Charlie White

p p p Charlie White is a photographer and filmmaker whose work has been exhibited internationally since 1999. White holds the position of Associate Professor, and is the Director of the MFA program at the University of Southern California’s Roski School of Fine Arts. White was a fellow at the Yale Norfolk Summer Program in 1994, received his BFA from the School of Visual Arts, New York, in 1995, and his MFA in 1998 from Art Center College of Design. p untitled-9

Baptiste Debombourg

p p Check out some of these amazing art and installations done by France native Baptiste Debombourg. Looks goodness. p p p

Les Queues de Sardines

p p p p p Les Queues de Sardines, a registered trademark of the m + o studio, is offering an original range of stockings and tights notable for their unconventional and unique graphic style. Add a pinch of narrative humor - the result is a choice of elegant and unusual models that will dress up your legs with an unusual stylish and elegant pattern. Screen-printed by hand in limited quantities, these rare and exclusive articles will never go unnoticed. p p

The Daydreamers Project

p p p This is the Daydreamers project started by Alexandra Sandu in September 2009. The people photographed here were asked to close their eyes and think of something beautiful. These photos are supposed to make you smile and feel good about life. The goal is to reach 1000 daydreamers, so the project is still under development in Alexandra's studio in Bucharest. p p

Tonico Lemos Auad

p p p Born in Brazil, Tonico Lemos Auad has recently worked in San Paulo and London making installations, drawings and photographs. His work is motivated by an interest in expressing and reflecting daily experiences, perceptions of things and situation that are not easily noticeable or that vanish under our eyes. (via Artnews.org) p

Villa Saitan by EASTERN Design Office

p p p ' EASTERN Design Office designed the Villa Saitan apartment building in Kyoto, Japan. From the main street we enter into a covert place along an alley of 4 meters in width. This construction is a collective housing consisting of 11 units. The impersonality of segmental housing complex is completely concealed in this architecture. Instead it is built to be seen as one big house. The architecture is covered with a wall in which holes are cut. The shape of the holes resembles a trunk, leaves, a root and bulbs. It also can be seen as clouds floating over the trees. Concrete shape which is based on nature turns into a hollow cave, light, and sunbeams filtered through trees. ' (Continue reading...) p p

Wolfgang Laib

p p p p Wolfgang Laib (born 25 March 1950) is a German conceptual artist working predominantly with natural materials. His work may be grouped with Land Art and he shows influences of Minimalism. He employs natural materials, such as beeswax and rice. Most notable is his use of large quantities of intense, yellow pollen that he collects by hand, then spreads over large areas of floor or piles to conical heaps. He also became famous for his so-called "milk stones": big blocks of marble into which very shallow depressions are sanded, then filled with milk. Laib considers nature as something to be experienced through the senses, but not the goal of his work; it is rather a space for activity and contemplation to point towards larger contexts. Frequent codes in his work include: "cell", "wall", "seed" and "boat". (Wikipedia) p

Jason Shawn Alexander

shapeimage_61 shapeimage_4 shapeimage_5 clemente-filtered ajshawn1 Jason Shawn Alexander (B. 1975) Painter and draftsman from Tennessee, currently resides and works in Los Angeles, California. Though modern in its subject matter, Alexander’s work pulls, still, from the vulnerability, fear, and underlying strength that come from his rural upbringing. Much like good Delta Blues, his work maintains a sense of pain and passion which steers Alexander away from the standard “isms” that, in his words, “tend to muddy up what’s really important”. The result is something heartbreakingly genuine. img1525

Salon Mittermeier

p p p ' The Salon Mittermeier hair salon in Linz by Austrian architects Xarchitekten features a facade with a “three-dimensional architectural (hair) wave. ' (via Dezeen) p

Kazuhiko Nakamura

p p p p Impressive portfolio nspired by surrealism and cyberpunk styles of art by Japanese 3d artist Kazuhiko Nakamura. Click here for the link. p p