling portrait of them is surprisingly easy. I don't think that animals understand what a camera is, so when they look into a lens, they are not conscious of their appearance. As a result, they don't adjust their expression, posture or body language, they just are what they are. With this formula, we are left with all the elements of a posed portrait, without the fundamental posed nature. " - Robert Bach  photo unnamed-4_zpsdjy5jsdb.jpg  photo unnamed-1_zpsejarys49.jpg

Alex Yanes

 photo unnamed_zpsvkgzhqhi.jpg  photo unnamed-3_zps7h9q4qtg.jpg  photo unnamed-1_zpsyakktfzv.jpg " These days my artistic inspiration derives from the vibrant fixtures of my environment, fatherhood, life’s circumstances, subcultures and the ability to create something out of nothing." - Alex Yanes  photo unnamed-6_zpsvagmuwqf.jpg  photo unnamed-5_zpsimun2fab.jpg

Cacti Coasters

 photo unnamed-2_zpsnhsijo07.jpg  photo unnamed_zpsj2gzewdi.jpg Cacti Coasters are designed to protect work surfaces whilst having the remarkable ability to blend into your environment by transforming into different shapes of cacti. Each product is comprised of a terracotta pot, a birch plywood top, and six green water resistant discs precisely machined from high quality engineered wood. Each disc is a slightly different size, providing surface protection for up to seven cups. This unique design allows you to securely interlock each coaster to build and arrange your cacti in a multitude of orientations and creative compositions. Whether you leave your cacti fully assembled or neatly stacked inside its pot, it's the perfect companion for your coffee table.  photo unnamed-1_zps7nnzrdg9.jpg  photo unnamed-3_zps8dta21og.jpg

Johan Barrios

 photo unnamed-2_zps2cqkdfzt.jpg  photo unnamed-3_zpscy9revay.jpg The work of artist Johan Barrios (born in Barranquilla, Colombia,1982) is a universe of images in movement, whose language goes in search of different features of sonorous expressions, elements of action and gestures. His work is characterized by a figurative imagery mixed with abstractions. His paintings evoke presence, absence, darkness, light, space and emptiness. (via Booth Gallery)  photo unnamed-1_zpsxrrvpjpv.jpg  photo unnamed_zpsqfapyxtm.jpg

John Bisbee

 photo unnamed-3_zpspw2aqknl.png  photo unnamed-4_zpspgeju3ko.png  photo unnamed-2_zpshmwey69b.png For nearly three decades, John Bisbee has welded and forged 12-inch spikes under the mantra, "Only nails, always different."  photo unnamed_zpswvwjwi9o.png  photo unnamed-1_zpshemdiwzk.png

Kang Kang-Hoon

 photo Modern-Boy-dangerous-target-4_zps5kca71h5.jpg  photo Modern-Boy-dangerous-target-1_zpsqc3amo6g.jpg Amazingggggggg hyperrealistic oil paintings by Korean artist Kang Kang-Hoon.  photo Modern-Boy-dangerous-target-3_zpsiscgvqdn.jpg  photo Modern-Boy-dangerous-target-2_zpsumjkapdc.jpg

Sukhi Barber

 photo Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 8.13.00 PM_zpsntdfnqxw.png  photo Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 8.13.06 PM_zps6fnniw88.png  photo Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 8.13.13 PM_zpsgyzlsse0.png Sukhi Barber was born in Hertfordshire, England. From an early age she was drawn to the classical and ancient traditions of art and philosophy, which led her to undertake a traditional sculptural training at The City and Guilds of London Art School. There she gained a firm grasp of figurative clay modeling and life drawing, graduating in 1995 with the prize for sculpture, and a scholarship from Madame Tussauds. Sukhi’s sculptures are intended to bridge the cultures of East and West. Embodying the peace and compositional balance of ancient devotional art, they represent complex philosophical ideas with a simplicity and clarity that renders them accessible on an intuitive level. Exploring themes of hidden potentials, and the transcendence of our limiting view of a solid reality, her work often represents the negative space as being as important as the material itself, implying the dance of form and spirit, a constant state of transformation.  photo tumblr_mlzhoh0SFF1r05oujo8_400_zpstwmrcco4.jpg  photo tumblr_mlzhoh0SFF1r05oujo1_400_zps2gczpa0p.jpg

So Hyeon Kim

 photo 803d116604111.562d5aff7bba8_zpsaspod5pv.jpg  photo 9c8c6814060603.5627cabb3447b_zpsfs3c73ds.jpg  photo a0b2616604111.562d5affb1fc1_zpsypgymrq1.jpg Check out these fashion-inspired portraits by the talented So Hyeon Kim, South Korean artist and illustrator.  photo 6ed6e120626543.562ee741620ee_zpsg0cmxff5.png  photo 20668f6604111.562d5b0c1b3d2_zpsmcpwpxh2.jpg

Kruella d’Enfer

 photo lo3_zpsrxvfr4rt.jpg  photo _DSC2014low_zpsawyxvqax.jpg Portuguese visual artist and illustrator Kruella d'Enfer (1988) has been delighting us with her enchanted visual world, evoking a deep sense of wonder with the fantastical, benevolent creatures that inhabit its dark and mysterious corners, be they mystical wolves or magical foxes, bewitching tigers or shamanistic deer. At ease painting both large-scale murals and intimist works on paper and canvas, her use of contrasting colours and geometric shapes brings age-old legends and myths to life, composing fantastic stories with a universal appeal. She has been exhibiting her work in solo and collective shows since 2010.  photo tiger1_zpsaxq9cx0t.jpg  photo fotografia1_zpsmhd7fotg.jpg