Jenny Saville

branded_92 interfacing_92 o 309 Jenny Saville (born in Cambridge in 1970) is an English painter and a leading Young British Artist (YBA). Saville is best known for her monumental images of women. Saville works and lives between London and Palermo, and is a tutor of figure painting at the Slade School of Art. (Photos via) saville_plan p

Office on Zilverparkkade D

p p p p ' The project derives its romantic name (Silver Park Quay) from its location: the office cluster on the Zilverparkkade in Lelystad. West 8 designed the urban plan for the area in conformity with the current trend for condensed city-centres. With an idyllic wink to the 17th century Dutch canal-houses the offices are lined up shoulder to shoulder on narrow plots. In such a compact row with a strict layout the only elements to create a discriminating identity are the facades. ' (Continue here...) p

Lo Res Shoes

p p The United Nude Lo Res is part of an new semi-automatic design method by United Nude. An object is digitially scanned into a 3-D computer model and re-generated into various resolutions. The Lo Res shoe is part of an automated design revolution. p

Geoffrey Gorman

p p " When I am making objects, I think of model airplanes made of balsa wood, then covered in thin transparent paper. Or I see decoys and shapes made to attract wild animals. I visited a museum in Alaska that had drawers filled with toys that had been put together, used and collected from previous cultures. I also think of a forest of tall, dark trees covered in moss and moisture, a silent, meditative place. " - Geoffrey Gorman p

Helvetica Cookie Cutters

p p p Now these are just fabolous! Love, love, love this item. Check out designer Beverly Hsu's Helvetica cookie cutters here. p

Dan Quintana

p p p Painter Dan Quintana is a Bosch for the 21st century, his immaculately rendered paintings depict a surreal limbo of dark characters engaged in nefarious activities. His color palette and technique reflect the style of the old masters, but the tone is undeniably 21st century with the addition of cars and sex. (via Sketch Theatre) p


p p Surfin' the web and this caught my eye... Inversions by artist/sculptor Eda. p

Stone and Industry by Lex Pott

p p p p Dutch designer Lex Pott has created a table called “ Stone and Industry ". From Lex Pott: As Belgian bluestone is found deep under the ground, natural rugged forms are typically created during its extraction. Industry then processes this into rectangular blocks or sheet material. Lex Pott designed a table that combines industry and nature. It can clearly be seen in the contours how the natural rock formations are combined with industrial geometry. (via The Contemporist) p p p p p

Duane Hanson

p p p Since the early 1970's Duane Hanson has been making startlingly lifelike sculptures of middle America accomplished through a complex process of casting from live models, recreated in bronze or fibreglass resin. Duane Hanson concentrated on the naked fact of the subject, an astonishingly persuasive counterfeit of another human being as a fully realised physical presence. When describing this sculpture Duane Hanson said: " I like the physical burdens this woman carries. She is weighted down by all of her shopping bags and purchases, and she has become almost a bag herself. She carries physical burdens, the burdens of life, of everyday living. But initially, it's quite a funny sculptures. " p

Tea Sub

p p The TeaSub submerges tea leaves to the bottom of your cup, creating the perfect infusion of your favorite brew. Designed by Ototo. p