Kazuki Takamatsu

p p p Check out these impressive gouache paintings by Kazuki Takamatsu, an artist from Tokyo. Mr. Takamatsu was born in 1978 and was graduated in Tohoku University of Art and Design. p p

Ryan Mrozowski

p p p p p " In my paintings I depict crowds of figures gathered in the pursuit of knowledge and entertainment. My work is about the effort to understand our world through the various lenses of history, spirituality, science, music, horror films, consumerism, video games, theater productions, sports, literature, etc. Above all I am interested in a life lived vicariously." - Ryan Mrozowski p

Sweet Station in Berlin!

p p MR 176 was in Berlin recently slapping stickers up on various spots all over the city. Very, very cool. p p

Chelsea Greene Lewyta

love hate lion1 ' Chelsea Greene Lewyta was born and raised in New York and is ethnically Ukrainian. Her older sister was adopted from Korea as a baby. Her parents exposed her and her sister to a lot of Asian culture and this is where the Asian print and Asian motifs in Chelsea’s work originate from. She currently resides in Brooklyn New York attending Pratt Institute for Illustration. She is also taking classes in fine Arts and silk screening. She has been the lead partner of Pratt’s comic, Static Fish for over a year and contributes comics and covers to the issues frequently as well as keeping it run. ' lust


p ' The Berlin group Mentalgassi’s street art installations in Berlin, Germany uses prints and wheatpaste to transform urban bits and objects into beautiful works of art such as recycling bins and tickets validators, thereby evoking emotion from those that pass by. ' (via CubeMe) p p

Ron Zakrin

p p untitled-3 ' Ron Zakrin has been a creative force in Detroit's artistic community since the mid-nineties - a period when the city was riding the crest of an electronic music wave then sweeping the world. His earliest paintings were meant to complement both that music and his own personal contributions as a recording artist (under the name Goudron); since that time his canvases have become more ambitious and are recognized nationally for both their originality and their (frequently) haunting savagery. Zakrin is an artist with a deep desire to probe deeply beneath the skin - and his skills are as much "surgical" as they are aesthetic. Zakrin's solo flight at 323 East in Royal Oak will bring his career up-to-date and will also augment a growing critical reputation here and abroad. New works on display September 26th til' October 26th at 323East. ' p

Glyph Cue FW09 Hoodies

p p p Portland-based graphic designer and entrepreneur Matt W. Moore aka MWM (previously-blogged) just launched Glyph Cue FW09 hoodies collection. Each piece has a hidden narrative or encrypted message that requires the viewer to spend a few minutes deciphering it. Check out the site to see all of MWM's designs. The man never sleeps… he must be part machine or something. p

Dru Blair

p Well believe it or not, this is NOT a photograph. It's the work of the incredibly talented airbrush artist Dru Blair. This painting took 75 hours to complete. Click on the link to see how it was done. p p p

Elena Kalis

p p p p p Elena Kalis is one of those photographers that are soo good, she angers me. Haha. Wow. If you like this Alice in Waterland series, there's a lot more where it came from, so get-a-clickin'! p p p p

Dan Attoe

p p p Dan Attoe is a painter and sculptor born in 1975. He is represented by Peres Projects in LA and Berlin. Attoe was born in Bremerton, Washington in 1975 and moved through Idaho, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa before choosing his current location near Portland, Oregon. Attoe attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison where he first studied psychology, and later changed his major to art and studied with the influential painter T.L. Solien. Attoe founded the art group Paintallica. Attoe has used a variety of media in his art, but has become best known for his paintings that blend noir-ish surrealism not unlike that of filmmakers Gus Van Sant and David Lynch who are also from the Northwest. Attoe's work often touches on the grittier parts of both rural and urban life colored with a mystical form of existentialism. While studying in Spain in 2005, Attoe embraced bullfighting and earned a silver star in regional competition. His recent film work portrays the sport as though it were a Christmas pageant in "Le Pointy." Currently Attoe is a part-time instructor of art at Portland State University. p