Natalie Westbrook

p p p Loving these colorful and delightfully charming paintings of Natalie Westbrook. Check out her website for more. p p


p p I had a pleasure of meeting Meggs on a random night in the city. I've chosen just a few to showcase here but you can still get an idea of the enormity of his talent. In addition to his website/blog, you’ll find plenty more work on his Flickr set up for your viewing pleasure. p p

Mirko Siakkou-Flodin

p p p p " My desire as an metal artist working internationally is to design artwork which fits into the broader cultural context as well as the ambiance of the desired setting. Therefore, I strive to combine the site specific natural and architectural lines with traditional and historical themes to create something both unique and representational for the piece in its setting. " - Mirko Siakkou-Flodin p

Simon Dominic Brewer

p p p " My paintings are all digital using Painter X and ArtRage. I'm using a Wacom Intuos 3 A4 tablet and standard pen until someone can convince me to go for an Intuos 4. " - Simon Dominic Brewer p

Donut USB Drive

p p Check out these little USB flash drives from Vavolo. They're adorable. p

Grant Cornett

p p Photos by the amazingly talented photographer Grant Cornett. Have a look at his website for more. p

Crack For Your Eyes Mag #2

cfye 02 I've never seen a CFYE project I didn't like. Does it make me biased? No, it's just a statement about the work CFYE had done and continue to do for the past couple of years. Now, Arden and the CFYE gang are at it again with the release of Crack For Your Eyes Mag #2. It's hard to believe that it's been over a year since the first issue came out to the hungry masses. Hailing from The Netherlands, the CFYE brand and its network sites have developed widespread recognition as the edgiest and most reliable creative cultural webzine. The current magazine is out now and features fascinating works from up-and-coming photographers, urban artists, and musicians. Well put together guys. Download CFYE mag 2 for free here. p p


p p p p " My works are musical, artistic, cultural or human encounters that I like to share with others. When it comes to democratisation of the art, I choose weapons from a wide range including paintings, illustrations, performances, collages, murals…" - Dan23 (Strasbourg, France) p p

Marc-Anthony Polizzi

p p p p " My work is not so much a release from past experiences but a page marker. Both an organizational system for storing, and a visual cue to help me remember personal events. These life occurrences from complex to mundane, create a never ending stream of clutter which if left unchecked would eventually crush me. The monochromatic series consist of a loose narrative based on both my physical and emotional state. Personal situations and thought processes create a jumping-off point for these sometimes whimsical, often overbearing installations. The objects used are stripped of their material, leaving only shape, size, placement and texture to influence the viewer. Each item is chosen for its relevance and emotional impact to the underlying narrative. " - Marc-Anthony Polizzi p p p

Mimi Leung

p p p p Mimi Leung studied at Central St Martins and the Royal College of Art in London. She currently lives in a small village at the foot of a big mountain in the countryside of Hong Kong, spending her time painting and looking for fun things to brighten up her day. She enjoys clashing colours and tries to use them wrecklessly in her work. p p