Flavio Melchiorre

o p " After ten years of experience in typography, advertising and fashion, I developed my personal style. Finding inspiration in my own life experiences, in people I met and places I visited, i bring my art to life, combining free-hand drawings with chromatic and iconographic effects, reaching unique results. From a single drawing, many different digital elaborations can derive. Endless, potential evolutions. " - Flavio Melchiorre p

Mario Bellini Architects: MIC Plus

p p p ' In June this year work is expected to begin on the MIC plus, the new convention center Milan Fiera Milano City designed by Mario Bellini Architects. The project involves the conversion of halls 5 and 6 no longer used in the Fiera Milano City and its integration with the existing adjacent Milan convention center. It will consist of 18 thousand seats, an auditorium for 1500 people a plenary hall of 4500 seats and 73 meeting rooms which can cater for 20 to 2 thousand posts. ' (Continue reading..) p

Saku Soukka

p p Saku Soukka is a Scandinavian photographer and art student living and working in Helsinki, Finland. She rocks! p

Arthur Berzinsh

p p Arthur Berzinsh <-- Born 1983 in Riga, Latvia; Studied at J. Rozentals Riga Art School (2000) Latvian Art Academy (2005); Lives and works in Latvia p

Antony Gormley

p p Over the last 25 years Antony Gormley has revitalised the human image in sculpture through a radical investigation of the body as a place of memory and transformation, using his own body as subject, tool and material. Antony Gormley's work has been exhibited extensively, with solo shows throughout the UK in venues such as the WhiteChapel, Tate and the Hayward galleries, the British Museum and White Cube. p p

Joshua Hagler

p p p Joshua Hagler is a contemporary painter and multi-media artist represented by Frey Norris Gallery in San Francisco, California. Take a look. p

Juan Perdiguero

o p o o Juan Perdiguero, born in 1963, in Madrid, Spain, is a mixed media artist that combines photography, drawing and painting in his work. Currently, he is an Associate Professor in Drawing at the State University of New York at Oswego Art Department. He has been awarded various grants and fellowship including The SCAC Grant, Artworks! National Residency from CEPA Gallery, the Art Matters Inc. fellowship, the Hangar Barcelona International residency, etc. He has exhibited his work in numerous national and international galleries and museums, including Galeria Metropolitana, Galeria Artificial, Exit Art, The Artist Network, the Burchfield-Penney Art Center and the Albright-Knox Gallery. He has lectured extensively about his creative work nationally and internationally. His work is in numerous public and private collections including those of the Castellani At Museum, The Burchfield-Penney Art Center and the David Bowie Art collection. He spends his time creating, teaching and traveling in between Europe and the USA. p

Peter Schuyff

p p Peter Schuyff is an Amsterdam-based artist who takes these colored pencils (baseball bats too) and carves them into intricate and delicate works of art. p

Pinar Yolacan

p " I make the clothes the morning of the shoot, so the meat doesn't rot. In Bahia, I froze it beforehand, so it wouldn't get smelly, because it's really hot. It's quite domestic, really—I have to buy meat, clean up, sew. For this series, I got the fabrics in local markets, and the meat, too. I try to accentuate each woman's skin tone and expression with the clothes; I take Polaroids of them when I first meet them, then I work from those. " - Pinar Yolacan p

Gorge Coffee Table

p p p " Gorge is a coffee table with a shape of a gorge. Designing it, I strived to put it in a form so that elements composing of a table such as a top board and legs may become one element, not individual elements. The shape of a gorge folded in a V shape itself plays a structural role of supporting the top board of the table, and plays a role of holding/ keeping magazines or books as well as completing an aesthetic form of the table. " - Ramei Keum p