Strandkanten is a new housing area just south of the Centre of Tromsø, attractively situated on a reclaimed area in the Tromsø strait. This area is an important part of the city’s development strategy, where a concentrated growth from within will strengthen the activity in the centre and reduce the need for transportation. Architects: 70ºN Arkitektur (Norway)



Sarah Bridgland



Sarah Bridgland’s diminutive paper creations inhabit the territory between sculpture and collage. Delicately fashioned out of second-hand ephemera collected from junk shops and fragments of Bridgland’s own printed media, they create spaces where the real and the imagined co-exist, where fact and fiction collide. Each piece is a myriad of textures, shapes and lettering, reflecting Bridgland’s interest in the formal concerns of the Russian avant-garde and Constructivism. ‘


Anwen Keeling



Anwen Keeling’s beguiling, realist paintings capture suspended moments in fictional lives with a reverence for drama, suspense and elegance. Like film stills from an Alfred Hitchcock thriller, Keeling’s isolated female figures are placed in a series of interiors where the space is either suffused with subtle, refracted light or illuminated by the harsh glare of an electric bulb. A film noir ambience is achieved with chiaroscuro effects and deep shadows which suggest an emotional and psychological undercurrent to the work. Yet the viewer is left to create their own narrative. ‘




Building Block Calculators


The Building Block Calculators are available from Pylones in black, blue, green and red for $27.00. Buy it!


Hubert De Lartigue

Hubert De Lartigue was born in 1963 in Angers, France. He started to work as an illustrator while studying at the Ecole Duperré and the Ecole Estienne and has produced many covers for science fiction books and board games. In the past decade he also starting painting pin-ups. His precise and delicate rendering combines the French pin-up aesthetic of Brénot and Aslan with the American aesthetic of Vargas, Petty and Elvgren. At the end of the millennium Hubert de Lartigue is among the very best of just a few artists who have followed in the steps of the great Pin-up artists of the mid century. He is continuing the quest for the perfect beauty. His French Pin-ups are the embodiment of our fondest fantasies. ‘ (via Gallery Luc Pieters)

Victor Safonkin

Victor Safonkin’s work is self-described as Eurosurrealism, or European classic surrealism & symbolism. His work is redolent of Salvador Dali. Victor’s work has been highly acclaimed, and in 2005 he was invited to exhibit at the European Parliament in Brussels. The rock band Killing Joke used his Inhuman Rearing as an album cover in 2006. Viktor Safonkin is featured in the 2007 Venus and the Female Intuition, published by SALBRU. Safonkin has been called “one of the most brilliant artists I have seen in a long time,” by master Surrealist Professor Ernst Fuchs. ‘ (via Wikipedia)

Happy Puppy

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Aww.. this picture never fails to make me smile. (Photo via YeinJee’s Asian Journal)

Casa Lago Rupanco

My dream house.

This house by Beals Arquitectos is located in a 160 x 30 meters and a height of 36 meters on the north shore of Lake Rupanco. Build two parallel volumes in a clear vegetation left open at the ends and drilled by the sides. Towards the top, a grove of myrtles and laurels. Towards the front, the view from the treetops and lake. Link here.

Lesja Chernish

Wandered across the portfolio page of Berlin based Russian artist Lesja Chernish. She’s done some lovely illustration work. Have a look.

The Meaning of Life

by Aled Lewis. Buy here.