Rapt Bus Center by ECDM

p p p ' The building appears like a monolith with rounded edges, polished somehow. Characterized by a dense square plan (35m x 35m) developed on 2 levels, it presents itself as the continuity of the banal coating of the roads, like a piece stamped from distorting the existing concrete surface of the Bus Center. The Ductal ® is used here as a morphing to cover the carcass of a composite program. The result is a dense building, inert, deaf, and enigmatic as “the hull of a Russian submarine in the waters of Murmansk”. The building is deformed by stamping its context – uniformity between the building and its support to a point of confusion. This crust that covers the evolution area of the buses is distorted, modeled to cover the administrative center. The “windows” are cut with a cutter blade : surgical incisions generating volumes in negative which reveal colored mirrors under the thin crust of concrete. The texture games are facilitated by the flexibility of the material and its ability to be molded with precision. The quality of finish and rigor of Ductal ® contribute to ensuring this concrete skin, accurate, continuous, perfect connections. The skin : 3 cm thick displays a single texture of dots in relief like a game of "LEGO": 24 mm diameter x 7 mm high, distant of 12 mm. The concrete hull is cut out with a cutter putting at sharp, revealing cavities of reflective and coloured glass under the concrete crust. Treated with silver mirror dots, chromatics of the glass products are inspired by the tinted curtain wall frontages of the office buildings which border the main road. ' Link here. p

Jeremiah Ketner

3 p p Bringing back the Art of SmallandRound, Jeremiah Ketner, just cause. Ha! p

Hip Shark Necklace

p p Check out Verameat's hippo-shark hybrid necklace. Looks fabulous! WANT! WANT! WANT! Buy! Buy! Buy! Hahaha. p

Yulia Pinkusevich

p p p Yulia Pinkusevich was born in Kharkov, Ukraine in 1982. She received her BFA from Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts with high academic honors. She was the recipient of The Wurlitzer Foundation Fellowship in 2008, is a member of The Drawing Centers Viewing Program and The Bay Area Artist Registry. She currently lives and works in Oakland, California. p

Honey Moon Wine

p Designer Lauren Golembiewski created the Honey Moon Wine concept as a promotion ' that would be sent out for the first day of summer. The concept is based on the the first full moon in June, which occurs near the first day of summer. It is seen as the most optimal time to harvest honey and thus, called the honey moon. ' p

Morgaine Faye

p Morgaine Faye was born in Santa Cruz, California and is studying Illustration at Pacific Northwest College of Art. Check out all her works here and here. p

Monica Cook

mistakenforvision 16 sproutingpotatoes_48x48_09 ' Monica Cook paints beautiful and disturbing portraits of women. Her figures are brilliantly painted, with breathtaking skill; Cook excels in rendering the subtleties of the flesh and details of light, tone and surface. Painted with an eerie intensity, Cook's figures compel the viewer to study them, often surreptitiously, as there is a strong sense of invading an extremely private moment. We look, albeit sideways, with fascination at the beauty, humanity and complexity of these portraits. The recent work includes drawings in ink on mylar as well as the canvas oil paintings. Additional figures, male and female, have been introduced into the imagery of previously single female figures in a neutral field, resulting in intensely mysterious, rich and tantalizing tableaux. ' (via Marcia Wood Gallery) monicacook2 succi4x4oiloncanvas2009 monicacook1

Karen Sargsyan

p p Contemporary Dutch artist Karen Sargsyan creates awesome sculptures from cut paper. Fun stuff. Check it out. p p

Omar Chacón

p ' Omar Chacón's vibrant abstract paintings refer to rich colors and patterns of indigenous Latin American textiles, but fuse these formal and cultural traditions into a process that is very much his own recipe. The effect of this sancocho ("stew"), as Chacón calls it, is an experiential mixture of European and South American histories that infuse cultural signifiers into Abstraction. Chacón's work is guided by the memory and respect for his grandfather, a self-taught artist who made only seven abstract paintings during his lifetime. Also consisting of small dots, one of his grandfather's paintings is included in the show as a literal and metaphorical reference point. ' (via Greene Contemporary) p

Dana Major Kanovitz

fff-1 Dana Major Kanovitz was born in 1968 and grew up in Louisville, KY. After acquiring her undergraduate degree in Philosophy at DePaul University in Chicago in 1991, she moved to St. Petersburg, Russia where she completed an 18-month apprenticeship in figurative sculpture under Alexander Zadorin of the Muhkina Art Institute. Dana has maintained her professional studio, exhibiting continuously, since 1994. She is presently an M.F.A. candidate at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. untitled-11