Conrad Roset

untitled-11 untitled-2 4 3 2 Conrad Roset is a young illustrator based from Barcelona, Spain. Client includes: Zara, Adidas, Oceano, Filmax (Nocturna’s film), Periferiaestudio, Escletxa, Buble and Globalrhytm. untitled-1

Flux Chairs

p p p Dutch designer Douwe Jacobs has created the Flux Chairs. ' For his graduation project in Industrial Design Engineering in 2008, Douwe was looking for inspiration for a line of foldable furniture. Digging deeper and deeper into the world of folding, he found artists creating the most amazing shapes by folding material along curved fold lines. The chair he fluently folded that night made a lasting impact on him. A small scale model made out of paper, beautiful in its simplicity and surprisingly strong. Together with fellow graduation student Tom Schouten, Flux Furniture was founded and from then on they have worked like maniacs to turn that small paper model into a production-ready and patented product. ' (via Contemporist) p

Sign out

p p p p ' This series is entitled Sign out, which offers an apt description of the series, for this time Josef Schulz focuses on the great variety of billboards – as they would occur in such locations – photographed during his travels in the USA. Where they are found, these striking illuminated bodies form a second level above the buildings and indicate their respective purposes. They bear written messages and their sole purpose is to alert and seduce us. ' p p

Robin Halpern

p " Creativity, like the universe, is constantly evolving in unexpected ways. My portraits depict the interior world of emotion and mood, a link to my work as a psychotherapist. Bold color, form, shape, line and texture as well as raw emotion, inspire my interpretation of the human form, everyday objects, and anything else that attracts my attention. My work transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. " Robin Halpern p

Satoshi Minakawa

p p p ' In shot after shot, Minakawa presents vehicles that look as if they came straight off some deranged kabuki set. Nothing looks as if it was ever meant for anything so mundane as road transportation. Gaudy gold fins are welded to the boot of two-wheeler carts. Trucks are festooned with blinding neon signs, their every surface plastered with kanji script and strobe lights. Meanwhile, the fleet of motorbikes and scooters are painted in a resplendent rainbow of glossy blues, reds and blacks; some are even adorned with stylized eyes on the fender. The overall effect is one of manga Transformers, a split second before they unfold, unclip and spring into life. ' Link here. p

John von Bergen

p p o u John von Bergen <-- 1971 Born in Connecticut, United States; Lives and works in Berlin, Germany o i


p p p Here are some beautiful work pieces from Australian illustrator that goes by the name of Loopydave. See more of his work on DeviantART. p


p p p p o KRASZNAI is a young studio from Barcelona. All the works they produce are handmade and/or slipcasted ceramics and each one of them is a little bit different from the others. Their newest collection is called “ Arms&Crafts ”. Have a look. o

Urs Fischer

p p p p Urs Fischer <-- Born in 1973 in Zurich, Switzerland; Studied photography at the Schule für Gestaltung, Zurich; Visited de Ateliers, Amsterdam; Artist in residence, Delfina Studio Trust, London; Lives and works in New York and Zurich. p

Larissa Kulik

larisa kulik 1 larisa kulik 2 Stunning photo manipulation by Russian artist Larissa Kulik. More work can be found on her deviantArt page. larisa kulik 3 larisa kulik 4 larisa kulik 5