Angie P. Castrillon

untitled-11 p untitled-2 Found the work of illustrator Angie P. Castrillon under a Flickr user name of lafraguelrock on our group pool. She has some lovely colored pencil drawings on her page. Check out the rest here. p 3549302342_ef4b17dac6_b

Sweet Station in Amsterdam!

sweet p This came as a pleasant surprise from my email three days ago from Belgium-based photographer Fab 5 (previously-blogged). He was in Amsterdam for a project and thoughtfully sent these photos for us to enjoy. I am also happy to announce that his photographs will be featured on our upcoming art zine - Pinkstew. p

McDonalds Free Coffee Ads

p ' As part of a national campaign promoting McDonald’s restaurants, a downtown Vancouver lamppost became part of an out-of-home (OOH) optical illusion, appearing to pour coffee into a giant cup on the sidewalk. At the time, McDonald’s was giving away free small cups of its brew for a two-week period, in an effort to attract new breakfast customers. Ad firm Cossette’s Vancouver office developed the concept for a lamppost near 6th Avenue and Cambie Street. The post was wrapped in brown vinyl to resemble poured coffee, while an oversized carafe was attached to the end. Elsewhere in the city, a transit shelter was turned into an ‘hourglass,’ with an ever-diminishing number of coffee beans reminding customers of the promotion’s short-term nature. ' Link here. p p

Picnic Table Condiment Set

p Add some excitement to your next family picnic or liven up your mundane dinner table by serving up your condiments in this awesome Picnic Table Condiment set! Buy here. p


p p Krishnamurti Martins Costa aka Antropus is an amazing self-taught CG artist currently working as a Senior Modeler at Lucasfilm Animation Ltd. He worked on Barnyard: The Movie, Snakes on a Plane, Evan Almighty, Pan’s Labyrinth and much more. p p

Camilla Engman

p p p ' Camilla Engman grew up in a small Swedish town named Trollhättan. This is where she began looking at life from a perspective that most of us see only momentarily, and just a few are able to record. Camilla practised her skills at the Dome Art School and later at the School of Design and Craft, Gothenburg University, where she acquired a Master of Fine Arts degree. Often through animals or people, Camilla’s pictures inspire their audience with a wide range of feelings. Her work has a knack of allowing you to grasp a notion without robbing you of your personal interpretation, regardless of whether it’s an acrylic painting, paper-on-paper or mixed media. ' p p

Mano de Desierto

p p p ' Mano de Desierto is a work of the Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrázabal, built in the early 1980s. It was financed by a local booster organization called Corporación Pro Antofagasta. The motive of hands rising from the ground is an obsession of Mr. Irarrázabal. His other works include two other famos large scale sculptures exploring the same idea.' p

Dennis Juan Ma

p p p Mixed with traditional and modern, eastern and western, freehand and digital, Dennis Juan Ma’s illustration is full of energy and passion. Growing up in China he moved to New Zealand in his late teens. He studied graphic design at university and works as a graphic designer and illustrator. He has several styles all bearing his unique mark, working in a fashion montage, marvel comics, Oriental line art and simpler graphic style. His work is bright, positive, graphical and with a sense of humor. It often contains different culture impact generates to an art fusion. “ I enjoy creating artwork by using daily materials, those ones which we often ignored or complained about. Ordinary life is my main inspiration and I love music and fashion.” (via Illustration Ltd) p p

Paper Dresses

p p p Ilya Plotnikov and Alexandra Zaharova (aka Doberman Studio) are two commercial and fashion photographers, stylists, ideas creators and retouchers ' who got these dress-ups and accessories (completely made out of paper) ready for L'Officiel, the July-August 2009 issue. Really awesome! p


p p p p Taken from Matt's site: Portland, Maine Artists KATE CLEAVES and MATT W. MOORE have come together to create CONVERGENCE – an ultimate collaboration series (Now showing at CORDUROY GALLERY). The five month endeavor to create a completely blended, completely unique series of paintings has lead both Moore and Cleaves down a path neither of them has been down before - resulting in work unlike anything either of them has ever produced. When viewed separately, both artists seem to go about painting in a very different manner: Moore often works with non-objective shapes and geometry, with hard lines and strong brushstrokes, and the occasional area of representation – Cleaves generally works with a narrative and imagery inspired by nature, blended colors, and soft brushstrokes. Both artists share a passion for pattern, sacred geometry and eye-popping color – making the perfect common ground to blend their different techniques together. p p p