p p " I'm a Japanese-Canadian comic book artist and illustrator best known for The Simpsonzu, Futurama: Super Happy Fun Show and Best Friends. I work mainly with Copic Markers and Photoshop 7." - Spacecoyote p

Koen Hauser

p p p Koen Hauser <-- B.1972; works and lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. p p p

Zecc Architects

p p p " .. amazing villa in the woods of Soest in the Netherlands. Designed by the creative minds from Zecc Architects, the house meets the ground and embraces the space with a lot of stacked stone that gets the eye. With an interior that promotes open spaces and large windows that welcome light, there’s a sculptural link between the three floors of the house and the functional spaces of it. " Link here. p p

Gabi Trinkaus

p ' Austrian artist Gabi Trinkaus calls herself a "media thief". She cuts up glossy magazines into small pieces, using them to make collages of portraits that make reference to the aesthetics of advertising and the media. ' (via We Find Wildness) hpim4605jpg hpim4606jpg

Pursuader Bag

p p For the girl on the move the Pursuader features a handy cell phone compartment in the clip. Constructed by interlocking laser cut leather this handbag has no stitching. This is a combination of old-world craftsmanship and high technology. Create the look no one can refuse. p

Tomek Setowski

p p p p Tomasz Sętowski was born in Częstochowa. He began his artistic carreer after having graduated from the faculty of fine arts in WSP ( High School of Art) in his home town. As he states himself, the studies had given him a thorough knowledge of the histoty of art and above all of the history of painting, while he was improving his technique making the first steps- starting from local galleries, on the most appreciated exhibition halls ending. (Read on..) Thank you Olesya for the link!! : ) p p p p

Cute Rats

p p p I'm not a rat person but I have to admit that these photos by Jessica Florence are pretty cute. Yes? No? Maybe? Click here for the link. p p

Mian Lang

p p Came across at the Deviant Art profile of Mian Lang, one gifted Manga illustrator from China. Have a look. p p

Daniel Liam Gill

untitled-3 untitled-1 untitled-5 " My work explores the connection between the artist and the model, the energy exchanged between the two. It’s about emotional response, tactile, visceral, abstract, created with a limited color palette, leaving the brush strokes and drips raw and unrefined. It’s as much a conversation as a picture, a snapshot of emotion, a thread running between the observer and the observed. " - Daniel Liam Gill untitled-41 untitled-2

Kokeshi Clan

p p p Check out Kokeshi Clan by Muluc, a unique line of hand-painted kokeshi dolls. Awww! Sooooooo adorable!!! p p