Carlo Van De Roer

carlovanderoer1 carlovanderoer2 Carlo Van De Roer is New Zealand-born photographer. His light series compositions are so calming and at the same time enlightened, for a lack of a better word. Go ahead and visit his site for more of his terrific portfolio. carlovanderoer3 carlovanderoer4 carlovanderoer5

Ilya Komarov

ilya1 Ilya Komarov aka Delowar channels his creativity through the use of vibrant color schemes on amazing fantasy paintings. It's refreshing how each painting tells different stories that just captures the imagination. ilya1 ilya1 ilya1

Maiko Takeda

maiko1 Photographer Maiko Takeda: "the light, the shadow and the body all work together to create an installation work, in which the shadow remains secret but when revealed forms the main part of the jewelry." maiko2 maiko3

Joysuke Wong

joysuke1 joysuke2 Yet another anime-inspired post. But don't be deceived by the cuteness of Joysuke Wong's illustrations. I love her subtle broad stroke style on her paintings that make them seem to pop out. joysuke3 joysuke4 joysuke5

Sweet Station Stickers

p p Take a few snapshots of yourself displaying our stickers and send those photos to honey4president(at)gmail(dot)com to get it posted on the site. That's all. Photos courtesy by PML. p

Emmanuel Malin

emmalin1 emmalin3 Emmanuel Malin is an illustrator based in France. He studied architecture among other things. And it's evident when looking at his fantasy landscape paintings. emmalin4 emmalin2 emmalin5

The Witness

p p p p " Growing up on the wrong side of the wall might mean becoming blind. Everything that is behind it seems muffled and invisible. The reality is just a surrogate offered by the authorities, and it marks the passing by days till they become years. This is why we have chosen to portray symbolically 20 blind young people in their twenties, photographed in a tight close up of their faces, where the eyes are as if covered up by a white patina that makes impossible the vision of the world. " - Winkler+Noah (previously-blogged) p

Cedric Bernadotte

p p " My experiments are focused on the human presence in cities. how to appropriate public spaces with cheap medium and ephemeral action, questioning the frontier between public spaces and private spaces. I use regularly with various techniques with tapes, sealing foil, inflatables and I propose new shaped spaces (which are grafted onto the existing urban furnitures) that become multifunctional by people uses , allowing passersby to take the time to sit, watch, children playing, then leave. " - Cedric Bernadotte p p

Schin Loong

p p Malaysian illustrator Schin Loong impresses with his her meticulous attention to detail when it comes to his fantasy anime-inspired portraits. persephonen


p p p This set of tools, called Automania, is made by Japanese chocolatier, Frantz. It consists of many bolts and nuts, screws, pliers and spanners, is actually made of Belgian couverture chocolate. Link here. p