Christine Aerfeldt

p p p Christine Aerfeldt is an Australian born visual artist of Estonian heritage who lives and works in London and Montpellier. She holds a Masters degree in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art & Design London. Aerfeldt is the recipient of numerous awards and honours, most notably the 2006 Anne and Gordon Samstag Scholarship for international study, considered to be the most prestigious award of its kind in Australia. p

Stacey Rozich

o p p p Stacey Rozich was born and raised in Seattle, Washington and studied Illustration at California College of Arts in San Francisco. Her work varies from bold folk art in watercolor and gouache, to simple pen and ink line drawings. p

Lukasz Jaskolski

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Really impressive portfolio by 3d artist Lukasz Jaskolski from Poland.

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Lama Designs

lama design 4 lama design 1 Cute and whimsical tabletop and kitchen accessories brought to you by Lama Designs. Have a look. lama design 3 lama design 3

Andreas Kocks

p ' Andreas Kocks’ work focuses on the integration of fine art and architecture. His favorite medium is heavy watercolor paper. By cutting into it and installing multiple layers on the site, he transforms the “contained architectural box” into a territorial surface. The entire gallery feels physically activated as he redefines existing boundaries. The walls of the architecture no longer define the space. Instead, Kocks modifies the conventional cube by removing its innate banality and replaces it with an immediate cerebral experience. In a deliberate way Kocks has “tagged” the walls with his papercuts but has also left an implied trace of the viewer’s passive action. Moreover, he invites the viewer to move and change their position thus modifying his or her viewpoint. ' (via Winston Wachter Fine Art) p p

Christopher St. Leger

chris st leger 4 Christopher St. Leger truly captures the essence of urban skateboarding in this water color series. Check out his portfolio for more. chris st leger 1 chris st leger 3

Jonny Duddle

p p " I'm a freelance illustrator and concept artist living in wet and windy Buxton. I worked in computer games (for Codemasters, Warthog and Eurocom) for seven years as a 3D modeller and concept artist before going freelance in March 2006. Most of my freelance work is within Publishing and the Entertainment Industry. " - Jonny Duddle p

Heaven and Earth

heaven-and-earth " Wow, what an amazing experience this was! First of all, this is a “real” baby, asleep on his actual birth Mother. The baby was exactly five weeks old and slept throughout the entire process. The mother is a great friend of mine and understood all of the unique factors involved in my process. Now... This is the first time that I had ever seen such a painting attempted and I'm so thrilled that it became a reality. The painting, studio and photography required lots of special care, attention and speed. I still feel very privileged each time I work with newborns. " (Models: Kayce and Baby Spencer; Photo: Max Trombly) - Craig Tracy p

Rebeca Puebla

p p Rebeca Puebla is a freelance 3D character artist based from Madrid, Spain. p

Leandro Erlich

p p Leandro Erlich was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1973. At age 20, he won a grant from the Antorchas Foundation to take an advanced sculpture and installation workshop under the direction of Luis F. Benedit and Pablo Suárez. Between 1998 and 1999 he took part in the Core Program, an artist-in-residence program in Houston, Texas, U.S. (via Sean Kelly Gallery) p