Henk Hofstra

Last April, 2007 Henk Hofstra created an "urban river" in Drachten, The Netherlands. The Blue Road installation is an example of what mind-blowing urban public art can be. Featuring 1000 metres of road painted blue and the phrase " Water is Life " written in eight-metre-high letters across it, the Blue Road is reminiscent of the waterway that used to be where the road is now. It's a memorial to nature, but it's also just plain awe-inspiring. There's even a few cool tidbits along the road, like a sinking car. The project took 4000 litres of paint and cost 75,000 Euros. Half of the cost was covered by municipal funds. Hofstra wants the road to be visible on Google Earth, but it hasn't shown up yet. (via Trontoist)

Pablo González

p " If what we are is based on the experiences we have lived, and the memories of these experiences mutate with time, then we are no more than just a metaphor of ourselves. " - Pablo González ( born Sancti Spiritus, Cuba, Lives and works in Miami and Paris )

Matt W Moore + The Cool Hunter

Mini Cooper painting designs by The Cool Hunter (shown above) and by Portland-based artist Matt W Moore (shown below), whom we previously blogged about. Fun stuff. Links here and here. Thanks for the correction, Bill!


Orghoi khorkhoi ( Mongolian Death Worm ), 2009, Prague - installation by Epos257. Link here.

François Bégnez

François Bégnez is back on Sweet Station with new works and updates. Link 1, Link 2. Have a look and enjoy!

Marian Drew

p It's hard for me not to get lost starring at these photographs. Strange as that may sound, it is true. Thank you Marian Drew. Your work is just brilliant.

Buff Diss

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Buff Diss is a non-traditional street artist. Instead of wielding spray paint and markers, Buff Diss' tool of choice is masking tape. His love of traditional graffiti led him to see the city as canvas and paved the way for his unique style of art. (Continue...)

Felix Lobelius

Coffee shop identity designed by Felix Lobelius for Kaffe - a coffee shop started by 4 swedes. The handwritten charcoal aesthetic derives from the personal connection every person has with their type of coffee. This is reflected in a direct style of communication with business cards, bags, take away cups ect. personally adressing the customer. p

Cornelia Parker

" I resurrect things that have been killed off... My work is all about the potential of materials - even when it looks like they've lost all possibilities. " - Cornelia Parker (English sculptor and installation artist)

Elsie Kagan

' Elsie Kagan’s work fuses painting as a spontaneous, gestural continuation of the body with an approach that suggests the medium’s historical role as arbiter of perceived and idealized realities. Her paintings overlay multiple vantage points that seem to imply dense, open-ended narratives and reveal often-contradictory spatial perspectives. '